i love a boy in comfy clothes

I will never get over Isak drawing Even into a kiss with his hand in his hair and drawing him even closer.

I will never get over Isak being super sassy and like “All is chill as long as you wear clothes.” When did you become so comfy about your sexuality, boy? <3

I will never get over Even’s mum wanting to meet Isak and them two spending the Christmas season with their families and TOGETHER.

I will not get over Isak and Even looking at each other across the room and being in love and smiling and seeing that bond between them.

I will never get over Isak and Even, and this is just outtakes from this one clip.

Six Movies I Can Watch Anytime

I was tagged by the lovely @ashzombie13 😘

I love a lot of movies so this was very hard but I did it!!

1: The Lost Boys

I watch this move religiously. These hot motorcycle riding vamps were my first crushes. Who doesn’t love a bad boy?😏 (Star is also gorgeous af) but seriously, this movie is amazing. My absolute favorite!!

2: White Chicks

This movie is an absolute comedic classic. I’ve watched it probably a million times and it never gets old. I’m also guilty of quoting it quite often.

3: Captain America Movies

Captain America has always been my favorite superhero. Give me some popcorn, an iced coffee, comfy clothes, and I can spend an entire day watching these movies over and over again.

4: Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure/Bogus Journey

LISTEN! These movies are the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I can’t even fathom how amazingly funny and awesome they are.

5: Hocus Pocus

A childhood classic that I still absolutely love to this day. These witches are amazing, and don’t even argue with it.

6: The Losers

Chris Evans, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Idris Elba? OVARY EXPLOSION. Seriously though, this is a great action movie with some comedy thrown in there and it’s really awesome!

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rielymatthews  asked:

Stiles/Erica for the headcanons please! 😊

  • I have a huge clothes sharing thing for these two.  Erica loves to borrow his boxers and comfy pajama pants, and especially his shirts.  Often, she’ll sleep in one of his plaid shirts, and wonder out of the bedroom the next morning still wearing it with her boy shorts and knee high socks, the buttons undone.  It’s the most beautiful Stiles has ever seen her, and every single time he ends up cupping her face, voice soft as he tells her how perfect she is before kissing her.
  • after a while of dating, Stiles asks her one morning, “do you trust me?” Her answer is “yes” without any hesitation, and his returning smile is blinding.  He takes her to a rock climbing place, and together, they climb one of the walls.  Erica’s laughter when she reaches the top in record time is the best sound Stiles has ever heard.
  • Stiles makes awesome brownies.  Seriously, they’re gooey, melt in the mouth deliciousness.  He only ever makes them for Scott and Erica, and Erica’s pretty smug about it.
  • they start running together.  Erica keeps pace with Stiles, encouraging him when he starts struggling, and soon enough, he’s getting better at it.  When he finally halves his three mile time, she celebrates with him with sex and pancakes.  It’s a pretty perfect day.
  • they go to prom together, Erica in a long, sleek black dress and Stiles in a black suit.  he gets her flowers and a corsage that matches his tie, and they spend the whole night dancing.
  • they go to different colleges, but they talk every day, and most weekends Stiles falls asleep at his desk while skyping Erica.  they send each other care packages, and text each other little messages about their day, things like “if my professor checks out my ass one more time, I’m gonna rip his throat out” or “just tried the cafeteria food. send help.”, and have pictures of each other on their desks.  

Thank you! 

send me a character/ship and I’ll list some of my headcanons for them

frogg73reader  asked:

What are 3 specific things you love and what are 3 specific things you hate?

In general? Oh boy.

I love peaceful areas/scenery. Just being in a calm place and being able to absorb your surroundings. Like sitting in nature for a while and being away from the busy city. I also love stargazing. I could lay for hours in a field or on a roof and just look at the stars (I do during the summer). They’re so pretty. And the last thing I love (I love a lot of things)… I would say is anything fall aesthetic. Books, blankets, candles, comfy clothes, warm drinks, pretty colors, the atmosphere. All that jazz.

Now 3 things I hate. I’m going to make this simple. 1, people who think they’re better and try to control you. 2, the sound of nails on a chalk board tbh. 3, mental illnesses or just severe illnesses in general.


And now it is time for our leader, my lowkey spirit animal, the beautiful Kim Namjoon aka Rap Monster

  • He would work in a clothing store
  • We all know about #kimdaily
  • I personally love how he can express himself through his style and he always looks so aesthetic and his clothes look so so comfy
  • I have this like lowkey head canon that if joon wasn’t a musician he’d be doing something with fashion so here is a piece of that head canon bc yes
  • His friend would be the owner of the store
  • Throwing in a bit of college AU here
  • Since Namjoon was already interested in fashion, his friend was like hey I opened this clothing store come work in it so you can get to know all of the brands and shit
  • Namjoons just like hell yeah
  • He starts working there and like within a few months he’s the manager and he’d l o v e working there bc it marries his friendliness and his interest in fashion together (I just really really love this head canon I need it to be a thing)
  • Namjoon isn’t really a shy person bc as the leader of Bangtan he has to do a lot of talking so I really think he’d make an amazing cashier
  • He would be great at talking to the customers and helping them find whatever they were looking for
  • He’d also be great at being a manager bc leader
  • He obviously has some amazing leading abilities so I think he’d manage the store the same way he leads bts
  • Like he’d make sure all of the employees got along and it’d be more of a family than a job tbh
  • Bonus points if the other workers are the boys bye
  • But like just imagine joon with his dyed hair that changes color every few months and his lil dimples being like “can I help you find anything?”
  • And he would always look s o good
  • Most of the time he’d be in all black with those glasses that make him look !!!
  • Your friend wanted to get a new shirt for her date that night so she brought you along for a second opinion
  • She did bribe you with the promise of buying you lunch the next day
  • When you walk into the store, one of your favorite songs is playing and the entire store is just so chill
  • Namjoon’s busy with another customer so he just kinda calls out a “hello, let me know if you need any help”
  • You recognize him from one of your classes and you just look at your friend like dude the cute guy from class works here !!!
  • She just turns :D bc she was friends with Namjoon and had come to the store bc he’d recommended it but she’d also come bc she knew about your lil crush
  • “Go talk to him, he just finished up with that customer, go ask him about his opinion on something”
  • You immediately tell her no bc n o
  • “Hey Namjoon! Come here!”
  • You’re mumbling swears at her as he walks over bc she’s doing this on purpose and you know it
  • Turns out he’s even better looking up close
  • Like from afar he’s a 10/10 but up close is just !!!/10
  • Plus he smells amazing and he just looks so warm and his hair’s so soft and a lil strand is falling into his eyes and you just want to push it back into place
  • He ends up tagging along with you two bc she asks him to give her another opinion on what she should wear
  • She goes into the dressing room to try on some options and then it’s just you two
  • He doesn’t even wait for an awkward silence to settle in before he’s asking you questions
  • “Don’t we have class together? What made you take that class? What’s your major?”
  • You two start talking about anything and everything and he makes you feel so comfortable even though you’d never spoken to him before
  • By the time your friend comes out, you two are laughing and sitting a bit too close to be friendly
  • She just smiles bc ten points to her for being able to bring you two together
  • She walks out with a new outfit for her date and you walk out with his number and a date planned for next week