i love accidental pauses

I accidentally paused at this bit in Love Me Right and I don’t regret it a single bit because

Jongin looks like a vacuum crossed with a demented bird

Baekhyun actual looks like a puppy

Chen just wants to get funky

Xiumin looks like a god descending from heaven

whatever the hell this is

and best of all

Sehun’s just fucking standing there

It wasn’t even his line and he’s just standing there

Godamnit Sehun 

BONUS: This horror

oh my

dippica week day hudu

*wink and two finger pistols*

Day 4: Late nights.

“That,” Dipper says, for the umpteenth time, “is a terrible idea.”

“No way,” Pacifica answers, grinning as she rests her chin on her hand. Somehow her hair is still long and straight and perfect, draped over her shoulder, and Dipper feels a dull sense of longing to brush his hand through it. Not that he could, considering she’s many miles away from him and he’s looking at her through a computer camera, but also because that would be Weird and she’s so far out of his league anyway. “It’ll be fun.”

“It’s only fun if you have a lot of people playing. This is just roundabout interrogation. That’s illegal.”

“It isn’t, and you just implied that Truth or Dare could be fun.”

Dipper swears, once, loudly. Mabel, from her room across the hallway, echoes it back at him, just barely audible through the walls separating them, as Pacifica laughs. He’s not going to ask why she’s still awake.

“Fine,” he relents. “Because I’m sixteen and Never Have I Ever is what teenagers do.”

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