i love a man in fatigues

YOI Couples and Duos at the Gym Headcanons (+ one trio)
  • Viktor and Yuri: keep to themselves and pretty much just stick to things that work best to keep them fit for skating, actually pretty nonchalant and focused
  • JJ and Isabella: the annoyingly hot couple who spots each other during weight training and takes time to make short couples' workout montage videos for Instagram
  • Otabek and Yurio: pretty much do their own thing completely since Yurio sticks with things like yoga, pilates, and core classes while Otabek does a good mix of bodyweight circuits and free weights
  • Chris and Mystery Man: Chris is the one who "accidentally" hogs the workout equipment while trying to take selfies while Mystery Man is the savior who gently points this out
  • Leo and Guang-Hong: the newbies who just wandered into an actual class for the first time with deer in the headlights expressions
  • Georgi and his new GF: Georgi is the one who tries to go too hard at the gym in attempt to impress her and ends up cramping and fatiguing out in the same run
  • Michele: *wants all the guys to stop staring at Sara*
  • Sara: *wants to stare at all the guys*
  • Emil: *casually works out while happily listening to his music, oblivious to the weird Crispino hellstorm going on behind him*

A second later the shadow shifted and stepped forward, resolving into a man with broad shoulders and a wiry form, all lean muscle and long bone. The FTF fatigues fit him perfectly, and beneath his rolled sleeves, small black crosses circled both forearms. Above a chiseled jaw, fair hair swept down into eyes as black as pitch. The only imperfection was a small scar running through his left eyebrow—a relic from his first years—but despite the mark, Leo Flynn looked more god than monster.


Summary: Dean and you are dancing around your feelings for each other when Sam finds a case that might just draw the two of you together.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2638

Warnings: A tinsy bit of swearing. Mostly fluff.

A/N: This one is for two challenges. The first is @kas-not-cas’s 2.5k dialogue challenge. My prompt was “I can’t marry her. She’d kill me within a week!”. And, the second is for @itswitchcraft-not-googlemaps‘s Golden Girls 1.5k challenge. That prompt was Dorothy: “I have a date” Blanche: “With a man?” Dorothy: “No, Blanche. With a Venus Fly Trap.” Congrats to both of you wonderful ladies on your milestones! I hope you like what I put together. :)

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The ER.

Characters: Dean, Reader, Charlie, Ellen, Sam and a mention of a few other SPN characters.

Pairing: Detective!Dean x Doctor!Reader

Warnings: Swearing, blood, some angst. But just for a hot moment. Then it’s fluff, promise.

A/N: it’s an AU because I love those.This was sitting unfinished in my drafts for a while and today inspiration struck. Thank you for reading! You like, let me know because I looooooove feedback!

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Baekhyun - Play (IX)

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Playone, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, ?

pairing: baekhyun/junmyeon x reader

; this is the moment where i can say that you have truly lost me.

meet the heartbreaker himself.

A/N: sorry for the super late update, i’m sorry if this is more of a filler than a chapter. i hope ya’ll still love me (sorry if im asking too much, but could we reach 100 notes for the next part?) PART TEN IS ALREADY POSTED

masterlist // get to know me

     Baekhyun’s heart fell apart as he watched you kiss Junmyeon. Your lips moved against Junmyeon’s the way that you’ve never kissed Baekhyun, his heart seeing past your movements and your soul, the words and feelings it was saying.

You’ve hurt her, Baekhyun’s mind told him, a sharp pain striking his heart as he continued watching you. But it didn’t stop him from moving, moving towards you and pulling you off of him then punching Junmyeon’s jaw, hoping that bruises would be of some help to him to stay away from you.

“B- Baekhyun,” you stumbled over your words, shocked by his sudden appearance and the fact that he had caught you with Junmyeon and had punched him, “what are you doing here?”

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Helpless Part Three (Philip x Reader)


Request Queue


I’m not even gonna list all the requests because there were like a hundred, but yeah this is a thing. Also I stayed up all night writing this so I can’t guarantee my reaction to it when I wake up. I also ended up deleting half and starting over so that happened.)

Words- 3,650

Your eyes opened, unfortunately. You stared up at the bleak white ceiling as rays of sunlight filter into the room, calling your attention to the dust in the air. You couldn’t move. You hated the idea of facing the day, or any day without Philip by your side. 

There was a soft knock on your door. Mary, one of the maids, stepped into your room. 

“Miss Jefferson? You should be getting up now.” she said timidly. You sighed and sat up slowly. She was so kind that you couldn’t bear to be difficult for her You head pounded and your eyes felt sore from crying all night. Mary furrowed your brow at you, clearly debating whether it would be inappropriate to try and comfort you. You must have looked like a wreck. You wouldn’t know, you barely looked in the mirror anymore. What was the point when you didn’t have Philip to make you feel beautiful?

“Shall I pick out an outfit for you?” Mary asked. You nodded slowly. She walked over to your closet with a smile on your face. You let your legs dangle on the side of the bed as your stared at the patterns of the wooden floor, your mind blank and full all at once in a painful paradox that pounded against your temples. There was a glass of water by your bed. You no idea how long it had been there, could’ve been days, but you picked it up and drank anyway. It did little to help your headache, but it did wake you up more. Mary pulled a gown out of your closet and laid it out on the bed next to you. You stared down at it and squinted your eyes. 

“That seems a bit fancy doesn’t it?” 

Your voice startled Mary. Obviously, she hadn’t been expecting you to pay that much attention. 

“Well yes…” she stuttered. “Your father has arranged for you to meet someone today.” she said softly. 

“He what?” you spat. You were seething. The sadness and fatigue had left your body, and you were red hot with anger. 

“Y-you are to aco-acompany this man to a b-ball this evening.” 

You didn’t want to explode at Mary, but you could not believe the words coming out of her mouth. 

“He expects me to court someone? After he refused to allow me to see the man I love?” you asked incredulously. 

“Miss Jefferson, you’re father firmly believes that Philip m-manipulated you-” 

“And what do you believe, Mary?” you asked. She stared at you in shock. 

“M-Miss Jefferson I…”

“I want to hear your opinion, Mary. You brought Philip’s letters to me. You know of our relationship. Do you think he used me?” 

You saw Mary glance at your door. She walked over to it meekly and closed it. As soon as the two of you were truly alone, her demeanor changed. She became wise. 

“You really want to what I think?” Her voice was still small and quiet, but she seemed older now, and you remembered for the first time that she was a few years older than you. You nodded carefully. She walked over to you and sat next to you on the bed. You gave her your complete attention, something you hadn’t done for anybody in a long while. She took a careful breath. 

“I…I don’t think your father gives you enough credit.” She looked at you from the corner of her eye. You nodded, begging her to continue. “You’re a strong woman, and I don’t think a man could manipulate you.” You smiled. Finally, someone was on your side. “But,” Your smile dropped. “you have to see your father’s side. You hated Philip for years. Yes I know all about it. Maids talk.” she said to your shocked face. “Suddenly, you’re in love with him. His father had an affair and aggravates Mr Jefferson to a new extreme. You can’t blame him for wanting to protect you from something like that.”

You stared down at your hands. She was right. To most, it would seem your affections had completely switched in a matter of seconds. But you had loved Philip for years. You’d only been denying it because….because you knew this was the exact situation you would end up in.  Tears streaked down your cheeks. You looked up at Mary and sniffed. 

“I love him.” you sobbed. Mary pulled you into her and hugged you. 

“I know,” she whispered. “but sitting here crying about it won’t help anything.” 

You sat up and wiped your eyes. “What are you saying?” 

“I think…” she sighed and looked at the gown, “I think you should go to the ball.” 

“Why? What good will it do?” 

“Show your father you’re a capable and mature woman. A woman who isn’t manipulated easily.” she said. Your hand graced over the purple patterned fabric of the gown. 

“You really think it will help?” you whispered. 

“Mr. Jefferson is hurt that you lied to him. He loves you and wants you to trust him. If you are on your father’s good side, he may be more willing to listen to you.” 

You took a deep breath and nodded. 

“Come downstairs. There’s breakfast, and your father would love to see you.” 

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Miss Jefferson.” He took your hand and kissed it. Everything inside you screamed run. You belonged to another. This man was not your Philip. Despite the churning in your stomach, you smiled and allowed this man to touch you. 

“Likewise, Mister Eacker.” 

Your father stood off to the side, smiling proudly. You allowed George to escort you out to the carriage he’d brought. Everything about this felt wrong. You couldn’t believe your feet were moving in time with a man who wasn’t Philip, but there you were, being helped into his carriage with his hand on your back. You cringed as you sat down in your seat. Mr. Eacker sat next to you. The carriage gave a lurch and you were off. 

“I hope I’m not overstepping my bounds, but I must say, you look amazing in that gown Miss Jefferson.” 

You wanted to die. “Thank you, Mister Eacker.” 

“Please,” he smiled at you, “call me George.” 

“O-Okay.” You looked at the window, praying that this night would end, despite it having just begun. 

“I have to admit, I was surprised when your father approached me.”

“Why?” You continued to watch the buildings pass by through the door of the carriage. 

“Well, that Hamilton boy seems to be completely taken with you.” Your head turned to look at him so fast you almost got whiplash. He looked at you with a slight smirk on his face. “Though I can’t blame him really.” His eyes traveled down your body. You felt sick. 

“I…how do you-”

“How do I know? About Philip’s little crush on you?” You nodded. “Do you think I’m the first man your father approached?” He laughed. George Eacker fucking laughed. “Of course, I’m the only one not afraid of his dumb little threats.” 

“His threats?” you choked. 

“Yeah, he won’t let anyone near you.” Mr. Eacker took your hand in his. “I’m really sorry you have to go through that, but don’t worry. I’m here to protect you now if you’ll let me. I won’t let Philip Hamilton touch you.” 

His hand was on your waist, and it was sliding lower with each song. You looked anywhere but his eyes. You glanced around at the shining decorations. The floor was crowded with girls in all sorts of different dresses, making it look like a painter’s palette.  He talked to you. He complimented you. It all fell on deaf ears. Guilt was eating away at you. Philip had been trying to keep other men away from you, and here you were, tossing all his efforts away.  If he could see you now-

“Don’t look now, but Philip Hamilton is here.” Mr. Eacker whispered in your ear. Your entire body tensed, and he noticed. “Don’t be scared, Y/N. I’ll protect you.” 

“I have to go.” you whispered. You walked forward, away from where you could tell Philip was standing. Mr. Eacker grabbed your wrist and stopped you. 

“I think it’s safer if you stay by me.” 

You turned around slowly. Mr. Eacker pulled you into his chest and let his hand stroke over your hair. You stared over his shoulder at tanned skin and long curly hair, at freckles and light hazel eyes. Wide hazel eyes that were staring back at you in shock and fury. 

You felt your own eyes fill with tears. You belonged in his arms, not George Eacker’s. You had to get away. 

“No, no. It’s not about Philip. I can handle him. He will leave me alone if I tell him to. I just…need some air.” You explained, lightly pushing him off of you. 

“Okay. I’ll go with you.” 

“No that’s fine.” you said, trying to keep your eyes on Philip while still looking engaged in the conversation. 

“Please. I insist.” He was serious. Time to try a different tactic. You looked at Philip and tried to tell him with your eyes that you were sorry. You put on a small smile and leaned up to George’s ear. 

“I just have to step away for a little bit. I’ll be back so soon, you won’t even notice I’m gone.” you whispered. No guy like George could resist the request of a sweet helpless girl with her body pressed against his. 

“Hurry back.” He planted a kiss on your cheek, You stepped away and turned your back on him, and Philip. You looped around several people, making sure George’s eyes couldn’t follow where you were headed. You wiped at your face, desperate to get the ghost of his lips to stop haunting your body. You were so focused on scrubbing your cheeks, you yelped when you felt someone grabbed your wrist, but quickly covered your mouth when you saw who it was. He pulled you silently to a balcony outside that nobody was on. 

“What the fuck was that?” He dropped your wrist violently. “You here with George Eacker? Do you even know what that prick is capable of?”

“Philip I-”

“He could seriously hurt you, Y/N. What are you even doing out with him? Did you really move on that fast? I thought I meant something to you!” 

“Philip you do! Don’t you get it? I had to. Philip, my father is relentless. If I stay on his good side and earn his trust, I can convince him to let me see you.” 

Philip stared out at the night sky, his jaw firmly clenched. The stars reminded you of the way his freckles splattered randomly on across his face. 

“This has been the hardest month of my life.” he spoke softly. 

“Mine too.” There was too much space between you two. Philip was too far away; you needed him closer more than you needed to breathe. “How…how did your family react?” you dared to ask. They had to have found out. Your father probably screamed at Mr. Hamilton for it. 

“They…my father wasn’t happy. My mother was more level headed, but she’s not fond of your father either.” 

“I don’t blame her.” you said, remembering that way your father shamelessly celebrated Alexander Hamilton’s announcement  of his affair. 

“What did your father say?” he asked, finally looking right at you. Your breath hitched seeing him so broken. 

“He thinks you seduced and manipulated me. That I’m just infatuated with you and that you’re dangerous.” 

Philip glared at the door leading into the ball. His fists clenched tightly at his sides. “I feel dangerous.” 

“What have you even been doing this whole time?” It felt like you were talking to a familiar stranger. 

“Keeping men like him away from you.” he growled. 

“Philip, I’m sorry I-”

“I know.” he said, his voice growing softer, “You had to, I know. I just…worry about you.” 

You stepped up to Philip and picked up one of his fists, unfurling it and running your finger over his palm. 

“I’ve missed you a lot.” you whispered. You kept your eyes locked on the creases of his hands. You felt his other hand reached up and graze your cheek, on the exact spot Mr. Eacker had kissed you. 

“I’m gonna find a way, Y/N. I’m not taking no for an answer.” His words were determined, but his voice stayed low. 

“I don’t know when I’ll see you again.” 

Philip lifted your chin up so you would meet his eyes. 

“We’ll figure it out, okay? I promise.” 

He pressed his lips against yours lightly. The feeling was so familiar it hurt. The kiss didn’t last long enough. None of this was enough. And it wouldn’t be enough. Not until Philip was yours. 

“I love you.” you told him. 

“I love you more.” he whispered back. 

“Did you have a good time?” Mr. Eacker asked on the way back to your house. 

“Yes definitely.” You flashed what you hoped was a convincing smile. “Thank you so much for taking me.” 


Mr Eacker got out of the carriage and opened the door for you, helping you down to the ground. He walked with you to the double doors of your father’s estate. 

“I hope to see you again soon.” He smiled down at you. 

“Certainly.” you said quickly. You saw his eyes travel downwards, and he started leaning forward. You quickly stepped inside and shut the door. 

“Did you have a good time?” you heard your father ask. 

“You’re still awake?” You stepped into his office. 

“Of course I am! I wanted to hear all about your date.” He organized a stack of papers then turned to you with a grin on his face. 

“Oh! It was…alright.” you mumbled. 

“Alright?” His smile dropped. “Wasn’t he a gentleman?” 

Of course, he probably already knew Mr. Eacker better than you did. He probably thoroughly interrogated every boy he considered. Only the best for Thomas Jefferson’s daughter. 

“He was, but…” You needed more time to think about your approach to this. “Actually, I’m really tired. I promise I’ll tell you in the morning?” 

Your father frowned at you but nodded. “Of course. Sleep well dear.” 

“You too.” you walked up to your room. You weren’t even lying to your father. You really felt exhausted, and you were sweating quite a bit too. 

You stripped of the gown piece by piece and crawled into your bed. You fell asleep with your arms around your pillow, thinking it was Philip. 

“How long has she been like this?” Thomas asked staring down at you in your bed. 

“She was moaning in pain around five this morning, sir. I-I woke you up when I realized she had a fever.” Mary said quietly. The doctor dropped your wrist and stood from the bed. 

“Her pulse is a little high. That’s to be expected with a fever. There’s little else we can do but wait to see how it develops.” he said calmly. 

“So my daughter could be dying and there’s nothing I can do about it?!” Thomas shouted. A low moan came from your throat. Thomas rushed to your side. 

“What is it dear?” 

You mumbled something incoherent. He looked to Mary helplessly, but she just shook her head. 

“I…” you started. “Philip.”

“Philip.” your father said disbelievingly. 

“Wh-where’s Philip?” 

Thomas stood up. His face was grim. He looked at you thoughtfully. 

“Mary. Send someone to the Hamilton’s. Tell them to bring Philip here immediately.” 

“Yes, sir.” 

“What happened?! Is she okay!?” Philip burst into your bedroom. He ignored all the other people in the room and instantly rushed to your side. He swept hair out of your face and noted how warm your skin felt. 


“Shh, I’m here now. It’s okay.” he soothed. Philip felt an odd mixture of relief at seeing you and pain at seeing the state you were in. He looked up to the doctor with watery eyes. “Will she be okay?” 

“There’s no way of knowing.” 

Philip nodded solemnly and turned back to you, stroking your hair softly. 

“She’s confused. She thinks you’ve been here the whole time.” Thomas spoke, from behind Philip. Philip didn’t turn around to face him. He felt like if he took his eyes off of you for a second, you might not be there when he looked back. 

“It’s okay, Y/N. You’re gonna be just fine.” he whispered. A small smile appeared on your face. 

“Look,” Thomas said sternly.”You’re…welcome to stay here, until she gets better.” he said like it was the most difficult thing to say. 

“You’re very generous, Mr. Jefferson.” 

“Just…let me know when she wakes up again.” 


Thomas let out a puff of air and left the room. 

Philip rarely left your side. Mary brought up food and water and the two of the worked to try and get you to eat. Philip sent word to his parents that he would stay here until he was confident you were healthy. His father wasn’t thrilled, but  he understood the severity of the situation. 

“Remember when we found the bee hive, and they all started chasing you?” you said with an abnormal slowness in your speech. You were propped against Philip’s chest, his arms wrapped around you protectively. Your body moved as he chuckled. 

“Yeah, I do remember that. Wish I didn’t.” 

You giggled, but it quickly turned to coughing. Your fever hadn’t broken, and it was going on four days now. You had a few moments of clarity, which you spent most of telling Philip you loved him and sharing stories like you were now.

Your father stepped into the room.  

“Philip, could I talk to my daughter alone for a moment?” 

Philip met his eyes awkwardly. He didn’t want to leave you, but he also wanted to be in your father’s good graces.

“It’s fine.” you told him. He smiled down at you and slid out from underneath you. He placed a kiss on your temple before leaving the room. 

“I want to talk to you about Mr. Eacker.” 

“Okay…” you said tentatively 

“He’s asking about you.”

“I’m not interested. 


“Because he’s not the man I love.” you said firmly. 

“Y/N…” your father warned.

“Dad, I know it’s not what you want to hear, but I love him! I really do!” You tried your best to keep your voice calm. You were too tired to shout. Yelling and fighting with him wouldn’t help anything anyway. You knew because you’d tried.

“I just… I know his father, very well Y/N. I don’t trust him or his son. He’s not good enough for you.” 

“Isn’t that something I should decide for myself?” Your voice was small, but the words hit your father in a big way. You were taking matters into your own hands. “You can’t protect me from everything, dad. I know you’re…worried that he’s too reckless. That he’s too much like his father. That he’ll hurt me, but ultimately it’s my decision who I love. You can set me up with every guy in New York and Virginia. You can arrange a marriage for me. For your sake, I’ll listen. I’ll do what you want me to do. But I will always love Philip Hamilton.”

Your father stared at you. “I just…thought you should know.” you mumbled. You felt light headed and tired. 

“Y/N, how long have you loved Philip.”

Your mind flashed through the years of your childhood fighting with Philip. Your teen years spent rejecting his advances until you both matured into adults. You looked at your father carefully.

“As long as I can remember.” you said honestly.

“Truly? You didn’t act like it.”

You sank further into the bed. “I’ve always been drawn to him. Despite everything you told me about their family, he was familiar to me. He always defended me. I felt safe around him, and that feeling just kept growing.” It felt odd being this open about your love life with your father, but there was something growing on his face it was…understanding?

“You really do care for him?”

“Yes.” You blinked quickly to try and stop tears from streaming down your face. Your hair felt like a curtain over your face.

“Then how can I stop you.” your father said softly.

“What?” your head snapped up.

“Don’t act so surprised. I’m not heartless.”

“I never said you were.” you defended.

“I know.” He smiled at you.

“So…you approve?” you asked carefully.

“The boy clearly cares for you. He’s barely left you alone! I…I approve of your relationship with Philip, Y/N. He makes you happy. That’s all I want.” You couldn’t find any words to say to him. He walked over and kissed your forehead. “I’ll send Philip in, but try to get some sleep, okay?” he said with a worried expression. You nodded unable to keep the smile off your face. Moments later Philip reappeared in your room. 

“Y/N? You’re crying what happened are you okay?” Philip rushed over to you. 

“He approves.” you whispered. Philip’s grin grew wide. He leaned to kiss you. “Wait!” You put your hand up. “You’ll get sick.” 

“So? It’s worth it.”

Philip was holding a cup of water to your lips, trying to get you to drink. Even the tiniest sip would help, but you were so sluggish. Your condition hadn’t improved at all and Philip was starting to fear the worst. 

The doctor had just come for another visit and Philip was listening intently to the conversation happening on the other side of the door. 

“Mr. Jefferson, I’ve discovered something new about your daughter’s condition.” the doctor said. 

“Yes? Is she all right?” 

“Well, it doesn’t have to do with the fever, necessarily,  but it is a cause for concern…”

“Well? Don’t be so vague.” Thomas said in an agitated tone. 

“Mr. Jefferson, are you aware that your daughter is pregnant?” 

About Time // Part 5

| Prologue | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 8.5 |

Type/Genre: Angst, Alternate Universe (Time Travel!au, Soulmate!au)

Character: BTS x reader

Word count: 7,587 words

Prompts: “What if you find your soulmate… at the wrong time?” - Lauren Kate, Passion

Summary: Be careful for what you wish for, because you may never know how to deal with them once it comes true. What would you do when your wish for a second chance actually came true? But was it really a fulfilled wish? Too many questions lie when it actually happened. Were they real memories? Or perhaps a part of a past life? Was it only a dream all along? Will everything be different this time?

Warning: Mentions of cancer

a/n: Starting from this chapter ahead timeline will flip back and forth between the current life and some flashbacks of the past life experiences that the oc had gone through. So to make things less confusing, I will add the timeline info aside from location and year, so you can differentiate them in case the chapter has two different timelines at the same time. Thank you for reading. I hope the slow plot on this chapter won’t bore or confuse you^^

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May i ask an scenario of a cute maid that loves Ruki, but she thinks he don't loves her. And after confessing him hopessly, he surprises her telling her that he loves her and of course, he is her master.

Ruki: Restless and fatigued, you were sure that you had taken care of everything for the day. Being a maid in the Mukami mansion was not an easy job, but the pay was worth it and Karlheinz, the man who gave you the job, offered you room and board too. It was everything you needed until you had a fatal discovery one day about your “masters.” 

The Mukami were all vampires who were once humans, and it was hard for you to grasp that fact until Kou attempted to make a meal out of you one day. If it wasn’t for Ruki, you could have sworn you would have been killed instantly by Kou. Since that memorable day, you’ve seen Ruki as your hero, and you couldn’t help but admire everything about him. Tall, dark, handsome, and intelligent as hell. But of course, you were only a mere maid for the Mukami mansion. Someone like Ruki would never dare to glance at someone of lower status. You’ve even heard of rumors that when he was human, he was born into a noble family. Surely he still held and practiced the beliefs of noblemen. 

Closing the bathroom door behind you after cleaning it, you let out a tired sigh and decided to head to the kitchen to start making dinner. The Mukami family usually made their own meals, but when you came around, they didn’t mind you helping out too. After pulling out ingredients to make vegetable soup, you turned to the knife drawer to start prepping for the soup. You knew it was Ruki’s favorite and you wanted to show him how much you appreciated having him as one of your masters. 

As you began chopping yellow onions, your eyes started to water and blur your vision, causing you to accidentally cut yourself with the knife. Fearing that your blood will cause a frenzy with the Mukami, you quickly looked around for a towel. Your finger was bleeding profusely, and you wanted to wrap it tightly with a towel to have the pressure stop it. But as you frantically grabbed a towel, you yelped when you felt someone grab your wrist and pull you towards their direction instead.

“Ah, Ruki-sama!” you cried out when you saw him frowning at you with displeasure.

“What are you doing, [Name]? I can smell your blood from my room.” Ruki commented darkly.

“I-I apologize for the disturbance, I will clean myself up before continuing-”

“That won’t be necessary,” Ruki interjected as he brought your finger to his lips and licked the fresh crimson blood seeping from the cut.

You were stunned by Ruki’s action and immediately froze when he grazed a fang on your finger. You’ve always wanted Ruki to feed off of you, but he had his preference for the sweet blood of Eve.

“R-Ruki-sama? What are you doing-”

“Be quiet and let me take your blood. It will go to waste at this rate.” he answered promptly as he bit into your finger and began to suck your blood.

Wincing at the pain, you wondered if this was even allowed. You were not Eve or anyone special to Ruki, so why did he want a low maid’s blood in the first place? It confused you greatly, but it made you think that perhaps…he might have seen you as someone significant for once.

“Ruki-sama, if you desire for my blood, then I will always give it to you, if it pleases you. I-I’ve always admired you since you saved me from Kou-sama, and all I want to do is to loyally serve you and stay at your side. Please take my blood as often as you like from now on…” you confessed with a blush.

Ruki looked up at you with a gleam in his dark eyes. You can tell that he enjoyed hearing your sudden confession and he chuckled after he saw you waiting for his response. Boy, were you in for a storm.

“In that case, you’ll forever be mine, Livestock. As your master, I command you to submit to me for as long as you live. You don’t have a choice now.” he declared as he released your hand and walked away from you, leaving you to watch him in awe.

From that point on, it wasn’t a surprise when Ruki would sneak into your room at night and wake you if he wanted your blood. You would just brush your hair away from your neck and allow him to bite you, holding him closely as he devoured bits and parts of your loving soul. If this was how a maid and her master could carry on a relationship, you didn’t mind. Ruki desired only for your blood, and that’s all that mattered to you.

“Drown me in this toxic sea called ‘love.’ I want more of it…”

-Admin Yuuzuki

Note: Knowing Ruki, I don’t think he would explicitly tell someone he loved them. It will be more implied in his own twisted way of loving someone, and he would probably want his significant lover to figure it out too. It’s his way of being entertained as a Do-S vampire.



“Roll over, Viktor.”

“No,” Viktor said firmly, further tightening his grip on Yuuri and snoring even louder. Yuuri sighed.

“You’ve been hogging the blankets and hugging me like I’m about to take my last breath. And it’s 80 DEGREES outside not to mention.”

“But I love you,” the blond started to pout. He looked up with eyes heavy with fatigue, barely focusing on the man in front of him as he slowly went back to sleep.

Yuuri gave in, fruitlessly tugging the blanket then rolling over to Viktor’s side to hug him back.

“I love you, too, doofus.”



Yuri clung like a scared cat to Otabek’s arm, snoring obnoxiously right into the Kazakh’s ear as he slept.

“Um. Yura—”

“Beka I swear if you try to pry me off right now I will scratch your balls off and throw the remains out the window,” the Russian Fairy pronounced rather loudly for someone sleeping. “Do. Not. Even. Try.”

“Alright, alright,” Otabek surrendered, hands up.

But he tried anyway, and failed. He groaned for a good while, before swinging his arm over Yuri’s head to get his sweet revenge.

“I hate you.”

“Love you too,” he chuckled.

We're Pregnant?

“Babe, are you done?”, Jared asked me as he was entering our bedroom.

He stepped inside and saw me kneeling on my suitcase trying to zip it up. Packing was the least favorite thing in the world. It was a nightmare for me; by far the worst part of every travel. Plus, I didn’t feel so well for the past couple of days, which only added to my misery. I was so looking forward to this vacation, but I wasn’t going to let a bit of nausea ruin it. 

“Almost… I just can’t seem to zip this damn suitcase.”, I said and jumped a bit on top of it to squeeze it more.

“How much stuff does a girl need anyway? I couldn’t imagine how big a luggage you’d bring if we went skiing.”, Jared said and laughed at me. I just looked at him desperately, hoping he’ll see it as a call for help.

“Here, let me help you”, Jared stepped towards me, pushed as hard as he could and I finally managed to zip the suitcase.

“Yes! That’s my strong man”, I jumped from happiness and kissed Jared quickly. But suddenly I felt dizzy. The room started to spin around and I thought I was gonna faint, so I put my hand on my forehead and tried to grab Jared with the other. Fortunately he was attentive and managed to grab my arm so I didn’t fall. 

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Come What May - Sonny Carisi

Request: Can I maybe get a sonny x reader based off the song Come What May from Moulin Rouge? :)

Never knew I could feel like this

Like I’ve never seen the sky before                

Want to vanish inside your kiss

Every day I’m loving you more and more

 When Sonny first met Y/N, he never thought she was the woman that he’d fall in love with. But he did. And he fell hard. Each time he was with her, whether themselves or with other people, he felt completely helpless. Call it cliché, but she was the only thing that Sonny Carisi thought about on the job. Y/N was a prosecutor. She shadowed Barba some days in order to make applying for a state job easier. She walked into the squad room after one of those instances and she and Carisi locked eyes. Her eyes teased him but her smile was innocent. She walked off into one of the break rooms and Carisi followed her, closing the door behind him.

“You’re gonna be the death of me, ya know that?” Sonny growled as he kissed her. Y/N laughed. Something she did to provoke him. It always worked. Their lips moved together in sync. Like they knew what the other was thinking. Her kiss functioned as his Kryptonite. He was nothing without it. Y/N pulled away, her arms draped loosely around his neck.

“Get back to work, detective.” She winked before walking out of the room. He had no time to think about it anymore. All that was known was that Sonny Carisi was in love with this woman. And he had a feeling that he’d continue to fall.

Listen to my heart, can you hear it sing?

Telling me to give you everything

Seasons may change from winter to spring

But I’ll love you until the end of time

Later in the evening, after both Sonny and Y/N actually arrived home, they actually had time to themselves. It was rare that they did but they always cherished it. Y/N laid with her head on Sonny’s chest, listening contently to his heartbeat. The house was dark. Not dim but completely dark. It was alright, though. The two of them liked it. They could feel the presence of their other half and that was all they needed.

 "Ya know something, doll?’ Sonny spoke, breaking the silence. Y/N hummed in response. She lifted her head up a bit to listen to him better and he continued to speak. “I’m pretty sure you’re the reason my heart beats like it does.”

“Unevenly? I think you might need to get that checked out.” Y/N joked. Sonny chuckled and the silence was back. “I know what you mean.” She spoke again, quietly this time. “You’ve changed me.” That was all Sonny needed to hear. He moved her off of him and stood up. “In a good way-” Sonny turned on one of the lights and then he was standing in front of Y/N again. He held a ring box in his hand.

“You’ve changed me too. It’s normal for things to change and this is a change I want to make.” He opened the tiny box and a Y/N laid her eyes on a beautiful diamond engagement ring. It wasn’t expensive or extravagant and that’s what both of them wanted. Simplicity. “Marry me.”

Come what may

 Come what may

Come what may

 Come what may

I will love you until my dying day

Y/N walked into the squad room again, wearing her engagement ring proudly on her finger. No one commented on it but Y/N didn’t mind. She knew it was true that she and Sonny were in love. Once again, Y/N was consulting on a case.

 "So what-?“ She interrupted Barba when she started coughing. Over and over again until she could barely breathe. Sonny, being concerned, put his hand on her shoulder.

"You okay?” He asked, his eyes staring into hers. She tried taking a deep breath, only taking small shallow ones.

 "Yeah. Probably the allergies.“ If only that was the case. Oh, how she wished that was all. About two months later, after the cough persisted and was accompanied by chest pains, even more shortness of breath and loss of appetite, Y/N thought that something more could be wrong. When she was caught hunching over the toilet, bright red liquid spewing from her mouth, Sonny made her go to the hospital. The two of them sat in the waiting room for several hours before they could see a doctor. Sonny mumbled under his breath about their timing. Y/N tried to chuckle along but a string of coughs originating deep in her chest caused he to stop.

"Y/N Y/L/N?” The doctor walked in shortly after Y/N was put in a room. After receiving several tests, including a CT and x-ray, the diagnosis came back. “…stage 3 small-cell lung cancer.”

Suddenly the world seems such a perfect place

Suddenly it moves with such a perfect grace

Suddenly my life doesn’t seem like such a waste

It all revolves around you

And there’s no mountain too high

 No river to wide

Sing out this song and I’ll be there by your side

Y/N didn’t want chemotherapy. She always claimed that it would ultimately make her sicker. And that wasn’t how she wanted to go. Laying in her bed at home, she embraced the silence that was around her. But, sometimes, that isn’t the best idea. She thought about her future. Or the future that she would’ve had. Sonny was her life. He was everything to her. She remembered the dejected, terrified look on his face when she stated that she didn’t want to begin treatment right away. Their relationship hadn’t been quite the same. Sonny would leave for work earlier than usual and Y/N would stay in bed all day, only getting up for the occasional bathroom breaks. That’s only because she refused to have a bedpan.

“Doll?” The familiar voice called. He sounded skittish. Y/N hummed in response, trying to control her breathing. Sonny walked further into the bedroom, smiling weakly.

 "How was-?“ She coughed again. "How-?” And again. “How was your d-?” And again. Sonny grabbed the water bottle off of the desk table and handed it to her. He wanted to be supportive. He wanted to be the good fiancé. The one who loved and cherished his woman. But he couldn’t seem to support this particular choice.

 "It was fine.“ He answered. He couldn’t bare seeing her in pain. The silence was overbearing as always. Especially for Sonny. He climbed into bed next to Y/N, careful not to disturb anything. She cuddled into him. She was cold and not normal cold. No. A different kind of cold. Laying in the position, Y/N realized that this was what she fought for. She fought her parents for this man. She fought the universe and it’s sick and twisted ways for this long. Why stop now? She had to keep going. She was at least going to marry Sonny.

Storm clouds may gather

 And stars may collide

But I love you

Until the end of time

It was brutal. The constant puking and fatigue was something that she couldn’t handle. Or so she thought. Sonny support helped, though. Each treatment that she got, every single appointment, he attended. The two hadn’t married yet, however. Sonny wanted to wait until Y/N was healthy but Y/N could care less. She’d be alright with marrying in the hospital. And that’s what she was trying to convince him to do.

 "It’ll be-” She wheezed a bit. “It’ll be simple. And-And cheap.” Her voice was hoarse. Terribly hoarse. Sonny smiled at her and grabbed her hand in a comforting manner.

“Once you get better-”

“What if I don’t?” She wheezed. The silence reappeared suddenly and Sonny actually considered finding an officiant in the hospital and marrying this woman in the cancer ward. “Wait here.” He decided. Walking out into the halls, he tried to find the front desk. Somewhere where he could ask. Meanwhile, Y/N’s doctor walked in. He seemed to be wielding good news. At least that’s what the smile on his face seemed to say.

“The cancer cells are beginning to shrink, Ms. Y/L/N. You have a pretty good chance at full recovery.” As soon as he was there, he was gone and off to the next patient. Y/N knew that this was a blessing. One day, she’d die. Everyone dies. But she knew now that it wouldn’t be anytime soon. When she seen Sonny walking into the ward with who she thought was an officiant, her smile grew. Two good things in one day. It doesn’t get any better than that.

I’ve missed this

Prompt: Could you do a nsfw Laurens x reader?

TW: Smut

You adored messing with your husband, and he adored the challenge. It would always start with subtle teases amidst your dates, or perhaps your night’s out with his friends. You’d lightly kick his leg, or flick a straw at him, just to get his attention. If you were feeling confident and particularly frisky, you would go as far as brushing your hand along his pants’ seam, just to see a reaction that he’d have to conceal with a crowd. It was always so adorable, seeing his freckles shift color with the shades of pink that would pull onto his face. Of course, that didn’t show later when John got back at your teasing. A fun game, in which you won every time. Truly, there was no downside, no loser, in this game between your passionate relationship.

You tried to not let it change when the war’s need for John grew.

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Just watched Jeremy Brett in The Man With The Twisted Lip. I love the way that Watson is in his nightclothes in his bedroom fatigued and ready for bed, and Sherlock has settled in a chair in Watson’s room with his pipe as he begins to deduce the problem in hand. Watson climbs into bed and drifts off but Sherlock remains in the room… processing information with his eyes closed as he smokes his pipe. He wakes him just two hours later by tickling Watson’s feet as he has unravelled the puzzle. The scene just underlines their closeness.

this is also a great time to say I loved Spider-Man Homecoming so much. It really brought some old Marvel feels and I love seeing a different perspective on all the other movie events.

I’ve been feeling a little ‘Marvel fatigue’ lately and kinda missed stuff from Phase 1 and 2 and not too much of this cramming all the heroes they can in one movie so this had the right amount of tony stark and even the cap cameos were funny.

I honestly missed the little pieces of joy Marvel would bring me so to have Tony and Pepper back together literally gave me every positive feel and restored my faith in humanity. Even better that they got engaged and Happy’s little “I’ve been holding onto this since 2008”

anonymous asked:

Logan and Wonder Woman proved me wrong that I'm having a superhero fatigue. It's the mcu that I'm fucking bored with. Like I love taika but even im not hyped for Thor ragnorak. It's becoming a chore and it's a shame cause I was huge mcu fan back when phase 1 started.

I know what you mean. Many people have said it before but it’s the commitment to formula that’s holding Them back and doing the same kind of shit only this time with Spider-man or Doctor Strange isn’t breaking new ground. 

The MCU has a lot of great stuff going for it but the formula They stick to so religiously reminds me of what Chuck Barris said about the abundance of game shows: One piece of pie is delicious, fourteen pieces are nauseating. 

It’s why I wonder if people demanding that the DCEU become more and more like the MCU have really given any thought to the kind of cinematic world They’re demanding.

anonymous asked:

My husband dug out a pond in our garden a couple of years ago. Shifted a couple of tons of wet clay earth with his bare hands. I cooked dinner. Feminism? SO not my bag.🙄

There are really jobs which requires a man’s strength, but feminists would probably push away a man from digging a hole and trying to prove they can do it, until they run out of breath and die from fatigue. Also, I would rather be cooking all day long than digging a hole 🤷‍♀️

Fitnesspfarm’s Tips On Gettin’ Thick

Here’s a few tips from my girl fitnesspfarm on what she did to get her mega-gainz from November 2013 to December 2015.

“Shoot for myself haha I’ve been lifting since high school! But for someone beginning and wanting that growth, they’d need flexibility training then endurance training thennnn could do hypertrophy endurance combo then straight up strength then power. Of course some can overlap. But I would have some test what I consider a base fitness 10-12 reps. Keep them basic leg exercises. Squats, leg extensions (unless they have knee problems), ham curls, seated and lying. Stiff legged deadlifts if they can master it. I do a ton of resistance band work for my glutes 3x a week I’m hitting hammies and glutes and 2x for quads. I find that keeps my size with as much cardio as I do.
So once they can 10-12 rep for 3-4 sets I would love them to 15+ reps some to failure…super setting is a must for heart rate work and band work between sets for glutes.

Man I really need to write a base program”

(Please note she did ALL of this fighting through a major thyroid disease and adrenal fatigue. At times she was unable to work out for three months or longer.)

She’s back next week and we’re starting everything, so hang tight ladies!

New Encounters: Part 1

ahhh I really hope you guys like this so far! I’m still debating where to go in the story, so I hope it’s making sense so far lmao

Idol: Byun Baekhyun (Exo)

Genre: Fluff (soon coming: angst and smut)

Word Count: 1,730

Parts: Prologue , Part Two

Originally posted by blondejongin

“Lost by BTS. You guys have heard it right? The beat is nice and gives us a lot of opportunity to mess around with choreo. What do you guys think?” You said, watching the eyes of those around you. Sitting at the dance studio, you wrote down a list of songs to cover, only a few actually not being crossed out. You have easily spent the past hour simply trying to pick a song.

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Daddy’s Girl  (Part 2: Survival)

Request:  Hii! I love your blog! Can you a fic where the reader is still in high school and is secretly dating Peter Parker because the rest of the avengers are very protective over you? 

I’m tying this request into Part 2 of this one, cuz it works  :)

Part 1

Your father’s hands continued to work furiously over you as you faded in and out of consciousness. Steve had returned to your side as well, trying to help Tony stabilize you with only their limited supplies and limited time to save you.  

“Stark, we need to get her out of here.  You need to pick her up and get her home.”  

Your eyes were so heavy. You were so tired and all you could think about was how wonderful sleep would be.  Closing your eyes for just the briefest of moments, you felt the relaxation begin to take over your body, and you welcomed it without hesitation.

“Dammit, (Y/N), I said keep your eyes open!”  The metal hands of the suit slid beneath you and paused as Tony looked at you for signs of pain.  He began to lift you from the ground, but you let out a sharp scream that stopped him from going any further.  “I can’t, Cap.  I can’t do this.”

Steve took a sharp breath and moved to the other side of you, slowly putting his hands beneath you to lift.  “(Y/N),” his voice was quiet and soothing as he spoke, “I’m going to lift you, and I know it’s gonna hurt.  I’ll be as gentle as I can, but we need to do this.  We have to get you out of here, okay?  Do this for your dad, honey.”

You groggily nodded your head, trusting Steve but still scared of the pain that was yet to come. With a glance to your father, you looked back to the Captain and wrapped your arm tightly around his neck as he began to lift.  


Your father had been at your bedside for days and was now looking exhausted; he hadn’t shaved, his hair was a mess, and if it weren’t for the team bringing him clean clothes, he might still be in the suit.  The long days and nights of watching the nurses work fed his brain just enough to keep him sane.  He now knew how to adjust your IV medications and could interpret your heart rhythm. It was just a distraction, however. It was barely enough to keep the sight of you, nearly dead in his hands, from his mind.  He was pulled from his own thoughts by the sound of someone at the desk, asking to see you.

“I’m here to see (Y/N) (Y/L/N).  Could you please tell me where to find her?”

Tony stood now, stepping to the door to see who could be looking for you.  He saw a tall, skinny young man talking to the nurses, with his hands filled with flowers for you.

“I’ll have to check with Mr. Stark.  Just wait here.”

“Mr. Stark?”  The boy swallowed hard and looked suddenly terrified. “Did you just say Mr. Stark? Why…why would he need to…to be asked if I can go in?”

“That’s her father, sir.”

“Shut up.”  The young visitor turned away and began to mumble to himself under his breath, “she never told me that.  Why would she never tell me that?”

Tony smiled a bit to himself, amused not only at the boy’s reaction to his name, but also at the sight of the flowers trembling in his hands, petals being shaken free of the arrangement. Maybe he should save the poor kid.

“Hey, I’m Mr. Stark, but I prefer Tony.”  He reached out to shake the young man’s hand, trying his best to be polite despite his fatigue.  “And you are?”

“Iron Man.”

“No…that’s me.”  

“Oh, shit.  I mean, yes, of course you are.  You are Iron Man.  I love your work, you’re so amazing, and I can’t believe you’re her dad.  Wow.” He finally reached out to take Tony’s hand, shaking it with a firm grasp.  “I’m Peter.  Peter Parker. I’m a…friend of (Y/N)’s.”

As your father let out a quiet and restrained laugh, he put his hand on the new visitor’s shoulder and led him in to see you.  “This looks worse than it is, alright?”

Peter gasped loudly as he entered the room, dropping your flowers to the ground to take his place at your side as quickly as possible.  The two of you had been dating for almost a year, but no one knew.  Your father was explicitly against you dating a superhero, believing you had enough of that influence from both him and the other members of the team.  If he knew you were dating Spiderman, you’d never be allowed to leave the tower again.

Peter put his face close to your so he could whisper without fear of your father hearing him.  “I told you not to go.  I told you this would happen.”  Tony’s head perked up as he heard a sniffle come from the boy standing over you.  “Don’t leave me, (Y/N).  We have so much to do yet.  I love you too much to let you go, okay?”

Peter placed a small kiss on your cheek and backed away, wiping the tears from his cheeks so that your father might not notice them.  Before Tony could say anything more, your boyfriend was gone.


Natasha stepped into your room, pausing at the door to see your dad sleeping with his head on your lap. She had never seen Tony that way before; so soft and so vulnerable, and it began to affect her.  Hurrying to set the information she had found on his chair, she turned to leave as to not wake him.

“For a master spy, you’re not all that sneaky, Romanoff.”

“I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“It’s okay.  What did you find?”  He rubbed the sleep from his eyes as he took the tablet and began to read. As he read for a few minutes, his expression changed from confusion, to shock and finally anger.  “Spiderman?  That’s who this kid is?”  He looked from the screen to you and back again, “no way in hell is this gonna continue.”

Nat huffed at his quick reaction to the news, knowing you were capable of making your own decisions in the matter.  “Don’t jump to that so fast, Stark.  You know she’s a smart kid.  I’m sure she’s thought this thru.”  She stepped over to your bed, leaning down to kiss your forehead and to adjust the hair around your face.  “Besides, you know we’ll keep on eye on him.  We’re gonna protect our girl.”


“Dad?”  You turned your head gradually, looking around the room to find him.  “Dad, are you here?”  There was no response to your question, so you decided that he had gone home for the day. You didn’t even know what day it was, what time, or how long you had been out.  You could barely remember the day that brought you here.

The door slid open, revealing Tony, carrying his tablet and his tenth cup of coffee already that day. He looked like he hadn’t slept in weeks. When he looked up to see your eyes open and looking back at him, he dropped the cup on the floor and was immediately next to you.  Holding your face in his hands, he laughed quietly as he kissed your forehead, his lips lingering there for a moment.  

“Hello, baby.  I’ve been waiting so long for you.   How do you feel?  Are you in pain?  What do you need?”

“Dad.  Shhh.  Slow down. I’m okay.”  You caught the sight of the bouquet in the corner of your eye, recognizing them as each of the flowers that you had told Peter were your favorites.  “Um, was Peter here?  My friend from school?”

As if on cue, he walked thru the door of your room, stopping at the entrance, waiting for permission to enter.  “I’m right here, (Y/N).  Your dad called me.”

Tony looked down at you, a mildly disapproving look on his face.  “You kept this from me for a year?  Why didn’t you tell me?”  He sighed at his own question, realizing that he already knew the answer.  “Yeah, okay.  I have a hard time with this stuff.  I get it.  But, honey, it’s kind of important for me to know you’re dating Spiderman, don’t you think?”

“And why didn’t you tell me your dad was Iron Man?  Also kinda important, (Y/N).”  

You had been awake for no more than five minutes and they were already ganging up on you.  You had always hoped they would get along once they finally met, and now you regretted the thought.  

“You have got to be kidding me.  I can’t believe I woke up for this.”

Alternate ending: Mourning