i love all these tattoos

Harry’s tattoos and puns...

This is a guy who has a “thigh-ger” tattoo (tiger on his thigh) and a butterfly on his stomach and “big” on his big toe and he just got a bee on his ARM, at essentially the same time Steve Aoki referred to Louis’ dedicated fans as an “army of bees.”

Harry is the HBIC of the army of bees and he wants us to know it.

Cover Art for @qitana15‘s amazing and super adorable fanfic Ink and Whiskey, with Tattoo Artist Hinata and Bartender Kageyama!! Go read it if you haven’t yet and give Qitana some love~! (。♥‿♥。)

I know you’ve been hurt too much by people around you, your last relationships were disasters. It sincerely makes me upset that anyone would want to hurt you in any way. You’re this radiant warmth beautifully contagious person who I want nothing more than to see be happy and succeed in life, knowing your worth. You are beautiful inside and out and I’m sorry they have made you feel anything less. I know you’ve been hurt but I hope I can show you that I don’t want to be and I will try my hardest not to be someone who will ever cause you pain. I’m not perfect, I will say the wrong thing or annoy you, but that’s as far as it will go. I want nothing more than to see you smile and make you laugh everyday, you deserve that. I want to support you, especially on the rough nights when everything hurts and all you want to do is cry. If you need kind words and someone to hold you when you cry, I can be that. If you want nothing but to have me there to sit in silence, I will be there. I can be your best friend, and your rock. Whatever you need, I will try my best to be. You deserve good things and I want to be one of them.
—  You never have to apologize for being who you are anymore, that’s who I fell for



canicallyoumaddie-blog  asked:

Not an ask but... I'm deceased. "Leo and Kay" is adorable how am I just now hearing about this???? Also the cat ear beanie??? I n e e d it?? I like your arts.

Thank you! I’m really hoping to start an official webcomic for them maybe when I graduate? Idk but it’s definitely something I really wanna do. Just need to develop the supporting cast, think of a way to start it, think of a title, etc etc. Until then I hope you enjoy the occasional doodle and comic I make of them!