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@halsteadss asked: buffy summers or allison argent

“Well, I’m not exactly quaking in my stylish yet affordable boots, but there’s definitely something unnatural going on here and that doesn’t usually lead to hugs and puppies.”

a few kevin day hcs for @wymack

  • kevin has that left hand syndrome.
  • his handwriting is SHIT and he doesn’t take his time to write. like he just scribbles things down super fast bc he doesn’t have the patience for neatness he just wants to get things done but then when he is done he looks at his work and just
  • “what the FUCK” bc it’s mostly illegible even to him and like everything is smudged and kevin curses the forces that be because why did he have to be the one to be left handed why couldn’t it have been andrew bc andrew wouldn’t have cared
  • and kevin loves to complain oh my god
  • he’s That Guy you know the one

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list of favorites [28/50 female characters]: Allison Argent

“I was thinking that maybe I should be prepared. Learn to be a better fighter and learn all the things that you can still teach me. And maybe a few things more. But we’re going to have a new code. Nous protégeons ceux qui ne peuvent pas se protéger.”


“…to what extent does the individual serving as Press Secretary at any given moment define America’s relationship with the White House?”

Isaac Lahey One Shot~Be mine again

Requested by: Anon


Request: Hi, can you write OS, where the reader and Isaac broke up, but they still have feelings for each other? The whole pack is in the club, because they want to catch Jackson and when Y/N sees Isaac,Jackson and Erica dancing together, she gets extremely jealous and flustrated. She tries to hide it, but of course Isaac can smell it across the room…


A/N: This doesn’t exactly follow the episode storyline. Hope you like it! And I just want to work on all of my requests and then I will have others. I wanted to write for a very long time but just when I got inspiration school walks in and says: ‘You just got inspiration? You got homework too!’


Warnings: Jealousy, underage drinking.


Words: 2.047


Pairing: Isaac x Reader




All of my Imagines


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Y/N’s POV.

“Y/n! I have a great idea to get over Isaac!” Allison says. “I have tried enough of your crazy ideas you know,” I say. Isaac and I broke up and it hurts like a bitch. I still like him. NO, I still love him. Lydia and Allison have tried a lot of things to get me over him because Scott can smell how I feel about him so I can’t hide it. They’ve tried to burn all our pictures but I couldn’t do it. Writing things on a letter and then burning it but it didn’t work. We went out to the mall for shopping but I couldn’t get him out of my head. Now we are back and the only thing I am doing is laying on the couch. Lydia went to her own home. Even she was exhausted. “Alli, please,” I say. “This one is really going to work,” she says. “I’m tired and I just want to curl up in my bed,” I say. Allison pushes me off the couch. “You are not going to be miserable the whole day,” she says. “I will if you do that! It really hurts!” I say. “Allison!” Scott yells and he runs into my house. “What?” she asks. “What is y/n doing on the floor?” Scott asks. “She threw me of the couch!” I say and I get back up. “She was going to be miserable the whole day,” Allison says. “I wasn’t!” I say. “You were going to lay on the couch for the whole day,” she says. “Yes! Well, I am sorry for being tired after doing all those things today but I am human,” I say. “I am too,” Allison says. “You are a hunter. You are trained,” I say. “And Lydia is some kind of creepy not-werewolf but kind of supernatural person. Thing. Ish. I don’t know okay!” “Why are you here, Scott?” Allison asks.

“We need y/n because we are going to some party,” he says. “We?” I ask. “Yeah, Stiles and the other wolves,” Scott says. “And you are coming too,” Allison says. “It will maybe cheer you up.” “Partying with werewolves will cheer me up?” I ask. “Yeah, partying always cheers you up,” Allison says. “But I have to go because I have to get ready for my date with Matt.” She walks away and Scott stares at her like a puppy. “What kind of party is it exactly?” I ask. “An underground show,” Scott says. “Aren’t hose illegal?” I ask. “That doesn’t matter,” Scott says. “Why are you taking werewolves to a party?” I ask. “We want to catch Jackson,” Scott says. “I want to help and not to just party because then I still can’t set my mind off Isaac unless you want me to get drunk,” I say. “I don’t get the part where you ever had something with him,” Scott says. “You can get over him with him there right?” “Of course I can. I can get over him. Allison go you have to go to your father,” I say and I push her out the door. “Wait, I couldn’t say her goodbye,” Scott says. “You have a lot of time tonight,” I say. “She is going on that date with Matt,” he says. “Tomorrow evening,” I say. “I have to call Stiles but we have to go to the vet afterwards,” Scott says. “A werewolf is going to the vet?” I ask laughing. “Shut up!” Scott says and he walks out the door. Suddenly my phone rings and I take it. “Hey A,” I say. “Matt and I are going to a party and I have no idea what to wear,” she says. “I thought your date was tomorrow?” “I ask. ”It is but I want my clothes to be ready,“ she says. "And you don’t need to help your father?” I ask her. “I want everything to be ready for tomorrow! Just help me!” she says. “Chose something sassy. I love sassy,” I say. “No, my father is coming,” she says. “Your father is coming to your date?” I ask. “No, he is coming to catch the kanima,” she says. “Well, you can’t get drunk when your father is there,” I say. “I am not supposed to get drunk,” she says. “You have your date with Matt and then your father is there. That sounds horrifying,” I say. “Now if you don’t mind I am going to make myself ready and if I was you I would too because your father has to think you are actually dating Matt.” I hang up.

“Are you coming?” Scott asks. “Yes, I am,” I say and I get into Scott’s car. He drives us to the vet. I walk in and I walk straight through to doctor Deaton. “You are already here. The others are coming soon,” he says. I jump on the counter and I start to play games on my phone. “Those games aren’t good for the human brain,” Deaton says. “You are a vet. What does a vet know about the human brain?” I ask. “He is a genius vet. Trust me,” Scott says. Suddenly he walks away and I play further with my game. I hear people talking but I don’t listen so well. “Ah, the human is here,” Derek says. “The dogs are here,” I say and I get a few growls. “No offense, Scott,” I say. “Those growls weren’t mine,” Scott says and I look up. Isaac. “Well, let’s get done to business,” I say and I jump off the counter. Deaton puts a few bottles on the table and we all are standing around it. They are talking to each other about the kanima. His fear to swim. Jackson. The last few murders. I’m just not listening. I have to keep my head by not letting Isaac know I am still not over him. Just thinking of all the times he did me wrong but he didn’t really do me so wrong. That’s why I still like him. “Y/n, are you coming?” Scott asks and I look up. “Yeah,” I say and I walk with him. “Tomorrow after school we are going again to the vet,” he says. “Werewolves by the vet stays fun,” I say. “Tomorrow we have a werewolf and two humans by the vet,” Scott jokes. “A dog and his owners,” I say. “Oh, you are hilarious,” he says sarcastically. “Just bring me home. I need my beauty sleep,” I say.

After that I went to bed. The next morning school wasn’t that interesting. Like. Not. At. All. I hate school and especially the classes with Isaac. In some classes I actually have to sit next to him. I have had the talk with Scott, Stiles and the vet. We have a plan but I do not get involved. Just as a backup plan. So I can party and get drunk. And avoid Isaac. He is going to be there too. Now I am just making myself ready. I am trying to look amazing and with a little bit more sass than usual. I wear a pink skirt with a black crop top. I wear black heels and a neckless. I hear the doorbell and I grab my purse. I walk downstairs and I open the door. “Wow…,” Scott says. “That is a good reaction,” I say. He steps aside and I close the door. We walk to Stiles’ jeep and Stiles opens the door. “You look really great,” Stiles says. “Thanks,” I say. Scott also gets in the car and we drive away. “Why are you looking so… Amazing?” Stiles asks. “Because I am going to a party,” I say. “No, she wants to make Isaac jealous,” Scott says. “No, I don’t care about him anymore,” I say. “I know when you are lying,” Scott says. “Shut up! It is maybe one of the reasons,” the last thing I say very soft but obviously Scott can hear it. He puts his arm around me. “You don’t need him. You are already beautiful enough without him,” Scott says. “I know. But I just want to show him that I can live without him and be happy,” I say. “I don’t like him so you can,” Stiles says. “Stiles eyes on the road and not on y/n,” Scott says and I start to laugh. Stiles stops the car when we are by the location. We all get out of the car. “I am going to my party and I will hear it when I am needed,” I say and I walk inside. I walk immediately to the bar. The guy behind it is really cute! “What can I get you beautiful?” he asks and he leans onto the bar. “Shots please?” I ask. “Aren’t you a bit too young?” he asks. “Do you care?” I ask and I lean on the bar. “Not really,” he says. He gives me the shots and I give him the money. “If you wait a few minutes we can drink them together. I can give my shift to someone else,” he says. “Hurry,” I say and I smirk. He walks away and he gets back really fast but now he is on my side of the bar. He has another pair of shots in his hands and I get mine. We drink our shots and after that we are going to the dancefloor. Suddenly when I am dancing with the guy I see Isaac dancing with Jackson and Erica. Not just dancing but half making out or something like that. I see him looking at me and look back at the guy I am dancing with. “I’m sorry. I have to go,” I say and I walk away. I feel tears welling up in my eyes. I was having a good time but just when I saw Isaac I felt the horrible feeling I was feeling the whole week. But I felt jealousy too. It was terrible. The tears are running down my face. I am not over Isaac and I don’t know if I ever would come over him. It just stings in my heart. I can feel my knees shake. I try to but it gets harder. Just when my knees are about to break I feel someone wrap their arm around my waist. The person pulls me outside and I turn around to see who it is. “Leave me alone!” I cry when I see it is Isaac. “Hey, calm down, sweetie,” he says and he walks closer to me. I put my fist against his stomach so he can’t come closer. “Don’t call me that!” I cry. He wraps his arms around my waist and he pulls me into a hug. He tries to calms me down and it works. “Isaac, I-I still love you. On some way I just can’t get you out of my head anymore,” I say. “Same over here,” he says and I look up. “B-but you broke up with me,” I say. “Derek said I was too dangerous for you,” he says. I put my hands on his cheeks. “Please don’t hurt me like that again,” I say. “I won’t. I promise. But please. Please! Be my girlfriend again. Be mine again,” he begs. “Of course!” I say and I give him a kiss on his lips. “Please, don’t do anything like this again,” I say. “I won’t. I promise!” he says.

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anonymous asked:

ok how about this: andrew being andrew is so on control of his facial expressions so neil wants to get him off on public like maybe under a table or something and andrews trying to act cool and chill (cause they're with the foxes) trying not to show how affected he is, but maybe?? a moan escapes him and?? nicky is just ??? neil what are u doing with ur hand down there??

So I’ve never wrote anything even remotely smutty? Like, kissing is as far as I’ve written. Don’t know what will happen but here it goes

  • Andrew loves getting Neil off in public. Like, loves it
  • He is very into watching his boyfriend try to keep a straight face and absolutely failing
  • Loves the way he can see the way he affects Neil, the way he goes red when he first realises that Andrew’s hand on his thigh isn’t the usual ‘I’m here’ touch
  • And Neil is so frustrated because Andrew keeps a straight face through everything
  • And through most of the stuff Neil tries
  • But a few months years? down the road, when they are both comfortable with touches
  • Andrew is looking particularly bored at a dinner with the foxes and Neil gets this glint in his eyes
  • Andrew can see it from the corner of his eye and only has time to think this is bad before Neil’s leaning over and whispering yes or no
  • And this could finally turn out interesting, so he says yes
  • Then Neil is touching him, and he didn’t know Neil could do that , but he has to keep up the no emotions thing
  • Plus, he’s not about to give Neil the satisfaction of seeing him affected by his touch 
  • But he might be gripping the table just a bit too hard and Neil’s face might look a bit too suspicious
  • Allison is the first to notice because she is very observing (and I kinda love all-knowing Allison a lot?)
  • She sends Nicky a look and Nicky turns towards the two short boys in the corner
  • His eyes almost buldge out of his skull when he takes in the picture in front of him
  • “Neil? Neil?!? Neil what are you doing? Neil what are you doing under our table?” But he’s happy his cousin is getting some and might be happy
  • Neil’s ears turn red just a tiny bit and he retracts his hands and Andrew is scowling at Nicky because he’s making Neil embarassed, but mostly he’s making Neil stop and who gave him the right???
  • Neil makes up for it when they go home
  • None of the foxes will ever let either of them live it down
  • Let’s be real, they probably bet on it

crystalsk1es  asked:

what was your favorite season? each season has been very different and so far my fav has been season 3 bc I felt it was the perfect balance between like scary action stuff and humor and I loved the main group a lot (stiles scott Lydia Allison Derek Isaac the twins and so on)

Season 2 holds a special place in my heart. That’s when I fell in love with Teen Wolf HARD.