i love alan alda

Honestly, my first tv character crush was probably Hawkeye from M*A*S*H even though he’s kind of terrible.  

I mean how can you not love this goob?

And then he has lines like these which break your heart…

The beauty of the MASH (family) Fandom.

We respect each other.

We respect that some folks like the early seasons and some folks like the later seasons and some folks like both.

That some folks love Trapper and some folks love BJ and some folks love both.

That some folks like Burns over Winchester and vice verse.

We have Blake lovers. Potter lovers.
Fans of both Colonels.

Radar lovers. Klinger enthusiasts.
Those who love both Corporals the same…

Sidney lovers. Flagg lovers. Kellye lovers.
Father Mulcahy lovers.

We’re just one big family unit.

No judgment or harsh criticism.
Just unity and love and togetherness.
Agree to disagree. Kindness.

I love you all so much.
Long live our vintage fandom. (Family)

'The Blacklist': Red's Connection to Liz Finally Revealed?
Warning: This story contains major spoilers from Thursday’s episode of The Blacklist. Read at your own risk! Who survived the ultimate showdown...

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Is Red actually Liz’s father?
JON BOKENKAMP: I think it’s best to let the show and its characters answer that. Anything that’s meaningful is in the scripts and on the screen. Everything else is noise.

Should we trust what Red told Kirk about being Liz’s father or was he just telling Kirk what he wanted to hear?
Well, he did say he was her father and he sounded like he meant it. That said, he was also heavily drugged with god knows what. I’ll let you decide.

Kirk says there’s nothing that could stop him from killing Red, and yet he actually stopped. What can you tease of what’s really going on and when we’ll find out what Red whispered?
The truth is, we’re not going to find out what he said. That whisper was a secret between the two men who loved Katarina. Besides, if you really knew what Red said the show would probably be over.

Could Red actually be Katarina?
That’s funny — I’ve heard that theory before and it’s a wild one. I’d love to have someone walk me through the logic of exactly how that would work. I’ve also heard that Liz is Tom’s sister, Liz is a robot, and Ressler is Tom’s brother. All great theories, by the way.

Everyone has suspected that Red was Liz’s father since the beginning. Why did you decide to go this route?
Ultimately this is a ‘chosen one’ story. Elizabeth Keen is clearly incredibly important to Red. Why? That’s what we’re slowly revealing over time, and trust me, the answers are all there. As you pointed out — the father theory is only one of many. For me, it was never so much about is he her father or is he not — but why is this young woman so important to Raymond Reddington?

Red seemed to know inside info on Katarina and Kirk’s relationship. How would he know that?
We’ve already established that Red had an affair with Katarina, and I think one can only assume she told him many intimate details about her actual husband, Alexander Kirk.

Red says Kirk is gone. Is that really the last we’ve seen of him?
I think it’s pretty certain this is the last we’ve seen of Kirk.

Kaplan left the woodsman behind. What’s her next move? Is she against Red now?
I think Mr. Kaplan is just lucky to get out of that cabin alive. She’s lucky to escape Red. She’s hitched a ride and off to god knows where.

Have we seen the last of Kaplan?
Ugh. I hope we haven’t seen he last of her. I love having Susan Blommaert on the show. That said, I also loved having Alan Alda on the show and we exploded his head with a neck bomb, so…

okay so i just watched the mash movie with my dad, and i gotta say i think i might like it better than the show, it’s hard to compare since the movie is so different from the show etc but i liked how heavy it was the whole time, like even when they’re having fun the war is still really looming and hawkeye wasn’t so unrealistically high energy ya know? i love alan alda to death but i really did love donald sutherlands performance


It’s my 24th birthday today. And I am extremely fortunate to share my birthday with the endlessly inspiring and endlessly beautiful
Alan Alda. Happy birthday, my darling. I love you so much. I hope you spend your day doing whatever it is that makes you happy. Thanks for being such a kind, loving, and talented soul and humanitarian. I love you. I pray to be more like you, everyday.

Been to London for a week. And what did I see on the telly? Old episodes of M.A.S.H. 

And what did I do first thing I went home? I drew an image of Alan Alda. :D

God I loved M.A.S.H.
Have to watch it again soon.