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Mieczyslaw Stilinski / Reader

Ft. Lydia Martin

Author: Me, myself and I.

Words:  2197

Warnings: Oral sex [ male receiving ], penetrative sex [ unprotected, use a condom kids ]. Mentions drinking, dirty talk and spanking.

A/N: This is my first smut posting on this blog. I probably should have started with fluff or something softer but whatever, here you go, enjoy. This doesn’t get too crazy, well not crazy at all but feedback is always helpful. Also huge thanks to my number one supporter @rxug-e for always encouraging me to keep up with this type of stuff, I really love doing it and I probably wouldn’t be without her. <3

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"Oh, look at how cute this one is!“ Lydia expresses throwing a complicated bra with numerous straps in front my face.

"Cute.” I mumble gazing at the expensive lingerie surrounding me.

She hums happily, spinning around and going through the clothing rack as I stay still watching her.

“So… Are you going to buy something sexy for Stiles?” She questions grabbing a piece and examining it.

“What?” My eyes widen, clamping my jaw.

“You heard me.” Her eyes flash to me then back to the clothing as she throws the piece over her arm.

“No, no.” I nervously chuckle looking at the floor, shaking my head.

“You know he isn’t going to stay if you don’t try to spice things up a little.”

I swallow thickly as that sentence echoes throughout my brain. Lydia looks at me and signs.

“Why don’t you find something you think is sexy and try it.” She smiles rubbing my forearm.

I agree, ditching Lydia to continue on by herself, I walk around the store not paying much attention. 

Lingerie isn’t my thing, I mean I have a few pieces of it but nothing special, owning a lot from Kmart. 

One thing caught’s my eye. I grab it off the rack, smiling to myself. Brisky making my way back over to Lydia and grabbing her arm, pulling her along with me. The cashier looks at us, shooting us a smile and making me feel uneasy.

“Oo red.” Lydia mocks as we get to the dressing rooms.

Glaring at myself in the large body mirror, my breasts swelling out of the red bra and the garter’s attachments dangling on my thighs.

“I don’t want to come out." 

"Oh, come on! It can’t be that bad.” Lydia comforts behind the curtain door that could easily be opened any second.

“My boobs hurts and my legs look like jello!” I sit on the small stool in the corner, leaning my elbows on my legs and my head landing on my hands.

Lydia pokes her head through, feeling her judgemental eyes piercing right through me.

“Look at me!” I stand up, my hands flailing in the air, on the edge of a mental breakdown.

She hastily makes her way in and shuts the curtain behind her, “Okay, show me what else you have.”

“That’s all I grabbed.”

She grumbles, “I’ll be right back." 

Leaving me alone, I sit back down, biting the inside of my cheek. I take my phone from the floor, opening my contacts and calling Stiles. The phone ringing in my ear as I chew my thumbnail, waiting for him to pick up.

"Hey! You just missed me, call me back another time.” His voice giving me somewhat relief.

The phone call going to voicemail and before I could end it, my phone slips out my hand and lands on the floor. 

Lydia opens the curtain wide, “Okay, so I got this, sexy and cheeky, and this sexy but yet not too revealing.”

“Sh!” I shush her picking up my phone and hurry to end it.


I hear the front door slam and I swiftly play with my hair, sweeping it over to one side, messing it up a bit. Hurriedly grabbing my wine glass and taking one last sip before making my way out to the living room. I lean against the wall, striking a pose that would catch his attention.

“Hey, I’m back-” Stiles cuts himself off spotting me as his bag falls to his feet.

Posing in my new black lingerie. A teddy complementing my body shape along with a garter connected to my matching stockings. I single him over with a finger, turning around the corner and snickering to myself quietly. Quickly making my way over to the dining table with my tall black heels clicking on the oak flooring and pulling out a chair. I turn my head back and see Stiles standing there, checking me out.

“Come sit down.” I pat the chair, smirking to myself. 

“Yes, ma'am.” Instantly he walks over to me excitedly and sits down, pursing his lips together.

He acknowledges the wine glass and gazes at me with a concerned expression, “Have you been drinking?”

“Only a little." I stand behind him holding his shoulders, stretching my hands down his chest and back up.

“Did you have a good day?" 

"It’s getting a whole lot better.” He whispers licking his lips as I rub his shoulders.

“You what I’ve been craving all day?” I speak softly, my lip gliding up his ear, “Some Sheriff dick.” 

Listening to him shudder while my hands reach back down his torso and stopping at his jeans, undoing his belt. I step around him, my hand not moving from his shoulder as I stand in front of him, his eyes locked on mine. My finger snakes up his neck, down his jawline and under his chin, tilting his head up ever so little. 

“You’re so beautiful.” His soft whispers causing me to break character and smile.

Leaning down and kissing his wet lips. I stretch back up running my fingers through my hair, flipping it over to one side. Lifting my right leg up on the seat and one hand on my pelvis, his eyes scanning up my leg. I grab his tie and wrapping it around my hand, grasping his attention back to my face.

“Now, what will I do with you?” I bite roughly on my lip.

“I can think of a few things.” Those words causing me to growl.

Settling my foot back on the ground and dropping on his lap, keeping him close and feeling his breath on my lips. His gun stabs me in the thigh and he quickly removes it, placing it on the table behind us. Grinding slowly as I already begin to feel something hard underneath my ass. His hands move to my hips, squeezing hard and moving along with my movement as I pull him in a gentle kiss. 

"Do you have another gun on you?“ I mutter throughout the kiss.

"Yeah, my uh own gun but I won’t let it harm you.” He proudly smirks at his comment, disconnecting our lips as I let out a chuckle.

“What if I want it to harm me?” Whispering softly in his ear.

“Oh, dear god.” He whimpers leaning his head down, “Can you just let me win? At least once? I thought I had you with that one." 

"Almost.” I grin lifting his head back up to mine, pushing my lips onto his.

His tongue glides across my lip asking for entry but not letting him in without a fight. Continuing to rock my hips as our tongues turn into warriors, fighting against each other but he wins, exploring my mouth. I undo his tie, sliding it off his collar and throwing it off to the side. Quickly moving to the buttons of his shirt, unbuttoning them all the down, exposing his muscles and tiny moles. My fingers dancing their way down, past the happy trail and hooking into in his pants. His hand travels up my back and stopping at the top of the zipper, pulling it all the down as the cold air hits my skin. Slipping it off my shoulders and arms, exposing my chest as he holds me close. I unzip his pants and slide my hand in past his boxers, rubbing his hard cock. He hums into the kiss, tickling my mouth as I pull him out of his pants, stroking him firmly. My thumb gathering all the precum, rubbing it all over as his nails dig into my skin. I pull my body closer, rubbing my cunt onto him as I soak through the silk fabric onto his sensitive skin. He moans, dropping his face back, escaping the kiss. Biting my lip as I rock my hips faster.

“Fuck.” He whispers looking down at the friction being built up between us. 

“Does that feel good?” Slowing my movements and keeping an eye on him. 

“You know what would feel better?” His eyes shoot up to mine. 


“If you stop teasing me and removed this god damn lingerie.” He pleads breathlessly.

Smiling and removing myself from him, standing on my feet as I slide it all the way, leaving me in stockings and heels. He stands, removing his shirt and pants along with his boxers as his dick stands free. I press a finger on his chest, walking him back to the chair as he flops back down. I make my way to his lap again, holding onto his shoulders and hooking my ankles on his thighs, positioning myself above him. Holding his dick to my entry, slowly sliding down as we both sign loudly at the feeling. I lick a stripe up his neck causing him to shiver and making my way to his earlobe, nibbling lightly.

“Fuck… You’re so tight.” He groans as his hand’s snake across my ass.

I hum beginning to circle my hips, biting back my moans as I lean forward, my arms around his neck, chest to chest, feeling his heart rising as I shake my ass. He tries kissing my shoulder and I move my hair to other side as he sucks roughly, knowing it would leave a mark. Rolling my hips in a way that I know drives him crazy.

"Oh, fuck (Y/N).” Groping my ass and landing a hard slap as I flinch, giggling quietly.

 I lift up to high and his dick slips out, groaning at the lost friction. He grabs my thighs from underneath, picking me up and sitting me on the chair. He grabs my shins, pulling my ass over the edge as he slides himself back in. Leaning his head on my shoulder, slowly beginning to thrust deep within me. Moaning loudly as he hits the right spots, caressing my leg and his other hand holding himself up. My hands travel behind his neck, pulling at the short hairs as my head drops back.

“Right there, Stiles!” I yell as he picks up his speed, gripping my hip as I move my hand to my clit, doing circles.

I grip his ass as his thrusts get faster and faster, wrapping my legs above his waist as skin slaps skin. 

The chair starts to scrap across the floor, “Stiles.“ I moan, "We’re going to fall.” Gripping onto his shoulders feeling as if I’m going to fall. 

He picks up by my ass, walking over to the wall and pushing my back against it. One hand holding me up and the other next to my face, thrusting deep into me. The new angle causing me make sounds I never knew I could make while my bounce breasts against his chest, legs wrapped around his waist and our sounds of moans and curses filling the room. His breath against my neck causing me to shiver, getting a tight feeling in my abdomen as my nails scratch down his back.

“I’m going to cum.” I whimper in his ear.

“Cum for me, baby. Cum for the Sheriff.” His shorts breaths turning into a rhythm, not stopping his pace.

Those words making my toes curl as he thrusts slower but hard, snapping his hips against mine. One last thrust making me lose it, screaming his name and clenching around him. His thrusts get sloppy as he slips out and drops me on my feet, legs weak as I quickly get onto my knees and pumping him with my hand. My tongue doing circles around his tip, wrapping my mouth around him and moving down an inch as he thrusts slightly in my mouth. He pushes himself all the back of my mouth and I place my hands on his thighs, trying to stop him as he taps the back of my throat. My eyes watering and he notices, stopping myself as I bob my head at my own pace. I try taking him all the way in but stops with an inch left, relaxing my throat and focusing all the down as my nose buries in his dark hairs. Staying there for a few seconds making him shudder and groan loudly, I back up continuing to bob my head while rubbing the little left of him.

”(Y/N)-“ He cuts himself off moaning as his warm liquid hits the back of my throat, giving me a shock. 

Swallowing every last drop and removing him slowly out of my mouth. I hum happily standing up on my feet, staring at the now tired eyes.

"You got a little-” He points to my face with a half smile.

I lick my lips, tasting the last of him as I giggle softly.

“So… How are your cravings now?” He pushes my hair back, behind my ear, caressing my cheek.

“I’m still hungry.” I bite my lip as he signs.

“Oh, dear god.”

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Pinkie pie c7~♡


Although I’m not too big of a fan of Pinkie character wise (she’s a bit too much for me, always bouncing around all over the place being crazy) but I LOVE her design (specifically her rainbow power colors!)

What’s going on in this image? IDK. maybe this is what (one of) Pinkie’s expression was when Donut Joe proposed to her, or maybe he found some cute baby clothes for Surprise Pie at the local super market~


Is there anything not to love about the second episode of Sailor Moon Crystal’s Infinity arc? Not going to lie, I found it to be better than the manga chapter. I really love how everyone showed up and teamwork’d that Daimon together, compared to Sailor Moon and Chibimoon eliminating it more or less instantly. And all of the Witches 5 fanservice, YES MMM YES. And Kaolinite is so much more menacing now, I love her new voice actress!

Chibiusa’s new transformation sequence was so cute too!

I keep seeing people commenting how they’re referencing the 90′s anime with the silly faces, but that shit has been in the manga all along since chapter 1. It’s not until now that we’re getting it though. I’m so overjoyed seeing all of the crazy expressions I’ve been missing SO much. :D WAAAH!

Dying for the next episode!