i love a show with good cinematography

Honestly what did I ever do to deserve Hannibal like there are A LOT of good shows out there that I love and adore but WHAT did I do to deserve murder art? Biblical motifs and classical music? Rich, gothic cinematography? Violent romance? Did I mention the fucking M U R D E R. A R T.

Like ugh it just tickles me in such a specific way nothing else will ever appeal to me in the exact way that Hannibal does

i just finished binge-watching a series of unfortunate events and im???!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- highlights how abuse can take different forms but its still abuse & makes it very clear exactly how not okay it is
- shows how a lot of times, not being abusive doesnt equal being a good guardian
- klaus baudelaire saying “plenty of boys enjoy playing with dolls”
- canon gay couple
- crossdressing with no transphobic jokes
- casual remarks about gender equality
- honestly its just a damn good show??? the writing?? the cinematography??? the actors???? i love it. so much. 

Reasons to watch BBC Class

- Racially diverse teen cast
- Like a significant portion of the main cast is not white
- LGBT representation
- Like an actual gay couple is established in the first episode and its not questioned or even a part of the plot they’re just together and I love it
- It’s like all the best parts of supernatural (monster hunting), doctor who (aliens), and sherlock (cinematography) combined with young avengers (kick ass teen cast)
- the writer/producer of the series is Patrick Ness, an LGBT YA Author
- The plot is actually good
- The theme song is catchy
- It’s a really good show
- Cause I said so

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I need a good reason to start black sails. 1 reason why I should? Id love to but I'm always unmotivated :(

reasons to watch it: 4 main queer characters, very strong well written female characters, well written show in general, good cinematography, main character is a pirate nerd who loves books

reasons not to watch it: it kills me every week

my thoughts on skam.

if you haven’t heard of it yet: skam is a norwegian series mainly focused around high school life in norway. most people probably know it as the show where people make out a lot. i used to think it’s kinda problematic how people only started watching it because there is a gay couple in the 3rd season but two days ago i made myself watch it and i gotta say it was so worth it. it’s way more than just another love story each season: the cinematography is insanely beautiful, you will catch yourself falling for the aesthetic of oslo and norway in general. it’s filmed in a style that makes you experience time in a whole new way, it feels a lot more real and raw than your usual tv show. the music they use is so !!!!! amazing i have no idea how they do it because it seems pretty low budget but they manage to get all your favs in there it’s so good. and last of all the cast: everyone is so woke and it deals with problems that are close to my heart, close to my own problems and i promise you it will mess with your emotions /a lot/. i’m not gonna say anything more and idk why i even make this post bc i usually don’t do. text posts but hey i had to share my love for this series and for everyone who saw it as a series with just another gay couple: it’s so much more than that.

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Relationship status: dating a sweet human who likes feta salad sandwiches, good cinematography and going for walks

Favourite colour: rich deep orange and mustard yellow

Pets: i’ve actually never had a pet although when i was young i reallly wanted a little rat to love and cherish

Last song I listened to: forever by the charlatans

Favourite tv show: utopia, twin peaks, and arrested development!

First fandom: probably the nice normal harry potter, i’ve always been so partial to that

Hobbies: knitting, learning languages, going on walks, cooking soup

Favourite book: infinite jest by david foster wallace and geek love by katherine dunn! check them both out honestly they’re incredible

Worst thing ever eaten/tasted: vodka is the absolute worst thing in the universe. why would anyone drink it. what is that about

Favourite place: bristol’s clifton suspension bridge. i used to live near there and it was absolutely wonderful going there at night; the bridge was all lit up and you could see really far down at all the car lights and streetlights glowing in the valley

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you guys!! so earlier today I came across an article about new stuff on Netflix this month and one of the titles caught my eye:

in case you can’t read that, it’s a Spanish show called Velvet (also known as Galerias Velvet), and it’s about the heir to a Spanish fashion house who falls in love with a beautiful seamstress, which his family strongly objects to. It’s set in the 1960s and stars Miguel Angel Silvestre, who you might recognize as Lito from Sense8!!

So the premise had me going “ooooh” as it was, so then I started watching the first episode, and you guys, it’s so good. The cinematography is beautiful and the costumes are beautiful and the people are beautiful and it’s like Mad Men but Spanish and set in the fashion world and I’m only like 10 minutes in but I had to pause it to make this post because it’s so pretty!! And you need to watch it now!!

Of course because it’s a Spanish show there are subtitles, and they move a little fast, but you get used to it pretty quickly- and it’s also not too hard to figure out what’s going on (this will be a good opportunity for me to work on my Spanish comprehension skills again anyway, haha)

basically you all need to see it

I've just finished watching Hannibal...

…I. Just. Can’t?! THAT ENDING OMG IT WAS BRILLIANT!!! And I ship them so hard! THEY. LOVE. EACH. OTHER. That ending was what I wished for! Sooo good! And how cute did Hannibal look during the second half of season 3 with his shorter hair?! What a truly amazing show!!! Loved it so much and I’m gonna miss it! Good thing that I’m already rewatching it with my parents. Incredible actors, incredible cinematography, thrilling story and yet another show that emotionally wrecked me. THANKS FOR THIS AMAZING SHOW OMG HOLY F***!

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Top 10 TV Shows of 2015 #1 ~ Hannibal (NBC)

Complex, artsy, draining, beautiful, bloody, smart, intense are all words I would use to describe Hannibal.  The writing, acting, cinematography, music, composition is a close to perfection as I have ever seen a TV show come. I have rewatched this show a few times because it is that good. Every time I notice something new or interesting because of the depth of character, dialogue and cinematography. I absolutely love this show and it is certainly in my top five shows of all time.


13 Weeks of OUAT Positivity
Week 1 // Favorite Episode
 5x10; Broken Heart

From the direction to the cinematography and the pacing to the reveal, this was one roller coaster of an episode. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to cry or was enjoying thoroughly. It summed up and reminded me why I love this show. Plus, as you can see - Dark!Hook. ;)

Honorable mentions: 1x15, Red-Handed; 2x12, In The Name of a Brother; 3x05, Good Form; 3x16, It Ain’t Easy Being Green; 4x15, Poor Unfortunate Soul; 4x11, Heroes and Villians; 4x22, Operation Mongoose pt. 2

Thank you to @tlynnwords for organizing this. I think it’s an amazing idea!!

So I finished the 6 episodes released of The Get Down!! I LOVED IT.

I love Dizzee’s plotline and am excited to see more of that. Never thought I’d love Jaden Smith this much, but here I am.

Other than the obviously amazing cinematography and music, I particularly loved all of the Star Wars references, the entire Kipling family (it’s hard to pick a favorite tbh??), and the fact that two actors from Mr. Robot (Gideon and Romero) are in the show. Romero as the Kipling father is such a cool dad, I was so happy to see him!

I am excited to gif more of the show, and rewatch it w/ everyone in my house.

The Revenant

So, I went to see The Revenant this afternoon. Unfortunately nobody wanted to go see it with me (apparently the people around me have really bad taste). I loved it! The people who were sat behind me thought it was boring, and I can see why it would be boring for some people. I think you have to appreciate cinematography and good acting for a brilliant movie like this, and not just want some action or whatever. The director took his time to show the scenery and set a mood, which worked really well for me. I was so captivated by the whole thing. I felt like I was there and sometimes I had to look away because I felt like I was physically in pain just from watching certain scenes! For example the scene with the bear is really as good as everybody keeps saying. I was afraid it might have been overrated and it would disappoint me, but it didn’t in any way.

So my advice would be, if you love a great movie (technically) and great acting AND an important piece of American history; go watch this movie!