i love all helena


I tried guys, I tried😂 *sigh* She deserves all the love in the world, this precious little creampuff💕 Please Voltage please

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It was extraordinary to look around the room and see Cate Blanchett, whom I’ve worked with twice now, and Sandra Bullock and Rihanna and Mindy Kaling, Helena Bonham Carter, Anne Hathaway, Awkwafina. It felt like a really empowering place to be and really fun. We have a text chain going that’s one of the most epic things. If my phone were stolen, it would be… I’m sure I’m just inviting everyone to hack my phone now.
—  Sarah Paulson on herself and the all female cast of Ocean’s Eight.

What is the thing that the clones love the most and hate the most?

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Lowkey wish the girl who played Helena had've played all the clones because man she looks like Tat. I adore Cynthia and she's a stunning wee actress but I do not see Tatiana when I look at her

same tbh uiasjaks i’ve always loved cynthia! but she also looks very shy and habree, with all the facial expressions and mannerisms… she was perfect as helena. i could feel it was helena while watching her you know :’)

I don’t have a relevant caption for this to be honest. I just wanted to tell you all how precious this woman is. There is no doubt in my mind when I say that she has had an influence on each of us. I have my personal reasons of how she has impacted my life and I hope she has had just as much of impact on you sweet people reading this. Whether it’s gaining self confidence or you’re going through major heartache, I think we can all relate. 

She has taught me that “imperfection on the whole is underrated” and “who wants to be normal when you can be unique”. Sometimes you’ve just got say “fuck it” and do what makes you happy. Just remember to stay to true to who are, to “be yourself” and have fun with life. 

Thank you Helena Bonham Carter, a light in my life.