i love all the lines in this drama

*yawn* I’m really not interested in people baiting Jensen with the same old Destiel questions. He loved my Destiel art, so bite me. I’m really tired of people pulling and twisting actors back and forth to fit fandom wars. Y'all get twisted like he hates Destiel. He doesn’t. I witnessed it in person. I got a more joyful reaction from Jensen about my Destiel art than I did with Misha. You can’t assign anyone’s views based on convention panels, especially when every fan has an agenda (all of us do, don’t lie) and questions are almost always leading. You trap actors, you get shitty responses. Period. Now I’m gonna go write my big long, complicated, fabulously queer love fics about Dean and Cas because I know the bottom line is the actors want their audiences to be happy and they really don’t personally think about shipping much. These shipping questions at cons are usually designed to start drama. By now everybody knows it never goes well, so why keep doing it? No matter how they answer these questions, they know they’re upsetting people. You’re putting them in shitty positions. Knock it off and go draw kissy fan art and write romance stories. Those things make me happy and I’m not going to stop.

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do you have any theatre/acting/drama pick up lines i can use???

  • you’re going to prison for 19 years cause you stole my heart, 24601
  • i will send a fully armed battalion to remind you of my love
    (as long as they don’t know that song is followed by satisfied.)
  • take em out to see a science fiction double feature
  • you’re the one that i want?!

(???? these are all musicals holy crap, you guys do this much better than me, any theatre/acting/drama pick up lines?)

do you ever just get super emotional because of how amazing minhyuk is as a person? like all things and his talents aside, he is so incredibly caring, supportive, loving and thoughtful? from constantly interacting with and updating for the fans, reply to/address their concerns, to his bonding with eunkwang they are like THE power couple parenting version i can talk about that forever, to how well he knows about changsub and hyunsik? like he remembers their habits and preferences and all that and mostly he cares so much about the well being of the maknea line? he is so how high key proud of them that he HAS to let the world know - minhyuk is so vocal about his pride of their achievement like he live tweets when sungjae/ilhoon’s drama are broadcasting like oh gosh bless his beautiful heart and being, he is basically yelling in capslock at whoever will listen he is all LOOK AT MY CHILDREN LOVE MY CHILDREN THEY ARE FANTASTIC THEY ARE SO LOVELY THEY ARE THE BEST LOVE THEM LOVE THEM A LOT PLEASE LOVE THEM I LOVE THEM I LOVE THEM SO MUCH i mean just look at his lil message to sungjae when they had the first win i just in addition of that he is constantly telling everyone how thankful and glad and happy he is for peniel and what our donggeunie has done and are doing, all the entire collection of super cute nicknames he has for peniel? how he is always casually pulling him back in frame when peniel start to wander off? and he literally tweet about missing peniel when they are on their well earned lil holiday when they have been living and working together for almost 4 years now? they see each other 24/7 and i mean it just… and like minhyuk is so concern about ilhoon’s health and slight dabbled on how he thinks ilhoon is pushing himself to grow up too fast and how he wishes he can share some of the burden ilhoon is carrying he does all those little things for ilhoon but he also make sure ilhoon can grow and mature at his own pace instead of being push through the crazy stardom he cares about him so deeply he is 4 - 5 years older than them but he just takes them under his wings and he make sure he wouldn’t be in the way when the lights shine on the maknaes lee minhyuk is too good for the world we definitely dont deserve him  

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Do you know any related fics to Better Than Revenge by IllustrisFlamma? I really enjoyed that one and was wondering if there were any similar ones.

Title: The Deal
Author: Cuteblndegoddess
Rating: M
Genre(s): Romance, Humor
Chapters: 21
Word Count: 51,076
Summary: Hermione find Ron cheating on her and employs Draco to exact revenge.

Title: Revenge Is All The Sweeter
Author: Twilight to Midnight
Rating: M
Genre(s): Romance, Drama
Chapters: 24
Word Count: 101,194
Summary: A marriage law has come to pass; an unfaithful boyfriend has been caught and an enemy has been chosen. Draco and Hermione discover the fine line between love and hate. Won 2nd place at the Dramione awards for best Draco and best action/adventure!

Before He Cheats By: Riddler-of-Words - M, one-shot - Hermione knew her revenge was kicking Ron where it hurt. But then again, revenge had never tasted so sweet, especially when Draco Malfoy was involved, so why stop? Draco/Hermione

To Muddy a Malfoy By: foggybythebay - M, 13 Chapters - Grieving over Ron’s snogging of Lavender, Hermione discovers that it takes just one certain Slytherin to boost her flagging ego. A single night in a deserted corridor launches a thoroughly sensual game of cat-and-mouse that outlasts even the war HG/DM

Simply Irresistible by bookworm1993 - T, 30 chapters -  Draco gave a cocky grin. “I am going to give you a makeover.” “I’m sorry what?” “You heard me Granger, I’m going to give you a makeover that will make every man want you,and make Weasley die of regret. You will be simply irresistible.”

- Lisa


6 Important Life Lessons “Angry Mom” Taught Us

Sometimes dramas make you laugh, some make you cry, others make you rage, and a few bring you hope. MBC’s Wednesday-Thursday drama, “Angry Mom,” did all of this with its thoughtful and intense story about school violence and societal corruption. While there were many dark moments and scenes that made you despair, there was also a lot of hope and a lot of love. There was a mother’s love for her daughter, a teacher’s love for his students, a friend’s love for a friend, and a boy’s love for his first love. There were life lessons and adages, moving and relatable.

To celebrate this all too short drama, which just ended its 16-episode run, I want to share with you some of the most moving lines from the drama- the ones that can shed a light on a dark road or bring comfort and warmth on a cold night. There are only six below, but believe me, there are many more. If you’ve watched this drama already, I’m sure you’d agree with me. If you haven’t, please do, so you can enjoy them all.



Viola Davis giving her acceptance speech at the 67th annual Emmy Awards. She is the first black actress to win the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series.
‘In my mind, I see a line. And over that line, I see green fields and lovely flowers and beautiful white women with their arms stretched out to me over that line. But I can’t seem to get there no how. I can’t seem to get over that line.’ That was Harriet Tubman in the 1800s. And let me tell you something: The only thing that separates women of color from anyone else is opportunity. You cannot win an Emmy for roles that are simply not there. So here’s to all the writers, the awesome people that are Ben Sherwood, Paul Lee, Peter Nowalk, Shonda Rhimes, people who have redefined what it means to be beautiful, to be sexy, to be a leading woman, to be black. And to the Taraji P. Hensons, the Kerry Washingtons, the Halle Berrys, the Nicole Beharies, the Meagan Goods, to Gabrielle Union: Thank you for taking us over that line. Thank you to the Television Academy. Thank you.

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I started listening to Critical role because of you! I have soooo much material to listen to at work thanks to you! Thanks! I love all the characters already, and a line from Grog sealed the deal for me. "I 'ave an intelligence of 6, I know wot I'm doin"

That is literally one of my favorite Grog lines of all time and it’s in the very first episode. One of the reasons I love Grog so much is that he’s willing to play a character who has an intelligence of 6 for Character flavor and he makes it work so well!! Travis Willingham is an incredibly insightful and clever man, but he sticks to what Grog would know and do in the situation and that is talent.

Honestly if you’re intimidated by the amount of content and just want to catch up with the drama, you can skip arcs and catch up through context clues. BUT if you’re willing to wait through filler episodes, I promise you that some of the funniest moments in the goddamn series happen during filler/shopping episodes. 

The Meat Man waits for no one. - Scanlan, aka “Burt Reynolds, attorney at small”

Dating Jisol includes

Jisol is Seventeen’s English line, otherwise known as Hansol and Joshua! they are my babies i love them

requested by anon<3

Dating Jisol Includes:

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-y’all this is going to get me fucked up

-english line was my first SVT ship

-bless the anon who requested this


-it would be really awkward at first

-because hansol is unexpierinces

- and jisoo is well… jisoo

-need I remind you about the “drink water” thing?

-you’re basically dating two memes

-two memes who love you

-neither of them are really big on skinship/pda

-but will cuddle when they need it/you need it

-weekly movie nights

-sometimes you watch dramas

-or anime

-and other times you marathon Doctor Who

-or Fast and Furious

-hansol loves watching you put on makeup

-he literally just sits on the bathroom counter and watches you put on eyeliner

-don’t asking why he does that though

-baby will get all blushy and nervous and stop for a couple days

-jisoo will play the guitar 24/7 try me

-you told him once that you liked listening to him play

-and now he plays any chance he can get because he loves making you happy

-the three of you go grocery shopping together

-jisoo is the responsible one

-while you and hansol put loads of junk in the cart

-none of you cook often so you get a lot of takeout

-jisoo is secretly getting cooking lessons from mingyu

-speaking of the rest of the boys

-they love to flirt with you and hang all over you because they know it makes jisol jealous

-hansol is a sassy jealous boy

-and he probably gets jealous the easiest

-when he sees jun next to you, he immediately puts his arms around you

-while glaring at his hyung until he walks away

-will bring up shit from months ago to make the other boy feel embarrassed as hell

-smirks to himself when he pulls you close to him

-“i’m trying to protect you from getting sick. who knows the last time mingyu washed his hands”

-joshua wouldn’t really react that much

-but would internally be really insecure

-he probably gets really quiet and won’t make eye contact

-would force smiles when people talk to him and nod

-his eyes would be glassy and his breathing would be irregular from holding back tears

-it would be obvious to you and hansol so the two of you would take him out of the room immediately

-kisses to reassure that you both love him because he’s him


-can you imagine that

-blushy hansol when he gives you little pecks all over your face on good days

-cheeky hansol biting your bottom lip when he’s feeling ‘frustrated’

-smiley jisoo kissing you while laughing

-making out with jisoo would be like entering heaven

-boy probably knows how to use that soft tongue of his well

-oh god I can’t breathe

-I’m not going to do the sexual stuff because ya know underage Vernon and such

-but I mean

-I can’t stop your imagination

-but curses would happen

-so many curses in so many languages


-fights probably wouldn’t be often

-but when they happened they would be bad

-like if the boys were both stressed and started fussing over nothing

-and you tried to stop it but

-some serious shit would go down

-like hansol yelling at you to stop being annoying

-and jisoo probably would just ignore you

-when you left the house the boys would still be fuming

-until jisoo realized that you were crying when you left

-he would immediately freak out and hansol would still be frustrated but wouldn’t understand why jisoo started panicking

-“hyung? what’s wrong?”

-“she was crying hansol. we made her cry.”

-hansol would immediately feel bad because he yelled at you

-he was the one who did this

-this is hurting me but I’m not done

-the boys would try to call you but would only get so far when they realized that you left your phone at home

-they wouldn’t go looking for you

-not because they wouldn’t want to

-but they know you and knew you’d probably ignore them if they found you

-hansol would probably cry

-“hyung, are they going to come back?”

-jisoo obviously telling him yes, but actually not knowing for sure

-because no matter how many fights happened or how bad they were

-you had never left before

-when you came back

-you were welcomed by two sleeping boys, cuddled together with matching tear stains

-you woke them up to kisses on the forehead

-more tears happened but this time the happy kind

-woozi is still pissed that you were crying because of them

-will probably kill them after

-jisol would be fluffy little pups who adore you

-date them

-date them and stan them



I can’t explain

i totally haven’t fallen in love with two goddamn background characters who have only one line both of them, besides there were at least 4 baba ganoush and 6 gefilte fish jars who look all identical, the ones in all their scenes could have been totally different persons in each scene and here I am wringing detailed headcanons and fanart for the specific two who were in the oRGY

(anyway the last pic is Ganoush being a dad to kid Vash in human AU. considering Vash is already a big drama queen he was probably a nightmare as a teen)

*clicks “post” button, slams laptop closed and digs under my bed sheets crying from embarrassment*

Some more hints

Ah, yes, the Sherlock fandom clueing for looks again!

First of all, thanks to @babewithepower for sharing the link to the BBC Pure Drama Advertisement and pointing out the signs for another Sherlock episode that are in it in this post! That way, I watched it myself and found some clues for another thing that may happen (hopefully!)

It is the scenes they showed during one particular line of the song that was used for the trailer:

She’s looking for love

During this line scenes from Moorside, Clique and, you guessed it, Sherlock are shown. First, a woman from Moorside (I don’t know anything about her tbh), then two women (!) kissing from Clique and then a shot with Sherlock and one with John smiling his adorably cute smile. The word love was sung very long so the scenes from Clique and Sherlock fit in perfectly well.

The question is, why exactly these two pairings? I guess there are many couples on BBC Drama shows where kissing/more explicit scenes already exist, so why Sherlock?

I will tell you:

1) A same-sex couple is shown, which implies that, yes, on this channel F/F and M/M are no problem

2) Looking for love means not everyone has found their love/finally got together with them yet. The two women are already kissing, so they seemed to have found it. Who hasn’t then? Ah, yes the same-sex pairing in the next part: Sherlock and John. They still have to “find” eachother.

So one same-sex pairing is already canon, while it is implied that the relationship between the other is of the same nature, a.k.a. romantic love. 

But there’s another thing.

In the context of the whole trailer and the song, Sherlock’s expression looks longing and like he wants too what the two women in the clip before have (a same-sex relationship). The clips are cut together to make it look like he is watching them, realizing that this is what he wants with John, and after that, John looks at him. And John smiles. An adorable, cute, a bit surprised and most important of all, encouraging smile. Well, smile is an understatement, he actually grins.

So, Sherlock is “looking for love” and gets an approving reaction from John.

Well, I think you knew it right from the beginning what I wanted to say:

This BBC Advertisment says that Johnlock will happen. There is nothing that stands in its way anymore.

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I AM FEELING LOST! Now that Goblin is over ... what am I going to do ??I've never cried so much in an episode😭 Goblin has officially become the drama of my life!😍The ending was beautiful! I love the way the love of Kim Shin and Ji Eun Tak overcomes all obstacles.❤ The most beautiful sad love story. And thank you for your wonderful tumblr! Thank you for the gifs, photos and episode reviews that brightened my day.😊saranghaeyo💕

Hey there, I know how you feel. I think we all feel lost atm and it’s going to take time to let it sink in properly. Goblin has definitely landed as one of my favorite dramas ever and it holds a special place in my heart. That ending was beautiful from the scenery to the final line of, “You are my first and last bride.” 

Aww, thank you ^^ I’m glad you enjoyed my reviews and my gifs lol. I hope you’ll stick around to chat with me cause from the looks of the survey… I’m going to be sticking around :D

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Boyfriend Chanhee ♡
 -he was so shy to hold your hand at first but now it’s second nature to him
-random dates to places where he never tells you 
-”where are we going?”
-”you’ll see don’t worry”
-like one time during winter he took you to a garden??? why would you do that chani??
-takes you to the set when he’s filming a drama 
-so that you can say he looked cool while acting
-but to tease him you don’t say anything 
-so he’s like a puppy asking for compliments
-you finally give in and he acts all proud
-”yeah i know i was cool out there~”
-he’s your security blanket and vice versa
-loves it when you act cute for him
-probably can be a dry texter but he’s like that with everyone
-he only uses emoji’s for you 
-he used the excuse of practicing his lines to say i love you to you
-until you noticed it wasn’t on the script he was so shy and that made you shy
-two shy cuties aw
-you said it back but acted like it was in the script like he did 
-that made him laugh and the awkward tension was gone 
-hugs >> kisses
-even though he loves it when you kiss his nose 
-gives you piggy back rides all the time he never said no to giving you one
-since you’re his first relationship he wanted to make it last for a long time and he accomplished that 

Any Colour You Like - Peter Maximoff x Reader

REQUESTED:  You should do an imagine were Peter Maximuff becomes a dad   - @elizabethaddison

I needed a change of pace and this was perfect so thank you so much for the request. Short and fluffy, but I do love me some Quicksilver.

Being a mutant was cool. You’d always felt this way, since the moment that Professor Xavier had told you that you were one. And through all the oppression from the non-mutants, the drama with the brotherhood, and daily threats on your life, you wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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My name’s Claude. I’m eighteen this March, and my pronouns are he/him. I like movies and books, fanfiction, anime, manga, K-drama - all that good stuff. I’m also an aspiring writer, linguist and chef who is passionate about LGBT issues and feminism. I’d say I’m easy to get along with, so if you’re looking for a new friend or someone to date, drop me a line on my Tumblr PM. @the-Claude-of-1999

Splendid Suns (preview)

Summary: Minho finds his way back to the town he once called home, having left the safe place in search for bigger dreams. To think that fourteen years would have changed everything, it didn’t. 

Genre: Drama, Angst, Romance

sidenote: highschool-sweetheart-first-love-unexpected-reunion major trope ahead, i’m all for cliches! also lots of cameo from the rest of the boys, hopefully. i hope it’s a fun read, here is something before i start :) 


“I’m getting married.” Seunghoon laughed lightly through the line.

It had been years since Minho heard from him last, certainly not expecting such thing from a random call on a late July afternoon.

All he could do was laugh in return, running his hand over his face as he slouched down on the sofa of his cramped studio apartment.

“Are you serious?” Minho smiled wistfully, “God, how long has it been?”

“Remember our promise, Minho. I better see you back here.” Seunghoon’s voice cracked through the call, warm and happy, just as Minho had always remembered him to be.

“I know, I know.” Minho sighed and rolled his teeth over his lip, a mix of dread and excitement brimming in his chest.

Not over the fact that the abrupt news meant that he would really be the last out of the five of them. Everyone he knew foresaw it, his mother being the one strongly against it all eventually came into terms with how Minho would never settle down, not anytime soon at least.

However, it was how he had to go back. Minho couldn’t bring himself to call the small town home when he was the one that abandoned it and never, not once, looked back. Flashes of an eighteen-year-old version of himself, overloaded with impossible hopes and dreams, flipped through the back of his head as he recalled a fleeting conversation of two bestfriends.

“You’re really going to do it, huh?” Seunghoon quizzed, his long legs taking turns in kicking a pebble as the two boys strolled aimlessly. It was the last day of senior year.

Minho could only nod, humming in agreement and stuffed his hands further into the pockets of his jeans.

“How about your parents?”

“My father’s ‘bout to kick me out, anyway.” A scoff left Minho, smiling toward empty space and Seunghoon jabbed an elbow to his side knowingly.

“He knows this town’s got nothing for you, Minho.” It was a subtle reassurance from Seunghoon, opting to leave mentions of Minho’s mother because he knew that she hadn’t spoken to her son in days.

“Hm. I suppose.” Minho shruged meekly, still staring at nothing in particular with his head up in the clouds.

“Well, you sure look fucking thrilled.”

Seunghoon caught a faint smile curling across his bestfriend’s face, though anyone could tell that Minho was far from alright.

“I’ll come visit.” Minho halted suddenly, thick brows raised as he uttered out his statement. Seunghoon snorted, well aware that Minho was saying it only to make himself rid of the guilt of leaving this damned place.

For the many years he had come to know Minho, it was the only thing he ever wanted for himself and lately it was all he could talk about. Seunghoon had always seen Minho as the odd one out of the bunch, the risk taker, the most stubborn. The undying comfort that their small town could offer disturbed him, crawled under his skin like fiery ants.  Minho wanted something more.

“I don’t believe you, but I’ll hold your word for it, Song. Remember you’re my best man at the wedding.” Seunghoon threw a soft punch to his shoulder and for the first time today, Minho was back to his old self.

“Woah, easy there. How ‘bout getting yourself a girlfriend, first?” Minho teased, chuckling deeply as he resumed their path back to nowhere.

“Speaking of girlfriends,” Seunghoon noticed the way Minho’s gaze dropped a little, the air stilling but he was worried too, “Still haven’t heard from her?”

“She really didn’t say anything to you?”

Seunghoon shook his head, kicking the pebble once more, “No, she didn’t.”

The drive through the interstate would have brought anyone to sleep. The highway stretched endlessly, boring, with the occasional pit stops scattered sparsely between one another. Yet Minho was on the edge of his seat, the exact way the last time he passed through the area fourteen years back for an entirely different reason.

The road narrowed down, almost disappearing in his rearview mirror, signaling the near end of his journey. Something dipped in the pit of his stomach and Minho made a swift turn to the final rest area, finding the air rather stuffy all of a sudden.

He slammed the door shut, leaning against the side of his chevy and puffed out a sharp breath. His eyes scanned the place and realized how not much had changed. It was the furthest from town the five of them would ever had the guts to drive out to. Seungyoon being the wise one, always dodging away Minho’s attempts to convince them on taking a spontaneous road trip that they only dared to dream about.

Just like back then, the gas filling stations were unoccupied, looking like they might shutdown anytime soon seeing how worn down everything seemed to be. They did repaint the convenience store, got rid of the tacky neon signs and broken fairy lights.  That or Taehyun finally managed to run away with the hideous things, the memory cracked a smile out of him, finding it ridiculous because who knows what had happened after all this time?

He remembered hot summer days, hanging about with nowhere to go as they popped discounted soda cans and slurped on the drink, face flushed. More often than not, they would end up on the beach that nestled the entire span of the town, going back home in the evening with sand in their hair.

A text message buzzed in the back pocket of his jeans, probably Seunghoon asking him if he had gotten lost along the way, if being away for so long made him forget the way home.

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Klaus for the character meme

1: sexuality headcanon: Fluid. Very fluid. 
2: otp: Klebekah and Klelijah.
3: brotp: Klarcel and Klayley *but also this is OTP ..this is hard*
4: notp: none.
5: first headcanon that pops into my head: For some reason, right now all I can think of is my headcanon that Klaus secretly really really loves burgers even though he considers it food for the commoners. And he’s really afraid that Elijah would find out. 
6: favorite line from this character: That “loneliness” speech still wins it in tvd 4x09,
7: one way in which I relate to this character: I can relate with his feeling of being an outsider quiet a bit actually.
8: thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character: being extra AF. like can you not be a drama queen Klaus?
9: cinnamon roll or problematic fave?: Problematic favorite for sure. 

[Send me a character!]

5 Reasons You Should Watch "Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo" | Soompi
I’m just going to get right to it because there’s really no point in beating around the bush. THIS DRAMA IS FANTASTIC. The MBC Wednesday-Thursday drama "We

All in complete. I love this drama 💖 Cute nickname, couple, friendship, story line 💕 The casts are super fit the character so well, I love it 😍