i love all their names so much

"Tell me what you love about her"

I love her eyes, and her smile even though she hates it, I love her giggle when I tickle her while she’s begging me to stop, I love how she says my name, I love how obsessed we are with each other, I love how I’m so comfortable with her it’s like she’s one of my best friends which she is, I love how I can always say how I feel and her respect it, I love how much she cares for me and my happiness, but most of all, I love that she’s mine.

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So Kayla I thought your legacy challenge was a great idea and I decided to play it in my own game. I now have a sim named Thin Mint and she is covered head to toe in mint colors and her apartment is in all mint colors as well. Thanks for making the challenge I love it so far!!!


People have been sending me pictures of their Sims all day and I’m obsessed. There’s so much mint.

i feel like i don’t tell you guys enough so i’m going to take this opportunity to:

thank you so fucking much for all the support you give me on my fics, and all the compliments on my writing, i truly don’t take any of it for granted and i have no idea how i am deserving of all of you and your lovely words

and thank you for all the asks where you just chat with me, ask about my day and ask about me in general, i still get a flutter when i read an ask where you use my name! i’ve never really felt accepted anywhere before and i genuinely can never thank you enough for being so accepting and warm and welcoming to me literally from day one, i’m so fortunate and i will never be able to repay you all for the happiness (and confidence) you’ve brought to my life in so many ways

i love you so fucking much. thank you.

Using Quotes to show my love

You really do write like your running out of time.. @love-cheetah33
You put yourself back in the narrative… @smolkittyxoxo
You stopped wasting your tears on the next 50 years! @somefreespirits
Gentle-men of jury I’m curious Bare with me! @swaysway4433 
Long ago…You and Me… @candykitten120
MY name is Alexander Hamilton… @its-the-hamfam
I knew the world was wide enough… @pinkmnm34
THESE BATTLE SCAARS! Don’t look like there FADING! @tricksterpie
Let’s Erase the Underground! @trickyprincess
Realize I need you here as much as the sounds Yea yea @miss-sinpai
And cover girls don’t Crrry…after their face is made.. @cittyutau
There’s a hope that’s waiting for you In the dark! @Everyone!
I love you guys all…Sorry If I didn’t tag many people…But I love you all
Feels trip anyone? No?
Well to bad I just gave you all a ticket…I love you guys truly and thanks so much for 70! I never thought I could get this far…My singing and drawing and helping others is something very special I do…Well that’s it everyone!
PEACE OUUUUT! ~ Your Pal Chari


We have hit our second milestone of over 200 lovelies, which I never anticipated in my wildest, most horrible of nightmares.

Thank you so much for your acceptance of me, and I hope to continue making all of you proud.

After a long train of consideration, I have decided that my sidekick would be a black cobra. Many of the options and suggestions sent in made the decision all the more difficult, but I find that the cobra matches my nature and elegance in a way nothing else could.

However, it still needs a name. What should it’s name be lovelies?

Best wishes,

~ Darkiplier

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Name one thing you wanted to happen with westallen but it didn't, and one thing you were so happy when it did happen.

I’ll ALWAYS be sad they didn’t explore Iris/Flash more and Iris having A Moment of realizing how attracted she was to Flash!Barry and feeling some kind of way over it. Particularly, when she was mad at him for lying to her about it all along!! Her being mad and OH MY GOD WAIT woud have been so much fun :(

And I am just SO in love with S3 and getting all of the domestic Westallen, IT’S HARD TO PICK but I might have to go back to them visiting his mom’s grave as one of my top moments.

Hey friends! Here are the giveaway winners for the Tumblr art print giveaway! 💖

Congratulations to
@princ3sseevee & @itsdinosaul ✨

Winners, you have 24hrs to message me your info:
Name, Address, Email & Art prints of your Choice (2 8x10 prints plus 1 5x7 eeveelution print)

Thank you to everyone that entered the giveaway! Don’t worry if you didn’t win this giveaway. I definitely will have more upcoming giveaways.

Again, thank you to everyone for all your constant love, support & positivity! It truly means a lot to me! Thank you guys so much for always supporting me and my artwork. For always, taking the time out of your day for leaving me the sweetest comments/messages. I enjoy talking to you guys and personally getting to know you guys. Thank you for being a part of this little family. ☺️ I hope you guys know that you ALL hold a special place in my heart. 💖

aight so back when i first started playing smite, i primarily wanted to play mercury.

keep in mind, i’d never played any games like smite before. i came from purely fps games like call of duty, borderlands, tf2, etc.

i fuckin’ loved the spartan theme, and immediately wanted to play mercury not only bc of his design, but his personality overall was like the greatest thing and i bought his vp and recolor as soon as i could.

back then, i usually played with a group of 3 friends, and they all knew a lot more abt smite than i did, obviously, as they’d been playing longer.

i had a friend, who i won’t name, but instead call em dick.

dick was a dick, ok.

very toxic gamer, was convinced he was the best of all of us, and insulted us so much, one of us stopped playing bc she’d get so upset over not being good.

dick didn’t like that i played mercury, because he said i was ruining the god, shouldnt have picked up a god that hard as a beginner, and would constantly beat me down about it because very often id go like 0/4. it’d be very rare for me to even get a kill, and when i did, i got super excited. john encouraged me playing merc and getting kills. whereas dick just insulted me for not getting enough.

“mercury isnt your god. you should just give up. go play guan yu or something” was the type of shit id get everyday. eventually, he’d start leaving calls and games bc i was so bad, he didnt wanna play with us anymore.

and yeah, i did get discouraged. for a while, i instead played apollo and left mercury to fuckin’ rot.

looking back on it, dick wasnt good at smite at all. sure. he could get kills. but in the end, he’d go like 20/30, and that’s hurting more than helping a team.

so even as i started to get better and got diamond with mercury, still he’d get pissed and just tell me not to play mercury or he’d never play smite w/me again. now, dick was one of my best friends, so that was something awful that i didnt want to happen, so again, id leave merc alone.

there was this one time i was trying to get favor, so decided to do the daily quests. play 3 games as a roman god. so, excitedly, id go and play merc. dick comes online, demands to play mercury bc apparently he was better and would show me how to play my own main. and obvi i got frustrated bc i was gonna do my quests and hes only taking my character to shove how good he is in my face. so, knowing me with my short temper, i got pretty salty and just went quiet so i wouldnt say anything rude. we end up getting into a game, he picks merc before i can, doesnt even build him right, and manages to go like 10/5 and proceeds to laugh at me and say something like “THATS how mercury is supposed to be played. he’s fun, im gonna main him. go back to playing the easier characters, like apollo”

skip forward a few months, im lvl 30 before dick, have a better understanding of the game, and can actually play the character i’ve been playing since day 1 efficiently. 

i guess i can finally go tell dick where to shove it, because i can both get kills and not die frequently, because he still plays risky as hell, and resorted to trying to make both john and i feel bad by taking our mains and saying shit like “lol i just went 25-2 in a game w/mercury (or freya, for johns sake)”

honey, your profile aint private. (:

i guess moral of the story is, play whoever the fuck you want. you can only get better, not worse, and go slay those assholes. 

(also, dick turned out to be an awful person who cheated on and manipulated one of our closest friends, and is all around a bad guy lmao)




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-sadly I'm on mobile so I can't get to your rules. I truly apologize for being an inconvenience if I screw up. delete my ask if this sucks- Let's pretend Jonathan somehow comes back (at like maybe the end of part 4). Could I request headcanons on how the other Jojos (from parts 2-4 of course) would react to meeting him?

No rules have been broken, don’t worry at all! I hope these turned out okay!

☆ Joseph ☆

  • Joseph would get pretty emotional, actually; he says he doesn’t care much about family name, but having grown up without parents, he’d love to be able to meet his grandfather. He’s heard good things about Jonathan from Erina, so he’d love to meet the man himself.
  • Jonathan would be amazed; this is his grandson? What?? He’d also be very proud at Joseph’s Hamon ability and training; he may even ask that Joseph teach him a few things, or take him to Lisa Lisa, since Jonathan never got training of that level.
  • He’d be somewhat disappointed in his grandson’s attitude, honestly- he seems reckless and loud and very un-gentlemanly. However, when he sees how in love Joseph and Suzie are, he’d be filled to the brim with pride; he’d inherited some of the gentle Joestar spirit after all!

☆ Jotaro ☆

  • Things would probably be pretty uncomfortable between these two at first; Jonathan is a gentle giant, and Jotaro is anything but. There might be some bickering at first, as Jonathan tries to offer advice to fix Jotaro’s attitude- it would be up to Holly to keep them from going at each other.
  • Once they’re settled and not fighting, they’d get into fairly deep conversation. When Jonathan learns that Jotaro is the one who permanently took out Dio, he’d have a new respect for the kid, and would want to spend some time learning about Star Platinum and Stands in general.
  • Jotaro would probably try and be the tiniest bit nicer around Jonathan; he’d never heard much from that side of the family, and the guy’s from something like a hundred years ago, so it can’t really hurt. He draws the line when Jonathan starts entertaining the fangirls and inviting them to date his descendant, though

☆ Josuke ☆

  • Although he’d be confused at how this was even possible, he’d be so excited to meet Jonathan! He’d never even known his own father, and now he’s able to meet one of the men at the head of the bloodline- this is great.
  • He’d want to show Jonathan around the entire town, showing him off to all his friends. “Can you believe I’m related to this beast? The two of them stop to pet every dog they see along the way, and that ends up with all the dogs following them home. They both look ready to cry when Josuke’s mom says take ‘em back.
  • Josuke’d heard a bit about Hamon from his dad, but given that Joseph isn’t in the best shape to teach, he’d ask Jonathan to show him how it works! He doesn’t quite have the talent for it, though; he can make a few sparks fly from his fingertips, but that’s it. Jonathan would be proud of him anyways!

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Can you answer 1 10 13 14 15 16 19

1 - name three characters you loathe

Maeve, Jurian, and Tamlin

10 - name who you want to kill the King of Hybern and how

Cassian. Honestly as long as it’s dramatically as possible and he professes his love for Nesta in the process I’m good.

13 - name which character you relate to the most and why

Y'all know I love Azriel so much for a number of reasons but he struck me immediately in ACOMAF because of how self-sacrificing he is because SAME. I am always always always throwing myself directly into the line of fire. It’s almost borderline masochistic and I see so much of that in Azriel as well. And his loyalty is something I can relate to but also strive towards. He’s everything to me.

14 - name which character you want to embody the most and why

Rhys. His leadership skills and ability to love so deeply… just… wow. Also I’m an actress so if I could learn to wear a pretend mask like he does I would have won 86 Oscars by now.

15 - name which court in ACOMAF you think you would belong to

I know it’s everybody’s fav and all but I GENUINELY think I would be in the Night Court for real.

16 - would you rather be a fae from ToG with shifting powers or an Illyrian with wings? Why?


19 - have any of your original opinions on characters or ships changed since you originally read the books? If so, which ones and why?

I just answered this one actually! I gave a very long explanation about my feelings towards Lucien so go look at the post right before this one lol

20 Questions Tag Game meme

So I got tagged by the lovely @choc-chip-pancakes and @thatguyinthepicture for this! Thank you guys so much :D :D :D

Rules: Answer the 20 questions and tag 20 amazing followers you would like to get to know better.

Name: Classified

Nicknames: Nana, Nana Graye (pen name), Bug, Blonde One, Ford, Bill, and a bunch of other ones that have to do with my real name XD

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Height: 5′4′’ (I am very small XD)

Orientation: Asexual Demiromantic (more or less)

Ethnicity: Northern European / Native American heritage American young adult

Favorite Fruit: Peaches, plums, dragonfruit, all berries (especially blackberries. I love blackberries), and guava!

Favorite Season: There are things that I love about every single season and time of the year, so I really don’t have a favorite: I like all the snow sports you can do in the winter and the fact I can wear sweaters and awesome coats; I love the earth coming back alive and the scent of apple blossoms in spring; I love campfires and family vacations at the beach and all-weekend gatherings with friends and family and warm weather and swimming in the summer; I love the harvest festivals and gathering in the crops in the fall, and all the wonderful foods you can make with them.

Favorite Book: Other than the Bible, I really like The Chronicles of Narnia: the Voyage of the Dawn Treader and most recently Tuesdays with Morrie (which if any of you haven’t read, you should - but you WILL be crying by the end; I was, and I was in the library around other people!)

Favorite Flower: Apple blossoms, pink tulips, white daisies, blue hydrangeas, forget-me-nots, yellow carnations, orange lilies, dandelions, bluebells of any color, rhododendrons of any color, pretty much any wildflower (I really just like flowers; they’re all different and beautiful in their own special way

Favorite Scent: Apple blossoms, woodsmoke, the briny smell of the ocean, my mom’s perfume, cut grass, the combination of the inside of a mechanic’s garage and cigarettes (that’s what my dad smells like), cedar, forests, the smell of earth and fresh-tilled soil, coconut, and food - pretty much any food, I love food and it is one of my favorite things XD (I have lots of ‘favorite’ scents - I have lots of different things I love, so

Favorite Color: Almost any color, in any shade; I’m partial to the blue of the night sky right between the edge of the sunset and the darkness of the night, where the stars start showing up but the light still touches. 

Favorite Animal: Pretty much all of them; I am partial to sea creatures, especially octopi and sea cucumbers and starfish and squid and sea urchins (so prickly and cute!!!) and seals and hermit crabs <3

Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: It really depends! I like all of them, though I’ve been steering away from the coffee lately because it makes my anxiety skyrocket. I really like herbal teas, especially mint-based ones (I make homemade tea at home a lot - I have a very large herb garden :D). I drink hot chocolate most often of all (I’m drinking peppermint hot chocolate right now, actually!) and I love trying lots of different kinds.

Average Sleep Hours: WHAT IS SLEEP? XD No, but usually between 6-12 hours depending on how long I can sleep in. Sometimes I just don’t sleep for a day or two if I sleep for a long time a certain night - I only need six hours of sleep, so 12 hours is basically a double night for me. 

Cat or dog person? Both! Although I’ve only ever had cats, a lot of my family and friends have dogs and I love them too. I have a very soft spot in my heart for cats, though - we had my one cat for 19 years and he was my best animal friend.

Favorite Fictional Character: Literally everyone from Gravity Falls; the entire cast of Voltron; pretty much all of the protagonists from The Chronicles of Narnia; everyone from How to Train Your Dragon, both the books and the movies; all of the characters from Finding Nemo and Finding Dory; Garth, Hub, and Walter from Secondhand Lions; and many, many more. I love lots of characters, for lots of different reasons and in lots of different ways. I can’t choose.

Number of blankets you sleep with: It really depends. If it’s cold out, ALL OF THE BLANKETS (4 to 8; usually a mix of quilts and fleece blankets and comforters and crocheted throws) and if it’s warm out, usually just a sheet and a single blanket (I pretty much always sleep at least partially covered). I have actually slept under my wool trenchcoat before; it makes a very nice warm blanket :)

Ideal trip: There are actually a few, actually! I would love to take a trip to the British Isles with my parents, brother, and sister-in-law, as well as visit Sweden and Norway. I would also love to take a trip to Australia and New Zealand with my mom and dad and brother and sister-in-law. Otherwise, I would love to take a whole summer-long roadtrip through the United States with a bunch of friends and family, preferably to VISIT lots of friends and family :) 

Blog Created: September of 2015, I believe! I don’t actually remember ha ha ha XD It was well before the Gravity Falls finale, though. I’d been lurking on Tumblr for about a year before that, but I never actually made a blog.

Number of Followers: 366! Thank you all :D

I’m going to tag @llyrica @crossroadsdimension @impishnature @garrulousgibberish @somer-joure @silver-stargazing @legoduckie @ferociousfangirlofmanyfandoms @ghostlybagans @norrisontheclumsy @namesarehardforme @wolfmoonjournal @ursapolaris @chonaku-things @happy-fazzbear-ponies2 @blankrslate07 @smileynerd256 @miniatureglittersoul @thescarletscribe @eregyrn-falls and @skillfulstudio as well as ANYONE ELSE WHO SEES THIS AND WANTS TO DO IT!! :D Just tag me! I’d love to get to know you all better <3

-Nana Graye

about the elephant emojis

taken from emojipedia


a sweet baby, wants to be friends. trying their best.


a blue boi !!!! hes really friendly but knocks things over a lot. i love him.


wow there he is !!!!! he sure walks!!! o boy hes doin fine !!!!!!


very loving and gentle, just a baby. needs to escape where she lives.


his name is bob and he’s a father of three. i love him and support him.


oh man!!!!! shes a little on the wild side, even though she looks a lil plain. she might steal ur water with her beautiful trunk!!!!


a noble elephant!!! they protect their family and yours. likes to pose.


awwww. she;s a little shy and doesnt think shes all that much but!!! shes so good!! she loves her friends! :’)))


a small boy, still a baby! really wants to be a firefighter and has to be told not to spray things with water sometimes. he likes to help ppl!


this guy may look pure, but theyre a little mischievous! they like apples. 


another blue !!! this guys on the older side, but he still tries to take care of his friends and family. loves babies. i trust him 100%.

i see your ‘rose and kanaya going out on romantic candlelit gourment dinners’ date and raise you ‘rose dragging kanaya out to a graveyard to summon the spirits of the undead, eating cold lunchmeat on a tomb with paper plates, and making out behind a tombstone’ date