i love alice nine

  • Shou: Earlier, because I said I've lost weight and worried everyone, but in recent time I'd been overweight so it's not something to worry about (lol)
  • Shou: (his current weight) MAX is around Alpha~Mirror Ball era, at that point of time I was trying my best to finish the pile of rice sent from my parent's home so I was super fat...
  • [ twitter, 29/10/14 ]

ladybrekker  asked:

I have been listening to your Steven Universe playlist nonstop for a while now. I am in love and I want to pick a favourite but I don't know which one I love more: Alice for Pearl, Nine in the Afternoon for Stevonnie, or Into the Stars for Steven ugh

Ahhh!! This is sooo awesome to hear!!! I’m so glad you’re enjoying it!! It is definitely hard to pick a fave for me!