i love all of these little moments of people helping each other


The 100 Favourite Moments - Lexa/Clarke (2x14)
Two people standing facing each other. One asking the question of what could be… Am I worthy? Could you love me as much as I can see myself loving you?


If I were Shakespeare, I would write you a sonnet (dude really loved his sonnets).  Oh my gosh, I love chatting with you and headcanoning and THANK YOU for being a wonderful, sensible person in this crazy whirling shitstorm of a fandom.  

I <3 making our lovely characters suffer… even if we have moments of “oh no, I made myself sad…”  I’ve always believed that creative type people function best in a community where they can interact and feed off of each others energies.  Thank you for being that for me!  Your posts and original characters are constant sources of inspiration for me with my own, and I just know you’re probably tired of my little icon popping up ALL OVER your activity feed but you are amazing and wonderful and I just can’t help it! 

Also I will never forgive you for making me love Stroud.  I’m no longer able to leave him in the fade like its nbd.     

Number Game Thing