i love all of my followers a lot! i swear!

what she says: im fine 

what she means: i love play rehearsal because it’s the BEST because it is fun. I love play rehearsal and I get depressed whenever it’s done but nOT depreeSSED aS in like KiLl yoURSElf no im nOT INto SElf hArm dude i swear here, CHECK my ARM i just use the word to emphaSIze a point show the PASSION that ive got (i am passionate a lot) i have mAD gigantic fEelINgs - red and fRantic fEelings about mosT EVERYthIng (like gun coNtrol like spring) like if im lIVinG up To aLl iM MEANT TO BE - i also have a touch of add. where wAS I?? oh right! i lOVe pLay rehearSal cuz you are EQUIPEd with diREcTion anD TExt. life is easY in rEherSal. you follow A ScriPT so you KNoW what cOmes next. anywhoThePointImGettingToIsSometimes life cant work out in the way it works out in the PLaY. like the oNLY time i get to be the CenTeR of attention is when im jULIEt or bLANCHe duBOIs (and can i mention what was really one of my best roles did you see that?) and no matter HOW HARD i tRy it’s impossible to narrow down the mANY reasons whYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY I LOVE PLAY REHEARSAL!! i happiness cry whenever it starts! it’s just so uNIVERSAl! getting to try so mANy pARTS. Most humans do one thing for ALL of their lives, the thought of that giVES me HIVES. ive got so many interests i wanna persue- (and why AM I telling THIS to YOu??) Guess theres a part of me that wants to??? back to play rehearsal. my brain is like ‘BZZZZZZZZ’ and my heart is like “WOW”- and its STARTING. WE’re STARTING. It’s STARTING. soOOOOONSOONON

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🌷 (the ask thingy)

🌷 = favourite blogs

Ooh this is going to be a long one. Like looonnngggg so it’s going under a cut. Also this is less of a favorites and more of a “all the blogs I love and why I love them”


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sooooo, i’ve reached my first ever goal on tumblr after only eight months wohoooo!!!!!! three thousand thank yous to the 500 people who follow me (honestly why tho i’m trash my blog is trash my tags are mostly me crying and screaming and being sad and lusting over unreachable people, i really don’t deserve yall 💗💕💞💖) and now i’m going to start the process of mentioning every single person i follow (fyeah tumblrs not included)

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The thing is that my tablet (well, more like just the USB) broke a long time ago, and like you should know, wacom don’t sell usb (or at last not here in my country), so I had to search and try with a lot of usb and TODAY FINALLY ONE WORK OUT AND IM SO HAPPY LIKE GOSH THANK YOU JESUS 
I also was very busy (and stessed) because of my studies, this is my last year btw, so i have to work even hard, but i know i can manage it and make it work so, i a few words, I’LL START uPLOADING AGAIN
I was just goint to upload my draws again without saying nothing, but when I left I just have like 1k follower (follower who I appreciate and love ofc <3), but now I have MORE THAN 5K, HOW; WHEN, WHY (ALSO THANK YOU SO MUCH BECAUSE IT MEANS THE WORLD FOR ME BUT DUdE)
So, you all really deserve a explanation about what happend. 
Also, maybe a lot of people don’t know me yet so i’ll introduce myself as well.

My name is Coco (but you can call me senpai), I’m 16 years old tiny artist, hardcore shipper, silly, and soft stan. WELCOME TO MY TUMBLR, I hope you have fun and like my art (also please, if you gonna repost please ask first <3),
here you probably will fin a lot of silly comics, gay ships and pop colors, so you’re warned. 
Finally, thank you all for you support even when I was gone, I really really appreciate all you comments and ask (WHICH IM GONNA REPLY RN I SWEAR PLEASE SEND MORE I LOVE READ T¨HEM),
Since the bottom of my heart 
Thank you so much <3


Rank up! Sere hits 300+ followers! Bias list!

Hey everyone! First, I want to thank everyone that has been with me since I started this blog ( like in January or something. I can’t remember. ha). I know some people have left and hope the best for you. I just am glad that everyone likes my interpretation of Akira ( P5kun, Chair-kun , nasty crime boi, the king of memes), where it’s when I make him a little shit or when I get a little angst-y with him ( because the poor boi didn’t deserve anything he went through).

As I said before, I’ve never really connected with any of the previous protagonists. The reason being is that they seemed too perfect ( Yu more than Minato but they both fall into the same category). With Akira, it’s different. You see his failures, how doing the right thing isn’t always the most pleasant out there. You see him actually eyeing the friends that he is around ( mostly Ann and Makoto because of the cutscenes) and learning from his mistakes. How he teases his friends because let’s be honest, a friend teases another friend. They just don’t stand there and be silent for the whole game. I really love this muse and see a lot of traits of myself in him. I am quick to use dry humor and help people out in times of need ( although just like Akira, sometimes this backfires on me). I dunno. Again, I’m emotional over a very handsome boi who has a good voice ( both English and Japanese ) and is edge-master/geek-boy/joker/I got this devilish smirk that everyone loves ( except for Syujin Academy, I swear to the people). Also, go the fuck to sleep!

On to my main point. I want to celebrate with you all so here’s a little list of people who have made my experience enjoyable. Sorry if you don’t get mentioned but there was a lot of people. I still do enjoy every single one of you. >.<

canonical parents who have a meme for a son. good luck and thanks for liking the sill head-canons & stuff: @beyondarrest & @crescentmirrcr

Joker squad aka I don’t know why you follow me but thanks for liking this version: @thecafeleblanc @ophantasma @corruptedpersona @survxvaltrxck @unmasqued @thyace @voleurducoeur @unmaskyourheart

squadgoals aka the shits on his team/life who are too precious for him to lose: @moruganya @empurest @skullheist @frcidyne @pantherclawed @nijxma @yusukc @penaruti @asthetecrown
@carmenized @kaitouanne @jurygamble @milvdy @hxneyotu @navigrave @crossxskulled @truemedjed @futaba-oracle @takcmi @oincri @vanux @shogiqueen @kitsuncbi @dipweb @kaitouryuji @phantasmaloracle @tragiste @leblancbarista @layerc4ke @kitsunekatana @kxyitem @rcbelskull @panthertastic @kawaiikami @pathofstrife @fantomefanboy @svperwomvn @queenedme @pillcger0ftwilight @shogitogo

P4 peeps aka this little shit is too jelly to be anything but inappropriate at all times (besides Nanako and shrine fox mom) to : @consumedwithcontempt @pawfully @trashcanarcana @gooselullaby @kunaiflourish @sweetpvnk @putonasho @fortunatantei @shrineguardian @steelbanchou @calystegiaidol @venmago @reaperdachi @velvetempress @shinetsuki

P3 senpais aka who are cool because of their envokers: @deathfortune @dolgelo @shadowsboxer @transiens @morecanonthanyou

Goros aka pancakes who can’t decided to be assholes or get into his pants: @the-phantom-crow @vaineglcrie @whtct @inxquisitor @fuseii

DR family aka there’s something about these people that make him feel a little connected. maybe it’s all of the murders happening in the schools or something: @desbearer @nonludum @mystxryious @ayatsurii @hxpelesszetsubx

Ace Attorney family aka because we all know that Akira is basically the phoenix wright of the persona community: @edqewcrth @fan-tasticfour @snarkiestlawyer

OC’s aka people who rock it. bc writing an OC is hard work and effort: @fausselune @aethear

Misc aka a few others: @servatuus  @aiiron @lcvefccl @spriingsong @shieldgraced @lamentis @reaperkiss @millenniumpharaoh @repriiisal @positivepianist @vcgabcnd @rationalclover @hurrxy @wcndyys


                  Wow, I just don’t quite believe it myself, that we actually hit this big for all these years we have been around here. It has been a hella big rollercoaster, and I appreciate everyone who still bears with us even through hard and good times. It feels great that we’re so welcomed around here and that most of you all like the portrayal of my dork here. It has now been around 8 years ( 10 in general ) since I made Natsu and sure has it been A LONG RIDE for both him as me, good times, bad times, even times when I felt of giving up. But we had the support, we were seen, and that’s what made me stay and work on him. I have always loved Natsu to bits, and I’m pretty sure a lot of you guys have seen it through my squeals and posts about him here hehe.

I actually never believed we would reach this far, but well we did, and I’m happy for all the followers we have and still receive too!! As below there may be URL’s added, but if yours isn’t there, then don’t feel bad, WE LOVE YOU ALL GUYS, I SWEAR. And I really hope you all will stick around with us many more years forward !! :)

@starsfates  — Lanih, you really have got me feel so much better lately, and you really makes me smile a lot, I still can’t believe we had met before without knowing it and now when we are now here, many years later together like this, I just can’t stop thank the God for letting the fate bring us together. I’m glad that Lucy enjoys my Natsu as much as I enjoy you as my friend too. — I want you to know that you always has my back, and always my helping hand if you need it. You’re my Lucy, and I’m your silly Natsu, but together we’re a hella good team ♡  I love you girl

@angelic-sorano  — TJ ! My cookie crumble ! I’m so glad we have met and that you’re my friend for sure! You have so many ideas I can’t stop laugh and smile when I see you telling us all about them, you’re a good friend, and I never will regret being it either with you, keep on rocking girl

@ancientbled  — Aleea  Omg, Of course, you deserve to be talked about here too because damn you sure was a good support when I needed comfort, and I’m glad we’re friends, as much as I just adore our BROTP. I still can’t wait for more interact with you and never feel worried to send me an ask or two, or just talking with each other in OOC. I love you

@monarchus  — JEEEEENNYY ♡ Thank you for being there for me when I needed it, I just love our BROTP, and it just brings a smile upon my lips each time you talk about it with me too. I’ll always be here for you so don’t worry about coming to me when you need someone to talk to because you was there for me.

@cuelebres / @distantdivine / @nightcrested / @sensorybound  ,  @regulusroar , @foolishhcpe / @starsfates / @kyuubcy , @dokuseiryu / @amorstellas@tenshcu@swordwield / @skyfates / @bledice ,  @crueltybled / @ancientbled@lightningfates , @drcuge @moonfates / @demonborne , @fanglesr , @tcdosou / @monarchus , @uxnmei , @hikitsugu / @tigreesse / @titaxia , @acciaioxnero , @evxdent , @galiciiaa / @shaddooo , @friguxcor / @interituxcor , @synastrist , @paperbearing , @elysiants , @lovedmagic , @freedthedark , @hollowedsin , @umbrafae , @angelic-sorano , @stelleroyal , @inpluxo , @regen-frau , @nocentis , @altairiiis , @oujo-heartfilia , @lumendraco / @laxusthelightning , @igneelsflames , @windflew + THE REST OF OUR LOVELY FOLLOWERS !!!

                                          THANK YOU !! ♡

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This is something that I have been wondering about for a while, and since it is related to writing I decided to ask one of my favorite writing blogs...Is it wrong for guys to want to write romance? Not the steamy, rated R stuff, but rather the process of falling in love bit. I love action, adventure, and science fiction, but I always have romance intertwined in it. It is something my friends find hilarious and I can't help but wonder if it is really all that strange....

Okay, well here’s a representation of what happened when I read this:

*Runs down stairs in a rage, trips on bottom step and almost breaks ankle*

“Mum! You’ll never believe what someone said to my Anon!”

*Gripping phone tightly, mum stepping away a little due to my ‘minor’ freak out*

“Wh-what, Honey?”

*Reads the message and has to stop mid-way through because I’m too pissed*

*Heavy breathing*

And now, I’ve sat here and reread this ask about 8 times. Darling, Write whatever the f**k you want to write. Don’t feel bad because of your ask, that is not what I’m getting mad at. I’m mad because someone (or group of someone’s) was teasing and putting my anon down for writing romance. Write The Romance! No one has any right to tell you what to write, so don’t take it to heart. If they irritate you once more for writing romance, you let me know and I will be there asap to punch a few faces. Then we get coffee and write romance novels like total badasses, okay? I’m sorry for my anger, oh god, I hope I haven’t scared you all off… I just feel that things like this shouldn’t be stereotyped to one gender and no one should be hurt by someones words for doing something that they’re probably rather good at. And if you want to write smut, you damn-well write it. 

I love you all very much and if someone hurts any of you because of what you write or the way you write, I swear I will fly out to your hometown and start some shit. No kidding… Good luck with the romance writing and message me if you want someone to tell you good things about you and your writing. Lots and lots of love from Yasmine xox

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I've been watching B99 since show began but I've only very recently decided to join the fandom & I was wondering if you could suggest good Twitter/Tumblr accounts to follow?❤️

i don’t use twitter so these r just tumblr accounts!!

@elsaclack okay look i know everyone and their mom knows who em is and we all love her and her talent of using the written word to murder each and every one of us but i think em deserves 10 million followers and right now she does not have 10 million followers so if u r for some crazy reason not following em ?!?!?!!???!!!! do it. (side note: lets call em emes like ames but with an e)


@amy-dancepants HI MICHAELA S B99 + TEXTS posts r why i live and breathe each and every day!! bc of her i can sleep at night knowing that hey,, maybe,,, she has made another text message post follow her!!!!!!!

@jokeperatla listen…….. i love mads a lot??? she is amazing and she has great posts v quality content…. and seriously if ur not following mads ur just missing out?? on happiness?? also if u do not follow her i will be :(((

@dianetti madi is a pure,, my sweet friend that i will protect at all costsss,, madi’s posts r so funny and make me smile a lot and she is currently not watching b99 until it comes out on netflix bc shes afraid of viruses so if u have the recent b99 eps on google drive or sth give madi a call….. and like her username is dianetti come on follow her

@full-santiago mafe is new but she is AMAZING and like she makes such quality posts?? even before i started following her i saw some of her posts and i was like woAHHHHH so do it guys also shes the nicesT and i love her!!

@scullysthumbtacks when i think of sarah i think of happiness and VIDEOS i swear she has Good things in store and getting updates about it feels like being in some inner circle??? she is the best???? 

@tiadorable I LOVE TIA SO MUCH SHES SO GOOD TO ME AND i will never forget the day she left this super sweet comment on one of my fics then proceeded to comment on aLL of my fics and she writes super good fic too!!!!!!!! 

@roscoesantangelo listen this is our fandom’s jorma and marielle representative but she is also the representative of MY HEART and makes GreaT posts and needs!!!! more!!!! appreciation!!!!!

@three-drink-amy I LOVE GRETCHEN!!!!!!!!!!!!! ShE is the sweetest and so devoted to getting b99 renewed like pls help her with #RenewB99 and tweet about it a lot!!!!!!!!!!! in addition to being a fantastic human being and great friend she has a dope???? blog???? and she WRITES SO GOOD and i swear if u follow her u will not regret it

okay i have class so i have to stop here oops there are so many more good blogs i haven’t talked about yet!! idk if i should edit this later or wait for someone to send me another ask anywaY toodles!!!

hello friends! i’ve just reached 500 followers which may be nothing for y’all but I swear it’s a lot to me so i’ve decided to create a (short) list of my favourite blogs on here, including, of course, studyblrs and classic-related blogs as I’m studying italian + latin literature and i just think they’re amazing! ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

  • @studyblrmasterposts as the url says this blog is all about masterposts and, what can i say, i just love it because i find it truly helpful, go check it out!
  • @legallychic idk i just keep seeing your posts all over my dash and i love it!
  • @thecoffeedesk a+ quality blog, totally recommended
  • @obsidianstudy is one the first studyblrs i’ve checked and i don’t even need to say how good it is because, cmon, it perfectly speaks for itself!!
  • @emmastudies ok i’m pretty sure y’all already know her blog but i’m just leaving this here because it’s really good + super nice printables/wallpaper!!!
  • @bookmrk one of these super nice blog which actually inspired me to create my own studyblr
  • @acadehmic tagging because i was super enthusiast about it by the time i created my own studyblr, i checked it on a daily basis lmao
  • last but not least @thoodleoo, the classics-related blog i was talking about. this is poor gold, you can’t a happy classicist until you check this blog

BONUS - national pride aka a couple of italian studyblrs I just wanna support as an italian student:

  • @camistuds you go girl! also, i’m an ex scientific high school kid so i just wish you all the best <3
  • @pimapostudyblr just followed you! congrats on your super cool blog!

Dats a lot of followers for a smol girl who is just being her dumb self on a daily basis :’D THANK YOU EVERYONE!!

I’m so sleepy rn (don’t sleep for just 5 hours every night kids) to say something properly decent with all of my positive will, but still I LOVE EVERY ONE OF YOU WHO FOLLOWS ME <3 YOU GUYS ARE TOTALLY THE BEST I SWEAR!! Thanks for supporting me and enjoying my blog and its randomness xD

I might do an art raffle later when I reach 900 followers… or maybe something else.

Mine~{Peter Pan Imagine}

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Peter Pan Imagine

Part III of here and the final part 

Author: Joi A. Wade

Requested: Yes, a lot, this one is most recent:  Hi there!!! Would it be a part 3 of Mine cause it was amazing, and I really can wait for another part !!! I can’t wait for the next part of Mine😱 I hope it will come out soon!!Anonymous said:I really can’t wait for the next part of Mine😱, i hope that it will come out soon!!!Anonymous said:I can’t wait for the next part of Mine 😍. I love your writing

Warnings: Fluff,  swearing, short

NOTE: WE MADE IT TO 1000 FOLLOWERS! Oh my gard, I am so thankful for all of you lovely people who read my imagines and stuck with my scatter brain, and slow updates! Love you all so much, more on the way as we speak, while I’m enjoying myself in Florida! AGAIN THANK YALL SO MUCH! 

You woke up to soft stroking from the back of your neck to your lower back. Peter stared at you with hooded eyes, watching as yours fluttered open slowly. The thrill of seeing your eyes the same dark shade from last night made a grin spread across his face. 

“Good morning, my little devil.” He rasped, you mirroring the same grin as you pecked his lips. 

“Fuck off,” Getting up to stretch, you can’t help but wince once you saw deep red marks traveling down from your collar bones to your pelvic bone. “Jesus Christ, could you have scratched any harder?”

“Oh, you’re the one to talk?” He turned over, showing you his scratches and bite marks, some of the blood still prominent. “And that’s not even all of them, love.” He smirked, laying back down with his hands behind his head.

You stared down at him, shaking your head slightly. “You must be pretty fucking proud of yourself, huh?”

“Well shouldn’t I be? I won, love. I got your demons out for good. No more being that boring Y/n, and more being the fun Y/n. Peter Pan never fails. And now it’s time to seal the deal.” He sat back up, one hand caressing your face while the other waved in the air, a box appearing in it. Opening by itself, showed this ring that had a dark glow surrounding it. “Be my queen, Y/n.”

You raised your eyebrow, tilting your head to the side. “You never pegged me for the marrying type.”

“Don’t think of it as marriage, that’s a waste of time. Think of it as…being mine forever, and you never leaving this island. Meaning no more family, no more of your ‘friends’…and no more Henry. Ever. Again.” His jaw clenched at the thought of Henry, daring you to say no. He didn’t mind reminding you who you belonged to. Over and over again. “What will it be, my pet?” 

You’re mind was already made up when he opened the box. That old Y/n? By now she was long gone. Never coming back. And the new Y/n could care less. The only man who could excite you the right way was sitting in front of you, that animalistic look in his eyes drawing you in even deeper than you were already. 

Leaning into him, you connected your lips with his, moving closer to where you were now straddling his waist. Your arms linked around his neck, while his one free arm wrapped securely around your hips, pulling you in impossibly close. The kiss quickly turned intense as you deepened it, gripping the hair at the base of his neck, earning a low growl in approval. Pulling away slowly, you made sure to bite his lower lip, smirking as another fell past his lips. 

“Does that answer your question, master?”  

His grin deepened, a deep chuckle escaping his mouth as the ring moved itself onto your ring finger, the dark glow disappearing and now permanently attached to you. 

“Welcome to Neverland, my queen.” 

Off I go!

So hey guys! This happens to be the place I know you’ll all understand how excited I am to finally take a plane tomorrow to catch Rammstein at the Graspop Festival in Belgium (straight from Mexico -yes I tried to make a Sehnsucht reference-). First time I travel alone, to such a far place, to see this fucking great band, so this really means a lot to me.

To all my new and old followers I fucking love you all, thanks for being there! Please bear with me through this week because I don’t think I will be updating. 

So, that is that. The playlist ended up with 550 songs, ha (I swear I narrowed it down to essentials!). 

Wohoooo! #LightInEurope 

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what are some cute, easy, and fun games that i could buy on steam during the sale? im getting some money back from poshmark and really feel like buying some bc im not good with money management.

i already bought stardew valley, samantha browne (its free tho and u should get it bc its super cute,) and im planning on getting slime rancher, some nancy drew games, and the town of light. if u want some ideas of wut i kinda like

PS!!! thank you all for following me. i honestly adore and love and appreciate all of you. today i got my 900th follower tonight and i dont even know how but i genuinely want to cry bc a bunch of strangers care enough to follow me even tho ive been slacking on actual sims stuff. i swear i have lots planned and hope i can continue being an somewhat ok person to follow 😭😭💕

I know that 1,400 isn’t a lot of people, but it’s taken me almost 2 years to get to this point and I’m proud. I know I don’t post as often as I’d like, but I swear I’m trying my hardest right now.

Thank you guys so much for 1400, and maybe…. just maybe…. I could hit 1500 before my Tumblr’s 2 year birthday? Just a thought ❤️

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First of all i use this pic for everything ok
I would prefer talking to girls because guys tend to be weird idk ;_;
A little bit about me I’m a very relaxed guy who’s very easy to talk to according to many people I’ve met on tumblr so that’s good right? I’m very emotional so like a friend to rant to would be nice, we could rant to each other :’)). I’m looking for someone who i can hopefully become best friends with and maybe even meet each other someday?
I won’t give too many of my interests out because i feel like it would suck the life out of a starting conversation sorryyy
I usually like having deep late night conversations about life and whatnot so i need someone who’s good at starting those 😭, I love writing music but i stopped bc reasons ;-; LEMME SAY NOW I’M A HUGE FLIRT AND FALL IN LOVE SO EASILY I SWEAR I’M A PAIN TO MYSELF
As of now I’m writing this realizing this bio is all over the place much like my mind and is probably too long I’m sorry
But if you wanna talk follow me on these things 👇👇👇👇
Tumblr: ishouldbe-asleep
Kik: whycantichoose
Snapchat: itsa_me3
Instagram: itsadrannn (PLEASE FOLLOW I’LL LOVE YOU LOTS)
I should also mention I’m 17 and from California can’t wait to talk 😊😊

sending all of my love over to @jollystyles tonight💗

If you don’t know Caroline or have the pleasure of following her (which I’ll subtly do right here: go and follow her!!!!!) just know that she is quite possibly the sweetest human to ever set foot on this earth. I swear to you, this girl has not a single mean bone in her body! She’s witty, unbelievably kind, and has the biggest heart ever. I’ve literally known her for a few weeks and I’m already so in awe and honestly BLESSED to have her as a friend. She’s one that i can go to with anything, serious or silly, and she’ll respond. Caroline is my biggest cheerleader on this blog and I love her more than I can put into words.



you guys are absolute sweethearts i swear. i love reading all your messages n absolutely love receiving requests. for the ones i have not done yet, please wait a little longer! i got a lot more requests than i expected. thank you so much for taking the time to read all my awkward writings :’))) i went from 41 to 110 followers in the past 2-4 days and i’m beyond happy. i will continue writing for sure, so make sure to keep the requests coming!! much love!!!


you guys are absolutely amazing oh my god i got about 500 notes today, roughly about 600 total which may not mean much to other writers, but it really makes me happy that other people enjoy my writing, even when i think it’s bad. regarding my other stores n drabbles, i used to be hella ecstatic over 20 notes. 20 notes. now? I’m getting alot more than that and i’m so overwhelmed rn you guys don’t even understand :’(((

if you guys would like to inbox me just for the heck of it like do some Q&A’s, then i’m all for it. if you want to rant, then rant! we can even fangirl together! i would love to interact with you guys as much as possible 


Merry Christmas Everyone!

I reached 2250 this christmas! I’m very VERY thankful with you all! Really… Thank you guys!!!! I want to make this Follow Forever because I want to tag my favorite blogs and wish you a Merry Christmas!!

Hope you all have an amazing holiday with all your family and friends, love you guys, you are amazing people that makes me smile everyday here in tumblr. You are my other family!!!<3

Here is a Nalu Christmas comic! Hope you guys like it, it didn’t came out like I was expecting because I’m really sleepy… It’s 5 am… haha! But I swear I put a  lot of effort and love on it!<3





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Checking in

Hi everyone! I’m sorry I haven’t been very active over the past few days, so I wanted to let y’all know what was going on (especially since I have a lot of new followers. Hi you guys!).

As most of you know, I’m a Kindergarten teacher. It’s currently our last week of school, so I’ve been swamped with end of the year prep, report cards, and general craziness. I’m also in grad school, so I have been working on assignments for that due this weekend. Fun right? Anyways, I’m hoping all of this craziness will die down soon so I can be around more. I’m still on checking messages and asks, so if you need to check in with me, I’m here!

But, I do have some exciting stuff coming! I was blown away by the response to Say You Won’t Let Go. I have been reading every comment and reblog, and y’all are amazing. I will respond to each one individually when I have time to actually sit down, but just know I love you and I appreciate it so much. Now, if you were worried about the ending, fear not! I’m working on a happy little part 2 thanks to some encouragement from y’all, particularly my girl @because-imma-lady-assface. I’ve kind of stalled on it right now (sorry!) but it’s coming, I swear. I ALSO have a few challenges coming up in the next few weeks, including an aesthetic I’m pretty excited about, so you will be getting stuff from me soon! Yay! And, you didn’t hear it for me, but I’m working on a few ideas for my very first Dean series as I hit my summer vacation. Shhh!

If you read all that crazy babbling, thank you. you’re amazing, and I love you so much. Feel free to jump in my asks and messages whenever to bug me about actually finishing my WIPs or just to talk. I’m still here!

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