i love all helena


What is the thing that the clones love the most and hate the most?

I loved seeing Isak and Even’s apartment. Mainly because how real it looked. It practically screamed we are two teenage boys living on our own for the first time. Cluttered and tiny and just one plant which won’t survive the summer. They did have curtains but my guess is that there was a parent involved with that. And the huge tv and not having a kettle. Spot on, Skam, spot on.

Other important stuff:

  • Gule Gardiner. Curtesy of Even, the biggest romantic north of Antarctica. (I adore Even so much).
  • The toilet paper. Always good to know, guys.
  • Isak using hot water from the tap to make tea. So wrong and so right in how teenage boy that is.
  • Isak looking so sad when he fails to be a good host to Sana. Just a reminder of how much Isak values making people happy.
  • Even being late. I have a feeling that Even is almost always late.
  • Sana scheeming. Not cool, Sana, not cool. I really thought you reached out to Isak because you wanted to be around friends, not just to get dirt on Sara. Nas would not approve.
  • Isak is done digging around in other people’s past. Does that mean that the fight started because Isak tried to figure out how Even knew the balloon squad?
  • Noora’s good news is not her dating Yousef. We’re just supposed to fear that, just like Sana. More likely it’s something to russebuss. A classic trick would be for Sana to use her dirt on Sara and then cause a lot of trouble just to figure out that she didn’t need to because of Noora’s good news. Doubt that’s gonna happen, though.
  • Even and Isak being so domestic and in love. It is beautiful and I love it, even the matching outfits.

I don’t have a relevant caption for this to be honest. I just wanted to tell you all how precious this woman is. There is no doubt in my mind when I say that she has had an influence on each of us. I have my personal reasons of how she has impacted my life and I hope she has had just as much of impact on you sweet people reading this. Whether it’s gaining self confidence or you’re going through major heartache, I think we can all relate. 

She has taught me that “imperfection on the whole is underrated” and “who wants to be normal when you can be unique”. Sometimes you’ve just got say “fuck it” and do what makes you happy. Just remember to stay to true to who are, to “be yourself” and have fun with life. 

Thank you Helena Bonham Carter, a light in my life.

my fave lecturer continues 2 b Good + wonderful bc she started chatting abt an emma rice production of a midsummer night’s dream where helena was changed 2 helenus + so the play ended w/ a gay marriage + a hetero marriage + my lecturer was just like ‘this is the play shakespeare wanted to write ok’

valiantprincess  asked:

okay cool... how 'bout you draw a pic of sestras with your non-dominant hand


I ACTUALLY REALLY LOVE HOW THIS TURNED OUT I should do this more often :)


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