i love all his dialogue


She shouldn’t be asleep. She’ll just get more depressed if she’s asleep. What she needs is some kind of hobby. She needs to get out of the house, she needs to exercise.

Bikini Bottom Day
The SpongeBob Chicago Cast
Bikini Bottom Day

“Bikini Bottom Day” by Jonathan Coulton

Ethan Slater and the company of The SpongeBob Musical on July 9, 2016 at the Oriental Theatre in Chicago, IL


After the scene in the woods my grandma called me up and said “Jon..“ you know and she’s like ”you shouldn’t be sleeping with that woman in the woods, she’s married! And you’re getting married, too!“ 

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What's your guys' favorite video games BESIDES the OASIS? I'm a huge fan of Pokémon and Fire Emblem, myself :3

Michael: Dude don’t get us started. We can go on for days about our favorite games.

But hell yeah you’ve got great taste!! Pokemon and Fire Emblem are super rad games! Jeremy loves those titles too. Though uh, right now he’s working through replaying the Kingdom Hearts series for like, the fiftieth time.

Jeremy (from the other room): RIKU YOU LITTLE SHIT! I love you please don’t leave yet

Michael: Yeah. Both of us watched 358/2 Days the other night and he sobbed like a baby. He cries every time.

Jeremy (from the other room): So do you!! Don’t put this solely on me! You cry every time Roxas leaves Axel on his own!


Anyone else think we’re getting inundated with voltron content which isn’t even in character? No? Just me then

so, hansung...

that last episode made me so incredibly hyped that i zoned out in three of my four classes yesterday just thinking about his character. boy am i glad i called dibs on that boy let me tell you. i should mention that everything that im about to say is under the assumption (once again) that hansung really is sixteen.

the main priority of this post isn’t just talking about his personality. i wanted to talk about hansung’s relationship with dansae, as it supports my previous post (which you can read here). to paraphrase, i basically stated that hansung, while loving them, feels his family is a burden to him for various reasons. that much was explicitly stated in episode 12.

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DIR: Edgar Wright

~October 29th: Day 29 of “31 Days of Horror”

So, I was a little on the fence writing about this because it’s not exactly horror (more of a horror parody/comedy), but it’s a great movie so this is going to happen. 

I used to think Hot Fuzz was my favorite of the Simon Pegg/Edgar Wright collabs, but I’m starting to feel differently in favor of this one now that I’ve seen it a few times in full.

What I love about this movie, and what I love about all Edgar Wright movies, is his snappy and amazing dialogue. Each line is so on point with impeccable comedic timing, and well-paced. The dialogue never misses a beat, and it always delivers. It’s very rare to find a writer like this, and very difficult to impress me personally with comic writing but Edgar Wright manages it with his sharp writing of character’s interactions and play on words. 

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are also a perfect comic, best friend duo and I love to see them work together like this and play off of each other. As well, I am partial to British humor and the many British slang terms they use, which I never fully noticed how much of that there is until my viewing this time but I quite enjoy the lingo.

Also, what I love about this movie, and what I love about all Edgar Wright movies: the SOUNDTRACK. As always, he has a perfect mix of songs for the film and I love the throwback to some old hits. 

This is definitely among my favorite horror parodies of all time. Go have a pint, watch this movie, and wait for all that’s going on in the world to blow over. 


some of deacon’s dialogue about the castle;
he’s got many opinions and soiled pants

Inquisitor: Most people have trouble wrapping their heads around the idea.

Solas: I am not most people.

Inquisitor: I appreciate you talking with me about it, and… Not being most people.

Solas: If you wish me to speak of Orlesian fashion, I may be at a loss. Magical surprises I can handle.

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An otome game like Gakuen K but Fushimi is the main character! The routes would include Munakata, Misaki, Alphabet Guys, Mikoto, Totsuka, Kusanagi.. basically everyone! I would play the shit outta that! Would you? xD

Oh I would totally play that (in fact I think it’s even been brought up on the blog before XD). The funny part would be if you play as Fushimi and all the dialogue choices are in character, like you get to the part where like you run into one of the love interests and they skipped lunch and ask to share yours. Response options are: A. No; B. Fuck no; C. Go away; and D. I didn’t eat lunch either, who the fuck has time for lunch. Or there’s a romantic moment with Fushimi and *insert love interest here* standing together on a rooftop watching the sunset, love interest moves in for a kiss, options are: A. Push him away; B. Click your tongue so he backs off; C. It’s cold out here I’m going inside; and D. Throw a knife. Fushimi would be the most inconsiderate otome game protagonist ever, he actively resists all romance options.

on the topic of how i am more like solas than i thought: one of the most fascinating things about this character is his contradictory nature.

at first he comes across as quiet, calm, and rational - which isn’t exactly untrue, but as you get to know him better, you also find out that he’s easy to piss off and can get incredibly forceful* when defending his opinions. he is genuinely kind (i will fight you on this), but also a master of verbal sparring. have him in your party long enough and sooner or later you’ll hear something positively vicious. it’s beautiful

*i don’t know how they pulled this off so well. he rarely raises his voice, but there’s so much power behind his words. passion, ancient knowledge, the weight of a very long life, his own regrets.

then there’s the fact that he’s arrogant and prejudiced, yet his entire thing - the topic he’s most passionate about, the traits he values most in others, the theme of his actions in the “good old days” - is freedom, open-mindedness, independence. the thing is, he does display open-mindedness in several banters with other party members … it just takes a while to get there. examples:

Solas: I wish to apologize for what I said to you, Blackwall.
Blackwall: You were right, though. I deserved it.
Solas: My people had a saying long ago - “The healer has the bloodiest hands.” You cannot treat a wound without knowing how deep it goes. You cannot heal pain by hiding it. You must accept. Accept the blood to make things better. You have taken the first step. That is the hardest part.

Solas: I do not understand you, Sera. You do not have an end goal for your organization.
Sera: Nobles get rattled, and people get payback. I play in the middle.
Solas: Why not go all the way? You see injustice. And you have organized a group to fight it. Don’t you want to replace it with something better?
Sera: What, just lop off the top? What does that do, except make a new top to frig it all up?
Solas: I … forgive me. You are right. You are fine as you are.

Solas: How does passively accepting your fate constitute a fight?
Varric: In that story of yours–the fisherman watching the stars, dying alone–you thought he gave up, right?
Solas: Yes.
Varric: But we went on living. he lost everyone, but he still got up every morning. He made a life, even if it was alone.
Varric: That’s the world. Everything you build, it tears down. Everything you’ve got, it takes–and it’s gone forever.
Varric: The only choices you get are to lie down and die or keep going. He kept going. That’s as close to beating the world as anyone gets.
Solas: Well said. Perhaps I was mistaken.

… and pretty much all of his dialogue with cassandra. i love solas and cassandra together so, so much. *___*

what i’ve been wondering is, how do these things come together? how does one end up so passionate about freedom, and so in love with open-mindedness, while at the same time maintaining a level of arrogance that seems to directly contradict this? (that was the point in my original train of thought where i went, “oh. it me. whoops.”)

i really can’t explain it, but here’s another quote that i suspect may contain a hint:

Solas: It is a delicate balance for those who fight.
Solas: If they lack sufficient passion, they never become truly skilled, and die or leave the life.
Blackwall: But too much passion, and they end up dead - or monsters better off dead.
Solas: Yes. It is a rare soldier who can fight without letting it define him.

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Character thing: Grover underwood

  • How I feel about this character:  He was a great great great addition to the TLT trio and I loved reading his dialogue and seeing him mature. 
  • All the people I ship romantically with this character:  Juniper
  • My non-romantic OTP for this character:  he and tyson are such bros
  • My unpopular opinion about this character:  I mean, don’t get me wrong, he was one of my favorite parts of PJATO, but compared to other characters in PJ/HoO, I feel a little detached and unconcerned about him, and I can’t even explain why.
  • One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon:  I would have liked to see his reaction and/or reunion with Percy and Annabeth after Tartarus. 
  • my OTP: Gruniper
  • my cross over ship:  hmm…i mean i cna’t even think of anyone i’m soorry
  • a headcanon fact:  He is a huge percabeth fanboy. he can’t even control himself.