i love a good label

It pisses me off that people will say a male character is transgender or cis!Male if they look or act a bit feminine
There’s nothing wrong with it
But why can’t a male character just be a guy who wants to look pretty, or they’re into girly things?
There are people like that out there.
If that’s what the character was meant to be then let them be.

Just a quick reminder that this process isn’t for us.

It’s not supposed to be interesting to us or fun for us. This process isn’t for the fans - this process is for the public, and also through that, for Louis as well.

Everything is a blip in the public. People who read tabloids know not everything is accurate. But what won’t be a blip is that the name Louis Tomlinson is actually a name they can associate with a face.

I know this is boring and sometimes yucky, but no matter how the rest of the break goes, we will have Louis and the other boys back in June, and Louis will have his name known likely in both the U.S. and UK, and perhaps throughout most parts of the world.


y'all can both be fabulous it’s okay there’s not like, legal fabulous limit you have to stay under