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Aaaand, the diaporama of them all together.
My aim was to draw some of my favorite HP caracters doing something relaxing, that they enjoy. Because they have so many dangerous adventures… i wanted to see them having a rest.

So now it’s over -for now- and I’m returning to my work. XD (work is a comic about a love adventure King Francis of France had… Not nearly as fascinating as HP related stuff, but well… at least I turned King Francis into a pretty young man x3)







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Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: ~1600

Summary: Bucky’s POV; It’s been nearly thirty years since you were separated from the man you called Зимние, Zimniye, Winter. He was made to forget you, and he never knew why. What had the two of you done wrong? Now that he’s found you again… well…

Warnings: Angst

A/N: So, up to this point, every chapter has been nothing but angst and little bits of fluff. I’ve been considering including some “minor” smut - unless it takes away from the story - but I want you guys to weigh in on that. So leave a comment, a message, an ask, choose whatever form of communication please you. 

If looks could kill, the doctor would be dead and buried several times over by now. (Y/N) seems to be the only person in the room not glaring a hole into his rigid form. Even Fury is pissed.

Natasha, needless to say, was livid when I told her about his proposed “drastic measures”. She said, and I quote, “over his dead body”, cracked her neck and knuckles and then attempted to pursue him with murder in her eyes. It took both me and Steve to talk her back down. We argued in whispers until (Y/N) came into the room, rubbing sleep from her eyes.

“Is everything okay?” she whispers, her head cocked to the side.

“Sorry, Kitten,” I wrap my arms around her when she moves to stand at my side, “we didn’t mean to wake you.”

“It’s late.” She mutters, pressing her head to my chest.

“I know. Go back to bed. I’ll be there soon.”

“Not until you tell me what’s going on.” She looks up at me, “You’ve been acting weird since I found you in the gym earlier.”

“Just tell her, Buck.” Steve says from where he leans against the kitchen counter.

I sigh, turning to face (Y/N) completely, “Dr. Kennedy came to see me this morning. He said that if you missed one more session, he would have to report it to Fury and then drastic measures would be taken.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means he might try to admit you to a hospital on a more permanent basis.” Natasha answers for me, her voice rough with anger.

“You mean we could be separated?”

Tears immediately begin to form in her eyes. I shake my head and cradle her head gently in my hands, forcing her to look me in the eye.

“I’m not going to let that happen. Okay? No one is taking you from me.”

Steve pushes off the counter and comes to stand beside us, “We’ll go to Fury ourselves before we let that happen.”

“What if there’s nothing we can do?”

“Then I kill the doctor.” Natasha wears a devious smile.

“Come on, Kitten, don’t you trust me?”

She smiles and nods her head slowly, “Of course.”

“Then trust me when I say everything’s gonna be fine.”

Fury sighs, pinching the bridge of his nose and leaning back in his chair.

“When she was placed under my care, it was made very clear that she was to meet with me each week to maintain a constant psychological evaluation. Her release from that condition was meant to be at my discretion.”

The green of Natasha’s eyes darkens. She’s sitting on the other side of (Y/N), but I can practically feel the tension radiating from her body.

“Personally, I think some time away from Sergeant Barnes might be good for her. He’s done nothing but corrupt my attempts at healing her mind.”

Steve shifts beside me, his fists clenching against his knees as his back stiffens.

“She’s not well, Mr. Director, and if Agent Romanoff, Sergeant Barnes, and Captain Rogers can’t see that, then I have no choice to but to resort to drastic measures.”

(Y/N)’s hand tightens around mine as she stares off at some spot on the wall ahead of her.

Fury sighs again, the sound laced in exasperation, “You haven’t exactly said what it is you want to do with her.”

“I think it’s best for her if she carries out the remainder of her therapy at an inpatient facility where I will personally see to her care.” He looks over at us, “Of course I would have to restrict visitation at first.”

I move to speak but the rage coming from beside me silences me.

“Who are you to decide what’s best for me?” (Y/N) shouts, rising to her feet so she can properly face the doctor.


“Shut up! Okay? Just shut up! All you’ve done for the past six months is make me talk about my dreams, my fears, my past. I don’t want to talk anymore. I don’t want to keep reliving that life. I just want to forget my past and move on. I want to focus on the life I have now, the one I plan to spend with Bucky, Natasha, and Steve at my side. And you want to take that from me!” (Y/N) steps closer to him, my grip on her hand being the only thing to keep her from getting right into his face, “I’m done letting other people dictate my life. My submission cost me the life I had all those years ago. It left me sleeping in ice for thirty years. It took the man I loved away from me. I don’t care what corruption your think he’s caused. No one is going to come between us ever again.”

“I think you have your answer, Doctor.”

“Mr. Director, please_”

The loud crash of skin against skin raises the tension level in the room to an all new high. The doctor’s face is glowing red with a palm print splayed across his cheek, the print small but defined. (Y/N) is breathing hard, anger burning out of her eyes are she stares down at her hand.

I stand, wrapping my arm around her waist and pulling her against me, slowly guiding her backward so that she sits in my lap as I take my seat back. I take her hand as gently as I can and press it to the cool metal of my left arm.

“Like I said,” Fury says, trying his best but still failing to stifle the look of satisfaction on his face, “I think you have your answer.”

Dr. Kennedy turns to glare at us for a moment as he cradles his face. Then he turns and leaves the room, the door slamming shut behind him.

“FRIDAY, remove all of the doctor’s security clearances and put him on the blacklist. I don’t want to see his face back in this building.”

“Of course, Mr. Fury.”

Maybe it’s just me, but even FRIDAY sounds pleased.

“Are you okay?” he asks, looking directly at (Y/N).

She nods, “Thank you for being on our side.”

Fury shakes his head, “Don’t thank me. Thank him.”

(Y/N) and I both turn to look at Steve when Fury points at him.

“What did you do?” I ask.

“I made a promise.”

(Y/N) stands and moves to stand in front of Steve. She takes his hands and pulls him to his feet before wrapping her arms around his waist and hugging him tight.

“Thank you, Steve.” She whispers, her voice choked with emotion.

He returns her embrace, “You’re family.”

“Your mind was made up well before we made our argument.” Natasha interjects, her eyes on Fury.

“It’s not my job to tell any of you to live your lives. When Captain Rogers brought the situation to my attention, I decided it wasn’t my decision to make. Now, why don’t the four of your get out of here. Go… do something with this new found freedom.”

Steve and Natasha stand to the front of the jet, in uniform but minimally armed. (Y/N) and I stand to the back, facing one another. I adjust the scarf that’s wrapped around her neck and zip her jacket a little higher.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” I ask, keeping my voice low.

“Natasha was right. Every fear I have is rooted in that place. It’s time for me to face it.”

“I’m proud of you.”

“I’m proud of you too.”

Her words catch me off guard, and she smiles as she chuckles softly.

“I don’t know what it was like for you having to adjust to this new world. If it’s anything like what I’ve been going through then I know you’ve come a long way. You’ve made a life for yourself, and even if I wasn’t here now, it comforts me to know you would have been okay.”

“I was okay. Then I found you alive, and I realized I wasn’t as okay as I thought.”

“What do you mean?”

“I had accepted that you were gone and that I would never really know what happened to you. I had accepted that I would never get the chance to make things right with you. There’s was so much left unsaid, and I just…”

My head falls as I choke on my words. Her hands are warm against my cheeks as she raises my gaze to hers.

“It’s okay, Bucky. We’re together now, and after we leave this place, we can finally leave this past behind.”

Her gaze falters, and this time it’s my turn to raise her chin, “What are you thinkin’, Kitten?”

“I’m afraid.” A tear breaks free from the shallow pool of her eyes, rolling down her cheek, “What if I remember things? What if they’re not good things?”

“Then we work through those memories together.” I lean down to her, pressing my forehead to hers and lowering my voice to a whisper, “We’re in this together.”

She nods, sniffling a bit before raising her chin higher, her lips pressing gently to mine. Her fingers wrap around my wrist, her thumb caressing the back of my hand as she bites her bottom lip. Natasha’s voice is gentle as she pulls us back to reality.

“You guys ready?”

“You ready?” I ask (Y/N), pulling the hood of her coat up.

“Ready.” She says, her smile small but her expression sure.

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do you think Miles is sexy?

Do I think…Miles…is…sexy?

Well, let’s take a look at what we’re dealing with here:

Upon first look, one might think that Miles is sort of turtle-y looking fellow (and he’s even likened himself to one) with gangly limbs and a freaklicious snuggle-tooth.

Kinda goofballish, really, looking like a lovechild for Paul McCartny and Liam Gallagher. 

I’ll admit, there’s something rather…ethereal about him.  Hear me out.  While not conventionally handsome, the camera seems to love him, and he has the most interesting bone structure.  There are many sides to Miles Kane, I believe, and one of my favourites is the sensitive Pisces, the dreamer, the lover:

It makes me think of basset hound puppies and cups of tea and floral curtains, cigarettes left to burn in the ashtray, old acoustics, tinny strings, squeaky frets, and a little giggle every now and then as he makes lewd rhyming couplets and encourages you to clap your hands along with his music.

Now, don’t let that fool you.  Beneath the scales, a wild and cunning beast lurks, the barracuda that will definitely eat the basset hound.  Miles is sorta like an optical illusion - given the right angle, and a certain amount of facial hair, there’s just this underground sketchy gypsy-like vibe I get from him, like he’s the guy your cousin’s girlfriend buys her cocaine from and yeah, you’ve partied with him once or twice, but you kept your distance cuz he was kinda fucking scary but in a crazy hot way:

He looks like the kind of guy who will bring a knife to a gun fight and be the only one standing after it all goes down, or who might like you to punch him in the mouth before you kiss him just so he can taste his own blood.

I do not necessarily base someone’s sex appeal on looks alone - that would make me quite shallow, wouldn’t it?  So lets focus on a few of Miles’ other attributes, such as his incredible energy, and the fact that he’s a fucking rockstar:

“Oh what?  Why yes, that IS my first name in lights.”

“Oh, and that?  That’s me last name.  Because I’m a FUCKING Superstar.  Me boyfriend even said so.  The little diamond *grin*.”

That’s right, Miles Kane is such a mother fucking badass rockstar that he has his fucking name in LIGHTS.  He’s into this, he’s living it, breathing it, eating it, smoking it

fucking OWNING it, and he does it all with incredible stage presence.  I’d pay my last dollar to see Miles Kane perform live.  Have you seen the video for Inhaler? Go watch.  It’s okay.  I’ll wait.  Am I right?? That man was BORN to shake spaces with his energy.

He’s raised the pig, butchered it (at his mum’s shop, yeah?), wrapped up the bacon and brought it home in THOSE white jeans, people, and he does it all with STYLE.

Which brings me to my next point: I love Miles’ fashion risks.  He pushes the envelope, shows up in leopard print and leather pants, plaid suits, paisley shirts, and he does it all so effortlessly, as if he’s all, “Wot, this?  Nah, la, just threw it on, wha’ever.”

Fuck you, Miles.  We all know whose magic Al’s referring to in a cheetah print coat.

I fucking go APESHIT for his shirts, okay? I get ugly ass shirts into the store where I work and I put them into two piles: those that Miles would wear, and those that he wouldn’t be caught dead in.  Miles fucking Kane slays me with his wardrobe choices, his style, his attitude, his swagger, and of course, his most precious accessory:

In closing, dear anon, when you ask me







I don’t think it, anon.  I KNOW it.

it’s almost 9pm here aND OHH BOY WAS TODAY A LONG DAY 

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eyyy im a trans guy and im going to an event (kinda like burning man but its different and its in Africa) and everyone dresses wild there and i got a whole lotta clothes i love and i know i wont pass but i dont care i just feel like it wont matter! im just so excited bc since i realised im happier as a guy i chucked out half my clothes for printed tees and jeans cause thats all i can pass in but im gonna wear clothes i actually like for a whole week!!!

I’m very excited for you! I hope you’ll have a great time!

Single Parent AU - Harry Styles.

Asher meets you and doesn’t like you since his mummy left him and he thinks you’ll do the same after you break his daddy’s heart and take all the attention. But then he realises how awesome you actually are?

Here we have an 8.6k Christmas-themed story for the Single Parent AU. Thank you so much for being so patient with me - it means a lot that you’ve waited so patiently for so long for this. I’m also so thrilled that so many of you are enjoying it and loving it and are eager to read new parts; I’ve never had so much positive feedback on an AU story before, haha.

I apologise that some parts are rough and rusty - especially the ending! - so bear with me, haha.

Feedback would be absolutely incredible, so, let me know just what you think of this. And don’t forget to shoot me a message on what you want to see in the next part of the series. Where should I go next?

Enjoy! xx

Part One.  Part Two.  Part Three.  Part Four.  Part Five.

Keep reading

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OKAY IT'S SO HARD TO CHOOSE (because to be honest if i had money i would literally print and bind all of the fics you've written so i could put them on my bookshelf next to my harry potters) but i think Composure was one of my favorite things you've ever written. The ones that have the best chance of an actual manuscript i think would be Marry Me (Sam Wilson) or A Good Man (Steve Rogers) just because of the amazing wonderful way they were written could fit really well into existing canon

OH OH ALSO I LOVE YOU AND YOU’RE WONDERFUL AND MAKE ME HAPPY (i forgot to say that in my last ask but you’re amazing and i wanna be like you when i grow up.)


Ooooh I forgot about Composure!  See, that’s why I asked you guys!  

My goodness, I can’t even imagine how many pages that would be to print.  I don’t want to know.  You’re very sweet, doll, thank you!  You’re wonderful and amazing and ILY2!


What luck—an open bookstore up ahead
as rain lashed awnings over Royal Street,
and then to find the books were secondhand,
with one whole wall assigned to poetry;
and then, as if that wasn’t luck enough,
to find, between Jarrell and Weldon Kees,
the blue-on-cream, familiar backbone of
my chapbook, out of print since ‘83—
its cover very slightly coffee-stained,
but aging (all in all) no worse than flesh
through all those cycles of the seasons since
its publication by a London press.
Then, out of luck, I read the name inside:
The man I thought would love me till I died.


Hahah oh man.  The Zim explosion. Bringing back so many memories.

I’m not into it anymore, but goddamn was I.  I was… 14 I think?  When it came out? 

And I was just… way too into it.  I had transcripts for the episodes all printed out in a 3 ring binder, bought every bit of merchandise I could get for the show (back when there was hardly any) even if I had no use for it, and downloaded all the episodes on my horrible, early 2000s dial up internet connection late at night so I wouldn’t get kicked offline by a phone call and interrupt the 6 freaking hours it would take to download a single episode.  Invader Zim was the very pinnacle of all the obsessions I’ve ever had.

So yeah.  Not really my thing anymore, but I’m sure as heck gonna watch the movie when it comes out.  For nostalgia’s sake if nothing else.

My coworker was bothered that we don’t have a team leader (who would make his job a lot easier). After I told him I’ve been asking my boss about it for months without any progress towards the position even possibly opening up for applications, he made this sign for me.

It’s hilarious and I’d love to print it out, but I’m nervous he’s gonna yap too much about me wanting the position and it’ll rock the boat too much. I feel really good about getting the spot if it ever becomes available, since my only coworker who would want the extra responsibility burned her bridges with the leadership and wouldn’t even be considered. Don’t blow it for me man!!! I don’t have to win this, all I have to do is not lose!!!

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Hey, FactNonnie here :) I fear my Tolkien ramble may also be a lost case to Tumblr's bugs or something but I wanted to wish you a nice and lovely weekend (and Happy Easter, even if I don't really celebrate it as well. :D) And send you a sweet fact about rabbits: As they are an old symbol of fertility and rebirth, they became a symbol for easter as well. And in the Chinese zodiac, it represents graciousness, kindness, sensitivity, compassion, tenderness, and elegance. (My rabbit agrees ;P) Much<3

Hey! Your Tolkien facts did come through  :) I was just wanted to screen-print them so i could them all together x) 

When I think of rabbits I think of Lavi from D.Gray Man and he too agrees to all of these!

Here a personal fact that involves bunnies! 

When I was around 9 years old, we had zoology classes at my school. We had a classroom that had a fenced yard, where we had all sorts of animals : goats, chickens, rabbits, ferrets, ducks and so on~ 

One day a bunch of rabbits were born, but they were born with no ears at all. It was of course a genetic flaw. The rabbits otherwise were healthy and up for adoption :) 

They of course weren’t given for just anyone, only students who were serious and trusted. I was one of them, and I adopted 2 earless bunnies who were absolutely adorable. Here ends my tale of how I ended up adopting two earless bunnies lol

I hope you have a lovely weekend too nonnie ! :) Thank you for making me a little more educated with every passing day x) <3

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Hey, I just saw the post about the tattoo and was wondering if you have already done it? If you haven't it's okay, this is just simply 100% out of curiosity. Love your blog tho <3

Hey!! I actually haven’t done it yet for two reasons:

1. I was in need of a design. I wanted it to be something special that I adored and not printed from the interwebs.

2. I’m broke right now (my best friend is getting married next Friday and I’m her Best Man. So, all my money has been funneled into paying for my suit, shoes, the bachelorette party and wedding gift.

But I am still getting it. Literally once I’m passed this wedding stuff, I will be freshly inked again!! I’m actually really excited for my fifth tattoo. I truly do love the people I have met because of SuperCorp and that’s what my tattoo will really mean to me. Other than the fact that I’m the idiot who made a poor bet with the internet lol

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I daydream in early 1940s gay romance. Do you have any books/poems/movies etc to recommend? Gay authors and themes are a plus, but as long as it isn't heavy in heteronormity I'm looking for anything. Male friendship or brotherhood works too. Thanks you !!

most of the gay and/or war era novels i read are from pre-world war ii (i.e. regeneration, maurice, brideshead revisited, all quiet on the western front, etc.) and the majority of the vintage films that i watch are silents, so this list was harder for me to make. but it was a good challenge! the 1940s is such a neat aesthetic era for gay romance, so i can see why you for love it :)


  • the charioteer by mary renault (fiction written by a lesbian about a gay male love triangle during wwii, highly recommend it)
  • gay new york by george chauncey (non-fiction, written by a gay man, chronicles 1900s pre stonewall new york gay history, has my 1920s and your 1940s too)
  • i’m a lil embarrassed to rec this but there’s a captain america fanfic called the thirteen letters which follows repressed gay bucky barnes as he fights in world war ii but it’s my favorite fic of all time and it fits your criteria so



i don’t really have films/shows to rec, so if you guys have any, feel free to reblog and add those to the list!


It has taken waaay too long for me to actually get all these finished and uploaded, but here they are, Avengers Haunted Mansion stretching portraits!  I’ve always loved the Haunted Mansion, so these were a lot of fun to do (I think Black Widow’s is my favorite).

They’re also all available as stickers and prints and goodies on RedBubble as well, both as a full set and individuals.

RedBubble is also having a 20% off sale on everything today!  Just use the ironically appropriate code CREEPY20.


Finally finish drawing+printing my own Stony stickers and (sort of) masking tape!!! It worth all the time and efforts when I see the output lol And from now on I can write fewer words for each page of my fan fic rec notebook Yeah!

And Steve happy birthday <3


‘You should get to know me.’

No Date

I am curse with a perpetually joyful countenance.

The penalties for caring are far greater than apathy.

I write a lot of sad stories.
Is it actually any good if it is not stained with tears?
Do tears even actually stain? They’re like scars on the paper. But there only once the pain is recognized by another.

A writer may pour their hearts out onto a page
Tears staining the cream paper
But then the story is published and printed
fresh paper that shows no sign of the pain.
This is where the reader comes in.
Seeing the pain, understanding the pain.
These new pages are now tear stained
but it’s the reader’s tears.
Connections, man. We share pain.

I loved my bee. He was mine.
Or I was his more like.
Though I have this funny feeling
it wasn’t even me he liked.

All of this is shit, Emily. Like, thanks for writing and practicing, but your words are a waste of ink.

You were a waste of ink, Julius. Great angry pieces, otherwise you just took up space on my pages.

Ohhh man, this was a crazy weekend! Fiancee moving out from his rowhome finally, so it was packing and loading for a good chunk of saturday and all sunday. 

That aside though, it’s nice to know we’re done with Baltimore! I love the place, but we both work closer to DC and not working from our family homes isn’t possible or reasonable at the moment.

I managed to get all my orders filled (Aside from the most recent, but that’s bc I gotta print from work), I did the legwork on about 6 new pendants, worked on starting to make some rings, and am overall super happy with the results~! Want to put a few more sealing coats on before I post photos, but the finish made them reeeeeally look stunning. If these are a hit, I can invest in some more resin! Alumilite has been an absolute game changer, I’m really happy I gave it a go. I never cared for the super clear cast much, and this is such a better option! Still haven’t had the spare cash for a new foot pedal though, and I’m itchin for some doll making.