i love all of these little moments of people helping each other

Fitblr Valentine’s

Hiya everybody! 

I know for some Valentine’s is a sore subject for a number of reasons- but let’s throw all that out for a moment. 

I suggest, going to each other’s askbox or even submit box on Valentine’s Day (or even any day before V-Day if ya just can’t wait to spread the love!) and letting someone know that you love/care/admire them! Tell them the good qualities about them they may not see in themselves. I thought that maybe a little genuine and meaningful boost like this spread throughout the community could really help spark and inspire people, especially people trying to do the real self love challenge that might be finding it hard in the beginning to feel that love for themselves! <3

What do ya’ll think?

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I just can't help think about what if Bellamy actually HAD gotten her out of there

like just imagine,,,,, they share another one of their intense looks. like one they are safe from roan at least for a little and have stopped running, they just stand there and look at each other. and you can see all the pain in bellamy’s eyes and all the apologies in clarke’s and more than that, the love. and then the both just break and collapse into each others arms and they’re holding each other so tight and tears are running down both of their faces and Clarke won’t stop saying I’m sorry and Bellamy is doing that hair stroke thing he does when he hugs people and they just stay there for so long because in that moment they are just so happy to be back together and to be with the person they are lowkey in love with and I don’t even want to continue like this because my otp got split up once because apparently it is ridiculous for these two to just go back to being coleaders and maybe even something else and I just want more of all of the love a say this episode