i love all the shapes and sharp lines

As much as I love the “red and blue” ship trope, symbra is one of the most aesthetically appealing ships I’ve ever made art for

Like symmetra has a very chill+simplistic design over all. And many of colors are very calm and cool (the blue and off white and dark gray) that works nicely with the regal gold and the warm color of her skin. Plus it’s all curves+flowing lines and everything moves with her. It’s overall very smooth and harmonious without being symmetrical(ironically enough)

Meanwhile we’ve got sombra, who’s all dramatic and complex. Her undyed hair+her jacket and cybernetics are all dark unsaturated purple or black which is really sharply contrasted by the neon purples and blues and pinks and the glowing details on her cybernetics. She’s all geometric shapes and sharp edges and overall pretty symmetrical.

Plus the bright blue and purple go together so well i just love it so much rip

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I really love your art. Could you possibly show us your way of drawing different body shapes?


This will go well with my thoughts on developing your own style, and it uses same basic principles as my tutorial about cartoony skulls, meaning it’s all about simple shapes!

Here’s some sketches of two basic body types on the left, and two more shapely/complex ones on the right;

If you haven’t noticed the basic difference right away; the heavy body type has round, soft lines, while the slim one has sharp lines and corners.

If you want to draw a heavy-set person, you should stick to softly curved lines, while if you want to draw someone who’s slim, the sharper the lines and corners, the skinnier they would seem.

A curvy female figure can often have sharp and round lines, giving it a very dynamic feeling.

A muscular male figure often appears very triangular, with the triangle pointing downwards, while a female figure is pear-shaped / a triangle pointing upwards.

Ok so I finished these and they were just kinda weird floating dismembered torsos so I added something to make them nicer to see;

First there’s the skinny two;

A female body tends to have a bottom-heavy figure, while male body is often top-heavy (but that’s not always the case, figures can be very different).
I added some bottom curves to the left one and wider shoulders to the right one to show that the triangles pointing up/down can be applied even to characters who don’t have a very shapely figure.

Next is the chubby two;

How fat is distributed in a human body is important to know when drawing heavier characters; a female body will primarily become bottom-heavy, while a male body will generally gain a big stomach area.

Also! Pay attention to lines on this one and the previous one; notice that the skinny two have many straight lines in their figure, while nearly all the lines on the heavy two are curved.

Lastly, they shapely two;

These two have their fair share of curved and straight lines, generally with a female shape there’s more curved, less straight, and with male shape there’s more straight, less curved.

The curved/straight line dynamic is the most important one when it comes to drawing different body types.

Often (but not always) starting / young artists have a much easier time drawing skinny people, because your hand is still stiff and in search of style.
As your hand gets looser, you become more familiar with round shapes - they come more naturally, and you add layers of thickness to your figures. 

It can be hard to get the right curve and get the body looking right - and study of anatomy will help you IMMENSELY with that might I add - once you get comfortable with drawing curves, they can easily become one of the most fun things to draw.

One suggestion I have about drawing curved lines is, don’t go steady. Don’t draw them slowly and carefully, just release your hand, and do it over and over and over until you get it right. Pretty sure I suggested this in my style ramblings but, drawing croquis is a GREAT help to get familiar with the human figure and it’s curves.

So that’s about it, I hope this helped!

I have always loved this cap. Especially her eye here. Normally her eyes, though sharp, have such a softer shape to them. A solid rounded curvature with just the right angling to allow for exceptional range of expression. They can be all fire and fury and they can be soft and calm.

Here though. The shape is so different.

The lower lash line is jagged and the line of it broken in places. Her upper eye lid has this quality to it of, tender bruised flesh without discoloration, ever so slightly swollen. It may not have been in the intention but it is ever so slight. The look of flesh struggling to hold shape.

I wonder how hard was it to maintain that death glare. How hard was it to get her face to communicate what she wanted when every moment appeared so pained and labored. It doesn’t take much to make a face but it still takes muscle to make it happen.

Yet again because of her eye there and the way it’s depicted. You can see the struggle. The fight just to keep her expression when her each and every breath is likely a forced happening.

Her body beaten, broken and so weary. Each pull of air inward a measured feat of strength. Each movement a carefully gauged exertion of energy. For there must be enough to let off that one final attack.

Yet still. She maintains that expression. When her body is threatening to give way, when she can feel the pull of life from her, when her future is crumbling away before–she holds on. She maintains. She saves face and never stops communicating the level of her fury and hate at the enemy. Striking fear into them till her very last.

For that is the strength of Rei. That iron will.

I really have just, always adored this cap. The depiction of this moment.