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This is the first time we’ve seen someone use Alec or Magnus to intimidate the other, it’s an intimation tactic. By using a loved ones name to put you back in your place. In this case Meliorn had dirt on all of them, Luke with Jocelyn(rip) Raphael with Izzy and now Magnus. And in full honesty I don’t think Magnus is happy about being degraded by the use of Alec. It made me feel uneasy that other people have this sort of leverage on Magnus and Alec.
All in all Alec and Magnus are each other weakness and it’s a scary think to have someone you love be swung around like that as bait in a sense. I worded this a little odd, hope I got my point across.
Side note of me just realizing that Magnus hasn’t really had someone to lose for a very long time and now this mortal is the center of his world. Ugh my heart.

Things to call Yuri Plisetsky
  • A pirozhki with too many ingredients
  • That kid who thinks kicking things is the best way to deal with emotions, you can’t kick your own emotions, kid, we’ve all tried, it doesn’t work
  • Angry ballet prima donna shark-mouth angel 
  • That one cat you love that secretly loves you too but doesn’t know how to handle love as a concept so hisses every time you come near them even though it would very much like you to pet it anyway HISS. HISSSS. HISSSS. Why are you leaving I WANT TO BE PET hiss. ssss. ss. s. ?
  • The embodiment of each horrifying memory you have of being fifteen years old, a time in your life when every little thing that happens is THE END OF THE WORLD and every little feeling you have is LIGHTING YOU ON FIRE FROM THE INSIDE OUT and how are you supposed to remain calm when Katsuki Yuuri EXISTS 
  • Yurio (because it will make him react like all of the above)
  • Friend, but only if you are Otabek Altin (because it will make him react like all of the above and none of the above)

Tumblr: Sends you all kinds of messages calling you racist because you think there were better best picture choices over Moonlight.

Also Tumblr: Completely unwilling to admit that while Moonlight is a great movie JUST MAYBE it had some problematic depictions of women. Calls you by sexist names such as a “bitch” when you try to bring this up. Preaches tolerance while being intolerant. Both Naomie Harris and Janelle Monae do an excellent job which I think covers up how little these women characters are actually given to do. Both women only assist in helping the male protagonist journey instead of having their own story line or giving the audience a look into their own inner world. La La Land, Hidden Figures, Arrival, and Fences all have better, more compelling, and more complex depictions of women characters. You can love Moonlight for what it does for black LGBT males and still be critical of how it treats women. You can also love Moonlight and respect someone else’s opinion to love a different film more. You can love Moonlight and also still recognize that it is another year of a predominantly male driven story taking home the best picture Oscar instead of a female driven one. It’s good to call the Oscars out on it’s lack of racial and LGBT diversity, but women driven films also get left out most of the time and we have to call attention to that as well.

Les amis as things my friends have said (part 3)

Enjolras: we are radical leftist, we believe people deserve rights

Ferre: because I always need to study

Courf: straight people exhaust me

Joly: the mothman is my life

Grantaire: box wine changed my life

Bahorel: I’m not a quitter when we’re talking memes

Feuilly: I have two part time jobs and university

Marius: I love the kazoo

Jehan: all witches are gay, it’s a fact.

Bossuet: at this point I’m only offended by pizza toppings and like… capitalism


Javert: n o

Cosette: i just stretched and accidentally kicked a star

Eponine: I want a spike on my boob

Montparnasse: aes before morals

Bishop Myriel: jesus loves all furries

Fantine: now you must take care of the little ones

part 1 part 2

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If you're still doing the prompts could you please do wrist + Nobuyuki?😶

  • Nobuyuki + Wrist (desire/lust)

“Are you trying to seduce someone, Lord Yukimura?”

She says it with so little forethought and insight into the mind of his dear brother, he’ll have to snort in amusement. So sudden will it burst forth, like a gale of wind from his chest, he won’t have enough time to catch the sound against his sleeve before it travels across the breeze to where they are huddled. 

“Milord, have you heard?” she calls out. “Your brother has a lady crush.”

Of course he does, but how she hasn’t recognised it escapes him. It’s not that he thinks her dumb, quite the contrary, but one would have to be a little thick in the head not to notice how his brother’s mood oscillates between extremes thanks to a girl with eyes so big and true he himself risks falling into them.

“I’m sure my brother has been very subtle in his bid to win her hand.” He’ll give Yukimura a pointed look, stopping beside him. Calm down, it says, she doesn’t know.

She gives them both a toothy smile, and the strangest sensation will flood him. A warmth low and sultry pushes against his skin. He suddenly understands why Yukimura acts the fool around her. It’s that smile, he concludes. It’s a very lovely smile, without a trace of guile, so forward and bright he feels an itch in his fingers to reach out and curl his hand around her hair. How utterly absurd, he thinks a moment later, and the disappointing lack of restraint he shows will irk him.

“Perhaps we can help. Show your brother how to woo her off her feet.“

“And what would you suggest, my dear?” 

Damn. Too forward. Her brows arch. She noticed.

“A demonstration,” she says, after a meaningful pause. “Look alive, Lord Yukimura. This is for your benefit.”

He has but the space of a heartbeat to catch on before she reaches out for something, and then he doesn’t know what to think because his mind will have suddenly fled for the sudden heat that jolts and curls around his fingers. He looks down and sees it’s her hand around his wrist and, dear god, he can’t be thinking this but oh how he wishes she would just step closer and engulf him.

“So Lord Yukimura, you see how I’ve grasped your brother? This is what you do next.”

And for all of Yukimura’s embarrassed wheezing, it’s nothing compared to the fierce hunger crashing through him in that moment. As she turns towards him and gazes into his eyes, his body will feel like it’s shedding years of musty cobwebs to become moist and dewy.

She tugs at his hand then, playfully, until it goes slack and she lifts it, with great care, letting it hang in the air between them.

“Milord, excuse me,” she says softly, breath tickling his fingers.

His poor, dear, fool of a brother will look at them with such conflict it will make him feel like a bully when he’s alone in his room later. But right now, with so much heat coiling around him, there’s only his plonking heart and her lips pressing delicately into his wrist. Then her tongue flicks out, like a butterfly’s kiss, licking at his flesh. All the while her eyes stay locked on his, and he won’t believe what she shows him. She’ll let him see inside those big depths, past the sweetness and light and down and down into a chamber of flames and scathing desire; all consuming and wreaking havoc on his self-control, pulling him both ways until there’s nothing but fire, fire everywhere, in her eyes, his eyes, all around them. He knows he should run, but he wants nothing more than to be strangled by the chains keeping her shadows at bay.

Then it’s gone. All of it. So suddenly he sucks in a rush of air, hand falling innocently to his side.

There will be a moment too long between them, a crackle they share with their eyes, before she smiles that toothy smile and strolls off, chuckling at Yukimura and sending him a jovial wink.

The destruction she leaves behind devastates him. He won’t know what to say afterwards for the longest time, only that his heart will henceforth murmur the same thing every day to itself whenever he sees his brother: 

I’m in trouble.

I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.

Please forgive me.


Screenshots from THINGS SURE HAVE CHANGED | Night In The Woods! :D

OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS GAME! :D It’s like a mixture between Life Is Strange and Undertale but at the same time being it’s own unique thing. It captures the feeling of a small town so well and have this vibe of appreciating those little positive moments that you do have in your life. I wasn’t expecting to relate to this game at all but I was very surprised and it gives me a nice warm fuzzy feeling. :) Honestly I love everything about this game so far the art-style, the dialogue, the characters, seriously EVERYTHING! xD I would definitely 100% buy this game if I could. But I guess I have to add this to the list of games to buy once I actually have money. :P 
I loved watching Seán play this game too he helped make the experience so much better for me. I loved the voices he gave the characters and I think for most of them they were super fitting. Plus Gregg is Seán can we all just admit that right now? xD This video definitely gave me that feeling of just hanging out with a friend and playing a game that you both are super into together. Honestly while I was watching this for the first time and screenshoting it I didn’t want the video to end because I was just so sucked into this game and that feeling of hanging out with a friend. I love Seán’s longer videos and when he plays games like this they’re always super memorable for me. I really hope he plays more of this game because I had so much fun with it and watching him play it. Even though I can’t buy any games right now it’s nice to still have a way to see games like this and still be able to experience them and make all kinds of memories about them. It’s nice creating those new memories and being able to go on these let’s play adventures with the people I watch on Youtube, Seán especially. :) 

Also I want a sign like this to hang in my house someday!

Bloody Smiles

Characters: Dean, Reader & a random girl.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warning: This is dark. Kidnapping, violence, talks of blood, sexual content, codependency & blood kink.

Summary: Dean and Reader are in an established relationship, that’s not at all healthy in the eyes of society. However, according to them what they have is perfect. They move from town to town wreaking havoc and leaving bodies in their wake.

A/N: The lovely @minininjanerd had sent in a request for a dean x reader, with this song as inspiration. Tear you apart by She wants revenge. I hope you all enjoy because serial killer!dean is one of my favorites. You like? Let me know because I love feedback! Have a great Monday!

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First Hate Comment

I got my first ever hate comment on my MIDI Septiceye Sam video today. 

Am I real YouTuber now? XD

In all seriousness, though, I hope I handled it well. I tried not to be insulting or mean, but at the same time trying to point out the flaw in what they said. I’m not above criticism, and constructive feedback is always welcome, but people just saying misinformed things about me and why they think I’ve done a particular video isn’t helpful at all. 

Hopefully this one comment won’t be the start of something awful. So far, this little community has been nothing but lovely. You guys have been so kind and supportive and I am very grateful for that :) 

I hope that this community of music muffins will stay kind and spread positivity and love, not hate! <3

Sweet Like Chocolate - hollyand - Dragon Age II [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Prompted by @pikestaff in the DA Weird Shit Discord Chat: “Cover the mage in chocolate sauce and lick it off”, any Anders pairing.

Title: Sweet Like Chocolate
Rating: Explicit 
Fandom: Dragon Age 2
Pairings: M!Hawke/Anders
Word count: 2,408 
Additional Tags: Chocolate Sauce, Licking, Blowjobs 

Garrett Hawke has three pleasures in life. Sex, chocolate, and Anders – and preferably all three at once. 

(If you’re wondering if I’ve stolen that title from a late 90s UK dance hit, I’m not denying it.) 

One of the things Garrett Hawke loved most in life – apart from Anders, and sex with Anders, of course – was chocolate. There was a lovely little chocolatier in Hightown that often crafted the very finest little treats that were just perfect for a man with such a saccharine palate. Truffles, bon-bons, pralines, petits-fours – everything a wealthy Hightown noble with a fondness for sweet luxuries could want.

Until the day that Rosamond’s Finest Orlesian Chocolates sold what appeared to be a gloopy brown syrup in a honey pot; and Hawke, on one of his (very) frequent visits to the store, poked and prodded at it curiously.

‘Champion,’ smiled Rosamond indulgently, for he was her favourite customer, ‘would you like to try our new chocolate sauce?’

‘Hmmm?’ Hawke looked up at her absently; he’d been so absorbed in the contents of the honey pot that he’d completely forgotten the presence of the chocolate-seller herself. ‘Y-yes, I suppose that would be nice. I shall be purchasing my usual treats, of course. I was just wondering what on earth this would be for.’

Rosamond shrugged. ‘It’s just molten chocolate, Messere Hawke. But it is my own special recipe to keep it runny at cooler temperatures, so that you may enjoy a fine chocolate beverage in the cold if you should so wish.’

Hawke raised an eyebrow. ‘Isn’t it a little thick to drink? It seems to be clinging to this stirrer somewhat, every time I take it out of the pot.’

‘Well, it’s versatile, you see,’ explained the shopkeeper, dunking a tiny, dainty silver ladle into the mixture, examining the gloop dripping off the ladle before dunking it again. ‘It is thick, true, but not enough that you couldn’t drink it. But you can do other things with it if you wish. You could… spread it all over your toast as a thin spread, or…’

‘Spread it all over my toast?’ Hawke repeated.

Rosamond shrugged again. ‘If you fancied a sweet breakfast, why not?’

‘Hmmm,’ Hawke replied. He eyed the contents again, a thoughtful look on his face.

‘You could mix a little milk in it to thin it for your own drinking preferences, of course,’ Rosamond added. ‘You can heat it up, or cool it down – I’ve extensively tested the recipe to ensure it should remain the same consistency at all temperatures – or you could just… I dunno, dunk whatever you want to eat in it, and lick it off. Or suck it off.’

Hawke brightened. ‘Now there’s a thought,’ he said. 

Read more on AO3…


This weekend was something else. Through the sweat and moments of connecting with strangers I learned to love myself more. It was amazing. Thank you to everyone who was out there supporting me. From cute tiny little kids to parents to friends to old people. Everyone stepped out of their life to stand there with me and support me. My heart is so full of love and gratitude for the smiles and fascination I got to see on faces. Thank you everyone for supporting me on my journey. I will continue to serve the universe through my hands and voice. ❤ I love you all. The message behind my piece is “We are one”. And I got to see that out there.

http-jack  asked:

You're so lovely and so is your work. Thank you for blessing us all with your talents and beauty. Also for making my day a little brighter every time you post something new. Things have sucked lately and it's the little things that keep me going through the day. That is all, have a wonderful day <3

This honestly left me a bit teary eyed. I truly love and adore you so much, thank you for such a kind message. <3

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Love (love!) your blog! An imagine if Mycroft found out his s/o was a fitness professional (fitness model with lots of photos wearing little clothing published and lots of admirers). Would he be jealous, supportive, willing to exercise more?

Probably all of the above described but with a touch of pride and self-loathing thrown in.

Mycroft would be exceedingly prideful on how much dedication and diligence his partner put into their bodies because it shows just how strong thy are in mind and body.

I don’t think a lot of people realize just how hard-working and intelligent most fitness trainers or bodybuilders are because it requires a lot math, science, human sciences, and geography in order to cultivate such a healthy physique. Personally I think its those that don’t wish to put in the effort to get in shape (and complain about it without doing anything to attack the problem) that spread the rumor that “all jocks or gym rats are stupid” when its really just the opposite.

Mycroft would support them indefinitely (like he would any partner that was engaging in legal activities/hobbies) and even try to get himself to a better shape along with them (provided they’re in the same country.)

However there will be days when Mycroft will feel a bit vindictive and sore about his current health like we all tend to be at the best of times. He might throw out the lame “its genetics” when he knows that’s not the case when you look at Eurus and Sherlock but even his partner knows he’s speaking from a hurt and doesn’t truly mean that.

His partner will try to encourage (not push!) Mycroft to exercise more and give him very inciting incentives in order to get him more active.

Mycroft will be jealous at times when his partner’s name is plastered on the internet as “the most fuckable person in known history”, picture being used as wank material and others claiming that they are his S/O's future spouse  but thankfully Mycroft will remember that none  of those mouth breathers will ever have a chance with his partner because they make it very evident with their text messages and phone calls that they are crazy in love with him and no one else.

If anything this might be one of the few times Mycroft would be pressing for his partner to show up even at the most dullest parties just so he can show off that not only does someone want to marry him but its not a troll but someone really hot and not available.

His S/O also enjoys baiting any of his past bullies or troublesome allies because holy hell, its great fun to see how their eyes just about pop out of their heads!

booandleashylookru  asked:

Pregnant Lexa 😍 I gained that cute little face all glowing and just 💖 also I get that in Canon you could argue that it would be doubtful cuz of her fighting wars and Shit, but just imagine her feeling that she is creating life after having taken so many even though it was for her people and she regrets none of it. And just Lexa who has been alone for so long believing love is weakness feeling something growing in her that's just pure love, that loves her unconditionally and she loves them too

yessss pregnant Lexa is the softest best thing in the universe ok

like idk it might be how i characterize Clarke but i don’t think she’d want to be pregnant. in canon, I’m not even sure if she wants kids (not yet, anyway, she’s like what 20 or 21? not ready for a baby, that’s for sure)

but Lexa? she’s a maternal type. she’s a harsh and intelligent leader but she’s also a pile of mush, especially around Clarke, and like you said, it would definitely be a big thing for her to carry a child inside of her. having this perfectly natural thing happen to her, being fully in control and just ‘creating life after having taken so many’ is exactly why i think she’d do it. (not to mention Clarke would support her doing it, she’d want to see Lexa marvel at the changes in her body and feeling the baby kick and to have that deep bond with the child)

and i don’t believe for a second that Lexa fights all the wars and battles that her armies partake in. a good leader doesn’t risk her life in dumb situations, a good and strong leader knows how to delegate, and when to do it. if she were carrying a child, i’m sure some would question her authority - but i kinda hc grounder society as ancient finnish society in the sense that women that had given birth and that were pregnant were basically seen as magical creatures and treated w respect, and seen as symbols of strength. a Heda carrying a baby? basically a goddess, that’s how i’d see it.

but oh my god imagine Lexa just complaining about the discomfort and having panic attacks when she thinks the baby isn’t moving enough, making Abby check her way too often, and Clarke just being there and stroking her hand and telling her everything is fine

and giving birth? Lexa would totally keep that pain in for as long as she could, not even utter a proper curse or cry until the very end, only screaming on the last push - and then it’s over, and their daughter starts crying, and she starts crying because she’s just done something amazing and she’s got Clarke’s hands on her face and Clarke’s lips kissing her forehead and there’s so much laughter and happiness and happy tears and tired tears and it’s just so purely all right, their daughter is alive and it’s all thanks to her

also, Lexa breastfeeding. walking around ranting about a war plan to a room full of warriors while holding the baby to her breast, nobody even bats an eye, she’s feeding a new little warrior while still keeping up with her duties and it’s only something to be respected

i just love preg Lexa so much ok fight me


so for the sake of a loved one who really wants to consume all mcelroy brand products but is afraid of spids, i’ve censored them all out of the episode. then i thought ‘well i went this far, i guess i could also let other people watch it too, in case they share that fear of the latter and love of the former’?

disclaimers: all real ones were definitely censored out. in the case of things like fake decorations, the float itself, etc it gets a little more dodgy. if you are afraid of furry paper mache portions that resembles a spid, i would probably pass on trying this, but if halloween decorations from the store and 17lbs of fake webs don’t bother you then sure, give this a go

had to do it in two parts because i maintained that crispy hd and my computer just couldn’t handle it like that

part two is gonna be here (once it processes) because i’ll probably forget to post this if i dont do it now

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Can you do Honestly just stop it

You were three months pregnant with Dan’s baby and he would not stop poking at your stomach. You had really started to show now and he was fascinated at the fact that there was a baby inside of you. A baby that the both of you made together that was going to be half of him and half of you. 

You had just gotten comfortable on the couch when you started to feel hands rubbing all over your torso. 

“Don't get me wrong, I love having your hands all over my body but honestly just stop it.” Dan looked up at you like a puppy who was just scolded for barking too much. 

“I’m sorry but I can’t help it. I am so in love with you. Plus I don’t know how I do but I love this little person inside of you so much. It sometimes feels like a big dream that will end.” You couldn’t help but love this sappy side of Dan. He is not really one for cheesy words or romance out the wazoo.

“How about we make a deal? You can touch my baby belly as much as you want when were cuddling. If and only if you don’t complain when I send you out at terrible hours to get me my cravings.” Dan had a giant smile on his face as he started to make little circles on your belly again. 

“Deal !” Little did Dan know that you had been craving a creamsicle since you woke up this morning and you now didn't feel so bad for asking him to go. 

I just woke up from a nap and am a little out of it but

gosh i love all you guys you are all so perfect and wonderful and if you’re reading this then I  want to personally tel lyou your character is amazing and lovely and keep at it

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Ok all I can think about is an au where it follows canon but after all is said and done, Veronica finds out she's pregnant and she's absolutely heartbroken?? Like the one she loved just died and now she's carrying the only thing she has left of him and she can't find the heart to get rid of it so she ends up keeping the baby. As the baby grows up she sees so much of jd in them and as much as it hurts her she just loves this child so much and knows jd would be happy so, so is she. Ah sorry haha:)


I’ve thought about this a little tbh???

i see her getting an abortion but being completely heartbroken about it because exactly what you said?? it’s all that’s left of him but she also has to think of her future and its like…fuck….she doesn’t know what to do…my poor lovely daughter


The Sableye Bros would love to thank anyone and everyone that offered them flowers! They never imagined they’d meet so many friends and would love to keep in touch. They think that despite releasing the flowers, that they’ll never forget the buddies they met. Hopefully they can hang out again!

((Thank you all! I can’t believe how many of you sent these boys flowers! And I’m so sorry I couldn’t keep up with it all but I’d love to interact outside an event too! I promise to draw it all and be as awesome as you were to me! Enjoy my final post- a combo of art and pixel gifs I made to animate a little scene for y’all! Thank you to the mods and to all of you!! Love- Draz))

Thank you to all of you who played that little ask game with me earlier (hey, the rules never stated you couldn’t go back later and make a post in response lol). I only found out who two of you lovely folks are, so this is my thanks to the rest (and again to the known two). Y'all are the sweetest, and the fact that you took the time to show me such kindness put the hugest smile on my face. Love you all 😘❤

Puppy Love

Hey I was wondering if you could do a BuckyXReader where the reader has a dog and she talks about him all the time so Bucky gets confused and thinks its her boyfriend and he gets a little annoyed and Jealous because he likes the reader. Thanks!

I love this idea! I love dogs! I love Bucky! This idea is just amazing! I think I could’ve done better with it, but I like it as well so I don’t know anymore. Haha!

Anyway, here you go!

Notes: (h/c) = hair color, (Y/N) = Your Name

The day wouldn’t stop. on any regular day, Bucky wouldn’t complain about being with (Y/N). He really liked spending time with the woman and had never felt uncomfortable or dragged when he was with her. Conversation was easy and was usually never forced. Today, however, was a complete opposite to any usual day. Today, (Y/N) wouldn’t shut up about some guy. Some guy named Dawson.

It started when they were at breakfast that morning.

(Y/N) walked in to the kitchen with a big smile on her face. She grabbed something to eat and a juice before sitting in her usual chair next to Bucky. Tony glanced over at the woman with a questioning look, “Somebody’s happy today. What did you do?”

The (h/c) woman rolled her eyes, but the smile never left her face. “I didn’t do anything, Tony. Is it that bad that I’m in a good mood?”

“This early in the morning?” Clint asked, taking a sip of coffee. “Yeah. You didn’t have coffee or anything and you’re happy? That’s borderline insane.”

“I’m always insane,” (Y/N) admitted, “This is just me being happy, alright? Bucky, could you please tell them that this is nothing major?”

“Wish I could, Doll, but even I’m curious about this.” Bucky smirked at his friend, “Why are you so happy, (Y/N)?”

(Y/N) chuckled and glanced down at the table, “Well, since I’m being teamed up on, I might as well tell you guys. It’s Dawson. He’s so handsome!”

“Dawson?” Bucky questioned quietly, glaring at the table.

“Yeah!” (Y/N)’s smile widened as she continued rambling about this mystery person.

Bucky blocked out most of the conversation and thought to himself about who this ‘Dawson’ person could be. Was it a last name like that guy on ‘Titanic’ or was it a first name? If he had a name, he could find out if this person was worth (Y/N)’s time. (Y/N) seemed to really like this guy, whoever he was. If Dawson could make her happy, Bucky could attempt to deal with it.

Bucky stood from his seat and excused himself from breakfast. He’d ask Steve for help first and go from there.

After talking over the situation with his best friend after lunch, Bucky headed back to the living room. On his way into the room, he stopped and listened to (Y/N) as she talked with whoever else was in the room.

“I don’t know, Wanda. It’s just, he’s so cute and cuddly and the lady I talked to said that he was the nicest she had met before! I think that’s pretty cool, don’t you?’

“Mhm,” Wanda agreed. “He is very nice and vell behaved. His name is Dawson, right?”

“Yeah!” (Y/N) exclaimed excitedly, “I should bring him to meet you guys sometime. He would probably love you all. Do you think I should?”

“I vould love to meet him.” Wanda responded, knowing full well of the brunette hiding in the hallway.

“I’ll have to talk it over with Tony, then. Eek! I’m so excited to bring him.” (Y/N) got up from the couch and headed in the direction of the hallway. When she nearly walked into Bucky, she let out a small yelp. “Bucky! You scared me. Can you meet me on my floor later? I have somebody I want you all to meet.”

“Anything for you, Doll.” Bucky faked a smile as he watched (Y/N) nod and take off down the hall.

Wanda spoke up from the couch, “Vou have nothing to be afraid of. Dawson is goof for (Y/N).”

“You think so?” Bucky pondered, thinking of what he should do in this situation.

“I know so. Besides, I have a feeling you may really like Dawson.”

Bucky took a deep breath and glared at the wall. “I doubt it.”

“Bucky!” (Y/N) called from behind the soldier. “Bucky, can I talk with you? It’s about Dawson.”

“(Y/N), you know I like talking with you about anything and everything, but this is something I just can’t talk about.” Bucky turned to the (h/c) girl with a sad look.

“Oh… I’m sorry. It’s just, I want you to meet Dawson before everybody else.” (Y/N) rubbed her arm nervously and glanced up at Bucky with her eyes shimmering with hope. “Your opinion matters the most to me and I want to know if you like him or not.”

Bucky took a deep breath. ‘Anything’, that’s what he had said, right? He would do anything for (Y/N). She meant the world to him whether she knew it or not. “Alright. Where is he?”

“Really?! Yay! He’s in my room. C’mon!” (Y/N) grabbed Bucky’s hands and pulled him in the direction of her room.

“Wait. He’s in your bedroom?” Bucky let out a low growl, making sure (Y/N) couldn’t hear it. “You talk about him all day and, suddenly, he’s in your room? Are you out of your mind, (Y/N)? Leaving a man in your room could be-”

“A man?” (Y/N) asked, stopping at the entrance to her bedroom. “Bucky, is that why you barely listened to me at breakfast? Because of Dawson?”

Bucky shrugged, attempting to appear nonchalant about the question. “I listened, I just-”

(Y/N) crossed her arms and cut him off with a firm tone, “Bucky.”

“Fine.” Bucky sighed, “It is. I’m sorry, (Y/N), I know you really care about this guy, whoever he is, but he’s all you’ve talked about today. At breakfast, Dawson. With Wanda, Dawson. Steve said you even talked about him during your workout after lunch! How well do you really know this guy, (Y/N)? Do you know if he cares about you the way you do for him?”

“Buck, you’ll just have to trust me on this. Can you do that for me?” (Y/N) asked, putting her hands on Bucky’s shoulders.

“I trust you no matter what. It’s Dawson I don’t trust.” Bucky took one of (Y/N)’s hands in his flesh one and watched as she smiled at him.

“You’ll like him, I promise.” (Y/N) opened her bedroom door and whistled into the room.

As soon as the door closed behind them, a clinking and thumping noise sounded from the corner of the room and got louder as it came closer. A fluffy white and black floof bounced it’s way over until it was obvious what it was.

A husky.

The pups blue eyes shone with excitement at the sight of his owner and a new friend. His whole body shook as his tail whipped back and forth. He bounced a couple of times before bowing down in front of Bucky, his tongue sticking out and ready to slobber over everyone.

Bucky blinked a few times at the dog before getting down and letting the dog sniff his hand. “This… is Dawson?”

The dog barked at his name and pounced on his new playmate, ‘cleaning’ his face with puppy slobber. (Y/N) giggled and nodded, “Yeah. So, now that you know him, are you still jealous over my new dog?”

“I wasn’t jealous!” Bucky insisted as he pet the excited ball of floof.

“Suuuure you weren’t, Buck.” (Y/N) teased, sitting on the floor next to her friend and placing a kiss to his cheek, watching as it turned a light red. “Better now?”