i love all the old photos he's posting

Mark's egos are taking over my life....

So I was thinking while looking at all of your posts about Mark’s egos (mainly Dark and Will) and it got me thinking about two things…
What if they were love birds?
What if they were best friends?
(they could most certainly be both though.)

Love birds:
>Dark, being a ‘dark’ ego, dislikes all of the pastel yellow and various pinks decorating their apartment, yet doesn’t have the heart to tell Will.
>Will secretly having a photo album of Dark sleeping. (Does Dark sleep? or does he just fuss out like the old tvs without reception?)
>Dark trying on Will’s bow-ties. He prefers the dark pink ones, but finds the hot pink ones make for better 'glitching’ effect
>Will accidently washing Dark’s white shirts with his pink ties, inevitably dying them pink. Making the other alter egos laugh/question Dark
>Dark finally making Will and himself some dinner, since he can’t stand the constant, bland, ramen noodles. Will, in his defense, tried making a nice dinner, but accidentally set the inside of the oven on fire. Oops.
>Dark holding Will as he cries over the movie Marley and Me
>When Dark gets upset at someone/something, Will rubs circles between his shoulderblades. This calms Dark.
>Will’s past isn’t the best, and although Dark doesn’t know it, he tries his best to distract Will when he gets too caught up in his past. Buying him a new tie usually gets him to snap out of it
>Will’s stash of ties, are actually mainly purchased by Dark
>Will, knowing how stressed Dark always is (always dealing with Mark and his antics and all) tries to make a 'special’ night. This includes:
*Chinese takeout (oven still broken)
*Vanilla icecream
*a nice bubble bath
Bonus: It isn’t Will that gets embarrassed when getting into the bath, it’s Dark that gets embarrassed. *Innocently whistles*

Best Friends:
>“Bro, Which Tie looks better?” (Will) “They’re all pink….” (Dark)
>They help each other juggle the other egos
>Will is the natural leader, while Dark makes the plans
>Dark trying to explain to Will why he can’t seem to get a girlfriend as pretty as Mark’s
>Will trying to explain to Dark that he could literally have anyone he wanted
>Will setting up boobie traps in their shared apartment
>Dark putting tacks on Will’s alarm clock. Dark takes pranks too seriously….
>Dark secretly prefers the pastel pink tie over the hot pink tie
>Will winning a bet that the Host and Googlplier DID go on that date that they claimed didn’t happen (Idk, I think it’d be interesting)
>Dark, losing the bet that he calculated incorrectly, is forced to wear a pink suit. He luckily stopped Will from dying his hair pink.
>Dark tripping Will at the office
>Will doing a sick ninja roll, making Dark look stupid
>Will getting self-concious over the fact that his first impulse is to kill now, ask later in all situations
>Dark not knowing what to do, explains how he has faults of his own. Like how he doesn’t want to harm Mark, he simply wants the freedom that he has
>Will is actually not as confident as most egos think he is, but only Dark knows it
>Dark is actually a huge fan of hugs, but only Will knows this. This is often used against him as Will will (haha) often use this secret as blackmail

Sorry the list is so long…. But man, this was fun! :D Hope you like it, maybe add some of your own (speaking to both @markired and viewer)

An In-Universe look at Troyson

In Universe Meta Meta Continued! 

Based on this post

Ok I was looking through the tags and I’m gonna do some posts for the diff Check Please RPF ships (and shipping wars). But I wanted to do it in semi-chronological order which means first we gotta discuss the Kent/Troy aka Kent/Swoops discourse. And if any one has topic requests/questions feel free to send them to my inbox. 

*clears throat, we’re now in the land of my UBER SUCESSFUL in-universe rpf blog. My character will be one of a Pimms shipper who’s been jaded by the discourse surrounding Jack’s OD.*  

The year is 2009 (and goes as far as 2011). This blog is mostly inhabited by Aces content at this point.

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New profile photo :D Had my old one for a while now and thought it was time for a change, but staying loyal to my first Otome guy (yes I know my first was Hue but Ikky still wasn’t out then and I wanted to play him first so he’s my first, shut up :P) one of my biggest Ikky fantasies is me and him dancing at a ball in the Heavens, cheesy I know but I like it.

All credits to @harububa who granted me permission to post this beautiful piece of artwork, thank you for doing it for me :D got check them out, their artwork is just amazing!

mickisnotclever  asked:

Hello there! If you're still doing fic prompts: One where it's been storming heavily all night and John notices Sherlock acting a bit strangely. The power goes out and John finds out Sherlock is afraid of the dark when the power goes out. John helps him through the panic.

It really is a proper stormy night. John peeks out of the window, watching the rain hammer down outside. It does depend what mood he’s in of course, but right now, he’s enjoying the atmosphere.

That is, until Sherlock darts up from behind and shuts the curtains.

John turns. “Oi, what was that for?”

But Sherlock is already away from him, sitting on the couch with his knees clutched to his chest. John begins to make some deductions.

Above them, the living room light starts to flicker ominously. Sherlock glares at it but John can see his eyes are far too wide for it just to be out of anger.

“Don’t you dare,” Sherlock tells the light before they’re plunged into utter darkness.

John hears Sherlock’s breathing rattle. He knows this is another dreaded souvenir from Sherlock’s “post-fall” days. So, he takes his time, slowly sitting down on the couch next to Sherlock. He puts his hand on Sherlock’s knee and Sherlock makes a strangled high pitched noise.

“Shh, it’s only me.”

Sherlock doesn’t reply, just breathes sharply in and out.

John squeezes Sherlock’s knee gently. “Sometimes… sometimes my mum would forget to pay the electricity bill.”

Even in the dark, John feels Sherlock’s gaze on him. “Oh?” he says. Ah, that’s the ticket, much less panicked.

“Well, she didn’t forget, not really. I knew she was just saving face.” John clears his throat. It’s odd, talking about her suddenly, and there’s still that residual ache of buried grief in his chest. “Anyway, do you know what helped me and Harry?”

He hears Sherlock shake his head and he smiles. “Well, if you close your eyes, the darkness is the same either way.”

Sherlock laughs. His voice is still wavering a little but it sounds much stronger. “And that really helped, did it?”

“Don’t knock it ‘till you’ve tried it- that’s what mum would say, anyway.”

John reaches across and finds Sherlock’s face, his hand brushing across his cheek. He gently hovers over Sherlock’s eyes. “Try it, if you want.”

Sherlock tilts his head back against the couch. John knows he’s closed his eyes, and counts it as a victory. “Hmm, alright. And how did you and Harry pass the time?”

“Eye spy,” John replies drily, and delights in the terrific snort he gets out of Sherlock.

There’s a lull in conversation, and John keeps an eye (ha) on Sherlock’s breathing. Slowly but surely evening out.

Sherlock tilts to the side and John takes his cue, moving so Sherlock can lie, head on John’s chest.

“You… you never talk about your mum,” Sherlock says. His voice is incredibly careful.

John sighs. “No. She… she would have loved you, Sherlock.”

He feels Sherlock’s fingers interlock with his own and squeeze. “I would’ve been honoured to meet her,” he says. There’s a slight telling slur to his words and John smiles, and kisses the top of Sherlock’s head.

“I can…maybe text Harry, she has all the old photos. Oh god, and video tapes.”

He feels Sherlock’s body totally relax against him. “Mmm, yeah…after the storm?”

“After the storm,” John agrees and he holds Sherlock safe, giving him the quiet and space to nod off.

anonymous asked:

Yes, what you wrote about Robert and the comparison to Cain is all true, but it's all headcanon, bc we stan for Robert and we look deeper than what the show is giving us. But unlike Cain, we never see that on screen. We never see Robert having long heart to hearts like Cain or moments of insight. Yeah, he doesn't have anyone to offload to, but they could still show him talking to his dad's grave, looking at an old photo, idk, sth that would show the general audience what we see is there...

Ahhhh I certainly want more although this ain’t just headcanon. what my post was based on–it’s canon. I’d certainly love more moments where he maybe ponders a photograph or stops by his dad’s grave, but we can’t act as if similar stuff hasn’t happened tbf! Starting from his return and moving forward:

  • drops a rose at his father’s grave in his very first return scene
  • stops by tenant’s cottage (where the sugdens used to live) before having any other scenes 
  • talks with chrissie on the steps of home farm before they buy it about his insecurities regarding andy and his dad, why he’s so uncomfortable returning to emmerdale, etc–quite a great little convo
  • that horrible bar west scene where rob’s a dick to aaron–you know, that meanness overshadows something else that happened there, which is that robert tried to open to aaron about smth, that pain and jealousy he feels about not getting any say in what happens to his dad’s ring–and he’s just shut down immediately, ahhh (and he was shut down by diane before when he talked to her, vic, & andy about being upset)
  • that time robert tried to arrange a memorial to their mother & they all gathered around her grave but lawrence fucked it up, leaving andy angry
  • i mean, christmas day, robert cried to andy about how much he felt he missed out on knowing their dad & how excluded he felt
  • this gifset shows how much of a touchy subject his dad is–he instantly looks down at the mention of him! (also pretty much check out all of @robertsvictorias gifsets tbh)
  • before home farm week with robron, the whole reason aaron even accepts rob back? not because of the “i love you”… but because vic says that deep down, she believes robert is good. that’s what sold it him–that vic believes robert is good to his inner circle, and it’s the truth. it’s canon.
  • crying to aaron about how much he loves him, how he’s the worst mistake, how he has to protect his secret bc it would kill andy if he knew
  • crying to andy about how he didn’t mean to kill katie, how awful he feels
  • the max king road parallel–the way robert breaks down like, “you killed mum!” showing he’s harboring all this pain from his childhood to this day, like?? he ain’t getting over shit, man, this dude feels shit deeply and holds on tight. it’s sooooooo canon.

it’s sort of a consistent theme that robert cares deeply but the people around him don’t notice/care/whatever else. this goes way back to before Ryan Hawley’s Robert Sugden–most memorable for me the brief return he had for his father’s funeral where he just hung around in the background and refused to speak to anyone, but he had to be there for his dad–and vic complains that robert is so rude not to show up, but she’s wrong… you know… they just get it wrong but the audience knows the truth.

Couples Costumes (Jack Request)

“Come on you two! You really not gonna tell us your outfits until the party?” Josh raises his brows at you and your boyfriend, Jack, sat on the couch together.
“Nope! It can be a surprise” Jack wiggles his brows and adjusts his arm around your waist.
“This better be good!” Conor chuckles and checks the time, “Well not long to wait now buddy”
“Yeah speaking of which we should probably head back to mine if we want to get everything ready” You nod and go to stand up.
“Good point” Jack stands and takes your hand, “See you at the party guys”
You two head back to your place which wasn’t at all far from Jack’s and was where all of your costumes and makeup were.
Being fairly good at makeup yourself, you had offered to help Jack with his as well as doing your own.
“Costumes first?” Your boyfriend suggests and you both go off to get changed into your couples costume for the evening.
You dressed up in your white, blue and red outfit, beginning to shape up the character but not yet right without makeup.
And then, as soon as Jack came out, you began to create his makeup.
With green sprayed hair, pale makeup and dark eyes, a significant mouth, ‘tatttoos’ shaping his chest and his arms covered in pale white with another mouth on his hand, Jack began to look more and more like the Joker.
“You look so cute when you concentrate” He chuckles as he watches your every move- guiding your hands over his hands to shape the mouth.
“Shut up” You roll your eyes and find that your tongue sticks out slightly
After a long concentration, it is finally time that Jack is finished and you get on with yours.
“I’m not so sure about these outfits babe” Jack says, turning round from looking in the mirror.
“What?” You frown, praying he was joking.
“I think you look too good as Harley Quinn” He chuckles, “The guys will be staring at you!”
“Well let them stare” You laugh, “I’ve got my joker right here”
“Nice line” He grins.
Eventually your makeup is looking perfect and you finally seem to appear as Harley Quinn.
Jack of course pulls you in for a photo, some looking serious as your characters and others looking silly.
The pair of you get into the taxi and drive to Joe’s, already hearing the party inside.
“Here they are!” Conor cheers and walks out in his hilarious costume.
“Heyyy!” You smile and stand beside Jack.
“Well you two went all out!” He chuckles, “Loving the relationship goals!”
“Of course, we had to pull out all the stops” Jack grins and slings his arm over your shoulder, “And we look sick if I do say so myself”
Oli comes out wearing a classic old style suit with big dark circles around his eyes and you are already proud of the effort they had put in.
“We’ve got to get photos of this!” He exclaims and you and your boyfriend pose in the best ways for the photos, looking more and more like your characters.
Jack takes back his phone and quickly posts it to his Instagram.
‘I think me and (y/n) win the prize for best couple! Maybe next year Conor and Mikey 😝’
(Decided to post this one before a couple of others because of the theme of it but will be back to normal order now x)

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This time of the year reminds me of that time Darren FREAKING PLOPPED DOWN ON THE ICE AND ACTUALLY LAID DOWN TO TAKE PICTURES OF CHRIS which he never posted up to this day because he treasures personal things privately. That's all that matters.

This little old photo?  The one where Chris is beaming at the camera?  This is true love and affection at its finest.  When the truth it’s told.  This better be one of the first photos they give us.  I can only imagine the view from Darren’s perspective. 

Merry Christmas!

I’m sorry...

To all my followers, my fellow Sunshiners and IGOT7,

I know I’m not in position to say this but I think I have to say something about Youngjae, his tattoo and everything. I know by now most of you have heard about his tattoo and I think I played a part in that. I felt really guilty for posting several posts about Youngjae and his tattoo. I’m sure that Youngjae wanted that tattoo to be a secret until he is ready to reveal it to the fans but somehow I felt like I didn’t make a good job in covering up for him. As you know, Youngjae has that tattoo for more than a year now and had been working so hard in covering it as I’m sure not all fans and general public would accept an idol has a tattoo. So, I am really sorry from the bottom of my heart to all of you for sensationalize the news though there were other people who were mentioning about his tattoo but I  felt guilty. After reading some of the reactions from fans the enjoyment that I felt about him getting a tattoo suddenly made me emotional. I know everyone is entitled to their own opinion but I feel sad for my Youngjae. Since debut I’ve seen the treatment and comments towards Youngjae but just like Youngjae I just silently hope that things will get better. Yes it did get better after that but still the treatment and bad comments about him were there. My only hope every time I saw those comments was for Youngjae not to read all that because I don’t know whether he’ll be strong enough to take all those. But when Youngjae mentioned in a radio that he knew he was ‘ugly’ I knew he must’ve read those comments. It was so hurtful to me when your bias was admitting in a national radio that he was ugly because everyone thought so. Even until now the issue of him being picked as the visual by Nichkhun, still he felt like a dream that he didn’t even dare to talk about or be proud. Over the past two years, he’s being picked on for so many things from his lack of dancing skill, his weight, his appearance and even his voice. It was so hurtful when fans started to compare him with other members. I still remembered reading someone wrote, Jinyoung is…. but Youngjae can only sings. It hurts you know. When sunshine mentioned him being not satisfied with his body and appearance and keep on dieting so that he would look slimmer and beautiful like Mark & BamBam, you know instantly where he got the idea from.  Choi Youngjae is only 20 years old. He’s still practically a young boy who doesn’t need to be burdened by these thoughts. Also, during his birthday posts on instagram there was a caption under his photo where he wrote ‘someone like me’ it got me sad thinking that he didn’t see himself as someone who is worthy enough to receive all the love we give to him. I know Choi Youngjae is not your bias and you can say anything you want but if you called yourself as a fan of GOT7 you shouldn’t be doing this. No matter who is your bias in the group you shouldn’t criticize the other members to make your bias look good. It’s just wrong. I saw some fans were talking bad about him getting a tattoo which I don’t like at all but before you do anything, before you say something, before you criticize him, before you decide to leave him please think about Youngjae and his feeling. Think about what he did for GOT7, his hard work and sacrifice he did to be accepted, the moments he made you laugh, the moment he made you smile, the moment when he apologize for being sick, the moment he keep smiling despite the bad words about him and the moments he said he loves ahgase so much. I’m not forcing you to stan him but just a respect for him as a member of GOT7, as a brother to GOT7, as an artist, as an idol and as a human being.

I’m sorry that I had to let it out because it’s been over two years and I just can’t keep quiet anymore. I’m sorry if my words are hurtful or offended you. I’m really sorry particularly to all Youngjae’s fans or as I like to call you as Sunshiners if I ever let you down and unable to protect our sunshine from hurting and for did badly to spread love for Youngjae.

Lastly, thank you for all your unfailing support to me and my blog though I never say it enough to you but I’m thankful because you are my source of strength to keep going. I love you.

Spread love not hate.


Shafiekah (fuckyeahchoiyoungjae)

p/s: I won’t be answering any question about Youngjae’s tattoo not until Youngjae decides to reveal it to the fans or comfortably talk about it. I should respect his decision to keep it as a secret. 


To bastardise an excerpt from “The Virgin Suicides” by Jeffrey Eugenides, “It didn’t matter in the end how old he had been, or even that he was a boy; but only that we had loved him, and that he hadn’t heard us calling, and still do not hear us calling him out of the room where he went to be alone for all time, alone in suicide, which is deeper than death, and where we will never find the pieces to put him back together.”

It’s so fucking surreal to go back through his blog and see photos of him and look at his tags on specific posts; I check his Tumblr every fucking day because I still expect to see an update saying he’s here and okay and that it was all a big misunderstanding and he and Randy are not going to jail.

Pete once said of Bronx...

…that he didn’t want to put photos of him on the internet anymore, because he wasn’t old enough to decide for himself if he wanted to be someone’s LJ icon, yet.

I know we all adore Patrick, we all want to be his kids’ doting internet aunties and uncles, but until they give us the material, the best thing we can do to honour his wishes and treat him with the love and respect we all have, is to not post or share things that were never meant for our eyes. 

I really, really get how excited people are - even wanting to know the name is understandable, because we all care and want to share our happiness for them - but things like this in the past have already damaged Patrick’s relationship with the fans. Right now, we have an opportunity to mend that, by having that information and making the collective decision to not spread it further - showing that we care about what he thinks and his family’s privacy more than having this piece of gossip. 

Make a choice.

(11/11) “Six months ago my father disappeared. He left one morning and didn’t come home. That morning he answered the phone one time, and he said: ‘I’m fine, Aya. I’ll be home soon.’ And he never answered the phone again. You can’t imagine what this has done to my mind. I don’t know if he is dead. I don’t know if he remarried. I know nothing. All day and night I must imagine what has happened. I haven’t even told my younger sisters. I tell them that Daddy went to Istanbul to work but he will be home. They wouldn’t be able to take it. I still post old photos to his Facebook page so it seems like he exists. But it’s been six months, and they want to know why he hasn’t called. I promise he’s a good person, really. I love him so much. He loved me too. He always told me that he was proud of me and I was going to be something in life. But how could he leave me like this? How could he leave all of this on my shoulders? I’m twenty years old. I can’t handle all of this by myself. I don’t need him to work, or make money, but I need him. I need my Daddy. I can’t do this alone much longer. I’m getting tired. I’m a warrior and I’m strong and I’ve fought so much but even warriors get tired. I’ve been having crazy thoughts lately. I don’t want to do it. I’ve been through so much. I wanted to go to school and be something in life. But I can’t do this much longer. I’m alone here and I’m in a very bad place. I feel very scared. I never wanted to be the traditional Arabic girl who marries her cousin and spends all day in the house. I’ve worked so hard to escape it all. And I know it’s dangerous. But if things don’t change for me, I think I’ll have to go back to Iraq.”


As of now, 4% of the HONY community has signed the petition supporting Aya’s appeal for American resettlement. It would only take 6% of the community to reach a million signatures. Please consider adding your voice. And if you know someone else who might care about Aya’s story, please consider sharing:



Dan Deacon Ponders Creativity in Music, Architecture and Kermit the Frog Memes

To see more of Dan’s photos, check out @dandeaconofficial on Instagram. For more music stories, head to @music.

Dan Deacon finds beauty and amazement in everything: bright desert flowers; cheap, obscure DVDs that he buys at gas stations with titles like Mr. Art Critic — even jumbled snapshots of himself or his friends, where he misplaces and doubles up basic facial features.

“I like how disturbing they are. I find them to be hysterical,” the Baltimore-based electronic musician says of the twisted portraits. “I love the mixture of comments. There’s no more polarizing post than a face on a human head sideways with, like, two mouths. No one doesn’t have an opinion on that photo.”

These days, the 33-year-old spends a lot of time on his tour bus — a converted school bus named Vantastic that he and his pals gut and remodel before every trek — scrolling through pictures, pondering why and how people respond to them all.

“I love when someone posts something they think has a powerful message and then the first comment is something completely having nothing to do with it or completely changes the context of how everyone is going to see it next,” he says. “Like, the fact that Kermit the Frog drinking tea became a set of memes that completely changed the entire character of Kermit the Frog is insane. The fractal effects of what happens once you put an idea in the world is endless.”

In a way, that represents how Dan looks at his own musical output, from his early days self-releasing albums as a student at State University of New York at Purchase to his most recent album, 2015’s Gliss Riffer. “I think my whole life is seeing a point on a horizon and wanting to get to it but not knowing how to do that, and figuring it out as I go. Or, vice versa, seeing a path in the woods and not knowing where it’s going to take you and following it anyway. For each song, it’s the closest thing to meditating I could probably ever do, sitting there and letting the music take me where it’s taking me and trying to get what’s inside my head outside without thinking about it too much.”

Yet, for all the school bus travels and international audiences he leaves in pools of sweat with his egalitarian shows — where he almost always performs in the midst of the crowd — Dan gets bored like any other human. And when DVDs like Mr. Art Critic and Two-Headed Shark Attack aren’t enough, he’ll find a unique way to entertain himself. Take the recent prank he pulled at Ireland’s Body & Soul festival.

“I was talking about how I was obsessed with The Doors in high school and I used to draw The Doors logo in notebooks. Then someone was like, ‘What does The Doors logo look like?’ And I said, ‘I can draw it for you, exactly, from memory.’ There was no table space, so I was leaning up against our dressing room door while doing it, so I thought, I should just tape this here. And then, I don’t know why, I started drawing it again and then I was like, I’ll tape this on the door of Savages’ dressing room.’ Then I really liked how it looked, so I did it to all the dressing rooms.” Eventually, a worker at the festival took them all down, but Deacon took them out of the trash and reapplied them. “I don’t know,” he says of his motives. “It was really fun. I had a great time.”

For the rest of the summer and a bit into autumn, Dan will be playing gigs, mostly festivals, in Europe and the US. After that, it’s back to figuring out a path to the figurative point on the horizon. “I’m starting to sketch out the new record. I’d like to get going on that. It takes me a while to formulate an idea. We’re going to have some non-pop music projects as well and getting into production of music that’s not my own, so I’m excited for that. Nothing at the confirmed stage to talk about, but I’m trying to diversify my output. I really want to keep making as much music as possible in as many different forms as you can make it, and trying to expand on what music is — or the next art form of what will be sound-based but not music.”

There doesn’t seem to be a way to explain it, so we’ll just have to trust Dan’s ability to see and hear the world in his own unique way and turn it into something that fascinates and entertains us, just as a dollar DVD or face-swapping app does for him.

—Dan Reilly for Instagram @music


Starting from Scratch with @rickwlms and @burnrubberdetroit

To see more of Rick’s photography, check out @rickwlms on Instagram. All the sneakerheads out there will love his shop, @burnrubberdetroit. This post is in celebration of National Small Business Week in the US.

Rick Williams (@rickwlms) bought his sneaker boutique, Burn Rubber (@burnrubberdetroit), when he was just 23 years old. No easy feat for a new college graduate. “I got into photography because of my sneaker store. I had to shoot the product because we didn’t have money to pay a real photographer,” Rick, now 35, says. “I just got to the point where that was my favorite part of the whole process.” Telling stories through photos is Rick’s creative passion these days, and scenes from Detroit are often his muse: “When I shoot around out here, I’ve been in a lot of abandoned buildings and things like that,” Rick, who lives in Southfield, Michigan, a Detroit suburb, says. “But I find a lot of beauty in that heritage, imagining what used to be there and what that building used to be like … We’re making it here. We’re still driving. There’s a beauty in that to me; there’s a beauty in the struggle.”


Photo on the right, my very own Finn in 1996

Right, so I was sorting through some old photos today and came across the photo on the right, he’s the boy I was going out with in, wait for it, 1996 (not gonna tell you how old he is, but older than 17, because that would also give my age away and I am just too embarrassed of that).
He was a cute, skinny guy and I was overweight and he loved me for who I was, even defended me on more than one occasion against comments from other people.
I know I’m preaching to the converted anyway as we all totally believe in Rinn, but I wanted to post the comparison to prove that the Finn and Rae OTP is totally realistic. Plus the photo brings back good memories of the hazy days of summer 1996.

Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and myself: This was my J2 photo op at VanCon this year. I wasn’t sure how it was going to come out and once I got the pic I really love it! Jared and Jensen did great with their expressions, however I look like I am really, really excited to go with “Demon Dean” instead of being afraid of him!!! And yes that is the First Blade that Jensen is holding!! It was my prop for the Photo op (Made by Scott Wheelis) I then later had him sign it during the auto session, so he got to spend a little more time with it! He was amazed at how much it looked and felt like the one he used on set for his scenes!! And of course the lovely photo op was taken by the wonderful photographer Chris Schmelke; who always manages to make me look awesome in all my photos!

But all in all I had a great time, hanging out with old friends and making new! I am going to try and post a new pic every day from my time here in Vancouver, either from the panels or this lovely city!!


I’m reveiving a ton of messages asking my opinion on this subject SO i decided to just write a post instead of answering them all individually. Lets just get over this drama and move on from it!

Photo 1 was posted by Travis Winfrey on instagram. He makes a perverted comment directed toward Sasha Pieterse.

MY TAKE: i think he was trying to be funny and it just came across disturbing. I 100% am disgusted by the fact that they casted a 37 yr old to be a love interest to a 19 yr old. He needs to keep it professional.

Photo 2 was posted not long after the first photo.

MY TAKE: Travis is acting incredibly juvenile and perverse. I cannot respect a man that displays sexuality in such a raunchy and disrespectful way. He later posted a photo saying “how many fucks do i give?… nun” showing a nun smoking a bong. I was seriously disgusted by his immaturity on how he addresses the hate he is receiving.. very childish. Why not just apologize to save face? Either way.. he as a person cannot affect his character.

Photo 3 was a tweet from Sashas boyfriend. He clearly did not appreciate that comment.

MY TAKE: slow clap for Hudson. That was fabulous defending his girlfriend and her honour!

Photos 3 and 4 are Ashley Bensons snapchat. She is clearly a jokester and posted that to be funny. I dont even think that is his ‘junk’. Hes clearly trying to strap on the holster and gun so maybe something was in his pocket.. they laughed about it.. and she posted it

MY TAKE: I wasnt offended or taken back in any way. Being that she is in her mid 20s its not as inappropriate as what he did. Now if lets say Hannas mom posted that of Mike Montgomery.. thats disturbing.

OVERALL: Travis needs to realize that this is a family show.. he isnt posting this to the “single ladies” audience. Now that show was sexed out and its viewership was mid 20s to 50s. Also, all the actors were over 30. In PLLs case that was inappropriate, disrespectful toward women, and Im truly disgusted when i look at him.

I do blame marlene and the casting team for not realizing this will be an issue. They should’ve made a younger actor like Titus (Clark) to play Lorenzo.

Single Ladies was picked up by BET and Trav is a main cast member. So hopefully he will be leaving PLL soon.

oh hey!!  (#evan’s birthday bash!)

evan edingers birthday is in less than two weeks! (july 29th) he is turning 26 years old!!! evan does so much for us.  he creates thoughtful content and is so down to earth, lovely, and a wonderful human being.  I want to do something special for him. and, I want others to join! 

so, here’s the plan: I will create a video compilation of all of your submissions. including video, photos, art, music, etc for Evan! 

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I grew up in rural Virginia, and it seemed like everyone - from my teachers to my bullies to my friends - truly believed that I wasn’t “American.” But I think my American values define me just as much as my Indian heritage. That’s why I love Captain America - he’s a patriot with a conscience, and he inspires us all to be heroes! When I saw this display in a local library, I couldn’t resist striking a pose with good old Cap.

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I shouldn’t even be wasting the pixels on this tumblr to call you out on your shit, pinky111​ , but the seeing as your main issue isn’t the digital art of joining two separate images together to look like a real moment of intimacy between two people who have publicly admitted to caring deeply for one another – but that it’s two men and think Jared Leto gives a fuck people think he might be into dudes (which, I’m assuming today is the first day you’ve heard of Jared Leto?) and would want to put a stop to it – really disturbs me. On a level I need to address.

I’m sure his concern is SO INTENSE that in between his 38 jobs and appointments and professional and personal responsibilities and meetings and everything else he has going on - high on his list is reviewing a report of internet postings you’re sending him (how? I don’t know, but I will assume via a tin hat and brainwaves) featuring an image or text suggesting he may have been involved in a loving relationship with another person of the same sex.

I’m sure he has at least 8 or 9 hours a day to do go over your exhausting reports because as you must be aware, there’s a helluva lotta bits out there he’ll need to come over - errrrrm, I mean, comb thru. Tho shit probably gets supes-awks when he gets to the section of the report where-in the HOMOSEXUAL INSINUATIONS are actually attributed to himself, Jared Leto, as the source.

Cause, fuck. If the real issue here is your anger over the idea that he’d ever be linked to another man then I guess I have no choice but to report you to the Terrible Human Beings Police and cite your blatant and disgusting homophobia as reason to keep you away from the human race. Not only for our protection but for yours.

Cause guess what?

It’s fucking 2015.

And while you can choose to be homophobic and terrible - guess who isn’t? Colin Farrell and Jared Leto.

Maybe while you’re on the Interwebz deciding to be the gay gestapo and threatening people on tumblr for something that shouldn’t even upset you - you can actually do a quick google search and see the culmination of years and years of gay rights and equality advocacy both Jared & Colin have taken part in?

And if you think Jared’s concerned enough by some photo post on some rando’s tumblr page suggesting he might like d that he’d request I remove it - maybe you forgot Alexis Arquette’s tea with Out Magazine wherein she let us all know that Jared bottoms, and Bae didn’t even bat a goddamn Bambileto eyelash. Cause he’s fucking secure-enough in himself at 43years old to want to do whatever the fuck he wants to do and trying his hardest to be as open with us as he logistically can (aka why I love & cherish the fuck outta him) that he’s fine with it. Because behind every innuendo or double entendre or flirtation he might say or do, is a whole lotta fucking truth.

As for your “straight” assumption - which bee tee dubs, goes against his insistence that he doesn’t believe in labeling sexuality - I’m basically now assuming we’re talking about 2 completely different Jared Letos.

Cause you’ve definitely not seen or heard him over the last few years, or follow him on Twitter or read any interviews with him or ever listened to A Beautiful Lie or caught him asking Channing Tatum to share a tent and cuddle with him at the MTV Movie Awards, or saying casually that if he was attracted to a man he would follow through on it, or met one of his alternate personalities, Klaus…

For reference, a bit of my Jared Leto:

I really wish you could get to know my Jared Leto.
Because he’s a pretty fantastically free-thinking guy, who isn’t afraid of letting others love who they wanna love as long as you allow him the same.

Tho, seeing as you have major issue with that very last bit, I’m assuming the two of you would not hit it off. It’s probably best you stay away. From all of us.