i love all her crazy cute expressions


Is there anything not to love about the second episode of Sailor Moon Crystal’s Infinity arc? Not going to lie, I found it to be better than the manga chapter. I really love how everyone showed up and teamwork’d that Daimon together, compared to Sailor Moon and Chibimoon eliminating it more or less instantly. And all of the Witches 5 fanservice, YES MMM YES. And Kaolinite is so much more menacing now, I love her new voice actress!

Chibiusa’s new transformation sequence was so cute too!

I keep seeing people commenting how they’re referencing the 90′s anime with the silly faces, but that shit has been in the manga all along since chapter 1. It’s not until now that we’re getting it though. I’m so overjoyed seeing all of the crazy expressions I’ve been missing SO much. :D WAAAH!

Dying for the next episode!