i love all of them but srsly

I missed out @therealjacksepticeye playthrough of this game 2 weeks ago, but I’m glad that I’ve watched all of it, and needless to say, Jack really got me into this game:) 

I srsly feel that this game can be somehow connected to Undertale…..Like the personalities and stuff.

And Jack’s vids of NITW kinda inspired me to draw them in a different style, like slightly more realism of these animals. His voice acting is awesome as well:D

And i thought the plot is kinda pointless until the end….Man, it got me thinking;/, and thanks for the awesome experience, Jack:)(i love the part where you check your black hoodie and stuff cos u were trying to break the game’s fourth wall;D)

So, I know that a lot of people in this fandom are angst-eating-beasts so there are a lot of theories around what happened to Victor’s family. “They died” and “they left him” are the ones I hear the most.

But I came here today to tell you about my theory. It’s odd. Don’t judge, I’m pretty odd myself.

So, I like to think that Victor’s parents are Russian spies on the USA and that they are about to take Trump down. As they are spies, they can’t contact Victor a lot but they love him. And Victor loves them, but to protect them he doesn’t speak about his parents or their jobs. They are very proud parents tho. They even went see him skate on all of the GPF Victor has been to (even as a coach).

They ship Victuuri, too.



No, I mean it. Fell bros are wonderful, there can be so many ideas about how their relationship (normal, loving relationship!) can go. so wHY IT JUST ISN’T ENOUGH FOR YOU ALL? srsly, i want to see them as lovers. and ALL i see is about how papyrus hates sans, and god, all this torture, all this depression and suicide thingies, it isn’t normal to like this stuff, you realise that right?
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I srsly need more ppl to follow and fuel my gay and love for girl groups

-oh my girl
-girls day
-basically girl groups in general lmao bcaus im srsly gay for all grilg rrouos and i lo ve and support them all

Mayuri, Senjumaru & Nemu.

fucked up family, first time I drew Kurotsuchi and Nemu, anyway we only know that Mayuri and Shutara have a very deep connection, thanks to a mini character book, but also the manga gave small hints but in the end, we know absolutely nothing. *flips table* Anyway enjoy this freak show, I love them all <3

Tbh this fandom is freaking amazing only 7 episodes in only 9 weeks as being a fandom, and there’s already so many great theories, there’s so much fanfiction, every character is shipped one way or another, so many new friendships between us all it’s honestly just great.
But srsly the theories are my favorite like they make so much sense there’s so much to back them up like wow props everyone this fandom is so smart 👏👏👏

Imagine him waiting for you like this ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I should’ve done this sooner! I don’t know why I didn’t lol srsly…Yoongi, leather and bikes..man….three thing that I love and it’s such a nice concept <3

Waahhh sorry for the inactivity ;__; I haven’t been feeling well lately and I kinda have an artblock orz I sketched this before my pc got all fucked up but I completely forgot about it! lol There’s a lot of things I want to do but I don’t have the time to actually do them *cries* ;n;

Tickle things that will turn me into a puddle

• Getting me to actually say the “T” word to boost your advantage against me

• Acting like I said something else besides “stop”


• saying you gotta get all the giggles out


• Calling your hands tickle spiders


• holding me like a precious tiny baby bunny while you tickle me

• “Tickle-tickle-tickle-tickle!” or “Coochie-coochie-coochie-coo!”

• TICKLE CPR: (1) Rub your hands together, making a humming/buzzing sound with your mouth, and shouting “CLEAR!” before tickling my tum! (2) If 1 fails, try mouth-to-tum, AKA RASPBERRIES!


• giving me a kiss/kisses during/after tickling.

• Laughing/Giggling, saying my laughter/giggles are contagious, and blaming me for giving you them


• nibbling my ribs like they’re freaking food and complimenting on how they taste


• telling a story with tons of growing suspense that all leads up to you TICKLING ME OUT OF NOWHERE!

thank you for your time. 😜

i relate to all the broody characters in love with people made of sunshine because i am really emo and angry and my friends are all made of sunlight and stardust and wildflowers and i trail after them like a fuckin shadow with a crackling constant soundtrack of my chemical romance


Favorite Super Junior Pairings - Teukchul / 83line [Leeteuk + Heechul] (^_−)☆
“Jungsu-ah, it’s me. When it’s really time for me to talk to you, I suddenly don’t know what to say. Let’s be together for a long time, okay? Really, you are my only 83line friend. No matter what, thank you. I love you, brat!” -Heechul

orchestra kids in love
  • cellos: will serenade you until you cry and marry them. do not mention pachebel's canon or they will dump you.
  • first violins: too stressed to date, they will ditch you for practice unless you bring alcohol
  • second violins: like to chat with people from different sections, lend them a pencil and they'll love you forever
  • violas: wallflowers to the max but very down to earth, they just want to be noticed and you have to make the first move
  • double basses: sassy as fuck and always taller than you
  • flutes: very pretty. also dramatic. i have been witness to flutes fighting with boy/girlfriends and it's heavy stuff
  • clarinets: need all the love srsly go talk to a clarinet
  • oboes: chatty as fuck and can be smooth when they want to, never pay for food
  • bassoons: always weird but in a kooky way. will probably stare at the person they like and never tell them
  • saxophones: made of sex. the most chill ppl in the room except for maybe percussion
  • french horns: dorks who will make you laugh, probably already dating someone
  • trumpets: flirts and loud and proud about it. will flash you for a 20
  • trombones: boner jokes, but actually really nice
  • tubas: always smug about something. good hair
  • harp: ethereal and serene, date if you've always dreamed of finding a faerie
  • piano: damn those fingers are skilled ;) nerds who will blush if you tell them pickup lines
  • percussion: always hot, male or female. will wink at you and take you to music festivals

So, a few weeks ago I started to rewatch Gotham, together with my mother and my lil’ sister. And something about Oswalds character came into my mind…

So, all of us where really surprised that Oswald spared Mooneys life back at the begining of Season 3. I read theories that Fish manipulated him with her words, but I thought to myself: Oswald is intelligent. He knew Fish really good and he knew that she could me a manipulative bitch. To be sure that she won’t cross his plans, the best thing he could do is had her killed. But he didn’t.

After I start to rewatch, I realized that Oswald spared many lifes. More than any other villain in Gotham. Especially from those with who he is emotionally connected.

For example: Falcone. They basically tried to kill each other. But at the end of the first season, it looks like Oswald let the old man go. We don’t know if Falcone hid somewhere or Penguin was just like: ok go on, live your life, as long as you don’t try to come back I’m cool with it. I mean, in front of Mooney, he even begged for the Kingpins life (what I believe was more a intelligent move to save his own ass)

Later, in the 2nd season, he let Butch (who shot him back in the final) and Selina work for him. Like what?? Selina worked for Mooney, Butch betrayed him for the same women even if you shouldn’t be capable of such a move. But he spared them both. Even Jim, who let him alone for dying never had to fear Oswalds revenge. And this list becomes longer and longer. Tabitha killed his mother. And still he let her live. Babs was once a part of Theos gang and in some episodes it even looks like Oswald likes her, takes care for her in some way. Jim, who let him alone, suffering from torture in Arkham. Butch, who betrayes him as soon as he get his brain back to its normal status.

It’s carzy, but this little birdy spares lifes like he’s Oprah. He had enough reasons to kill all of them. And exactly those motherfuckers betrayed him later. Ok yeah, he tried to kill Butch and Tabitha more than once, especially when he was in a rage mood, but srsly? I would do the same when somebody even just tries to harm my family or my closest friends.

And now, there is Ed. The love Oswald feels for him, is much more pure and also vulnerable than anything he felt for Jim or anyone else. So I think that his betrayal is much more worse for Penguin, but will it be enough to take away this characteristic of letting someone live, even if this person harmed him in the past? I really don’t know. On the one hand, Oswald was always one step ahaed becoming the villain he is later than Ed or any other bad guy on Gotham. It would totally make sense when he’s loosing this characteristic. On the other hand… I don’t know, he now understands what true love is?! He just made such a big step, the development he made was incredible! It would be a shame when the writers take this away from him. Maybe, just maybe in the next few episodes we will meet a Penguin who’s thristy for revenge, not willing to let anyone who betrayed him live but at the end of the season, after hours of hours of bloody fights, complexe plans and tears and fears and rage, he’ll be exhausted. Like, he looks himself in the mirror and don’t recognize the person who stares back anymore? Or he gets the chance to kill Ed and he just can’t?? I really don’t know and I have no idea, but fuck I’m so excited what will happen next!!

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Hi so I've recently gotten into B.A.P and you always post quality stuff, can you recommend me some B.A.P blogs?

1st: thanks I try to keep my blog pretty so like thanks really <3 

2nd OFC I CAN THERES SO MANY AMAZING B.A.P BLOGS so like strap in bucko. 

@bangyxnggxk (tbh I just found this blog and it’s beautiful holy moly welcome to my life)
@fuckkriswithadildo (not 100% BAP but posts really cute junk)
@mrsjungdaehyun(also not 100% B.A.P but shes super sweet and super dedicated so go give her some love pls)
@daefsoul (Quality asf truss)

SHIT I FORGOT @eotteokhaji-s I’m so sorry, go follow them too please they’re neatoooo~~~~


And actual like official super business updates/translations and more B.A.P Blogs that I follow
@itsbap @fuckyeahdaehyun 

Can you tell I’m a daehyun stans?
Anyways these are the ones I follow and will follow forever, they are great people and post top tier content :)

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Ayo Mom~ what's your favorite hair style for each member :3

bebs~ i really thought that this was going to be easier BUT of course not 

onew: i really love his blush hair during view, hands down my fav but he also looks so! good! with his hair light brown with his bangs up (i am a huge fan of onew showing his forehead tbh) 

jonghyun: ;alskfjd I DON’T KNOW ALL?? i love his pink hair i am so damn soft for it but also srsly boy was meant to be blonde bc he rocks it so well and i cri 

key: this boy can pull of any style i s2g i loved! HIS! VIEW! HAIR! it was green and had lil braids and he looked so good but babe also looks fine as hell in white blonde hair and jet black hair (like get the treasure/odd eye?? my jaw dropped). i honestly can’t tell if i like his hair better with the long middle part or down or swept to the side (it’s all of them) 


BLACK HAIR. BANGS UP. or messy dark brown hair. or his white hair bangs up omg that BOY 


highkey loved his long hair when i saw him in lucifer i was like wow you are something else lee taemin. also he looked SO good during danger era where he had his hair up TALL black or blonde he was wow