i love all the pictures of them young and happy

I can finally accept Sakura and Sasuke being together because I actually think they had something when they were young. Sakura and Karin were the only girls in Sasuke’s life, so if he ended up with one of them, it works for me ‘tho I don’t ship it. 

But when it comes to Naruto and Hinata, I couldn’t feel anything towards this couple… at all. Maybe because the entire manga, even until chapter 699, Naruto was still in love with Sakura. Maybe because I can’t picture Naruto has a happy, loud, awesome love life with the quiet Hinata-sama. He actually fell in love with Hinata in the movie, after the genjutsu-throwback whatsoever thing that seemed so forced to me. 

I agreed that the only reason these ships were canon is so they can make Naruto Gaiden to make money. And I’m glad that so far, there is no Hinata in the story because everytime she showed up as Naruto’s wife, I always feel some awkwardness between them. And I can’t help but feel that Naruto’s feeling for Sakura is still remain, although they’re not married or something. Whenever I see Naruto talking to Sarada and acted fatherly to her, I’m feel like he’s actually the one who should be with Sakura. 

Their family will be loud and filled with happiness and excitement. I see that they will be too perfect for each other and that would be unfair to other couples maybe haha.

If Naruto and Sakura ended up together, both Sakura and Hinata will be independent character and they’re exist not only to be the shadows of their first love. Hinata can live happily without his Naruto-kun, and so is Sakura. Naruto would be able to fulfill all of his dreams and those developments in 699 chapters won’t be a waste. Sasuke can be with Karin because she lights his world more than Sakura, and he actually do cared to her. 

Those parallels between Narusaku - Sasukarin will result very great ending. It would be totally make sense and no one will question how can they ended up together because both Narusaku and Sasukarin have entire manga to prove their developments and relationship, while Naruhina only has few chapters, and had to make one movie to make them canon. 

Trust me, I’m trying my best to love Naruhina and accept them, but whenever I remember Hinata’s character and how much Naruto loved Sakura in the entire manga, I just can’t feel anything towards Naruhina at all. It seems so blunt to me. I know there might be some missing moments after the war until Naruto - The Last that we don’t know that may cause the love sparks between all these couples, but that’s not what we read for these past few years, so one movie is not enough to make me believe that Naruto’s feeling changed that easily. And especially now, when I read Naruto Gaiden and his priority is still to save Sakura or make sure that she has a happy life and taking care of her daughter. I just can’t. Their chemistry is too strong for me that I feel sorry for these two for not ending up together.

Sakura may seemed happy with Sasuke and accept the fact that his husband has to leave her for years. Naruto may seemed happy with his kids and his dream as Hokage fulfilled, but there’s something missing in these two’s lives. Their laughs and happiness that they used to share together. Naruto may obsessed with Sasuke, but he can only have those shy-redface-smile when he’s with Sakura. And Sakura always seems so alive when she was with Naruto.

Now those things are gone, and I can’t help but feel sorry for them because in the end they can never tell that they were once have strong feeling towards each other just because they both think they don’t deserve to be with each other. They were simply thinking of each other’s happiness to the point that they never really confess what they were really feel. For me, their story is so tragic that if only they were given the chance, they will definitely have a different story and I supposed, it would be a happier one.

picture this:

robert and aaron are in their 40s. they’ve got a 12 year old son and a 9 year old daughter who are both pains in the ass to look after. work is long and life is repetitive but they love the routine they’ve created. the spark between them still hasn’t gone after all these years and sometimes when the kids have gone to bed, they chase each other around the house and make out in the kitchen like they’re still young and wild. robert cooks aaron gourmet dinners every friday and on sundays aaron takes their son to watch football.  they’ve got their own little family unit and they’re so comfortable that they nearly forget they ever had troubles back in the day. they’re slowly growing old together and its perfect.