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I know we're all excited for the printshop scene and what happens next, but the reunion I'm truly looking forward to is the one between Jamie and Bree. I'm aware Roger and Brianna are not fan favorites but I LOVE the relationship both of them build with Jamie over time, he really becomes a father for both of them. Jamie deserves all the good things, and I can't wait for his family to be whole again. And I *really* hope the show will not neglect Fergus as Diana did in the books. I love them all!

There was no doubt in her mind, from the first glimpse. She was at once surprised and not surprised at all; he was not quite what she had imagined—he seemed smaller, only man-sized—but his face had the lines of her own; the long, straight nose and stubborn jaw, and the slanted cat-eyes, set in a frame of solid bone. 

He moved toward her out of the maples’ shadow, and the sun struck his hair with a spray of copper sparks. Half consciously she raised a hand and pushed a strand of hair back from her face, seeing from the corner of her eye the matching gleam of thick red-gold. 

“What d’ye want here, lassie?” he asked. Sharp, but not unkind. His voice was deeper than she had imagined; the Highland burr slight but distinct. “You,” she blurted. Her heart seemed to have wedged itself in her throat; she had trouble forcing any words past it. 

He was close enough that she caught the faint whiff of his sweat and the fresh smell of sawn wood; there was a golden scatter of sawdust caught in the rolled sleeves of his linen shirt. His eyes narrowed with amusement as he looked her up and down, taking in her costume. One reddish eyebrow rose, and he shook his head. 

“Sorry, lass,” he said, with a half-smile. “I’m a marrit man.” 

He made to pass by, and she made a small incoherent sound, putting out a hand to stop him, but not quite daring to touch his sleeve. He stopped and looked at her more closely. 

“No, I meant it; I’ve a wife at home, and home’s not far,” he said, evidently wishing to be courteous. “But—” He stopped, close enough now to take in the grubbiness of her clothes, the hole in the sleeve of her coat and the tattered ends of her stock. 

“Och,” he said in a different tone, and reached for the small leather purse he wore tied at his waist. “Will ye be starved, then, lass? I’ve money, if you must eat.” 

She could scarcely breathe. His eyes were dark blue, soft with kindness. Her eyes fixed on the open collar of his shirt, where the curly hairs showed, bleached gold against his sunburnt skin. 

“Are you—you’re Jamie Fraser, aren’t you?” 

He glanced sharply at her face. 

“I am,” he said. The wariness had returned to his face; his eyes narrowed against the sun. He glanced quickly behind him, toward the tavern, but nothing stirred in the open doorway. He took a step closer to her. 

“Who asks?” he said softly. “Have you a message for me, lass?” 

She felt an absurd desire to laugh welling up in her throat. Did she have a message? 

“My name is Brianna,” she said. He frowned, uncertain, and something flickered in his eyes. He knew it! He’d heard the name and it meant something to him. She swallowed hard, feeling her cheeks blaze as though they’d been seared by a candle flame. 

“I’m your daughter,” she said, her voice sounding choked to her own ears. “Brianna.” 

He stood stock-still, not changing expression in the slightest. He had heard her, though; he went pale, and then a deep, painful red washed up his throat and into his face, sudden as a brushfire, matching her own vivid color. 

She felt a deep flash of joy at the sight, a rush through her midsection that echoed that blaze of blood, recognition of their fair-skinned kinship. Did it trouble him to blush so strongly? she wondered suddenly. Had he schooled his face to immobility, as she had learned to do, to mask that telltale surge? 

Her own face felt stiff, but she gave him a tentative smile. 

He blinked, and his eyes moved at last from her face, slowly taking in her appearance, and—with what seemed to her a new and horrified awareness—her height. 

“My God,” he croaked. “You’re huge.” 

Her own blush had subsided, but now came back with a vengeance. 

“And whose fault is that, do you think?” she snapped. She drew herself up straight and squared her shoulders, glaring. So close, at her full height, she could look him right in the eye, and did. 

He jerked back, and his face did change then, mask shattering in surprise. Without it, he looked younger; underneath were shock, surprise, and a dawning expression of half-painful eagerness. 

“Och, no, lassie!” he exclaimed. “I didna mean it that way, at all! It’s only—” He broke off, staring at her in fascination. His hand lifted, as though despite himself, and traced the air, outlining her cheek, her jaw and neck and shoulder, afraid to touch her directly. 

“It’s true?” he whispered. “It is you, Brianna?” He spoke her name with a queer accent—Breeanah—and she shivered at the sound. 

“It’s me,” she said, a little huskily. She made another attempt at a smile. “Can’t you tell?” 

His mouth was wide and full-lipped, but not like hers; wider, a bolder shape, that seemed to hide a smile in the corners of it, even in repose. It was twitching now, not certain what to do. 

“Aye,” he said. “Aye, I can.” 

He did touch her then, his fingers drawing lightly down her face, brushing back the waves of ruddy hair from temple and ear, tracing the delicate line of her jaw. She shivered again, though his touch was noticeably warm; she could feel the heat of his palm against her cheek. 

“I hadna thought of you as grown,” he said, letting his hand fall reluctantly away. “I saw the pictures, but still—I had ye in my mind somehow as a wee bairn always—as my babe. I never expected …” His voice trailed off as he stared at her, the eyes like her own, deep blue and thick-lashed, wide in fascination. 

“Pictures,” she said, feeling breathless with happiness. “You’ve seen pictures of me? Mama found you, didn’t she? When you said you had a wife at home—” 

“Claire,” he interrupted. The wide mouth had made its decision; it split into a smile that lit his eyes like the sun in the dancing tree leaves. He grabbed her arms, tight enough to startle her. 

“You’ll not have seen her, then? Christ, she’ll be mad wi’ joy!” The thought of her mother was overwhelming. Her face cracked, and the tears she had been holding back for days spilled down her cheeks in a flood of relief, half choking her as she laughed and cried together. 

“Here, lassie, dinna weep!” he exclaimed in alarm. He let go of her arm and snatched a large, crumpled handkerchief from his sleeve. He patted tentatively at her cheeks, looking worried. 

“Dinna weep, a leannan, dinna be troubled,” he murmured. “It’s all right, m’ annsachd; it’s all right.” 

“I’m all right; everything’s all right. I’m just—happy,” she said. She took the handkerchief, wiped her eyes and blew her nose. “What does that mean—a leannan? And the other thing you said?” 

“You’ll not have the Gaelic, then?” he asked, and shook his head. “No, of course she wouldna have been taught,” he murmured, as though to himself. 

“I’ll learn,” she said firmly, giving her nose a last wipe. “A leannan?” 

A slight smile reappeared on his face as he looked at her. 

“It means ‘darling,’ ” he said softly. “M’ annsachd—my blessing.” 

The words hung in the air between them, shimmering like the leaves. They stood still, both stricken suddenly with shyness by the endearment, unable to look away from each other, unable to find more words. 

“Fa—” Brianna started to speak, then stopped, suddenly seized with doubt. What should she call him? Not Daddy. Frank Randall had been Daddy to her all her life; it would be a betrayal to use that name to another man—any other man. Jamie? No, she couldn’t possibly; rattled as he was by her appearance, he had still a formidable dignity that forbade such casual use. “Father” seemed remote and stern—and whatever Jamie Fraser might be, he wasn’t that; not to her. 

He saw her hesitate and flush, and recognized her trouble. 

“You can … call me Da,” he said. His voice was husky; he stopped and cleared his throat. “If—if ye want to, I mean,” he added diffidently. 

“Da,” she said, and felt the smile bloom easily this time, unmarred by tears. “Da. Is that Gaelic?” 

He smiled back, the corners of his mouth trembling slightly. 

“No. It’s only … simple.” 

And suddenly it was all simple. He held out his arms to her. She stepped into them and found that she had been wrong; he was as big as she’d imagined—and his arms were as strong about her as she had ever dared to hope.

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China: meh, I’m only here for the food

America: HI YOUTUBE!! ;D

Japan: just act chill, the photo is almost over

Russia: I swear!.. if aunt patty takes one more photo. I am going to hurl her phone into the fireplace

England: *is drunk on eggnog* why am I here again??

France: Ooo YES! They got my good side!!

Germany: I just want to go home and get some sleep…  *cries*

Family Reunion (Bucky Barnes)

enjoy mi amigos 


Request;  Hey! I love your writing! I have a request can you do one where it’s a family reunion and you have to bring your boyfriend which is Bucky. And this was the first time your parents meet him

Other characters featured; tin can man is mentioned 


Y/N - Your name

Y/L/N - Your Last Name

Warnings; language (I was doing sO good at not using it) 

Word count; 805

Originally posted by jamesbuchananbarnesisbae

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Cameron Dallas - Kids

Request: Can you do an imagine where Y/N and Cameron have a 3 year old girl names Madelyn and 1 year old boy names Marcus and one day the Jacks where over filming a video and Marcus falls and bust his head open so the Jacks take Mady and they rush to the hospital and it’s really scary but cute how Cam is there for Marcus and Y/N?


When you have a family you don’t have much time to do things you used to while you were young. Don’t get me wrong, I’m the happiest woman alive to have a family with Cameron, he is the love of my life and I couldn’t ask for more. But I could tell Cam was missing the good old times when he was hanging out with the boys. They also have their own life now, Aaron is about to get married, Gilinsky is planning on having a baby with his wife, but I knew they would love a reunion.

So I talked to some of the guys and asked if they are free to come over sometimes, and the Jacks could make it. I kept it as a surprise for Cam until the last minute.

“Cam, our guests are here!” I happily yelled upstairs when I opened the door for the Jacks. “Hey guys, come on in!” I told them while I tried to balance Marcus, our one year old son on my hip.

“Hey Y/N, you look stunning!” Johnson smiled and hugged me.

“Thank you, Cam will be here in a minute.” As I said that Cam appeared on the top of the stairs and when he saw the guys he immediately rushed down.

“Oh my God, guys!” He laughed hugging them both.

“Good to see you bro,” Gilinsky said patting his back. I just watched them happily. Madelyn run into the house from the backyard and blinked up at the guys with big eyes.

“Hey little princess.” Johnson kneeled down so he would be on the same level as Mady and he shook hands with her. She was a bit too shy around strangers and since she didn’t remember Jack she just hid behind my legs. But other than that she was a hyperactive three year old all the time.

We all moved to the living room and the guys just couldn’t stop talking about things that happened lately with them. I had Marcus in my arms while Mady started to play with Gilinsky and Johnson. Cam talked about his latest projects and the Jacks told us about their latest tour that was a huge success.

“Hey, you know what would be awesome?” Gilinsky gasped suddenly.

“What?” we all asked in union.

“We should do a YouTube video! Like, a reunion thing, I think the fans would love that!”

We all agreed on that it would be a sweet thing to do and Mady also wanted to do it, even though she didn’t really understand what it meant. Gilinsky took Marcus to his arms as Cam set the laptop and started to record.

The guys started to talk about random things, Marcus was babbling in Jack’s arms and Mady was dancing around like a little ballerina. I went out to the kitchen for a minute to get some snacks for the Jacks and the kids, when I heard Marcus terribly cry. I run back immediately and saw Cam holding him, and his head was bleeding.

“What happened?” I asked totally keeping calm, because no one needed a freaked out mom at that moment.

“He just started to crawl, and then Mady told me to watch her dance, I swear it was just a moment, but he banged his head into the table,” Jack stuttered totally freaking out. Cam grabbed some tissues and carefully tried to wipe the blood off.

“Alright, no problem, let’s go to the hospital to check it out,” I said grabbing my keys and my purse. “Can you guys look after Mady until we get back?”

“Sure, of course,” they nodded.

I drove while Cam managed to calm Marcus down, but I knew he would get sutures, it looked too bad. We rushed inside and a doctor immediately took him to check him out.

I was nervous even though I knew it wasn’t that bad. Cam pulled me close to him as we were waiting.

“It’s nothing serious, okay?” he murmured into my hair. I nodded any buried my face into his chest.

“I can’t believe he is in the age where he does this and I have to look after him more carefully,” I sighed remembering the time when Mady started to explore the world and she always did things that ended with hurting her.

“He is a real adventurer,” Cam chuckled.

Soon enough the doctor came back with Marcus who had a bandage on his head. He told us it’s nothing serious, and we have to come back to take the suture out. As we returned Gilinsky immediately jumped to his feet.

“Oh my God, is he okay? I’m so sorry, I really should have watch him, I’m so sorry guys,” he gabbled, but we both stopped him.

“Jack, it’s okay, he is fine,” I said smiling at him. We walked into the living room where Mady was playing with Johnson and her dolls were all over the floor.

“It’s not okay, I feel so bad, I want to be a father soon and I do this, I really should not have a child,” he continued, but Cam cut him off.

“What are you talking about, Jack? Kids always do this, do you know how many times we took Mady to the hospital? You can’t be always by their sides and the do crazy things,” Cam told him as we sat down and put Marcus down so he could join in to the play with Mady and Johnson.

“Mom told me I once almost cut my ear off!” Mady said proudly. I wasn’t that proud of her for that, it scared the shit out of me, but thankfully nothing serious happened.

“Jesus,” Gilinsky sighed.

“Yeah,” I chuckled. “It’s okay, really.”

“I can’t believe how calm you two are. I mean, I’m a train wreck and I’m not even a father yet.”

“You will learn to keep calm, I guarantee it,” Cam told him smiling and then he looked at me. “Especially when you have an amazing wife.”

The Wedding (Bucky x Reader)

A/N: I’m still keeping up the daily thing!! As for the last chapter of my Avengers AOU series, it’ll probably be out when I finish all my requests!! So anyways, enjoy!!😊

Request: Hello! I hope you’re having a good day. Could you do another Bucky imagine where the reader has to go to a family reunion and she wants Bucky to meet her family because they’re good friends since they’re both quiet? The problem is that reader has a very loud and party-animal-esque family and they assume that Bucky and the reader are together and things get awkward… Thank you for being open to requests! I love when authors have their request box open. It makes the imagines so much better!

“Buckyyy,” You stretched out your best friend’s name as you laid on his bed. 

“Yes, Y/N?” He replied, crossing his arms over his chest as he stared down at you with an amused expression.

You looked at him and sat up. “I know you might feel really awkward but I was wondering if you could help me with something.”

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Playing Boyfriend

A/N: I hope you like your request anon!

Request:  Hello sweetheart :) can you make a pietro fluff where he must pretend to be reader’s boyfriend at one of her family reunion, because her family don’t stop teasing her like she has never introduce them a boyfriend. And wanda convinced reader to go with pietro because she knows they love each other, but like they’re really good friends they never confess (too afraid that it’s not mutual). Thanks

Pairing: Pietro x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count:1,438

Draga- My Dear

Lubire- Love

Printesa- Princess

“Crap, crap, crap, crap!” You stressed pacing back and forth in the common room. What were you going to do?

“What’s wrong Y/N?” Wanda’s voice traveled to your ears. You turned to see the younger Maximoff twin leaning against the doorway to the kitchen.

“Oh nothing, just seriously contemplating whether I should cross the border and change my name.” You said nonchalantly while fiddling with your hands. Wanda rose an eye brow and crossed her arms making you let out an exasperated sigh, “OK. OK. I’ll tell you.” She nodded for you to begin your story, “so there’s this family reunion-”

“That doesn’t seem so bad Draga,” Wanda interrupted before quieting down when she saw the look you gave her.

“But it is, Wanda!” You exclaimed flailing your arms about, “Every year. Every single year. I go and all my family does is moan, complain, or joke about my ever lasting hermit of a life.” Both of Wanda’s eyebrows rose at the comment. “And stupid me happened to let a little white lie slip and now my whole family is expecting me to bring my boyfriend this weekend!” You dragged your hands down your face slowly, “my non-existing boyfriend they think I’ve been dating for almost a year.”

Wanda stayed quiet for a moment looking at you as you gave her your most dramatic sad face you could muster. “Then get a boyfriend,” Wanda stated like that was the easiest solution.

“Wanda,” you looked at her like she had three heads, “I can’t just get a boyfriend out of no where! It’s not like build-a-bear where I just pick something, dress it up, and call it mine.” An amused smile played on Wanda’s lips as she stared at you.

“Ask one of the guys here,” she retorted crossing her arms like you wouldn’t have a good come back.

“Everyone knows Tony’s taken with Pepper and Thor is in space and the two living fossils are on a mission so I’m screwed,” You replied. “Maybe I’ll just call in sick,” you looked off into the distance already trying to figure out how you would tell your Mom.

“Pietro’s free,” Wanda suggested a playful smirk present on her face as you looked at her wide-eyed.

“W-what?! No!” You protested instantly, you couldn’t ask your best friend and crush to play boyfriend with you! He would flip! “I can’t ask Pietro to do that!”

“Ask me to do what?” Pietro asked coming into the room looking at his two favorite girls. Wanda went to open her mouth but you slid up front of her.

“Nothing Pietro. It’s nothing.” You quickly rejected flashing him a fake smile. He crossed his arms now smirking down at you, he knew you better than you did, so lying could never go past him.

“Pietro, Y/N needs a fake boyfriend for the weekend, you’re free right?” Wanda asked as you turned around to glare at her totally taken aback. How dare she, she knew you liked her brother more than friends! But what you didn’t know is that he felt the same.

“Sure I’ll do it.” Pietro smiled looking in between the two girls. You turned around now staring at him in shock.

“This means you have to meet my family and like stay and socialize,” you spoke slowly looking him in the eyes. “And you can’t be all Speedy Gonzales and run around, cause they don’t know about the powers and stuff.”

Pietro’s eyes held a mischievous glint to them. “It’ll be fun Prinţesă,” his smirk widening, “I mean how hard can it be?”

You shook your head at him. You both had no idea what you were getting yourselves into.

You were back in the original spot from three days ago. Pacing back and forth in the common room, thinking about everything that could go wrong. Ever since Pietro agreed to play boyfriend, you guys were glued to one another. All you guys did was prepare him for your family and how to handle them.

A low whistle brought you out of your thoughts. Looking up, you saw Pietro dressed up. He usually wore joggers and a t-shirt so now that he was in dark jeans and a button up shirt, he was considered dressed up.

“Lubire, you look gorgeous.” He complimented speeding over to you and twirling you around. You let a giggle slip as you felt your face heat up, his smile widen. You were just in a simple floral dress that went just above your knees.

“You’re not so bad yourself,” you wink before you both heard and saw a flash. Looking over, you saw Wanda holding a camera while beaming.

“You guys make a cute couple,” she cooed and winked at you causing you roll your eyes. Pietro was beaming though as he wrapped his arm around you.

“I know we do.” He smirked at his sister. You knew that your face had to be all red by now. “Now let’s go meet your family Prinţesă.”

It was surprisingly not bad. Your family all rented out a conference room in a fancy hotel for the reunion and were shocked but beyond happy when they saw you walk in on the arm of Pietro.

“Y/N! Thought you weren’t going to make it!” a woman’s voice shouted before you were squished into a hug. You felt out-of-place and uncomfortable but Pietro never once let go of your hand and this gesture comforted you.

“Aunty, hey!” You squeaked out once she pushed you back arms length and gave you a beaming smile. That’s when she noticed Pietro standing slightly behind you and gasped.

“And who’s this cutie?” her smile turning seductive in an instant, “and does he have a brother?” She winked at you giggling. You let out a fake laugh and shook your head.

“A sister,” you replied with ease just as Pietro pulled you closer to him. Your back against his chest and his arms wrapped around your waist. He rested his head on your shoulder as he stared at your Aunt flashing a smile.

“Hello I’m Pietro,” your aunts smile widen as she looked at you in shock.

“Ooh an accent,” she fawned over winking at you again. She was then whisked away from another family member hugging her. You let out a sigh of relief.

Turning in Pietro’s embrace you looked up at him giving him a small smile, “I’m so glad I didn’t have to do this alone.” You let out a laugh while resting your head on his chest, you could feel him laugh at your comment.

“Honestly, I’m just here for the food,” he joked and laughed loudly when you hit his arm playfully. “Seriously, It’s not so bad, a little out there but it’s nice.” Pietro chuckled rubbing your back softly.

“You haven’t seen us on Christmas.” You snorted and Pietro’s smile widen. You were absolutely adorable in his eyes and he could kiss you right now. And technically he could, as your fake boyfriend, but he was afraid how you would react.

“Are you inviting me to Christmas Lubire?” He teased squeezing your hips playfully. You stared up at him a playful glint in your eye. His smile softens as he stared down at you before going back to a playful smirk, “hey don’t start a staring contest unless you’re prepared to lose.”

You giggled at that and shook your head at him. “C'mon,” you smiled grabbing his hand leading him around the room.

“Where are you taking me?” He chuckled letting you drag him around watching you with utter love.

“Come dance with me,” You said and that’s when he noticed you guys were in the middle of the dance floor. He beamed down at you and brought you close, arms wrapping around your waist as yours wrapped around his neck.

“You know, you’re right.” You said as your head rested upon his chest as you guys slowly swayed to the music.

“And what was that?” He hummed holding you close kissing the top of your head.

“This wasn’t so bad after all,” you replied looking up at him. He stared down at you a lopsided grin on his face. With out thinking, you leaned forward pressing your lips against his for a quick kiss, “thank you for coming with me tonight.”

Pietro felt like he could jump for joy he was so happy. “Anytime Lubire,” he replied leaning down kissing you once more,  You guys shared a grin, “maybe next time I won’t need to play boyfriend.” He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

Your grin widen. “Maybe you won’t.”

Family - Justin Bieber Imagine

Can u make an imagine where yn goes to trip with jay in Canada to visit his family for the first time… (they don’t have to like her at the beginning you know) ty


requests are always open :-)


“I’m so nervous Justin” I confess as I fiddle my thumbs in my lap .

Justin and I just flew to his hometown for a small family reunion, and I’m finally going to meet his family for the first time.

We were currently on our way to his grandparents home, and I was scared as hell.

“Why are you nervous babe? They’ll love you” He says , kissing my head .

I bite my lip “But what if they don’t? What if they think I’m ugly ? or not good enough for you?” I voice my fears , and he makes a “are you kidding me “ face.

“I can almost guarantee you that they wouldn’t think any of those things about you . You’re amazing baby” He  says , grabbing my hand in his as he continued to drive.

I sigh , looking out the window and praying he was right .

“We’re here” He says , and I try my best to ignore the butterflies erupting in my stomach .

Justin and I walked to his front door and he knocked , the door flying open seconds later .

“Justin!” Pattie , his mother squeals , embracing him in a hug , the rest of his family lining up behind her .

Justin proceeded to hug his father , grandparents , Jazzy and Jaxon , Jeremys new wife and Ryan.

I continued to stand there awkwardly as they all embraced and spoke to him , before Justin finally introduced me .

“Everyone , meet Y.N. , my girlfriend” He says , a bright smile on his face as he grabs my hand .

I hold my breath as they all turn to me , different expressions on their faces .

“It’s nice to finally  meet you all” I say happily , and nobody responds .

I feel my spirits dropping as they continue to stare at me as if I’m some alien, and I clear my throat , looking at Justin .

“Okaaaay , lets all go inside” Justin says, sensing the awkward tension .

I look down as Justin grabs my hand and leads me into his grandparents cozy home.

We all pile into the living room , and everyone jumps into conversation with Justin , leaving  me to stare around at the house .

“So Y/N , what do you do for a living?” Pattie asked me , a polite smile on her face .

I cleared my throat . “I actually just recently started working with Justin , I’m one of his dancers” I say , and she looks me up and down.

“Lovely. How did you guys meet?” She asked , and Justin cuts in .

“I already told you how ma” Justin said , and Pattie turns to look at him .

“Oh did you , I must’ve forgot” She says , smiling warmly at her son .

“Are you with Justin for his money?” His grandmother asks , and I choke on my own saliva .

“Grams” Justin groans , and I shake my head .

“Of course not! I love Justin , with or without the money being involved. Im not some gold digger” I defend , feeling my face get hot .

“We’re just making sure youre not like the other girls hes dated” His father says , and I look at Justin for help, but he doesn’t say anything .

“Well , I can assure you that im not like the other girls hes dated . Nothing like it . I don’t need Justins money , or fame , or fortune to be in love with him . I love him because of his personality , and the fact that he makes me laugh , and the cute little snort he does when he laughs , and the way his eyes crinkle when he laughs , and his beautiful smile…” I find myself staring at Justin as I explain , and he winks at me , making me blush .

“I like her” Justins grandpa says , and I smile .

RJD Fanfic Request

Title: A Little Comfort, Please

Written By: @lyraverse | Lyra Verse  For: Anon

Prompt: Good morning, While I’m not a great writer I am an awesome fanfic reader!  My prompt would be for a reunion after the whole Negan ordeal.  I would want a moment where Rick and Carl just run towards Michonne holding her and hugging her.  Then once their home Judith gives her a hug then to end the night her and Rick hold each other in bed and confess their love.

Words: 3,330

Rating: T

Summary:  The Grimes Family comfort each other after Negan.  (Warning: Spoiler in story - Prospective Lucille victim(s) mentioned.)

A/N: I didn’t follow the prompt exactly, but I kept to the basic concept.  I hope whoever requested likes it.  :D And for everyone else - don’t forget to send fanfic requests to @richonnejustdesserts, so that someone from their writers’ network can claim it and write it.

——————————–A Little Comfort, Please————————————–

Michonne was visibly shaken.  So was Rick.  But he had to take care of her now.

He ran a bath towel over her lean body, getting rid of any nastiness that may have gotten on her.  He only wished he could reach what was beneath the surface too.


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Our Hearts (Have Minds Of Their Own) by @effortlessly-opulent. 54.4K. on going.

Clarke is NOT going back to another family reunion without a fake girlfriend to shut everyone up. Lexa, her neighbor and best friend, needs powerful clients like the Griffins for her up and coming business.

How inconvenient that they accidentally fall head-over-heels for each other in the process.

It’s a fake dating Rom-Com.

So I feel like even though Michael’s a total guys guy and he totally loves your body and how you look he’s also like more educated now and knows that you probably want to be complimented on things other than your appearance. Like you’d be studying at your desk and suddenly you’d feel him rubbing your shoulders and he’d whisper in your ear “you’re so smart baby. You’re definitely gonna get an A on this test.” Or like while you were laying in bed late at night and he’d say out of nowhere “You know what I love about you? How passionate you are about everything.” And you’d be like at a family reunion and hanging with all the little kids in your family and later when you were driving home he would be like “you’re so like caring and good with kids. You’re gonna be a great mom one day.”

Black Tumblr, I need help!

Ok so I need to make a playlist of good ass songs for the summer black family events, ya know, cookouts, family reunions, all that. Songs can be old school, new and in between! Can y'all help me, cus ya girl is struggling to think of songs! Just comment songs to the post and I’ll love y'all forever! ❤️

in case i haven’t informed my followers lately i really love garrett hawke and i’m so happy nothing bad ever happens to him ever and after inquisition when the mages are free him and anders adopt five cats and six dogs and start a farm and raise mage children together and no one ever asked him to endanger his or his family’s life ever again bc varric protected all of his friends’ whereabouts but then they all gather up for happy family reunions and drink and talk about the good ol days and i got sidetracked but i really love hawke the end

Meeting the In-Laws

Anonymous said:Can I please request a GOT7 Mark scenario where he brought you, his girlfriend, to meet his parents for the first time and they love you a LOT that they basically kept you by their side. Mark got jealous because he cannot hold you by his side. Lots of fluff please :D Thanks ^^

I had a really good time writing it. Thank you so much for requesting love!!
~Admin B 


“Mark, I’m really nervous… What if they don’t like me?” I say to Mark as he parks the car at the side of the street. 

“Babe, if they don’t like you, we will immediately leave, and you’ll never have to worry about my parents. ” he says while taking my hands in his own, squeezing them slightly. “Unless we get married then you’ll have to see them on Christmas, the children’s birthday party, and any family reunion, but no pressure. ” He grins. I glare at him

“No pressure! God, this is so scary!”

He gives me a cocky smile. “Now you know what I felt when I met your parents!” he says, letting go of my hands as he hopped out of the car. Being the gentleman that he is, he opens the car door for me.

“Mark, seriously, I-I am nervous.” I say, anxious, as I step out of the car, and he kisses the top of my head.

“Babe they’ll love you.” he smiles gently, trying to reassure me.

As we ring the door, Mark squeezes my hand and mouths ‘you’ll be fine’. Suddenly, the door opens, and I see Mark’s younger brother Joey, whom I recognize. We’re friends “Hey bro.” He greets Mark.

“Hey little brother.” Mark replies. Joey then looks at me and says, ”Hey sister-in-law. ”

I blush, I still can’t get used to being called that.

“Hey Joey.”

He lets us in and we’re suddenly greeted with screaming all throughout the house. I stand behind Mark, not knowing what to do, and in the corner of my eye I see Kylie.  She runs towards Mark and stops, then pulls at the back of my skirt, asking, “Who is she?”

I look at Mark but as he’s about to answer, Tammy walks in.

“Kylie what have I told you about manners!” Tammy scolds. “You first say hello and introduce yourself. ”

“Yes mommy;” she steps back from me, letting go of my skirt. “Hi, I am Kylie, who are you?” She looked to her mother approvingly, “Like that mommy?“

Tammy just laughs.

“I am (Y/N), I’ve heard a lot about you…”

“Are you uncle Mark’s girlfriend?” I feel my face heat up.

“I-I am.” I smile at Mark.

“You’re pretty…” Kylie says, and I smile

“Thank you…” I say, all of a sudden I start to feel someone small dragging me by the hand.  

“You heard my mommy, we have to go say hi to everyone!” she signals for me to get closer to her. “You have to tell them your name since they don’t know you…” she whispers in my ear. Kylie pulls me into the kitchen and I see mama Tuan and papa Tuan, and line some sort of reflex, I bow immediately at a 90 degree angle without knowing why. Suddenly, I hear papa Tuan chuckle.

“Child, its okay, you don’t have to bow.” he extends his arm.

“I am Raymond Tuan and this young beautiful lady by my side is my wife, Dorine Tuan.”

“I am sorry, I think I’ve been living in Korea for a long time now…”  I say, feeling embarrassed and anxious.

”Haha, you should’ve seen Mark some years ago he-” Just as papa Tuan was about to tell me something fun, Mark walks in.

“Dad, don’t embarrass me in front of my girlfriend please ” Mark tells his dad, looking exasperated.

“Fine I won’t say anything tonight;” papa Tuan turns to me again, “Wait, I didn’t catch your name.”

“Oh, sorry sir, I didn’t introduce myself; I am (Y/N) (Y/L/N).”

“Ah, it a pleasure to meet you. Just call my papa Tuan, that’s what everyone calls me, do you know how to cook?.”

“Depends on what your cooking, papa Tuan.” I say

“Well we’re making steamed spring rolls.”

“Oh, Mark made me cook them the other day for him and the members..!”

“Mark Yi Eun Tuan that is no way to win a woman’s heart!” Mrs.Tuan scolds suddenly.

“In my defense I didn’t make her…….I just…the members……we hadn’t eaten all day and we were all exhausted, mommy…” says Mark as he does some puppy eyes.

“No.” is all mama Tuan says before turning to me. “Come (Y/N), I’ll protect you from mean Mark. And come help me get this food finished..!”

I giggle and go stand next to her. She hands me a knife and cutting board, and I start chopping some veggies.

“So,” She pipes up next to me, working with a pot in the sink. “Tell me about yourself, where were you raised (Y/N), and whatnot.”

“I was mostly raised in the states, but my parents had to move a lot so I lived in Mexico for 4 years.” I reply.

“Oohh interesting; We lived in Brazil and Paraguay for some years.”

“Yeah, Mark told me about that;  I thought it was really cool.“ I say, then papa Tuan says from behind us, “What are you doing in Korea? Are you trying to be an idol?”

“I wish but I couldn’t… Too hard of a job. I’m actually studying to be an interpreter and I decided to learn Korean!”

"Mark you can now go back to Korea but leave (Y/N)” and both me and mama.” Papa Tuan giggled and Mark rolls his eyes .

“No, dad you have mom, I’ll get lonely without (Y/N)…” pouts Mark. Papa Tuan, Mama Tuan, and me all laugh.

The rest of the night I spend sitting by both mama Tuan and papa Tuan. We talk about my plans for the future and my family. After helping Tammy wash dishes, I head to the living room and find a sad Mark watching some TV.

I proceed to go sit next to him.

“Babe, what’s wrong?” I ask, and without taking his eyes off the TV, he replies with a glum, “Nothing…”

“Babe tell me what’s wrong…” I say, while scooting closer to him. I kiss him on the cheek

“Markie pooh tell me what’s wrong…” I pray some more and he turns off the TV.

“I… Just got really jealous that you didn’t pay attention to me…” he says and I laugh.

“Don’t laugh (Y/N)!” he pouts.

“I’m sorry I laughed but I just wanted to make sure your parents loved me…! I say. and he leans in, about to kiss me when we hear Joey, yelling throughout the house,


We can hear papa Tuan laughing coming from his room. Mark looks at me and says, voice full of dread, “God, I’m never going to live this one down…”