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Please pray and help in any way you can Puerto Rico and Mexico. Neither of our economies/governments are really very good, so we really need both the support of our people and the support of our foreign allies (and colonizers) to get us through these devastating disasters. Both Mexico and Puerto Rico are experiencing two back-to-back of the same disasters and it’s horrible. Please think of us, even if you just spread the news in whatever way. Share links to donation sites, give some food cans to a donation center, anything. 

[!!] PH Entertainment is on the confirmed list of companies that are sending their artists to KBS's idol rebooting show The Unit [!!]

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How do you think red and kitty would react to Hyde and Jackie starting a family?

I think Red and Kitty’s reaction to the news of Hyde and Jackie starting a family would all be based on what Hyde and Jackie’s state was at that moment. I’m going to assume, because I love fluff and like to think everyone got their happy endings in the series, that Hyde and Jackie are happily married when they tell Red and Kitty that they are pregnant.

Both Red and Kitty would be very happy for the new parents to be. Kitty would be bouncing with excitement, maybe saying something like ‘I knew you were pregnant!’, and hugging everyone in the room. First Hyde, then Jackie, then even Red and then back to Jackie and Hyde.

Kitty would be absolutely thrilled at the thought of there being a baby around again, she’d cry some happy tears, scream with excitement maybe looking something like this:

Red would also be very happy for the pair, he just wouldn’t show it in such a flamboyant way the way his wife did. Along with happiness, Red would also feel very proud because he already knows that Steven and Jackie will make great parents, a hell of a lot better than the kinds of parents they’d been given as kids.

Red would congratulate Hyde with a strong pat on the back, maybe a one-armed hug as he said ‘Congratulations, son’ And with Jackie he’d surprise those in the room by giving her a real hug, perhaps looking something like this:

Thank you so much for the question! *hug*

It’s Red and Kitty as Grandparents Week send me Questions and Headcanons here

Upcoming Oneshot Fic Coming Soon

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few things: 1- spam for you bc of the update, 2-im tempted to call you shroom mom 3- im gonna draw too much of the shark and dolphin duo while im gone 4- expect a late gift art i ment to finish a few days ago. thats all ily shroomy. oh and i have like half or so of the first chapter for that matt angst planned out so more to expect. ok im shutting up now bye-bye ♡♡


[ARTICOLO] I BTS rompono il record per i gruppi K-Pop con il maggior numero di visualizzazioni di un video musicale ottenute in 24 ore

“Dopo che i BTS hanno superato il record come video musicale più veloce a raggiungere sia 10 milioni che 20 milioni di visualizzazioni con “DNA”, i BTS hanno rotto un altro record su YouTube per quanto riguarda i gruppi K-pop per il video musicale con più visualizzazioni raggiunte in 24 ore.

Alle 6PM del 19 Settembre, 24 ore dopo il suo rilascio, “DNA” dei BTS ha registrato 20,975,068 visualizzazioni, il numero più alto per un gruppo K-pop raggiunto in 24 ore. Questo record era detenuto precedentemente da “As If It’s Your Last” delle BLACKPINK, che aveva raggiunto il numero impressionante di 13,316,290 visualizzazioni 24 ore dopo il suo rilascio.

Congratulazione ai BTS!”

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ok wow ive been super busy today but here are my thoughts on today’s nhl news:

  • my heart goes out to brian boyle and i will be praying for him and for his family
  • im a little disappointed that pk didn’t even get an A but i love jos and im not surprised at all that he got named captain!!!! i hope he does well and that he stays captain of the preds for a long time
  • apparently the sens are “aggressively” pursuing duchene, in which case my money is on the sens literally killing everyone in the eastern conference
  • speaking of the sens, im upset that colin white is going to be out 6-8 weeks and i wish him the best in his recovery
  • the preseason is literally meaningless but these box scores are hilarious

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have you ever thought of making a puyo puyo quest guide? i really love ppq but its really hard to get into

I don’t really need to do that since the Puyo Nexus wiki already got a nice little guide on how to get started and other necessary info about the game.

Here’s their Beginner’s Guide.

Portal. Here you can look up pretty much anything you need to know, such as info on all the cards and how certain things in the game works. There’s also an event timetable that shows when events starts and when they’re done.

News and Announcements on the forum is a good place to check for upcoming events and such.

It may be hard to get into at first because of the language barrier but don’t let that scare you away. It’s worth it once you learn the menus, which shouldn’t take a long time. I’ve put so many hours into this game and I highly recommend checking it out if you’re looking for a mobile game to play.

Feel free to ask me for help if there’s anything specific you’re wondering about. I’d be glad to help!

Why Henry’s Book Bombed

Someone was asking why Henry’s book failed. Some speculated that it had the flaws the show’s had, heroes who are heroes in name only and get away with all sorts of horrible things, Bae’s death, Rumple being the heroes’ scapegoat no matter how hard he tries, etc.

Here’s my theory, Hook has become an influential book reviewer. He has a blog and a popular news column, Pirated Previews. Various abuse support groups complain that he supports books with unhealthy, abusive relationships, but he just sneers that these are people who don’t understand what real love is about. 

From his review on a book about Henry VIII: Pop culture paints the king as the villain, but this book puts the blame back where it belongs, on all the women who couldn’t accept him the way he was.

From a book about a stalker: True love means never having to say I’ll go away and stop bothering you.

His review on Henry’s book ripped on it for focusing on secondary characters instead of the dashing pirate. Pages were wasted showing Emma Swan interacting with her parents, her friends, and even her son when it should be clear to any discerning read her only role is to prop up the pirate. Also, the book, which is written from the point of view of a narrator claiming to be Emma’s son, keeps bringing up the pain he felt at the loss of his father and how quickly his mother got involved with the pirate after his dad’s death. 

Says Hook: Anyone who’s ever been lucky enough to date a charming rogue, like the Captain, would know, in real life, Emma’s son would be overjoyed to have that bland loser replaced by a real man. Hitting on his mother at the funeral wasn’t (as the narrator claimed) a disgusting act of disrespect, it was the kindest thing a decent man could do for a woman who’d already wasted too much of her life on trash like Baelfire. If a man like the Captain is willing to pay attention to you, you thank your lucky stars and accept him!

This was followed by a long diatribe about how the author just didn’t understand real life.

The book bombed. 

So with the news it’s even less likely to see Elaine on screen (I guess but who knows, I dunno..) again but I got to say…

I wanna see Peter and Elaine playing a couple. Sharing a kiss and looking at each other lovingly. Having dramatic moments together. I wanna see them together!

*whispers* I just love them is all.

[ARTICOLO] I BTS rompono record K-pop con risultati impressionanti sulle classifiche di iTunes per “Love Yourself: Her”

“Il nuovo mini album dei BTS è arrivato in cima alle classifiche di iTunes di tutto il mondo!

Il mini album “Love Yourself: Her” del gruppo in cui è presente la title track “DNA” è uscito il 18 Settembre alle 6PM KST. Già da quell’ora il mini album ha conquistato il primo posto delle classifiche iTunes dei Top Album di 73 paesi! È il numero più alto di sempre per un artista K-pop.

I paesi includono: Stati Uniti, Inghilterra, Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Belarus, Belgio, Brasile, Brunei, Bulgaria, Cambogia, Camerun, Canada, Cile, Colombia, Costa Rista, Costa d’Avorio, Ecuador, El Salvador, Estonia, Etiopia, Finlandia, Francia, Germania, Grecia, Hong Kong, Ungheria, India, Indonesia, Irlanda, Israele, Giappone, Kazakistan, Laos, Lettonia, Libia, Liechtenstein, Lituania, Lussemburgo, Macau, Malesia, Maldive, Mauritius, Messico, Myanmar, Paesi Bassi, Nuova Zelanda, Nicaragua, Norvegia, Palestina, Perù, Filippine, Polonia, Portogallo, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Slovacchia, Slovenia, Sudafrica, Spagna, Svezia, Svizzera, Taiwan, Thailandia, Turchia, Ucraina e Vietnam.

La title track “DNA” è arrivata prima in 29 paesi sulla classifica Top Songs di iTunes includendo Argentina, Belize, Brunei, Bulgaria, Cile, El Salvador, Estonia, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Ungheria, Indonesia, Kazakistan, Laos, Lituania, Malesia, Norvegia, Perù, Filippine, Polonia, Romania, Singapore, Slovenia, Svezia, Taiwan, Thailandia, Turchia, Ucraina e Vietnam.

Inoltre “DNA” dei BTS ha raggiunto la quarta posizione sulla classifica iTunes Top Songs negli Stati Uniti.

Questo significa che hanno battuto il loro precedente record per i gruppi K-pop che avevano stabilito quando “Spring Day” era arrivata all’ottava posizione sulla classifica Top Songs negli Stati Uniti a Febbraio.


Congratulazioni, BTS!”

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some lessons I learned from the Foxes

Andrew: know yourself. enforce your boundaries because you have the right to. ask for help when you need it. 

Neil: you are not the people who hurt you. you do belong somewhere. 

Aaron: facing the world alone will only bring you pain. forgive. 

Renee: you can always change. you are not irredeemable. 

Dan: your dreams aren’t stupid or impossible. you can achieve them. 

Allison: no one can tell you who to be. you decide. 

Matt: never forget what made you the person you are today. it may not be pretty, but you’re here, and that counts for so much. 

Nicky: you are nothing to be ashamed of. anybody who makes you feel different isn’t worth your time or energy. 

Kevin: you are stronger than you think. you are capable of greatness. 

A Deal With The Devil

Story by reddit user CommanderSection

The deal was simple; we’d get to ask him a couple of questions and he got to ask us a couple of questions. A bit odd if you ask me. What could The Devil possibly want to know from us? I couldn’t tell you.

“Is heaven real?” I asked.

“Yes,” he replied, his voice like dying embers in a fireplace, “and so is hell.”

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Rare Collection of 100 Introvert Quotes That Will Make You Feel Understood

Originally posted by water-aesthetics

Dear introverts, it’s difficult to understand you. Many people don’t comprehend that solitude and feeling alone are different things. As an introvert, you know that your solitude is a sacred space where you can recharge. We encourage you to have a look at these amazingly thoughtful and profound quotes, which will resonate with all introverts.

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do u think artemis n apollo ever look at thalia & jason and realize something about their similarities w/ their tiny half siblings. like: “dad really needs to branch out from the punk archer daughter and frat boy looking son thing” / “apollo, dad REALLY does not need more kids”

How Dan and Phil probably broke up #15
  • Dan: buffy sucks
One Direction’s Niall Horan Going in Another Direction?

Horan pictured above at the Grammy Universal Music Group after party on February 12

Could the One Direction star be in the process of cutting ties with fellow band members?

Niall Horan (23) posted on his twitter earlier today about his electricity woes, having been without power for the past 24 hours.

Pictured above, the One Direction star’s tweet about his power outage

With a net worth of £33 million ($47.53 million) as of last year, fans online are wondering if something isn’t wrong in the life of their favourite Irish singer.

“He’s a multi-millionaire, why didn’t he just go stay in a hotel?”, questioned one anonymous fan, “What would he even do at home for 24 hours without power?”

Another fan who was equally dumbfounded said: “If he’s so rich why doesn’t he just pay somebody to fix the problem already?”

But the most interesting comment came from a fan who asked “Why wouldn’t he just stay with some of his equally rich fellow band mate best friends? If my best friend was without power for 24 hours I wouldn’t leave them to stay alone in their own house.” We here at the AAS couldn’t help but wonder the same thing so we reached out to Horan’s band mates for commentary.

Liam Payne pictured above with rapper Drake working on the album to come out “soon”

Unfortunately, fellow band member Liam Payne (23) who is currently searching for his elusive solo album, to come out “soon”, and is busy answering fans’ questions on twitter could not be reached for commentary. Zayn Malik (24), who may or may not be a former member of the band could also not be reached for commentary as he is currently occupied with being persistently prospective ‘super model’ Gigi Hadid’s boyfriend prop for her Instagram photo ops.

Malik and Hadid pictured above in a recent pic with Malik sporting an old hair style from last year

However, we were able to contact Horan’s fellow band members and rich husbands Louis Tomlinson (25) and Harry Styles (23) who refuse to let Horan who has been without power for longer than anybody can remember to stay in their meditation tea house. Styles commented:

“That hat man, he really needs to step up his style if he wants to put one foot inside our meticulously decorated tea house. There’s vintage furniture in there, one of a kind stuff!”

The Tomlinson-Styles’ meditation tea house

Tomlinson added: “Never really liked the lad. Was always weirdly invested in our relationship. I think it all began when he started to care more about golf than football. More than football!”

Horan on one of his frequent trips to the green

“I really think he stalks my husband. He likes all of his pictures moments after they’re posted. Even the fans don’t get to the pictures that fast!” Styles said. “Honestly, I think this power outage was a sign. It’s time to move on. Our relationship involves two people, not three, even though he seems to think otherwise.”

Tomlinson and Styles pictured on a date at the 2015 American Music Awards

“He calls himself captain, you know? Of our ship. We caught him once dancing and dressed like a sailor. It’s at the point where we really feel like he should keep his distance from us,” Styles explained.

“This past year and a half away from Niall has been a wonderful and much appreciated break, but when I went solo he was right in our faces again and wouldn’t leave me and me social media alone. It was frankly quite disturbing,” Louis added, troubled.

Horan and band members discussing Valentine’s Day plans and Horan showcasing his investment in Styles and Tomlinson’s relationship early on in the band’s career

“You know he started a fight with Steve once, saying that he wouldn’t take his place as my biggest fan even over Niall’s dead body. He’s gone mad, I tell you. Did you know he once sent me a truck load of footballs just because I like the sport? We just don’t know what to do. He needs to stop,” Tomlinson said.

“He forgets that I have been and always will be Lou’s biggest fan,” Styles complained, “We had some good times together as a band, we really did, but Niall needs to move on. It’s not 2012 anymore. Somewhere along the way his obsession with us went from cute and endearing to creepy and annoying.”

Louis Tomlinson and Steve Aoki pictured above who have recently been working together and released their single “Just Hold On”

Who knew it would come out in 2017 that Niall Horan is the cause of the band’s split thanks to a simple tweet about a power outage?

(for my love @rated-l-for-larry without whom half this shitpost wouldn’t be possible. you asked for it and i delivered. hope you enjoy 😘)