i love american apparel

A lovely green plaid skirt from American Apparel. I just love the design of these skirts which seem to be able to show off the natural shape of the hips and bottom more than other pleated skirts.


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The Signs as RPDR Queen songs
  • Aries: "Gimme All Your Money" by Alaska 5000 & Laganja Estranja
  • Taurus: "Hot Couture" by Manila Luzon
  • Leo: "Rubber Doll" by Miss Fame
  • Scorpio: "Bettie" by Violet Chachki
  • Libra: "I Look F**kin' Cool" by Adore Delano & Alaska 5000
  • Gemini: "Sublime" by Raja Gemini
  • Cancer: "I Adore You" by Adore Delano
  • Sagatarrius: "Call Me on the Ouija Board" by Sharon Needles
  • Capricorn: "Legs" by Laganja Estranja
  • Virgo: "Coffee and Wine" by Jinkx Monsoon
  • Pisces: "Hello, I Love You" by Adore Delano
  • Aquarius: "American Apparel Ad Girls" by Courtney Act, Alaska 5000, & Willam Belli

i think it’s adorable when people get caught up in things and theirselves and end up talking about one thing for a long time and then they realize it and get embarrassed even though it’s lovely and i love that someone can be so passionate about something so please if you love something passionately continue talking about it you’re absolutely not boring anyone at all

Day 4. May 24th ‘14. #100daysofhappiness
I’m trying to find joy in simple things in life. In the hustle and bustle the stress overwhelmes and I forget how to enjoy the little moments. A good cup of coffee while listening to my favorite record, surrounded by vanilla scented candles, this is the kind of thing I forget to appreciate. The moment of peace within the raging storm of life. Sometimes I sit empty. Unable to think of anything to pull me out of myself and make me feel anything, much less happy. It takes active work for me to think of the blessings in my life to bring a contented ease to my state. I need to take more time just to think about the good things in life in moments where I start to lose myself again. I can’t slide backwards, the only way out is up.