i love all my hawkes

i’m 8 years late to the party but i am officially head over heels in love with the dragon age series
so here’s my warden, hawke, and my inquisitor in some modern clothes


anonymous asked:

Sheila what is your favorite cosplay of Sylar and Sylar, whats your favorite cosplay Sheila has been in?

Sheila: Thats tough! He’s so good and handsome and sexy in all of em. UGH. OKAY WELL HUX is pretty amazing. Maybe I’m biased cause its the one hes done more recently but I love it. I love Corvo and Loki too. 

But I may have to with his Hazama. The costume just fits him SO GOOD and he seems so comfortable as that character. I love seeing him in it. 

Sylar:  I have to pick Rey and Hawke. Rey because I love her with all my heart. And Hawke because Sheila is so much like Hawke all the time. 

I’m not sure I can describe in words how much I need more of Hawke, Merrill, and Isabela getting together to steal Anders’ dirty spell book. Because you know they’d be super immature about it and that’s really all I need in life right now.

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Ooh, how about...Fenhawke, A?

A. Fire, flames, or excessive heat.

In which Fenris watches Hawke, and learns a great deal about himself as well as her. 

(warnings for references to past-Danarius- and current-templar-related abuse (nothing graphic))


Hawke wears her magic like a peacock wears its feathers. Someone watching from the outside may think her proud, but birds are not proud, and Hawke is not either.

As he promised, Fenris watches her closely in those first weeks – a task made almost pleasurable by how easy it is to follow Hawke with his gaze, whether he watches her hands shuffling worn cards or strands of hair falling loose from her braids.

She is a beautiful woman, with delicate wrists and skin that smells always of milk and honey, and like too many beautiful things, she is dangerous. A refugee clawing her way through Kirkwall’s filthy streets, a mercenary, and an unrepentant mage – but she helped him, without a moment’s hesitation, though her brother growled the whole way back to Hightown.

He realizes too late that watching her has become a habit, but when she appears at his door to ask for his help in taking out a nest of bandits on the coast, he cannot say no.


Worse, he does not want to.

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You know another thing I wish they had done with DA:I would have been to do a little origins story like they did with Origins. I’ve been playing through Origins again with all my wardens and realized the reason I love my wardens (and Hawkes tbh) so much is because I know where they came from and got to play through story with their old friends/family. I feel like if they had just started the Warden at Ostagar right away or started Hawke in Kirkwall immediately I would feel as detached to them as I do to my Inquisitors. All the Inquisitors do have good backstory yes, but you only learn that from letters and codex. 

I’m just imagining my mage Trevelyan being at the Circle of Ostwick when it fell. I mean you can even find dialogue that says one of their mentors who was like a mother died during that. I know all the other Inquisitors have really good backstory as well.

Maybe it was an issue of not having enough time or EA pushing them, but I do really wish that had been part of the game.


Lovely @vcook10 tagged me to show off 6 of my OCs, so here are my Dragon Age OCs: (From the top, left to right)

  • Yvad Trevelyan, mage 
  • Osiris Lavellan, 2H warrior
  • Taashath Adaar, mage (pretending to be a 2H warrior)
  • Marcel Trevelyan, human sword&shield warrior
  • Yvette Hawke, mage
  • Ewan Tabris, archer rogue

I have more OCs from other games, and even random original ones, and really too many to list them all..  I LOVE OCS!!! :)