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Decisions, decisions ...

If you could only read one book from now on, which would it be? 

 This is a question that often gets asked in my circle of friends, usually after a few drinks, and my answer is always the same – I would pay someone to bind all of Terry Pratchett’s work into one ginormous book just for me. 

When that doesn’t pass muster and I am accused of cheating (which I usually am) I then have to choose between Terry’s books. And that, I have to say, is a much more difficult proposition. I know some people say “it doesn’t matter, it’s Terry, you can read any of his books time and time again and find new angles and puns and other titbits of information that you didn’t notice before” and that’s all true but … despite it all, it matters to me. 

When I look at my Pterry shelves my choice of re-read is significantly dependent on the mood I’m in and what feelings I’m looking to calm or invoke in myself. Do I want to remind myself of how I felt when I first fell in love with the Discworld? If so I need Reaper Man. Do I want to be reminded that it’s possible to find your purpose and get your life together even when your world seems to have gone to the dogs? Then I need Guards! Guards! Do I want to find the courage to keep making the choices that I know need to be made, day after day after day? Then I need Carpe Jugulum or A Hat Full of Sky. Do I want a reminder why organised religion just does not do it for me? I need Small Gods. Am I hankering after a seriously good laugh set in the Discworld equivalent of Ancient Egypt? Then Pyramids is taken from the shelf. Is it Christmas? I need Hogfather … I could go on. And on. And on. There is not a single book of Terry’s that doesn’t resonate with my soul for one reason or other. 

However this form of questioning does not help me narrow down my choice of one book at all and for years I um-ed and ah-ed and then hand-waved and said I couldn’t choose and no-one could make me. 

Until one day someone turned the question on its head and instead asked “If you were told you could never read anything ever again, which book would you be most upset about?” 

And I immediately said “Night Watch”. 

No hesitation - no um-ing and ah-ing, no trying to bend the question to my will – just an instinctual response that had nothing to do with my mood or wanting specific things and everything to do with the sick feeling the thought of never reading it again produced in my stomach. 

This book, to me, is the epitome of Terry’s writing and the epitome of what a story can be. There are so many strands to it, so much depth and feeling packed into its 480 pages that I cannot imagine not being able to return to it at will to mine it again and again for every nugget of truth, punnery and glorious understanding of the human condition. It is both an origin story (for Vimes, for Vetinari, for Ankh-Morpork as we know it), a continuation of the Discworld series and Vimes’ story, and a commentary on – amongst other things - civilisation, revolutions, how we know who we are, and why some of us continue to make the right choices over and over again, no matter how hard they are. 

This book helps me make sense of the violence in the world, makes me want to be a better person, and is the reason that each year, on 25th May, I pick a sprig of lilac from the tree growing in my garden and have a hard-boiled egg with soldiers for breakfast. 

It also contains such gems as: 

“He hated being thought of as one of those people that wore stupid ornamental armour. It was gilt by association”

“The Assassin moved quietly from roof to roof until he was well away from the excitement around the Watch House. His movements could be called cat-like, except that he did not stop to spray urine against things”


“‘I get it,’ said the prisoner. ‘Good Cop, Bad Cop, eh?’ ‘If you like.’ said Vimes. 'But we’re a bit short staffed here, so if I give you a cigarette would you mind kicking yourself in the teeth?’”

And now I’m turning the question over to all you lovely people reading this, but adding a specifically Pterry angle:

If you were never able to read another book written by Terry Pratchett again, which one would you be most upset about?

Do reblog and let me know – sharing the love of Pterry is a wonderful thing!

To Help #1

How would the RFA + Co, help out MC who was cheated on by another one of the RFA + Co members? Especially if the former person was in love with MC themselves?

First off- I honestly don’t think any of these people would cheat on MC- EVER. However my brain wants to know, what it wants to know. I have a sick, masochistic brain. 

Secondly this series will probably have some profanity stronger than crap or shit in it, so if that’s not your thing sorry, but if I were just cheated on I’m pretty sure I’d be swearing my head off. 

Thirdly there may be references of sexy times and sexy time activities in this series, again if it’s not your thing feel free to give this one a miss. I warned ye!

Brace yourself- this is a proper mini fic… my proper fics/oneshots are usually in the 10k word range- so here is 5k worth of written proof that I am attempting the use of brevity. And failing.

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What if Draco and Harry were sitting in a bar - a noisy, crowded bar with the music so loud it was almost deafening, their drinks watery and of a nauseatingly bad quality, the repugnant smell of sweat and beer overwhelming them. What if Harry was sitting there, his eyebrows knotted because he had tried to talk, tried to get his voice to carry over the narrow space between them. What if Harry’s hand was resting on Draco’s leg to get closer, to get his mouth next to Draco’s ear to let himself to be heard, his warm breath tickling against Draco’s cheek. What if Harry would be like that, close and familiar and hot - the hand on Draco’s leg all Draco could focus on, his breath all he could feel.

Because in such a moment Draco would, beyond a single doubt, fall irreversibly in love with Harry, with the way his heart would clench with every throaty laugh, the way he’d flinch closer to Draco whenever each new song started - seemingly louder than the last one. He would fall head over heels for the saviour, for the glint in his eyes under the cheap disco lights, for the cocky grin he’d give Draco for a joke Draco hadn’t been able to focus on because all he could think about was Harry, Harry, Harry -

What if Draco and Harry were sitting in a bar?

Werewolf!Jin (Boyfriend)

A lot of people said yes to this series so I decided to do it bc I already wanted to but I just wanted to make sure it was something you guys wanted to see, I’ve gotten a couple requests for werewolf!BTS related things and I decided to combine them and turn it into a boyfriend post and just include the two requests in it to make things easier so to start us off as he always does is one half of Jinmin, an absolute prince, an amazing human bean in and out whose smile could light an entire city up like his entire face just gets so :D and his eyes get really happy I !!! Love !!! His !!! Smile !!!! Kim Seokjin aka Jin

  • I’ve written three things for werewolf!Jin so far, there’s the description of him as a werewolf in general, which is part one (here) part two is him falling in love with a human (here) and of course, werewolf!Jin as a father (all of the father related posts are here)
  • Since one of the requests was for human!reader, I’ll be using that to start off with
  • Jin is such a good boyfriend
  • He’s really sweet and funny and remember that giant ass pink hoodie/sweatshirt thing he wore that was literally five sizes too big, he’d let you borrow that and it’s so so warm and it smells like his cologne so it’s like getting a hug from him the entire time you wear it
  • He’s already a puppy irl so adding in the fact he can literally turn into a wolf whenever he wants is just all puppy
  • Gets really pouty when you don’t pay attention to him and just glares at whatever you’re paying attention to
  • He’s s o warm 25/8, he can be running around in the snow with just a t-shirt and jeans on and he’ll walk back into the house totally fine
  • He’s your personal heater and he has zero problem helping you warm up after a cold day, he gets so so happy whenever you hug him really tightly and he’s just so :D when your nose is all cold and he gets to kiss it really softly
  • The first time you see him transform, it’s a bit !!!! bc you come out of your room and just see a wolf on your couch??
  • You’re about to run back into your room and call the police or animal control or something bc wild wolf in your house what the hell do you do but then you realize who you’re dating and that the wolf hadn’t seemed all that wild at all
  • So you sneak back downstairs and peek into the living room and the wolf is just sitting there grooming its paw and you notice that it has brown fur that’s really identical to Jin’s current hair color
  • And then the wolf looks over and its eyes are warm and puppy like just like Jin’s and everything makes a lot more sense
  • His fur is really soft and he has these long legs and he’s a pretty big wolf, not the biggest in the pack but definitely not the smallest and he’s a beautiful lil wolf
  • It’s actually really really amazing to be with Jin during a full moon bc all the wolves come together and go for a run to burn off all the extra energy the moon gives them and it’s so cool to see them all playing and running around and they’re howling and it’s just wow
  • At first, it’s weird to think that the wolf that’s trying to bite at Jin’s tail when he isn’t looking is actually Jungkook or that the two wolves chasing each other around are actually Tae and Jimin bc you’re so used to seeing them as humans and it’s pretty easy to forget they have another side to them but after a few months, it doesn’t phase you anymore
  • So werewolves don’t have the same jealousy that humans do bc werewolves have the whole “mate” system going where once someone’s theirs, that’s it, they’re in love with them for life so none of the other pack members are gonna even think about that person in that way so there’s not much to get genuinely jealous over
  • Jin doesn’t get seriously jealous like to the point where he’s wondering if someone is gonna come between you two but he does get jealous in the way that a puppy gets jealous if one dog gets something they don’t
  • It’s more about the attention thing where if he feels you’re ignoring him, intentionally or not, he’s gonna get really pouty and get your attention somehow
  • But you’re human so your jealousy is different from Jin’s, your jealousy is more of the typical jealousy, it’s rare to feel jealous around him bc he’s so affectionate towards you and he makes it really clear that you’re the only one he’s looking at
  • But he is an extremely attractive man so sometimes, some people outside of the pack are looking at him a lil bit too long or they’re talking to him in a certain way that makes it clear they’re hinting at things or they’re just being way too touchy
  • And of course sometimes you do wonder if Jin would be better off with another werewolf that could understand everything he goes through bc as cool as it is, you don’t really know what it feels like to have all the energy of a werewolf on a full moon or to be able to turn into a wolf whenever you want to and you don’t have any supernatural abilities, you’re not as fast or strong as the pack, you don’t hear all the things they do so insecurity is only natural to have when you’re one of the only humans in the entire pack
  • But Jin doesn’t allow either of those feelings to last long, if there is one thing he’s amazing at, it’s making you feel loved
  • He always wraps himself around you and doesn’t let go until you’re feeling completely and totally secure in your relationship
  • “You’re stuck with me for life”
  • But he also does take it seriously and the two of you talk it out and he’s v v calm about it even though he’s ?!?!?!?! bc werewolves don’t really do breakups at all so there’s nothing to worry about but he knows that insecurities are a natural thing to have so he makes sure you know 100% that he’s yours and he plans to stay that way for as long as you’ll allow him to
  • He also points out the fact that his mother is human and he was raised watching her and his father in a relationship and they never had any issues with it so to him, it’s not really a big deal that you’re human
  • While he doesn’t get jealous, he does get v v protective
  • Like there’s this one time you’re playing with one of the wolves and Jin feels they’re getting a lil too rough bc they’re younger and don’t have as much control and Jin gives them a lil warning growl and you can just hear the “knock it off” and you have to hold back a laugh bc oh shit you’re in trouble
  • He spends the rest of the night with his head in your lap, making sure everyone is playing nice with you bc they can get rough without meaning to, especially on a night like a full moon and Jin doesn’t want anyone hurting you, accidentally or not
  • It’s really rare for it to be a serious threat bc all of the boys are really friendly and it’s not likely for them to have any rival packs or anything like that, the only time they do is when another pack tries to move in some place on their territory but that’s just more of a you can live here but not within this perimeter
  • But if there was a serious threat, Jin turns from soft cuddly puppy to wolf real fucking quick like sometimes it’s really easy to forget that Jin can be an actual wolf bc he’s so gentle and loving with you and he’s never mean to any of the pack members so you don’t even think about the fact that his teeth are actually really sharp and that he can be a v v serious opponent when he needs to be
  • Thankfully, that only ever happens once or twice bc the rival pack will see the size of Jin’s pack (which includes the boys, their parents, siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, friends, it’s huge) they just back off
  • All in all, dating werewolf!Jin is amazing, he’s a total gem and you’re thankful that you found each other bc he treats you like royalty and you love him just as much as he loves you 

anonymous asked:

I LOVE the miraculous au so much it's just so *clenches fist* well written and thought out!!!!! Here's a quick thought what if there was a class overnight trip????? Just gonna put that right here for yah palio! 💕👌

So. The second I got your ask I sent a message to @emthimofnight to see what they thought about this. Below is what we brainstormed (pretty much all of it by emthim though haha) and below that are some small drabbles of this since there’s no way I could write the whole thing ^^;

So you guys get to see a look into the spamming that is me and emthim’s messages about this au hahahaha

But yeah here we go! Thank you for the ask, it was super fun to think about ^-^


emthim’s Miraculous x Hunter fanart that started this whole AU 

my miraculous x hunter tag with other drabbles


  • so a bunch of kids from Gon and Killua’s school go on a class camping trip to a forest preserve to learn more about nature for their biology class or something
    • Zushi is there
      • he’s a year younger than Gon and Killua and looks up to them a lot and kind of sort of has crushes on both of them??? (more so on Gon bc he’s more approachable but still)
      • Zushi thinks they’re just both so cool and amazing and wow
      • He feels special that he gets to be a (small) part of their relationship
    • Kite is the biology teacher and shows them interesting species and insects its great
    • Knuckle and Shoot are chaperones. Zushi has so much fun with them but they get him in trouble a lot haha
  • The bus ride over would be fantastic of course
    • cue Gon, Killua and Zushi being dorks and causing trouble on the bus
    • Killua squished between Gon and Zushi bc nope, I love you Zushi but THERE IS NO WAY YOU ARE SITTING NEXT TO GON NOPE
      • Killua can kind of tell Zushi crushes on Gon so there’s no way he’s letting Zushi get that close to his best friend lol
      • He’s kind of like, ‘ummm who do you think you are? Who’s the best friend in this situation? Its definitely not you buddy. You’re good but not that good’
      • But of course Zushi wouldn’t mind sitting next to Killua either though……………
    • And they throw chips and stuff at each other and complain about how hot it is XDDDD Its all good and fun
  • And when night falls they tell stories around the camp fire and make smores 
    • Killua puts like double chocolate on his smore obviously bc this is Kilua we’re talking about here
    • Gon gets it all over his face and Killua wipes it off out of instinct and earns a lot of looks for it like wow
    • Killua dies from embarrasment XD
    • Killua tells a really spooky story that scares Gon and Zushi
  • When they retire to their tents, Zushi comes over to theirs for a while to chat and hang out
    • Killua and Gon share a tent because yes they’re that close
  • When Zushi leaves Killua is relieved because he finally gets some alone time with Gon and then BOOM akuma–maybe from someone playing a prank on another student like unleashing a jar of Kite’s insects into their tent
    • The forest is close enough to Yorknew for Meruem to sense it

Campfire scene first for emthim~ :

“What are you saying, Gon?” Killua asked hotly and Zushi winced at his tone. Killua sounded really annoyed this time. “There’s no way Ladybug could defeat Chat Noir on a one-on-one fight.”

Gon didn’t seem to notice Killua’s anger, though. He just puffed out his cheeks indignantly. “Yes, he would! Ladybug’s got his yo-yo!”


“So, that’s the strongest ability out of all the Miraculouses! Chat would have no chance-”

Killua cut him off, “That yo-yo only works against akumas, stupid. It wouldn’t work on Chat.”

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Remembering Sunday

Characters: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1704

Warnings: Angst and a bit of fluff

A/N: Written as part of @hannahindie and @pinknerdpanda ‘s Pop Punk Challenge (I cant find the original post because i suck) - Based on Remembering Sunday by All Time Low <3

I woke with a surge of air to my lungs, gasping as my eyes shot open, the image of her smiling back at me fading as I tried to focus in the darkness of my room. Blood pounded in my ears as I sat up, the piercing pain in my head causing me to wince but I stood up anyway, lazily swaying as I wandered to the kitchen. The bunker was silent and I frowned as I wondered where she was, remembering the empty bed I’d woken up in. Taking two mugs from the cupboard, I poured us both coffee, expecting her to wander in with her messy hair and tired eyes as the smell of the coffee drifted through the air. “Must be on a run,” I mused to myself, absent-mindedly pouring the second cup anyway, just in case.

Sammy was out hunting something with Mom and I didn’t ask any questions when he suggested he leave me and Y/N alone for the week, more than happy to spend time with her. I smiled as I sat at the table, thinking back to the day she arrived, her eyes darting everywhere, trying to take in the vastness of the bunker.

“You live here?” she’d wondered, turning to look me straight in the eye.

“You bet, sweetheart,” I flashed her a cheeky smile and she laughed, “everything you could ever know about the things that go bump in the night are on those shelves…” She spent most of her time in the library, trying to read up on as much lore as she could, always hungry for more and frankly I loved having her here. It wasn’t long before she stopped going home all together.

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Hi 🐝 I'm new around here and I really want to read the 'must-read' fanfics can you help me? Thanks

Hi there, nonny, and welcome to our little corner of the internet! I hope you’re having a good time so far.

As for fic recs, I suppose it depends on your definition of must-read. If you’re looking for the fics that everyone knows, I would check out the Sherlock/John tag on AO3 sorted by hits or kudos or bookmarks or comments. The first several pages of each of those should give you an idea of things that most people here have read or at least know about.

If by must-read you’re asking what’s particularly good, that’s harder to say since tastes are so varied. Certainly there are fics to be found via the above links that are well-loved, but there are also plenty of amazing fics that you’ll miss out on if you just stick to what’s the most popular. I don’t want to just give you a list of fics I love, however, because they may not at all be to your tastes, but let me at least rec a few authors whose work I think is a good place for anyone new around here to start and who have all written things that I would personally consider must-reads. I would suggest checking out 

There are certainly plenty more fantastic authors in this fandom who could be included here, but that seems like plenty for a jumping off point.

And of course, with any fics, always check the tags and notes to be sure of what you’re getting into. Hope that helps, and happy reading!

I'll Be Here

Steve X Reader

Summary: You’ve always had a thing for Steve, since the beginning and like every perfect cliche story everyone but him knows it. From a questionable background with unusual gifts who could blame him for not noticing. Set during CA:CW, with a few changed details.

Warnings: ANGST,

A/N: I seem to have written quite a bit the last 2 weeks but I’ve loved all the responses I have gotten!!!! Thank you so much. Warning to you all this is not happy and ends in a cliffhanger, you have been warned! This is an edited version because I learned not to post when one is really tired and trying to rush things!

Supposedly this meeting was about setting boundaries and rules when it came being the Avengers. Not that that worked ever, waiting for someone to give a say on whether or not the situation was dire enough by a group of pompous and pretentious people was just stupid. This was going to bite them in the butt one day. Hopefully it was before a whole lot of someones got killed.

You were relatively new to the group having been found by Clint, of course always picking up strays, while on a mission, you brought the destructive aspect to the group.

Having been sold and trained for a little known but dangerous mercenary group, you were eager to get out. Your time with the Devil’s Luck had been torturous. Each day they seemed to have a new way to scare you into submission. The only reason you lasted as long as you had was, you listened. Each week they had taught you a different bomb how to assemble and disarm it. They taught you all the components and at the end of the week you had to perform perfectly or death was the answer.

Clint had been sent in to disassemble the Devil’s. You were lucky to have Clint notice that you weren’t there willingly. It also helped your case that they would chain you every day in the room where they kept their poisons and other volatile explosives. They said it helped remind you of which components were which.

Focusing back to the meeting a new man has entered the room, Secretary Ross, gah even his name made you want to throw up, (he no longer gets a name shall only be known as he) he is staring down each and every one of them.

That is until he comes to you. You meet his glare head on with one of your own. He shifts a little before looking away, you had won this round. It’s not surprising, due to the exposure of the different compounds, while being locked in your closet, your eyes had shifted from their usual (Y/E/C) to a murky purple, not exactly pretty or pleasant to look at.

He starts to blab on about how the group has “helped” so many people, but then he shifts and starts to blame them for everything ignore the lives saved in every incident.

You begin to feel your temper rising up, you shift in your chair. Looking around you can see everyone just taking it. You had been brought here years ago but had been too dangerous to be around others as Fury had told you. When you started training you had gotten to see them in action and vowed to be part of them.

Now that you were, they had quickly taken you in and treated you like family. You would not stand by while this prick tore into them. They were heroes that risked their lives and save millions more. They didn’t need all these rules or whatever crap this man wanted.

A hand on your thigh stops your internal thoughts and quells you anger a bit. Shooting your gaze over to see Steve; he was shaking his head slightly. Pretty much telling you to chill, then his thumb begins to rub circles in your thigh. Great now you can’t stay mad because you’re focusing on the feeling he is giving you, the butterflies erupt in your stomach.

It is a well known fact to all the you have a big thing for Mr. Steve Rogers. It’s also known that you will never make a move because you feel you are not good enough for him. Instead you had chosen to become friends, you would take him however you could get him. You don’t often regret that decision mostly being that Steve was the greatest friend you could ask for.

You’re so in the moment that you don’t move until you hear Steve back firing on Tony, his hand still rests on you but it is tense.

You focus back on the conversation. But don’t last long as you realize that this man had come in here and was now tearing the team apart. He is sranding off to the side a bit as they argue, a small smile appearing in his face. He turns and leaves the room, the door gently closing.

You jerk up, making the chair roll hard into the wall startling everyone, you are seething, a low growl building its way up your throat. You heads towards the door. “Where are you going?” Tony asks.

“I’m going to kill that man, I’m going to make him feel so much pain he’s going to wish he never even set foot in this building let alone mess with my family.” Still growling you turn back towards the door only to have a couple pair of arms hold you still.

“This won’t help anything if you kill him or threaten him.” Sam says while he and Clint attempt to pull you back into your chair. You were standing firm until another chair sputtered back. All eyes shifted to Steve.

“I have to go.” He quickly leaves. You know something is wrong you can tell just from his words. The men release you and you take the moment to following Steve out. It wasn’t often that Steve didn’t jump into help you or defend you so the simple fact that he didn’t proved that he just received the worse kind of news. You hoped it didn’t have to deal with Bucky, he had searched for so long now. Spending months with him and you digging for even the slightest mention of him.

You searched for him for a couple moments till a faint sniffling reached your ears. Opening the door to the stairwell you peak over the edge to Steve in the middle of the flight. You rush down, his shoulders are shaking while he holds his phone out. You glimpse on, ‘She’s gone, in her sleep.’ You gasp taking it in, Peggy was gone no wonder he was in pieces. It was worse than Bucky, not Peggy he had gotten her back.

You both often visited her in the care home. Spending hours talking, you getting all the really good stories to blackmail Steve with. Now she was gone, you wrap your arms around him and he takes advantage by leaning in cause you both to slip to the steps.

A few minutes later he looks up at you, those gorgeous blue eyes are rimmed in red and have a dark shadow in them as his world comes crashing down around him. “I have to go, I need to get packed and go to her. I… I didn’t get to say goodbye. I’ve lost her, again. Why did I lose her again?”

You nod your head, you had no idea why things were working out this way, fate was cruel. “Come on let’s get you home to pack.“ Taking his hand you get him up and lead him up to his room. You sit him down on the bed and pull out his small carry on bag. He glance up, “I can do it, thank you for taking care of me. Maybe you can come with me. I could the support and you were close with her as well.”

“I’ll be here.” You reply quietly to him.

At the funeral Steve is one of the paul bearers for Peggy. You can see how upset he is even when he sits next to you on the pew. He grabs hold of your thigh again holding on tightly as the service begins. It was a lovely service, even when it came time for family to speak. You were expecting a lot of tears, what you didn’t expect was the blonde woman, especially Steve’s neighbor to get up to speak. She was introduced as Sharon Carter. You feel Steve straighten and his hand leaves your thigh. You glance up to find his eyes zeroed in on Sharon as she shares about her aunt. Another Carter. He hangs off her words eyes meeting until the end and even still follows her with his eyes after she’s done showing great interest in what she was doing.

Your heart putters at the scene, Sam glanced over at your sharp inhale, checking to see what happened. Steve remained focused on Sharon missing your distress.

You had know he had been through to much to just try to jump into a relationship with. Then you had found out about Peggy and knew that nothing was going to happen for a very long time. You wouldn’t compete with someone you had no chance if winning against. From all the stories you didn’t mind either. Now here comes fate with another interesting Carter at Steve’s feet.

He excuses himself from you and Sam to go talk to her. “You shouldn’t let him go like that.” Sam comments to you.

“He is free to talk to anyone he wants to I’m not going to stop him.” You reply getting uncomfortable with the situation at hand. You wait for Steve to come back glancing over at them while they talk flinching every time he smiles at something she said.

“Yup, your jealous.”

“Never said I wasn’t; just not going to let it effect my relationship with him.”

“Uh huh whatever you say.”

Sharon walks away only to have Nat walk up and talk to Steve. He gets a little tense talking to her, but soon heads over sending you a small smile. “She’s headed to Vienna for the talks. Things are going to get dangerous now.”

“I know. I’ll be here.” You give him a small smile, while you give his hand a quick squeeze.

Steve and yourself had split up after the funeral, you had things that needed to get done in New York. Unfortunately, you should have stayed with him. You knew as soon as you saw the news and heard Bucky’s name you were ready to head right back in the quinjet only to be surrounded by men in black tactical gear. Their weapons were pointed straight at you no chance of escape. Then he came sauntering up an evil grin on his face. “Bring her with us, she’s a good bargining chip for him”. They cuffed her and forced her onto the jet but strapped her down tightly.

Upon landing you are carted into a foreign building and kept under lock and key. Constant eyes watching you. Its rather boring just waiting around waiting for something to happen. Lucky for you they didn’t have a full understanding of your powers. While you were stuck in your prison with the Devil’s Luck, not only had your eyes changed but so had your very DNA. The strange combination of compounds mixed further and mutated your blood enabling you to use any poison or other toxins at will.

It was one of the reasons you never told Steve your true feelings. There was a lot you still didn’t know about your powers making you almost a ticking time bomb, when your emotions got high enough you would leak fumes around you. This included the meeting before this whole mess. Steve was one of the few people able to calm you down almost instantly, dissipating anything in the air.

The other reason was Steve had been dealt a sad hand of cards in life, he deserved something normal including a normal love interest. It was why you weren’t exactly angry when he showed interest in someone. Of couse, he could never truely have a normal life, house, kids, and dogs, but it would be better than the “toxic” relationship you would provide. You would never be able to let go fully always worried that you would hurt him. Heck right now you were in a jail cell waiting to be used as bait against him.

As the guard passes by on his round a perfect opportunity to escape. You start to emit a gas known for bending the will. Perfect for your plan with the lack of appropriate ventilation, your cell was soon open and you walked out. You had the guard escort you all the way to the glass office which now held Steve, Sam, Tony, and Nat. There was another man with regal posture but you paid little head to him as you zeroed in on the man that continued to drive your family apart.

The door slide open and all eyes turned to you. You wave the guard off and stare at the man in front of you. Everyone is slowly rising. They can see the wisps of smoke radiating from you. Your eyes have now crystallized to a royal purple instead. Steve approached you arms raised slightly with his palms open toward a you. You let him approach slowly trying to get your breathing and rage under control.

“Calm down, (Y/N). It alright. I promise, we are just seeing things differently.”

“No! He is tearing my family apart and will not let him continue to do this.” You are screaming at this point. “He is the one that brought this on why can’t anyone see this. Turning us against each other. Making Wanada feel like everything is wrong with her when its not. Making Tony take all the blame for the actions if others. I won’t allow it any more!” The waves pulse out again darker and reaching out toward the man in question. He shirks back, finally grasping just how dangerous you are and what you could do, specifically to him at the moment.

He dares to speak, “Rogers, get the monster under control or I will.”

This made all heads turn towards him. “Excuse me,” the rage and venom could be heard clearly in Steve’s voice.

You heard me. Do something before I have to.”

With that he takes his chance and leaves the room. They all continue to stare after him. You on the other hand were shocked at what he said that everything vanished. He had said the one thing you knew to be true but no one had ever said to you. Hearing it was worse and cut you deep; looking around you saw the angry expressions on their faces you’re not sure if it’s for you or the man that just walked out. Steve let’s out a sign before turning back to you.

“I told you to calm down. You might have just made things worse. Now why don’t you sit down and maybe don’t move.” He sounds slightly exasperated as he says this. You feel your heart clench at the tone. You merely nod your head.

“Well great, that fixes nothing,” Tony says glancing now between the two of you. At this point Sharon comes in letting them know that the interrogation was about to begin. She walks up to Steve and you can see him relax, sending her a small smile. Well another nail in that coffin. They look good together you notice, almost a perfect match; at least he doesn’t have to worry about her killing anyone. You sink lower in your chair but even with the small movement you see people tense around you making you go even smaller.

Suddenly the lights flicker and everyone panics, Sharon tells Steve Bucky’s floor and with a quick turn he tells you to follow him closely, this is your escape. You decide to split up Sam and you are on modes of transportation out. Steve would grab Bucky and meet you outside the building.

You hijack a civilian car and go on your way. From your spot you witness the chopper crash and finally see the guys surface. You hoist them in the car and head out of town to an abandoned warehouse district.

Placing Bucky into a giant vice you wait for him to wake up. You have sat yourself as far away from them as you could with still being able to be seen. Steve eventually comes over and sits next to you.

“You could have killed someone today.” You nod, not trusting yourself to speak and know that nothing can help you now. You pray for a miracle. “It was stupid and reckless. You need to get this under control, you were doing so well, before all this happened.” You can tell he is concerned but you fear it is more for others than yourself. You pull your knees to your chest wrapping your arms around them. “Secretary Ross has power, unfortunately he’s using it against us. But, we will get through it, you can’t get involved though. I can’t trust you at this point, you will only make things worse.”

“I’m sorry.” your voice breaks failing to hold back any tears.

“That’s not going to fix anything,” he huffs frustrated. “If that was enough none of us would be in this situation.”

By this time tears are falling down you face silently. He’s confirmed everything you’ve feared the most. Your losing control and nothing more than a monster that was going to hurt others. Worse yet, you knew he wasn’t ever going to feel the same way you did. He couldn’t trust you why would he ever think to love you.

Sam approaches, “He’s awake.” You wipe your tears unsuccessfully masking that you had been crying. Sam probably heard it all. Steve rises to his feet going to Bucky’s side. You look out the window searching for suspicious activity. Not daring to turn around and meet anyone’s eyes.

A while later you notice movement on the roof a few blocks down. “We’ve got movement, couple blocks down. We need to move.”

You continue to watch until Steve walks up, pointing out all the boogies to him, you both come to the same conclusion. Your going to need a diversion, and a pretty big one. Its then that you come to understand your it. The rest needed to continue; this was the end of your story.

You turn to Steve, “Go, I’ll hold them off. You take Sam and Bucky with you do what you need to do.”

“We can’t just leave you here, who knows what they’ll do.”

“I’ll be fine, I’m stronger than I look. I won’t kill any of them I promise. I can hold off being a monster long enough to get you guys out.“ You tell him firmly, hoping he can trust you just enough not to screw this up.

"You’re not…”

“Stop. Please. Just go.” You don’t need to hear any more lies. You shoo him away, not bothering to say goodbye.

Steve nods once before turning to debrief Bucky. Sam walks up to you, “This is stupid and you know it. They won’t let you go.”

“Maybe that’s what I want.” You glance back at Steve talking quietly with Bucky, “Sam, don’t let him come after me alright? No one can, forget I was ever here. Monsters are meant to be locked up so that’s where I’ll go.”

“You’re not a monster, not even close.”

“Please just promise me Sam.” you urge, they need to get out and soon.

“Fine, but promise me you won’t just give yourself up. You get out of here and come back to us.”

“Alright, now go. I can give you guys about 20 minutes head start.”

Steve looks back at you sadness written on his face, “I’ll see you later, alright?”

“I’ll be here.” You whisper with a small smile.

Steve turns and jogs out with the guys close behind him. Turning back toward the front you prepare yourself with each thump of men trying to get in. For the first time you feel like you lied to Steve, you knew you wouldn’t be here.

Drunk Off My Ass

A/N: lets goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Summary: Reader goes to a party with friend Theodosia. Theodosia leaves reader. You are left alone in a party with drunk college students. Philip comes over and stuff happens. (not smut you sinners) (i wish i could write smut)

Prompts: #4. “Are you drunk?” & #779. “Let’s strip down to our socks”

Request: Guess who’s back? Back again. I believe that my request was #4 and #779 with Philip Hamilton? {requested by the lovely @poorly-written-imagines }

Tags: @matsuhanna (you wanted to be tagged in all my fics,,,, here ya go)

Pairing: Philip Ham X Fem. Reader (oops) 

Warnings: underage drinking, drunk-ness, mentions of alcohol, mention of one night stands, swearing, unedited writing

Word Count:1,550 (im getting better at this longer fic thing)

AU: College (im a whore for college AU’s,,, sue me)

You and Theo, or Theodosia as many liked to call her, including yourself, shared a decently sized dorm with an ugly yellow door. You hated that door more than anything. The dorm had one tiny room that was smaller than the bathroom. Two small beds barely fit inside. You and Theo had probably gotten the worst dorm in the entire school.

One bed was used in the dorm for various reasons, such as the very fact that two beds barely fit. You two at least needed room for a wardrobe. Some days, the two of you would wake up and be spooning, leading to a very awkward morning.

Not that you two had much time to actually converse, as classes had practically consumed your life. The only times you two really talked were, between classes, before sleeping and while making (or buying) something for dinner.

Today you had no classes. All you wanted to do was relax and watch Netflix or some shit. Apparently, Theo had other plans.

You woke up to the blazing sun coming in from the window. Not to your suprise, Theo and you were spooning again. You were both only best friends, however, and neither of you had any sexually attraction to the other, nor would you ever date her. You snickered before removing her hand from around your waist and walking groggily into the kitchen.

The kitchen was absolutely horrendous. It was insanely tiny and couldn’t even fit a full-sized fridge, hence why you had an apartment fridge. It was bigger than the room you and Theo shared, but also smaller than the bathroom. That bathroom is huge.

You served yourself cereal and plopped down on the sofa, turning on Netflix, the only thing keeping you going through college. Halfway through whatever the hell you were watching, Theo practically bounced into the living room. “Woah there Theo. Are you sure that drug test came out negative?” You laughed as Theo rolled her eyes.

“It came out negative Y/N! I swear!” Theo complained, getting rather defensive.

“Mhm. Okay. Alright. Okey dokey. Cool. Yes. Good. Sure. Awesome. Fantastic. Fabulous. Fuc-” You said, smirking before Theo, so rudely, interrupted.

“I think what you meant to say was, I believe you Theo.” Theo smirked as you rolled your eyes.

“Whatever floats your boat, Cap'ain.“ You teased, smirking. “Now, Master. What was it you are excited about? Because college sure as hell isn’t that exciting.” You asked with an amused smirk playing at your lips.

“I made plans for us to go to Philip Hamilton’s party!” Theo smirked victoriously. Your smirk dropped slightly. Philip Hamilton? As in, the boy that you had a one night stand. And then walked out on? “Isn’t that so exciting Y/N! You’ll love Philip! He’s one of my great friends from my writing class!” She rambled on, excitement laced in her voice.

“Hey, Theo. Maybe I should sit this one out. I got a physics test soon and I can’t really just, not study.” You said, obviously lying. Theo noticed your horrendous lying and spoke.

“Hm. Nah. You’re going with me.” She smiled excitedly, giving you slight puppy dog eyes. You groaned loudly before accepting her offer. “Yes! Yesyesyes! I have the perfect thing for you to wear! This is so exciting! You’re gonna be a woman!!” She practically shouted, jumping up and down in excitement. She looked as if she was going to cry of happiness.

“Theo. I’m a woman already.” You laughed before Theo simply glared, her smile never leaving her face.

“Nope! Let’s go, my experiment!” She smiled largely, causing you to smile back. Theo started with makeup. She swatxhed a dark red lipstick ontof your lips and a dark red eye shadow on your eyes, with a winged eyeliner. You looked pretty damn good. Theo curled your hair and gaped at how amazing she made you look.

Finally, Theo took a box out of the wardrobe you two shared. It had the words, ‘Theodsia’ engraved in the box with an intricate flower pattern. She handed you the box before pulling off the top softly to reveal a beautiful red dress, reaching around knee-length. You felt your jaw drop before she assited you in pulling it on. It was gorgeous. “It was my mother’s dress. I’ve only ever worn it once and it wasn’t my style. It looks better on you.” She smiled. You turned to her, shaking your head vigorously.

“It’s gorgeous, Theo. But I can’t take something that belonged to your mother. It’s rightfully yours. I-I can’t take it.” You said with sympathy in your eyes. Theo simply smiled at you.

“As I said, it looks better on you than it would ever look on anyone else, including myself. My mother would have wanted me to give it away if I didn’t want it.” She smiled before you nodded your head. “Plus it shows off your goddess curves, girl! You look fuckin fantastic!” She laughed before changing into her very own black dress. Her dress reached her ankles and suited her fantastically.

When the both of you were finally ready, you both hailed a taxi. The taxi driver was extremely polite. Theo continuously flirted with him, really not caring whether he was taken or not. You two later found out that he was, in fact, married and had two children. Awkward.

After you two finally paid for the taxi ride, you both walked into the party. You inhaled sharply and breathed out, anxiety flooding your senses. What if Philip recognizes you? What if he hates you? You shrugged off those wretched thoughts as you and Theo walked in. You both sat at the bar and ordered shots.

About two shots later, Theo just left. You were still sitting at the bar, but had stopped drinking. You weren’t tipsy but had enough liquor to at least loosen you up a bit. Suddenly, a hand tapped your shoulder. You whipped around to be met with the face of Philip Fucking Hamilton. You inhaled and exhaled sharply at the proximity of your faces before forcing a smile. You placed your hands on Philip’s chest, to which he responded with a smirk, and pushed him away gently. Philip’s smirk left his face quickly.

“What was that for?” Philip slurred ever so slightly to the point where you weren’t sure if he was drunk or not.

“Your face was too close to mine.” You admitted beofre taking a sip of a shot, causing Philip to look confused.

“Why would you sip a shot? There’s like nothing in that glass.” Philip stated. You rolled your eyes before responding.

“I have no intent on getting drunk tonight. What’s it to you, Mr. Know it all?” You said, a smile never appearing on your face.

“Well. I kind of was trying to get some girl into my bed. Y'know?” Philip slurred. “So let’s strip down to our socks!” Philip smirked. You laughed loudly and Philip flashed a sheepish smile.

“Sorry Phil. But I don’t want that.” You laughed, patting his shoulder. Philip pouted like a child.

“That’s not fair! Cuz! Cuz! I um! I do stuff that’s good!” Philip slurred, the pout never dissapearing from his freckled face.

“Are you drunk?” You snorted before standing up and beginning to walk away before feeling a hand grab your wrist. “What the hell?” You said as your back was slammed against a wall, your hands pinned up, only to be met with the pouting face of Philip Hamilton.

“Kay. So. You don’t have to fuckk meee. But! If I say that I’m drunk. Will you kiss me?” Philip slurred, making not much sense.

You groaned before speaking. “If you stop pinning me to the wall, I’ll give you my number, a cheek kiss and a note reminding you to drink an asston of water.” You laughed. Philip’s face broke into a large grin.

“Deal! By the way, im drunk off my ass.” Philip practically shouted before letting you go. He was now jumping around out of excitement to which you responded with a laugh. You walked over to him and pecked his cheek before taking his phone and putting in your phone number. You then wrote him a quick note basically reminding him to drink water to assist his hangover. “Wait. What’s your name again?” Philip asked, actually having forgotten your name in his drunken state. You laughed out loud.

“Y/N L/N.” You responded, a wide smile on your face as Philip’s smile slightly left his face, only to be replaced with a smirk.

“Aren’t you that girl that I had a one night stand with? And then you left?” Philip smirked. Your eyes widened and you grabbed your bag.

“Gotta blast!” You shouted before stuffing a bottle of alcohol in your bag. You quickly ran out of the bar, Philip Hamilton calling after you. And the bartenders because you stole a bottle of alcohol, but that’s not important.

A/N: I’m sorry this took so long I have a bunch of stuff written I just never got around to posting it. But school’s over so I should be doing more stuff on here soon :)

Dating Theo would include:

  • Begging him not to get hurt
  • “Princess”
  • Growing out his scruff because you like it
  • Cuddling all the time
  • Always touching you in some way
  • Walking you to your classes
  • Loving to make you blush
  • Protecting you at all costs
  • He’d calm himself down by listening to your heartbeat
  • One arm always around you
  • Introducing you as “my girl”
  • He could watch you talk about things you loved for hours
  • Jaw clenching
  • Pretending he hates super romantic stuff but secretly just loves making you happy
  • Slapping your butt when you walk by
  • Teaching you how to fight
  • Holding hands
  • His laugh sounds like angels
  • Stiles coming around to Theo because you’re together
  • Teasing each other in public
  • Smirking at you constantly
  • Telling him bad jokes to make him smile
  • You always being the little spoon
  • Threatening the dread doctors to stay away from you
  • Losing his temper when someone hits on you
  • Winking at you
  • He’s super cheeky
  • Sometimes not hearing what he said because you were just staring in his eyes
  • Staring at your ass all the time
  • Trying to get him involved in things at school
  • Comforting him when he has nightmares
  • Wearing all his clothes
  • Embarrassing him in front of the pack
  • Kissing his jawline
  • Telling you he loves you whenever he can
  • Using you as an armrest to piss you off
  • He sprays extra cologne on his clothes you borrow because you love the smell of it so much
  • Being the most badass couple
  • Tucking you into his side so he doesn’t lose you
  • Spoiling you constantly
  • Not judging him for his past
  • “THEO RAEKEN!” “What did I do this time?”
  • Making out everywhere
  • Picking you up and spinning you around when he hugs you
  • “God if I didn’t love you so much I would strangle you.”
  • Temple kisses
  • Taking care of you when you’re sick
  • Getting more and more confident because of him and it makes him happy
  • “Look at her like that again and see what happens.”
  • Always having each other’s backs

anonymous asked:

could you recommend some fluffy mileven fanfics?? i'm in desperate need of fluff and i feel like i've read everything! btw i love your writing <3

Oh hey anon! I have a list that’s probably five miles long, but here are a few pieces I immediately thought of when I saw your request—they are just all so amazing and I hope you’ll enjoy! 

The incomparable @raesberri wrote this wonderful drabble called Pink and it is just the sweetest thing. 

There’s also this amazing fic by the ridiculously talented @forfutureglory — it’s so beautiful and really well-written. Well you’re at it, check out everything Kit has ever written. I’m especially fond of this little after school story.

Also everything ever written by @eggos-and-promises is a hit. Her headcanons are gorgeous and will very likely give you at least one cavity from how sweet they are. I literally can’t even link all the stuff you should read. Just read everything. 

@theamiableanachronism wrote some of my favourite pieces of fluff in this fandom: “A Guitar Song” and “Sunrises” and “Twelve Roses” and honestly just check out everything on her Ao3 page. She’s a genius

The lovely @supercomsandeggos also has plenty of amazing stuff on her Ao3 page with some of my favourites being “Winter Wonderland” and “Road Trip” — her recent fic “This is My Family” isn’t all Mileven, but it’s still adorable and just gorgeous!

Thanks, anon <3 I’m off to reread all this myself!

What I Like About You

So I got this idea while I was busy trying to ruin @mamaastro‘s life:

him writing down a list of everything he loves about you when he misses you and adding on to it every day while on tour and when he comes back he accidentally leaves it out and you find it and he comes home to you reading the adorable things he’s written

I hope you guys enjoy it, Happy Valentine’s Day!


smile is so cute

wears my hoodies all the time

likes to sing off key to bother me

once ate every chocolate bar I had in the house in one sitting

falls asleep while reading

The list went on, covering every inch of the slightly worn out notebook paper it was on. Phrases were written diagonally, drawings littered the paper, and there was almost no original lined space left. The only reason you even knew it was for you was your name, written in a big heart, in the corner.

A small smile had begun making its way across your features as you tried to decipher more of your boyfriend’s haphazard handwriting.

hands fit perfectly in mine

likes making me give piggy back rides

cries at sad tv shows

Memories were running through your mind now of times you had called your boyfriend, hysterical, at three in the morning because you had finished marathoning a show and the ending was sad or a cliffhanger. He had always found it amusing, but had also always knows exactly what to say to make you feel better.

You thought back to the countless times he took your hands when the two of you were in crowds, or even when you both had down time. Slotting your fingers through his was routine for you, but it meant a lot. Now you knew he loved it too.

wakes me up by jumping on me

showers for like seven million years

loves cuddling

As your gaze traveled down the paper, you found your eyes getting misty. Myungjun actually took the time to list the reasons he loved you, and ended up filling up both sides of the paper. Suddenly, the front door of your apartment opening startled you. 

MJ locked the door behind him and took off his shoes as usual. He had showered at the Fantagio building already, and was entirely ready to devote what little time he had left to you. 

“Hey.” He said softly, seeing you reading on the couch. You looked at him, smiling, and he was surprised to see your eyes bright with unshed tears. MJ rushed to your side on the couch.

“What’s wrong?”

Shaking your head in reply, you surprised him by pulling him close and burying your face in his chest. MJ rubbed your back soothingly, confused and concerned.

You detached yourself from him and handed the list, watching his eyes grow wide once he realized you had read it. 

“I… I wrote this while we were touring, and added on to it whenever I missed you. It got kind of long…” Your boyfriend trailed off awkwardly, blushing because you had read all of his sweet words. You just smiled and hugged him again.

“Now it’s my turn to list everything I love about you.”


You hadn’t meant to find it- after all, you never, ever went through your boyfriend’s things without his permission. It just fell out when you were moving his lyrics notebooks over so you could study at your shared desk. Words were haphazardly scribbled all over the piece of scrap paper, your name randomly showing up once or twice on it.

listens to music so loud i can hear headphones a room over

biggest fan to ever fan ever

has stolen every sweater I own (reminder - buy more)

has so many books theres a pile under our bed

It took you a second to realize what it was - a list of your characteristics. You were concerned- it sounded kind of like a roast list. Annoying your boyfriend was not something you wanted to do - you loved him. Then, your eyes drifted to the top.

Everything I Love About My Babe

A smile lit up your face. Judging by the looks of it, Jinwoo had penned the list while he had been away on tour the last three months. He had missed you just as much as you had missed him.

double chin selfies (need to start a folder)

falling asleep on my chest

tries working out with me sometimes

acts exaggeratedly impressed when I flex

You laughed, covering your hand with your mouth. Jinwoo probably hadn’t meant for you to read any of the list, but once you had started it was difficult for you to stop. The months Astro had been away had been hard for both you and your boyfriend - you had spent many nights lightly spraying his old shirts in his cologne and going to sleep in them. 

loves stuffed animals

when I get back from tour I’m buying like ten

I miss my love :(

As the memories of countless nights without him and 3 a.m. skype calls hit you, tears started to roll down your cheeks. They were, of course, both those unshed while he was gone, and of finding his list. You laughed through your tears, blushing slightly at his sweet writings. 

The front door opened without you noticing, and Jinwoo came in. Right before opening his mouth to greet you, he saw you standing at the desk, hand covering your mouth, paper in hand. Crossing the room quickly, he enveloped you in a bear hug from behind, looking over your shoulder to see what you were looking at.

Jinwoo’s face went red at realizing you were reading his list. He nuzzled his nose into your neck, smiling shyly into it.

“You read my list?” 

“Yeah.” You replied, laughing lightly and wiping away your tears. “Yeah.” You said again, turning around and hugging him tightly. “I missed you too, you know.”

His low chuckle rumbled in your chest. “I’m here now.” You nodded and looked up at him.

“Let’s make our time count.”


You honestly thought it was a grocery list.

Lee Dongmin, wonder of all wonders, was the most organized human being you had ever known to be. He made lists for most things he could make lists for because he liked having things correct. It was something you loved dearly about him. Because of this, there were lists written on sticky notes and taped to walls and on the fridge and basically lists for everything on every hard surface in your house.

When you found a numbered looseleaf piece of paper with Dongmin’s neat handwriting all over it, the first thing you expected was a grocery list.

You were surprised, needless to say, when it was titled in his graceful script as, Things I Love About My Love.

Surprised and intrigued.

1) Chin fits right under my head

2) Feet don’t reach the ground when sitting on my lap

3) Sings loudly in the shower

You rolled your eyes at the comment about your height, but found yourself internally aww-ing at how Dongmin had taken the time to write out what he loved about you. The list went on and you raked a glance over it.

4) Watches every video or show with me in it

5) Wrote a detailed essay about To Be Continued for school

6) Got a perfect score on said essay

A laugh escaped your lips as you recalled the time you wrote a thesis paper on the effects of time travel and if it would be better to be aware of the fact that you time traveled or to not know what was occurring. The teacher had loved your arguments for both points.

She still had no idea that it was based off of your boyfriend’s web drama.

7) Most adorable laugh on the planet

8) Cries happy tears a lot

These two struck you as ironic, because at the exact moment you processed the words, you laughed and tears pricked the edges of your eyes. Suddenly the door swung open, Dongmin walking in with his dance bag in one hand, phone in the other. He noticed the list in your hand immediately.

“You found my list.” He said softly, smiling shyly. Nodding, you stretched out your arms. Dongmin walked into them complyingly, automatically lifting you up so your legs wrapped around his waist. “Have you read it all?”

“No.” You smiled, burying your face in the collar of his shirt so he wouldn’t see your blush. “Not yet.”

Dongmin smiled, carrying you to the couch and setting you down. He sat down beside you and took the list from your hands.

“Let me read it to you.”


Bin never wrote lists or things like that down on paper- after all, he had a smartphone.

You were surprised, needless to say, when you found a piece of paper, folded messily, sitting atop his desk. It was an ordinary piece of notebook paper, words scribbled all over it, front and back. Different colors of ink were used, some of the words were huge and others small. That was enough to pique your interest. 

Especially since, in the middle of the page, the words I <3 My Other Half were scrawled hugely, You smiled shyly, shaking your head. Bin got cheesier every day.

Snores loudly~

Looks cute in everything!

Does everything cutely <3

Even snores cutely ;)

You pursed your lips, trying to keep yourself from smiling at Bin’s sweet words. It was adorable that he had written a list of things he loved about you, you thought, and you reminded yourself to make sure to let him know you loved him back just as much. Sitting down in the chair at the desk, you continued reading the paper, unfolding it as you went.

Has really good conversations 

Enjoys spending time with me

Calls me everyday 

At the last one you were confused for a moment - after all, you had no need to call Bin everyday when he was with you all the time. Then it hit you - the list must have been made the month prior, while he was on tour with the boys. A small sigh escaped from you. Living without Bin for months on end had been difficult, especially since he had left for tour barely a month after moving in with you. 

When you eat dinner alone, you always feel less full than when the meal is shared with others. 

Stops to pet every dog and cat we see on walks

Leaves sticky notes on everything

Tries to act strong and doesn’t cry when we miss each other even when I’m on the verge of tears

Your breath caught in your throat. There had been early, early mornings when Bin had called you, voice shaking and raw from his tears, sobbing about how he couldn’t perform, how he missed you. You had cried, of course you had, but never where he could hear it. Once he had gotten back home, found his place by your side again, his sadness had dissipated, as had yours. You had almost forgotten about how bad it had gotten for him while you had been separated.

A stray tear found its way tracing a path down your cheek, as you brushed it away and chastised yourself - after all, Bin was back home with you. 

The door to your room opened silently. Moon Bin leaned against the doorframe, watching you read his list. He had in no way meant to leave it on his desk before he went to practice, but he was glad you had read it so you knew how much you meant to him. 

“It’s all true.” He said quietly, sweetly. You jumped up, eyes sparkling from tears, and smiled apologetically at your boyfriend.

“Sorry, I just saw it on the desk and-”

“It’s okay. I’m glad you read it, actually. Now you know the things I can’t put into verbal words, at least, and who you are to me.” You drew in a breath, and Bin suddenly knew.

He rushed over and gathered you into his arms at the exact moment you broke down, the emotions you had hidden for the past months hitting you like a wave. Your tears imprinted on his sweater, and, somewhere not nearly as visible, his heart. 

Bin pressed kisses into your hair as his arms wound tighter around you.

“It’s okay. I’m here now.”


Your boyfriend wasn’t the most verbally expressive- what he lacked for in words he made up for with sweet, genuine actions. Bouquets of flowers, small random gifts often, thoughtful sticky notes and reminders around the house. He thought of everything.

This had helped you while he had been gone on tour for a few months. Minhyuk had left behind sticky notes in random places around the house before leaving - in your favorite books, inside the boxes of your favorite snacks, even in your wallet and underneath the couch cushions. He had been back for weeks, and you were still finding the notes around the house.

When you saw a pad of sticky notes on the coffee table in your living room and writing on the top note, you figured it was one he had forgotten to take out and conceal. You decided to read it, after all, if it was meant for you you’d find it eventually anyways.

I Fell In Love Because

He had neatly titled the sticky note, and it seemed like he had taken time to make his handwriting legible. Underneath the header was a list. Interest piqued, you peeled the note off the pad, only to discover that the next one was a continuation of the list.

As was the one after that and the one after that and the one after that and so on.

knows when I need it to be quiet and knows when I don’t

likes watching dance practice

gives the best kisses

scrunches up nose when receiving kisses

intelligent and caring

You chewed on your lower lip. Minhyuk had always been sweet in his notes, but he had never listed off why he loved you. At reading his reasons, you let out a light laugh, genuine in nature. 

He had dated the second sticky note, telling you that the words had been written while he had been touring. A small feeling of untarnished love rooted itself in your chest. Even while he had things like choreography and his lyrics and schedules to focus on, he had kept you on his mind.

gets excited when watching variety shows

sings loudly while cooking

scared easily

back hugs the best 

front hugs the best

bear hugs the best

just the best at giving hugs and kisses and smiles

Your eyes teared up, rendering you almost unable to keep reading. Minhyuk had never voiced how he felt about you, but reading his words written in his distinct script made you feel as if he had. Just as you moved on to the next note, the doorknob turned and Minhyuk, tired, came in through your front door. 

The moment you saw him you rushed to greet him, something you usually never did because of how sweaty he was. This time, however, you didn’t mind as you jumped on him, tears slowly rolling down your face, laughing and smiling and mumbling how much you loved him. Confused, your boyfriend cautiously held you around your waist to keep you steady.

“Am I really the best at giving hugs?” You stepped back, still in his arms, and smiled up at him, waving the sticky note in front of his face. Realization finally dawned on Minhyuk’s face as he wiped away the remnants of your happy tears. He gave you a shy smile as he pulled you into his chest again.

Leaning down, he spoke right before he pressed his lips to yours.

“You’re also the best at giving kisses.”


The moment he had gotten back from being on tour, he made his way to your house. After hugging and greeting your mother and father, he finally got to see you again after months of only skyping. Tears had fallen, laughs had been swallowed in innocent kisses, and the two of you both became happier than you had been in a long while.

After a short two hours you noticed that, while his smile had not faded in the least, your boyfriend’s eye bags had somehow become more pronounced. Shooing him out immediately, you made him go to his parents house to sleep and catch up with them. It hurt you, because you had so much to discuss and so little time, but you always wanted the best for Sanha.

As you sat back down on your bed after saying goodbye, you noticed he had left his jacket in your room. You picked it up.

Surprisingly, a folded up scrap of paper fell out of his pocket. Smoothing it out, you realized it was something of a list, with words and little scribbled hearts and stick people all over the margins as well.

loves animals and has a bunch of animal onesies

Immediately you knew the list was about you. Whenever Sanha came over, you were almost always wearing an elephant onesie, or a frog onesie, or a bear onesie, or something like that.

blasts music 24/7

hoards memes in camera roll

You snorted, covering the lower half of your face on impulse. It was true - out of boredom while Sanha had been gone on tour you had sent him numerous memes you had created with screenshots of the Astro boys, not to mention a painful number of minion memes and pepes. 

loves family a lot

amazing photographer and selfie taker extraordinaire

steals my hats a lot but looks better than me in them so it’s okay

likes napping on me

beats me in super mario kart

i miss playing super mario kart :(

good at making me feel better when I feel sad

His list took a small turn as you could feel the melancholy in his written words. Biting your lips, you willed the tears away while reading the rest of the list, which also, not helping your oncoming onslaught of tears, was about how much he missed you. The list, you realized, had been written while touring. 

reads happy poetry to me when I need it

That broke your dam. Out of everything you had missed being able to do with Sanha, you had missed reading to him the most. On days after school when he could afford being a few minutes late to practice, he always swung by your house to listen to you recite Robert Frost or Ku Sang. Sitting on your porch swing, his head on your shoulder as he listened to you read. Those were his favorite days. 

The tears fell fast. You let a small sob escape. Right as you gulped, you heard an intake of breath behind you before feeling long arms wrap around your shoulder from the back, pulling you into his chest.

“I came to get my jacket.” Your  boyfriend said quietly, resting his chin on the top of your head. You let out another shuddering sigh. 

“What happened?” He asked, turning you around. Sanha looked genuinely concerned. Smiling through your tears, you shook your head and held up his list.

“It just hit me, how much I missed you.” You wiped away your tears with the side of your hands before pulling Sanha into you again. He hugged you back, deftly plucking the list from your fingers as well. 

“I won’t be needing this, now that I don’t miss you anymore. The real thing is always better.”

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Where can i read your fics?? *.*

You can read them all on AO3 my bean, here the links to the whole Homeward trilogy: 

The fics could all be read as stand-alone fics, but, to have a more clear vision of this story, I suggest you to start with LOTL and then go on, since they follow the events in chronological order :)

Hey, so how about a poll?

So, I don’t wanna do what I did last year for NaNoWriMo and wait to plan my novel a week before November. Thing is, I am not so sure what I want to write for NaNo in the FIRST place.

So, I’m putting a poll on here and on Twitter.

Right now, the stories that I am tempted to attempt is the following: 

  • Ballad of Shadows (Comedy/Action/Romance) 
  • Inner Demons (Romance/Family) 
  • Love Thy Sacrifice (Fantasy/Mystery) 
  • Tainted Wings (Romance/Biblical/Erotica) 

Since I am AWFUL at making any decisions at all in my life, I’ll leave it up to vote as to what story should be written this year for NaNo!

So… if you guys could reply to this post with your vote or just send me an ask, that would be really great and I would appreciate it a LOT

Thank you!

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I just saw RE: Vendetta with my father as he is a fan too and though the theater was kinda empty we could distinctly hear a five year old in front of us. The most shocking thing? She was fine the entire time even being all happy and giggly afterward. It was kinda odd that she was not scared. Not. At. All. (I'm hoping she enjoyed Leons' badassery as much as I did tbh!!

Leon is seriously unbelievable. I love all of them. I think they’re very well written here when it comes to character. I loved them all so much, but you got to admit, Leon’s fighting scenes were unreal and therefore the best lmao

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Could you tell us what's written on the chara thing please? The print is too tiny and I can't read it X_X

((Here owo;;))

Chara Dreemurr(younger)

-Completed all runs

-8th fallen human

-Stayed with the dreemurr family on their last run

-their last run before staying was a 2nd geno run.

-*had to pay a price to stay Underground.

+has a diff personality than what you know and love now.

+Their runs is completely diff than the usual because Temmie still wasn’t made.

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Have you ever done any meta relating Wings if Desire to Supernatural? I just ask cuz it involves an angel names Cassiel, and an angel who chooses to become human. Maybe it's not relevant, since the one named Cassiel isn't the one who falls in love. But idk, it seemed cool. (Sorry if you have talked about it before, I'm pretty new here 😶)

Hi there! I have SEEN meta comparing Wings of Desire to Supernatural, but I haven’t written any myself.


That’s all I could find on my blog, but I know I’ve read other (much older) meta on the subject. I just… have never seen the movie.

Regarding the whole Cassiel vs Castiel thing, though– CASTIEL IS NOT CASSIEL. I REPEAT: IF YOU HAVE HEARD THAT, YOU HAVE BEEN MISINFORMED.

It’s almost impossible to find sources for this fact that DON’T link back to SPN fan sites after 9 years, but honestly…



I also just spent about 20 minutes searching my entire blog trying to remember who found a reference book that was published more than 50 (maybe even longer? several hundred maybe?) years ago that mentioned the angel Castiel. That post is probably a couple of years old now, and if anyone knows what I’m talking about, let me know. :D

Hitman (3/3) - Steve Rogers x Reader x Sam Wilson

Originally posted by james-nat

Words: 1218
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader x Sam Wilson (almost all platonic)
Featuring: Tony Stark
Warnings: little angsty, talk of death, coma, guns
Requested: kinda
Authors Note: not my favorite thing I’ve written but I love the beginning and it is time to put a close on this series!

One Two

Masterlist. Request List.

“I’m dying over here that you could be dying.” You looked down at your best friend’s motionless body.

You wished you could say he looked like he was at peace, but his face showed something else. Like he was in pain, this was hurting him.

And you put him there.

Weeks passed, and there was no sign that Sam was going to wake up soon. You hated feeling helpless; you couldn’t do anything to get Sam up and out of bed. He was stuck there, sleeping, until his body decided to come back.

You stayed at the hospital as long as you could. Sometimes they had to ask you to leave, and work is a thing, but you went to see him every day. If there was one lesson to learn from this, if Sam does wake up, he’s not allowed to die. Living without him being asleep was hard, how could you do it if he’s actually gone?

You sighed at Sam when you realized you had things to do, at home. Work was getting insane, and you really needed to do some extra work. “I’ll see you tomorrow,” You touched Sam’s hand, and slowly let go as you walked away from the bed.

Keep reading