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HC that som where down the line the girls start stealing the guys clothes while in the dorm, sweaters, hoodies, sometimes boxers etc, the shyer guys are kinda embarresessed the louder ones ask why once, eventually they just let it happen


anyway yes i love this headcanon

i tried to draw the girls in clothes that i thought matched their style most (and all the clothes are based off actual stuff Horikoshi has drawn the boys in)

Tsuyu loves Kouda’s big comfy jackets (they keep her super warm even when it’s cold out), and Momo is a big fan of Aoyama’s fancy/frilly fashion. Tooru loves Izuku’s silly, simple shirts, and Jirou enjoys Bakugou’s stylized band t-shirt stuff. Mina wore Tokoyami’s shirt and vest b/c it reminded her of her hero outfit, and Uraraka enjoys how comfortable Bakugou’s button up is 

(it’s hard to tell, but the shirt Momo and Mina are wearing is supposed to look a bit tight b/c they’re taller/bigger than Aoyama and Tokoyami, while the shirt Uraraka is wearing is supposed to look baggy b/c she’s smaller than Bakugou)

for some reason Bakugou’s clothes get stolen most often (b/c his fashion sense just happens to match quite a few the girls’). only his tank tops (that he trains in), his UA gym uniform, and hero outfit are never stolen, b/c they’re always super sweaty and smelly 

Kirishima’s red hoodie gets passed around a lot and it almost becomes like a comfort hoodie for the girls. Kirishima doesn’t mind, he thinks it’s really sweet

Sero headcanons (because I love him)

Wears shirts three times his size because of his elbows.

Is always in charge of getting aizawa’s cat out of trees.

Makes the fastest comeback to anything bakugou says.

Tries his best.

Tied with Mina for second place of being able to touch Bakugou without him exploding.

If you ask him for a piggieback ride he will definitely give you one.

“tell me about your salad options.”

Tried going a day without eating greens. Lasted 30 minutes.

Brushes his teeth for like 15 minutes. After literally every meal.

He’s a really good shot.

Don’t play paintball with him unless he’s on your team.

Still don’t do it he always goes rogue.

Loves his friends.

Gives really good hugs.

Ate meat once. Just once.

“Is that a marijuana? In MY good Christian suburb??”

His mini fridge is just salad dressing.

Baggy pants.

Everyone steals his clothes because they’re comfy and they like his soap.

*on the school intercom* “Could whoever has my nirvana T-shirt this time please leave it on the common room couch.”

Lean mean memeing machine.

Puts the trademark symbol at the end of all his contacts.

bakugou is saved as sparky sparky boom man™ I don’t make the rules.

Hugs all his friends goodnight.

Resting bitch face could kill another bitch.

All in all a 10/10 boy I love him.

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Um for the Shimada prompts; Genji used to always steal Hanzo's shirts when they were younger cuz they were big and comfy and Genji does it again and Hanzo can't be as mad as before because he's just happy that Genji's comfy enough with him to steal his clothes again?

Almost two decades since they’ve grown out of puberty and Hanzo’s still trying to get used to Genji being taller and lankier than him, which makes his shirts great for stealing as sleeping shirts

incest shippers pls stay far away from this thank u !!

also bc i love mini hanzo with a bowl cut, little bonus:


Stupid Boy -Tom Holland

A/N: FLUFF FLUFF just random fluff

I was jumping into my jeanes when he rushed by me to get his coat. He slightly brushed my shoulder and I lost my balance. I fell right onto my bum and shrieked. “Tom!”, I exclaimed and he came back still shouldering himself into the coat. “I’m sorry, babe. You look hilarious.”, he laughed and blew me a kiss. “I’m running late. See you tonight.”, he said before leaving our loft. “Stupid boy.”, I mumbled to myself while getting up and finished putting on my jeans. I walked over to the kitchen and as I took an apple and bit into it Tessa came along.<p><p>

“Hey, baby. Hey..”, I greeted her with a huge smile on my face and petted her head. “Did Daddy not feed you?”, I said and she barked excitedly. “Oh stupid boy.”, I sighed and gave her her meal before I hurried off to work.

I came home exhausted. My feet were hurting, my head felt heavy and let’s not talk about my back. I kicked off my heals, threw my bag into a corner and walked barefoot into the living room. “Tom?”, I yelled and looked into the other rooms but he was nowhere to be found.

“Tom?”, I said and walked into our bedroom just to find him sleeping with his clothes on. He was lying across the bed like a starfish. His neck would definetly hurt tomorrow. “Oh stupid boy.”, I said and left the lights off. I walked over to him and watched him with a loving smile on my face.

“Babe.”, I whispered and put my palm against his cheek and he snuggled himself into it immediatly which made me chuckle. “Tom.”, I said again and he blinked a few times before he opened up his eyes. “Am I dead? Is this heaven? You must be an angel.”, he murmured with his sleepy voice and I hit his shoulder playfully. “Shut up.”, I said and pulled him gently up by his hands. “Come on. Change your clothes. And get comfy. You’re gonna have a stiff back tomorrow if you keep lying like that. And then Sony will sue me because I let that happen. And then I’ll be going to jail and die a horrible death.”, I said and gave him a quick kiss on his forhead. I could even see in the dimm light that he was rolling his eyes. “I’ll be in the living room. Watching some movie. I need to relax before I go to bed.”, I informed him before I left the room. It always broke your heart a little to see him exhausted like that. And he wasn’t even complaning about it.

I was sitting on the couch with a nice cup of tea warming my hands when I heared footsteps behind me. I looked over my shoulder to see Tom with his sweatpants hanging on his hips no T-Shirt whatsoever, showing me his abs and v-line and what not. I raised both eyebrows and stared shamlessly at his body. “I couldn’t sleep.”, he said with his eyelids heavy and half closed. “Com'ere.”, I said pulling myself together and pattet the place next to me and looked at the TV again. He came over and sat down. But he was so unsteady that I grabbed him gently by his shoulders and let him lie down with his head on my lap.

“How was work?”, I asked into the silence and went through his hair with my hands, knowing that he liked that. He put his hand on my leg and gave my thigh a quick kiss. “Long and…long.”, he said after thinking a while and I chuckled. “Well, that’s what you get being Spider-boy.”, you mocked him and he furrowed his brows. “Man. I’m…Spiderman.”, he said and his voice was just a whisper. “Alright. Just close your eyes.”, I said after a while. Not really sure if he heard me because I was able to hear his heavy breath after seconds.

I didn’t move the whole night so his sleep wouldn’t be interrupted. I layed my head back and closed my eyes. I woke up to the noice of something crashing. I jumped. That’s more accurate. My eyes wide open I was confused at first until I remembered why I was on the couch. Trying to move my head I felt an incredible pain rise through my spine. “Shit.”, I cursed and put my hand onto my neck and moved slowly. I stood a while on my spot to be steady on my feet and when I could trust my legs I made my way into the kitchen.

There he was. Surrounded by broken glas, looking horrofied. “I-…I’ve got it under controll?”, he said with his hands in the air and looked up apologetically. “Stupid boy.”, I laughed and went out of the room to bring something to shovel it into the bin. After helping cleaning up I put my hands on my hips and looked around to see what he was up to. He had prepared breakfast with scrambled eggs and pancakes and croissants and everything. “When did you wake up to make all these?”, I said mesmerized and looked him into his eyes. He was smiling proudly and came towards me. He put his hands on my hips and pulled me towards his body. “Around 7.”, he answered and pulled me into a deep kiss. “I felt bad because I fell asleep last night. It was one of our few nights off and I slept. On your lap. On the couch.”, he said and was embarressed. He snuggled his face into my hair and I chuckled.

“It’s fine by me. As long as you keep coming home. I’m fine having you sleep on my lap. I quiet enjoyed it.”, I said with a smile and put my hands on his cheeks and gave him a slow kiss. “But…”, I said pulling away,“you could’ve woken me up. I slept like a maniac and now my whole body is stiff. I have to present a project on monday.”, I grinned and his eyes widened. “You got it? You got the job?!”, he exclaimed and I nodded happily. “Oh darling!”, he shouted and lifted me up to spin us around. “Congrats! I’m so proud of you! It’ll be the best project they’ll ever build.”, he said after giving me lots of quick kisses, leaving me a giggling mess. “I love you.”, I said finally because it made my heart flutter to see how excited he was for me.

“I love you too, stupid girl.”, he said with a grinn on his face and took my hand to lead me to the table.<p><p> “We need to celebrate this. I’ll call Robert and ask him if he can throw one of his parties and…”, he rambled on while sitting down infront of me but I interrupted him.<p><p> “Or!….we could stay home and you could help me with my stiff neck, shoulders and lower back. They’re killing me.”, I said and bit my lip out of habbit.

And you see, no matter how many times I call him stupid boy for his actions and little mistakes. I live for every moment we spent together and I am proud to call him my Stupid Boy.

Seventeen having a curvy girlfriend // reaction

What would Seventeen think of their curvy girlfriend :0??

Requested by anon. I would’ve never thought of this, so thank you so much for sending this idea in! It turned out to be a super fun one to write. I hope you enjoy!!

Request reactions and scenarios on my page if you’d like :)


Would be totally in love with your shape omggg. You know Seungcheol’s part in Adore U when he makes a curvy body shape gesture with his hands (1:49 in the fixed camera dance practice video if you wanna check it out lol), well he would definitely be thinking of you whenever he performs that part of the song c; He’d also be begging for hugs all. the. time.

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Whenever he gets bored, this boy would just take you by the waist and pull you in for a comfy hug. He’d just love your curves and would take every opportunity to hold you. And every once in awhile he’d rest his chin on your shoulder and whisper in your ear that you’re beautiful beautiful beAUTIFUL <33

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GIVE ME A MOMENT, I CAN’T THINK STRAIGHT WHENEVER I SEE THIS GIF. Okay so Josh would most definitely be one to compliment you on your curves every now and then when you guys are alone. He would also D I E every time he sees you wearing clothes that show off your body shape (the gif is an accurate representation of what he’d be like in his head jsdalfjdhaflj).

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When Jun sees you wearing outfits to show off dem curves, he’d always take a quick glance down before looking up to your face bC HE’D JUST FIND EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU SO FREAKING ATTRACTIVE. He’s probably thinking of how lucky he is every time he looks at you ;u; He’d also enjoy pulling you in for random hugs.

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Boi this human hamtaro would be gassing you up over your beauty everyday. He’ll always be throwing compliments every time you walk into the room like, “someone’s looking hella good today ;)” But that’s when you guys are alone. When other people are around and you walk in, he’d just be blushing to himself and thinking, “she’s just so… beautiful.”

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It doesn’t matter if you’re alone with him or if you guys are around other people; Wonwoo would always flash the cutest smile after looking at you from head to toe. Inside his head, he’d be asking himself, “damn, how did I get myself the most beautiful girl in the universe?”

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Whenever Jihoon sees you, he’d give you a really long stare but wouldn’t smile or anything. DON’T TAKE THAT AS A BAD THING THOUGH. In fact, he’s actually melting at the sight of you, but internally. He wants to keep his cool because he doesn’t want the others to tease him for being soft whenever you’re around (because they won’t live that down for the rest of his life lmao). He’d definitely tell you how much he loves your shape with a hug when you guys are alone.

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Seokmin would make eyeing you up and down super obvious, especially when you guys are alone. Oftentimes, he’d be one to hold you by your waist when you’re walking together. Back hugs are also a must!!! You’d have to ask him why he’s hugging you so much, and he’d just reply, “I don’t know… you’re just so… pretty. And you’re mine, so…”

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When he’s hanging out with the other members and you walk in, he’d just smile and watch you walk into the room. “Mingyu, wtf you gotta greet your girlfriend. What’s wrong with you??” the members would say, having noticed him staring. “I will, I will,” he’d reply. He’s just enjoying watching you in all your beauty. He’ll proudly bring you in for a hug in front of everyone afterwards because he’s just sweet like that.

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This boy would have huuuuge heart eyes every time he sees you. He would’ve never imagined having a such a pretty girl to call his own, and would take opportunities alone with you to hold you close and tell you just how beautiful you are to him. Also an avid lover of back hugs, just like Seokmin :)

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Dude this guy is so soft, he’d probably want to cry every time you guys see each other. But seriously, he’d just love EVERYTHING about you, and your outer beauty would just make him melt all the time. He wouldn’t even have to see you to cry. He could just be thinking about you and a he’d have the brightest smile. Probably one of the proudest boyfriends tbh…

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With the members around, he’d give you a simple smile when you walk in. But when you guys are meeting up alone, you can expect Hansol to casually bite his lip behind your back. But you’d catch him doing so once in while, so you’d laugh at him like, “hey, whatchu biting your lip for?” “Oh nothing, I’m just… admiring you. That’s all.”

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Would be super shy to let you know that he loves your curves, so he’d probably just smile very widely when he sees you. Later on in the relationship, he’ll start initiating more skin ship, and while doing so, he’d also mention how beautiful you are, inside and out.

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I’m very sure that Seventeen would love any and every body shape, but they’d love your heart over everything else <3

Relentless | Calum Hood Series Pt.12

                                             Part T W E L V E 

Request: Being the cousin of Ashton Irwin was exciting, especially when invited to their tour to hang out with his best friends. You found yourself becoming fond of Calum Hood, who finds you annoying from your constant appearance. But what would happen if you stopped giving him that attention?

Word Count: 3k+

A/N: im alive, still! ((thankfully)) here is chapter 12 for yall ! its a bit steamy so, sexual warning (?) i guess. brace yourselves, bc this was something beyond me. hope you guys enjoy ! :] x

Parts: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty. [DONE]  

                                                    I M A G I N E 

Tokyo, 23:40 P.M.

“The parties here in Tokyo are amazing!” Taka, the lead singer of One OK Rock, gushed. He, along with his band mates, were touring you guys down Tokyo, the busiest and biggest city in the world (though it still fights that title with the Big Apple). The tall buildings were brightly lit with screens of commercials and Japanese icons. You couldn’t help but become fascinated with it. 

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Dating Hoseok:

Dating Hoseok would include:

  • The first thing he thought when he saw you: “who is this girl?”
  •  He found you interesting but
  • He was going to keep walking, forgetting about your face just as he forgot any other face he saw walking past him almost everyday
  • But that changed when you made eye contact
  • You looked at him
  • And you smiled
  • You just simply smiled and walked away
  • When he got home he was confused
  • The next week he found himself trying to find you in the same place he spotted you the first time
  • He is a confident person but when he saw you again for some reason he just couldn’t move his legs near you
  • Like something was stopping him
  • The next time he saw you was almost the same
  • He couldn’t move
  • But you saw him
  • And when you walked past him you talked
  • “Such a sunny day huh?”
  • He wanted to talk back. He really did. But his tongue had another plan.
  • Great Hoseok. Great. You lost your chance. Again.
  • Back at home he just couldn’t stop thinking about you
  • You were in his mind all the time
  • It was at dinner that he took the decision
  • “Next time. I’ll ask for your name. I promise”
  • “What you said, hyung?”
  • “Noth-”
  • “I think he asked for ramen”
  • The next time he saw you he was ready
  • He didn’t know but you noticed him as soon as you saw him and now he was walking towards you
  • Hoseok, you got this.
  • “Hi”
  • “Hello”
  • “Um, can I know your name?”
  • You smiled
  • “Y/n”
  • Since that day. You guys met at the same spot at the same hour everyday
  • You both always had something to talk about
  • “Awkward silence” doesn’t exist between the two of you
  • Hoseok is always laughing and screaming, it makes you laugh too
  • You guys talk trough imessage when you are not together
  • He was really nervous when he actually decided to ask you out
  • He was sweating
  • Literally screamed when you said yes
  • *lifts you up*
  • “Hoseok no!”
  • *spins you around*
  • When you met the boys they all knew everything about you
  • “Oh, so this is y/n, the cute girl with a beautiful smile”
  • “You mean Y/n the girl who has a dog and two plants?”
  • “I thought you were talking about Y/n, the girl that loves capuccino with vanilla and cinammon?”
  • “Hyung he’s getting mad. Look at his mouth”
  • Hoseok is mad but you are giggling and now he is giggling too
  • He is always calling you to tell you the most bizarre things
  • “I just watched the best comercial ever”
  • “Just ate a mango that tasted like rotten bluberries”
  • “Wich song do you like the most? Skater Boy or What the hell?”
  • “I just remembered that day in our trainees years. I farted and blamed Taehyung. Everybody believed me”
  • He lays his head on your lap when he’s tired
  • Sometimes almost everytime he falls asleep and you can’t help but stare
  • He looks peaceful and beautiful
  • Moving his hair out of his forehead you start stroking his hair
  • He loves it when you stroke his hair
  • At first he would ask you to do it
  • Until you start doing it yourself almost everytime his head is near your hands
  • When you don’t do it, he knows something’s wrong
  • “Y/n? What’s wrong?”
  • *you are asleep*
  • Carries you to his room
  • When you wake up, he’s literally smiling at you
  • “Where are we?”
  • “In my room”
  • “I fell asleep, didn’t I?”
  • “Yup”
  • “… wait… we are in your room?”
  • *You softly turn around to find Jimin staring at you*
  • “Hi Jimin”
  • “Oh, hi y/n. I didn’t see you there”
  • You didn’t feel like staying in your jeans so you went through Hoseok’s clothes
  • You tried to find some comfy sweatpants but all you see are shorts
  • “Y/n, baby, breakfast is ready… are those my shorts?”
  • “Don’t say a word about this”
  • Too late. He’s already laughing at you
  • Actually, everybody is laughing at you
  • Always lays his head on your shoulder when you guys eat breakfast together because he is sleepy
  • You love sleepy Hobi
  • You guys can communicate trough glances
  • Like that day you and the boys were buying clothes and he was trying to tell you to buy a skirt without letting the guys know
  • You looked at him asking him with your eyes if you should take the black or the white one
  • And he gave you the look
  • So you brought the white one
  • Or the day you went to the cinema with the boys and you weren’t sure of what movie to pick
  • “Mmh”
  • “That one?”
  • “Uh”
  • “Yeah, right”
  • “And that one…?”
  • “Well…”
  • “Wait look”
  • “Okay”
  • The boys didn’t know what just happen but somehow you two agreed to watch the same movie without even saying it out loud
  • “Wait. So what are we watching?”
  • “ La La Land, Jungkook. Didnt you hear us?”
  • Always taking you to dance practice with him
  • “I cant practice without you around. You are my hope, Y/n”
  • He would do everything for you
  • But not going in a roller coaster ride (at least not the gigantic ones)
  • “Y/n do we have to do this?”
  • “Well, I’ve been waiting for this for weeks. So I am going. But you can stay if you want. I think Yoongi wouldn’t mind to…”
  • “Yoongi is going in too?”
  • “Yeah”
  • *He sits between you and Yoongi only because he wants to hold both your hands at the same time*
  • When you are doing homework he is either playing with your phone or taking pictures of himself
  • “Y/n what’s this?”
  • *a picture of him sleeping on your lap*
  • “Uh…”
  • Favorite thing to do together: go to costume shops and try on wigs
  • You have an album in your cellphone full of Hobi’s pictures with wigs on
  • “Omg you look like your mom in this one”
  • “Please erase that picture”
  • You guys are always holding hands
  • Or he is always back hugging you
  • There is no in between
  • Cuddling together is a must
  • The first time you fought he cried
  • Wich made you cry too
  • “Let’s not fight ever again”
  • “Okay”
  • The day you found out you loved him you went running to his place
  • You were sure about it and you wanted him to know
  • But when he oppended the door and kissed you. You somehow got scared
  • What if he didn’t love you back
  • So you kept it for yourself. Deciding to wait for him to tell you first
  • Time passed by and you were starting to get worried
  • Maybe he really didn’t love you
  • One day you both were eating ice cream while watching a movie in your place
  • Your dog sleeping on Hoseok’s chest
  • When you looked at them you couldn’t keep it to yourself anymore
  • You had to tell him
  • He had to know
  • Now
  • So you took a spoon of icecream and a deep breath
  • “Hobi?”
  • “Yes, love?”
  • “I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable with this. But I just can’t keep it to myself anymore”
  • Noticing the seriousness of the manner. Hoseok sat gently placing your dog on his lap
  • “What is it, baby?”
  • Not looking at him anymore. You talked
  • “I love you, Hoseok. A-and it’s weird beacuse I think I’ve never loved someone before. In fact you are the first person I say I love you to that’s not part of my family or my dog. I just feel it, you know? Its like-“
  • Hoseok couldn’t help but kiss you
  • “I love you too Y/n. Since the day you smiled at me in the middle of a park. I knew it was you. It had to be you”
  • After a few kisses he would suddenly stop
  • “There’s something I have to do”
  • *calling Yoongi*
  • “Hello?”
  • “Hyung, she said she loves me”
  • “What the heck? Is that her? Is she with you right now?”
  • “Yeah, she’s next to me. She’s laughing”
  • “Go kiss her or something. Why would you call me to tell me this anyways?”
  • “It’s more romantic that way”
  • “Why are you like this?”
His Shirt (Damien Haas)

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A/N: This was requested awhile ago about Smosh trying to figure out who you were dating (Damien), and this idea popped up in my head yesterday. It’s also a celebration for me since I hit 100 followers! I hope y’all enjoy, love y'all! ❤️

Your typical work day at Smosh goes like this: Get in, make your coffee then head straight to your desk to check read your emails. Today had a different air about it though.

You felt eyes on you when you made your coffee and grabbed a bagel. You tried saying hi to people and they would say hi back, but in a weird tone that was mixed with friendly but confusion.

Was there something wrong with me? Do I have food in my teeth? Did I smell? Was there something wrong with what I was wearing?

At that moment Damien walked up to you as he pulled you into a hug.

“Well, hello there beautiful,” he smiled into your ear.

“Well hello there sir,” you chuckled as you pulled away. “Damien, is there something wrong with me today? I’ve only been here five minutes but I feel like everyone is treating me weirdly this morning.

No one in the office knew that you and Damien were dating. You relationship hadn’t been going on for longer than 3 months, so you two were nervous about telling them any sooner. If you had told them earlier and something happen, you didn’t want to see if there was aftermath there.

“No you look absolutely fine. I don’t see why people would have any reason to look at you funny considering how beautiful you are,” he smirked at you.

“Well they are, but who knows. Maybe I can ask Courtney if there’s something wrong with me,” you laughed. “I’ll see you later at the Game Bang shoot?”

“Of course you will, I completely forgot the gang was joining us for a shoot today. It’s time for me to kick your butt in a game.”

“I highly doubt that. Maybe you’ll get there, but then I’ll pull right under for the victory,” you pumped your fist in the air while laughing. “I’ll see you later Damien.”

“Bye babe,” he chuckled while hearing back to his office.

You headed to your office with the squad, plopping down into a bean bag. You pulled out your laptop and rested it on your lap. You started typing up potential script ideas to pitch st your meeting later this week.

As you were typing, Courtney walked into the room.

“Hey Courtney!” you smiled at her.

“Hey Y/N, what’s up?” she asked you while she sipped on her coffee.

“I’m just coming up with script ideas for later on. Hey Courtney, can I ask you a question?”

“Yeah sure, what’s up?” she looked at you.

You stood up from the bean bag.

“Is there something wrong with the way I look?” you looked at what you were wearing, questioning exactly what was wrong. Black skinny jeans, green shirt with a red and blue flannel thrown over.

“Hmm, have you worn that shirt and flannel before? I don’t think I’ve seen you wear them before,” Courtney questioned at you. “They’re definitely your color but it just looks unusual and don’t remember.”

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure I’ve worn them before-“ you cut yourself off.

This wasn’t your shirt or flannel, they were Damien’s. They had gotten mixed up in your laundry and ended up in your clothes. Of course you had worn them before, but not out in public. The people staring at you made a little bit more sense.

“Y/N, is there something wrong?” Courtney asked you, concerned.

“Yeah, I just realized these weren’t my clothes. They’re my boyfriend’s,” you chuckled at her while turning red.

“Wait, you have a boyfriend and never told any of us? Who is it? Why haven’t you told us?” Courtney questioned you intensely.

She was one of your closest friends, so of course she’s confused that you hadn’t told her.

“We’ve been dating for three months but didn’t want to tell y’all just in case something happened,” you sipped your coffee.

“Do they work here at Smosh? Oh I’m definitely going to figure this out by today,” Courtney said with a smirk on her face.

“Okay, you go ahead and do that,” you chuckled.

You immediately texted Damien.

 Why didn’t you tell me that I wore your clothes to work today?

Your phone immediately went off.  

I thought you knew. And also because you look great in my clothes. 😉

As soon as you read that, you knew he would get it later on. An earful, you mean. 

Honestly your clothes are so comfy so I might keep them.

I’ll need them back at some point, if not my closet’s gonna be gone very soon.

Oh shut up. Btw, Courtney is trying to figure out who I’m dating. Be ready for an interrogation.

Oh I’m ready to play dumb. And be ready to get crushed by my brilliance.

You then felt another buzz.

Love you. :)

This boy was something else. 

Love you too, weirdo. ❤️

It was time to head to the Game Bang shoot. You were ready to do your practice round before you started actually shooting the video. 

Before you headed into the room, you heard Courtney asking Damien forty million questions about you and your boyfriend.

“Courtney, she honestly hadn’t told me she had a boyfriend. I wish I knew even an ounce of what you were doing,” Damien shrugged her off. Oh, I love him for that.

“Okay, so today we’re going to play the Newlywed game,” Matt Raub said to everyone in the room. “The main curveball about today’s teams though is that it’s not going to be the typical teams.” 

Everyone in the room was so confused, but Matt Raub just had a devilish smile to him. 

“So the teams are, Shayne and Courtney, Joven and Mari, Olivia and Keith, Wes and Noah, Damien and Y/N, Boze and Flitz. I hope you know something about your partner!” Matt Raub exclaimed as he headed out of the room for a second.

“Ugh, why do I always get stuck with Joven?” Mari asked out loud. 

“Oh just admit it, you love me Mari,” Joven just laughed at her. 

“And we will be the perfect pair because we’re actually together,” you whispered to Damien while high-fiving him. 

“Oh, we’re going to crush everyone with your power together!” He laughed maniacally. 

Everyone got into their respective places, sitting next to one another in the room, making sure there was space to see everyone in the room at the same time. 

“So our practice round is just going to be one question, and then we’re going to film everything else after that. How does that sound?” Matt Raub passed out the white boards and markers while explaining how everything was going to pan out. “And Tanner Tannington is going to be our judge as always.” 

Tanner popped out from the side, ready to take his spot in the limelight for our practice round. 

“First question, what does your significant other look for in a partner?” Tanner asked out loud. 

Damien was having to come up with your answer, and you hope he came up with something good because an idea came to your head. 

“Y/N, what do you look for in a partner?” Tanner asked you directly while you looked at him in a questioned manner. 

“Someone with a sense of humor and hopefully likes cats?” you said questioningly while looking at Damien. “Damien, you had better put something like that if not I’m going to kill you. 

“Well it’s a good thing this is the practice round,” he said while he turned around his white board. “Because I put down, ‘someone who lets you wear their clothes to work and maybe cats?’ I’m completely sorry Y/N.” 

“Damien, you’re so stupid. You’re so lucky this is a practice round,” you laughed at him. 

“WAIT!” you heard Courtney exclaim from the other side of the room from you. “Does that mean-?!” she just pointed between you and Damien, with narrow eyes, as if someone just pulled a fast one. 

All you did was nod your head and let Courtney process the rest in her head. 

“Wait, what’s going on? What is Courtney blabbing on about?” Bose asked, starting at Courtney in confusion. 

“Courtney just figured out that me and Damien are dating,” you said nonchalantly. 

Nobody in the room knew about your relationship with Damien except for Matt Raub, of course (you needed his approval before anything could happen between you two). 

This makes sense when everyone in the room started to exclaim things at you and Damien, mostly excited things but also many in shock of the knowledge that you just learned. 

“Aww you two are so cute together!” Mari exclaimed as Damien threw his arm around your shoulder. 

“I like to think that too. If not, I wouldn’t be with this fool in the first place,” you laughed with everyone. 

“Hey, don’t call me a fool. You’re the one who decided to wear my clothes to work today without realizing it,” Damien looked at you smugly. 

“Okay, you’re completely right,” you turned red. “Shouldn’t we be going back to actually shooting this thing?” you tried to change the subject right away. 

“You’re right, is everyone ready to shoot the real thing?” Matt Raub asked. 

Everyone murmured around you as everyone did their final things to get ready before the actual shoot. 

“I love you, you know that right?” Damien whispered as he kissed the side of your head. 

“Yes, I know that. I love you too,” you smiled at him. 

This boy was clearly something else to you. 

Games or Sex?

Request: Poly Hamilsquad x Reader Smut! PS please

IT HAS BEEN DONE @onelastfic

Word count: 2425 (I let myself go okay? Hush)


Hamilton, Mulligan, Lafeyette and Laurens had been playing video games non-stop for the past 72 hours. You had tried everything in your will power to not pull the plug, because it was the final boss battle in Zelda, and you knew how hard it was to beat.
Yet sitting there for 72 hours straight, (each having 1 go each once the other died) not sleeping but having small portions of food and water worried you. Cus the only time you saw them like this was when Alex was working his ass off and everyone was too worried about him to eat. After the 1st day you got lonely in bed by yourself, not surrounded by the men you loved. By the 2nd day you were practically depressed. 3rd day in, no attention. It made you needy. So here you are…4th day and your ass was pulled into some skin tight jeans and a cleavage showing shirt. You tried everything else but nothing seemed to work, this was the one stratergy you hadnt tried. Jealousy.
James and Jefferson agreed to help you out, only because they were the only people who actually pissed off your group enough to get their attentions away from anything.
“So thats it hu?-”
Alex took a quick glance at the doorway to see you, Jefferson and Madison laughing and talking casually. The man grew curious but was pulled back into the game when Laurens died and let out a loud groan. Your laugh sounded again but it was more… Erotic?
Mulligan looked over now, seeing you with the two men and Jeffersons arm slowly sliding around your waist. “Why dont you come in? The boys are too busy playing Zelda to notice you’re both here,” You said, loud enough so they heard, yet no one seemed
to be in any interest of that. You internally groaned and led the two men to the kitchen, where you almost lost your shit.
“Wow, this is fucking low” James started, “Even for Hamilton,” Jefferson finished, Linking his hands with James. The sigh that left your lips was filled with sadness as tears began to cloud your vision. James pulled you into a hug as you silently sobbed into their chests, resting your head between their arms.  "I’ve tried everything… and not even this is working,“ Eventually defeat overcame you, and you just pulled yourself up onto the island counter and dragging your knees to your forehead. Jefferson quickly made a glass of water while Madison soothingly rubbed your back.
Alex yelling a string of curse words sounded from the living room, and it made you feel even more shit. Not only are your lovers ignoring you for a game, but they chose the game over you when you need it the most.
"How bout this,” Madison started, putting an arm around your shoulders, letting you sip your water. You look up, mascara slightly running down your once pink cheeks.
“We go out for the day, ignore the boys,” He smiled warmly and put down your cup, allowing you to slip off the counter and onto the tilled floor. Ignore the boys? For how long?
“Only for like a few days, like they have done to you,” Thomas basically read your mind. “Now go get changed into some decent clothes and we can go,” Jefferson flicked your boob slightly, making you giggle and shy away.
“I’m going!” You laughed and began to run upstairs, that is when your eyes caught sight of the boys you love. They were there, concentrated on the game instead of loving you. Instead of arguing with the gay couple in the kitchen. Gay? Oh i meant ‘Super Bisexual’.

Once you had changed into a nice, comfy (F/C) Hoodie and some blue jeggings, you got your purse and yelled a goodbye to the boys and left.
Walking out into the middle of the street with James and Jefferson was weird but you liked it. Slipping in one earphone, you chose the song 'Birds’ By Thomas Sander and Dodie Clark. Madison nudged you and nodded, humming the tune slightly. You smile and carry on walking towards the coffee shop.


It had been more days than you can count, without the boys even speaking to you. Yet you refused to break, staying as silent as a rock. One day though… that fateful day they finally beat the game and, lone and behold, they immediately rushed to your guys room, yet saw no traces of you.
“Where is she?” Herc rubs the back of his head but stops when he hears the front door open and three voices, all familiar.
“You are the worst, Burr!” You laugh, hands on hips strutting towards the kitchen and laughing. Yet you stopped, staring at the controllers left on the unit.
“T-They finally turned off the game for once?” You ask, eyes filling with tears.
“And they…. where are they?” You ask, searching around.
“Upstairs maybe?” Theodosia suggested and laughed, cooing Burr gently.
“I’ll leave them be… They’re all probably tired by now,” The boys wanted to rush down and embrace you so much but their bodies refused to. They knew you were right and immediately after you said that, the group walked into their bedroom and stripped, crashing down onto the bed.

While you, Burr and Theodosia chatted the subject of love came up.
“So (Your Name)…” You looked up from your glass of wine at the woman and gave a loving smile; grabbing a biscuit off of the side. Nodding slightly you took a bite from the biscuit, wiping the crumbs off from the corners of your mouth before turning your attention back to Theodosia.
“Yes, my dear Theodosia?” You answered, sipping your wine and tapping it with the ends of your nails.
“How have the boys been treating you?” That made you almost choke on your drink. You put the glass down and coughed, biting your lip “Fine,” you smile sweetly, trying to not be bitter about any of the gaming incident. Theo and Burr look at each other before shrugging “We should head off now,” She smiled and stood up, “We should… Have a good evening (Your name),” Burr nodded and got up as well, grabbing their things.
You showed them out and waved at them, closing the door. You had to keep all your will power to not sob there and then. Alex, John, Laf and Herc had stopped playing the game, yet didn’t bother to let you know. Maybe you were over thinking this? Maybe… You just sighed and shrugged, walking upstairs slowly. “Jesus…”
The girl pulled off her shirt, stretching and walking into the bedroom yet stopped as soon as she walked through the doorway. There, passed out on the bed, were your boyfriends. You chuckled and scoffed, looking over them with a smirk. It seemed they had been waiting but fell asleep, due to their boners poking through their jeans. An idea popped into your head and you smirked more, walking over to the bed and getting on it, sitting at the edge.
“Boys?” You ask and watched at they- one by one- wake up, staring at you in all your mischief. “Hey,” John said groggily with a smile but then his smile fell as he saw you. All the boys saw you and their faces dropped. While you had stripped, you remembered you wore you lingerie today, just to piss the boys off. It actually came in handy.
“Like whatcha see?” You raised an eyebrow and smirked, watching Alex shoot up and try to pull you closer, yet you just grabbed his wrists and pushed him away “No touching,” you chuckled “Punishment for leaving me-” Herc whined and sat up fully, pulling off his shirt as he was the most eager. “Eager, aint we?” You crawled over to Herc and sat in his lap, kissing his jaw gently and laying his down again. The boys gathered around, Alex being on your left, Laf on your right and John was behind you. “What did I-” Your punishment was completely ignored as Herc grabbed your hips and John held your wrists up, kissing your neck roughly.
“H-Hey!” You cried out, Herc unhooking your bra from behind and lifting up to around your wrists, where John let go of them so he could slip it off. As soon as your bra was off, your hands sunk to Alex’s and Laf’s crotches, rubbing them to tease. John left a mark on your neck while Herc kissed down your chest, taking one of your nipples in his mouth. You moaned quietly, biting your lip so you dont make any noises.
Laf bucked his hips, groaning while Alex undid his own pants. You were move off of Hercs lap onto the bed, the boys getting off the bed to get undressed.

You watched the boys undress, pulling off your panties and spreading your legs to get ready, shivering at the new breeze on your warm core. Laf was the first to turn and he smirked “Mon amis, it seems our dear (Your Name) has prepared,” Herc had turned, his shirt in his hand and a smirk on his face “Guys?” The other two stopped their small make out session to turn to you, chuckling “Let’s get to work,”
You were scared shitless. The first to take action was Herc, crawling over to you and tying your hands up to the bed post while Alex rummaged through the drawer. John went immediately to work on you, his hand slipping to your nipple and he attached his mouth to yours while Laf made marks all over your neck, one of his hands slowly slipping down your stomach. You made moans, pulling against your restraints. Alex hid the things behind his back and got onto the bed, handing something to Herc which looked like a mask. “This is going to get a bit kinky isnt it?” You joke, but moan louder when John kissed you again and his fingers teased you clit. Herc soon slipped on the mask and chuckled darkly “Let’s go,” Alex said and smirked, turning up to switch. A soft buzzing noise emitted and you raised an eyebrow, that is until Alex slipped the vibrator between your legs and pushed against your folds gently.  The scream of pleasure you let out was nothing to be joking with. The boys were teasing the fuck out of you and you loved /every/ inch of it.  "FFFFFFUCK!“ You screamed again, coming close to the edge already. You bit your  lip so hard that a metallic taste filled your mouth. "Oh baby you enjoying this?” A voice whispered against the shell of your ear and the only noise you could let out was a small squeak and whimper. The more they pressed the more you was poked to the edge “Guys I-” Was all you could say before you came… and hard. The chuckle of someone was heard as you panted and your body shook, trying to come down from your high. “You ready?” Herc asked and placed his hands onto your hip once Alex took away the toy. You nodded and pulled against the restraints as hard as you can to try to touch the man touching you. Hercs tip pressed against your dripping core while the shuffling happened again.
Mulligan began to push in making you let out a loud groan of pleasure. “P-Please…” you whimpered softly, leaning up and using one of your hands to undo the blindfold. It slipped around your chest and you moved around Herc, trying to tell him to move. Once he got the geusture he drew his hips back and slammed in, letting out a groan that mixed with your plea. As you looked around at the men you saw Laf was left to himself while Alex and John took care of each other yet watching the two of you. With a smirk, you called Laf over. Lafayette looked up and crawled over and as soon as he was in reach you slipped his member into your mouth, sucking and bobbing your head. “Oh…. (Your name)!” Your moans being made by Herc thrusting into you were covered up from Laf. The pleasure was immense. It was so much that it was almost /too/ much. You loved seeing your boyfriends sweaty and sex driven while they loved seeing you pinned down, begging and pleading for more. The tip of Lafs length hit the back of your throat and you sucked harder while Herc pounded into you, hands grabbing your hips to keep himself stead. Alex and John were doing their own business like Laf and Herc would do sometimes… You all had a system. You were all machines working closer to your orgasms. The coil in your stomach began to turn and tighten like you did around Herc as he angled his hips to go deeper… and Boy did he go deep. The scream you let out began to crack, and you had to pull away from Laf to let it out, however he needed more. Herc could feel the build up in his abdomen as well because his thrusts got a bit sloppier. “Fuck I’m so close…” you both said in unison. “Come on (Your name), come for me,” and that is exactly what you did. The coil sprung undone and so did you, feeling the wave of pleasure hit you hard and your orgasm hit harder. You shook and sweated, panted and groaned. The two boys doing their own let out groans as they came as well. Next to come was Herc, pulling out and releasing on your stomach. The only one who didn’t was Laf… who you soon rewarded with your mouth around him once again. “Mon ami… I’m so close,” he threw his head back and rolled his hips. “(Your name)!” He called out your name when you ran your tongue along the slit and sucked it. The more you did that the more he fell, tumbling into his mind blowing orgasm. When he /did/ come you swallowed it and fell back onto the bed, hands being undone.

“Holy shit…” You panted and grabbed a tissue to clean yourself up while the boys got under the covers. Once you had cleaned up you joined them, snuggling in between Alex and Laurens who were between Herc and Laf “We need to do that more often!” John laughed to which Alex snored. Wow. “I agree… we should,” you smiled and wrapped your arms around the small ones waist. “We should,” you yawned and closed your eyes, falling deep into sleep.

Soulmate Setup

I have no idea how it got this long but I hope you like it! I mean no harm or disrespect to Danneel or their family! This is a work of fiction and belongs to me and me only! I really want to do a part two so let me know HERE

Jensen Ackles and Reader, Jared Padalecki and Gen, Michael (OMC) Danneel Harris, Jared and Gen’s adorable kiddos!

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Gods and Monsters Lana Del Rey - Will You Be There Michael Jackson -


Dead Man’s Party Oingo Boingo

             It was my first music festival, and I was nervous. My friend Danneel promised she would be there along with another friend of hers, and I was more nervous at that. When she had told me that she knew Jensen Ackles my eyes nearly popped out of my head. She knew my history with the show and had gotten Jared and Gen to come along as well. It was about an hour from when I had to go on, she hugged me tight and promised that she would be up front with everyone else. I decide to warm up and rehearse before I got my outfit on.

              Before I knew it, it was time to get dressed and get my makeup done. I didn’t want anything over the top but something that made an impact. I was standing of to the side as they introduced me then getting a deafening roar. The first chords started, and I walked out to screams. “Hello Austin!!” I knew it was going to be crazy but that’s what I wanted. It felt good to see all of my hard work come out into such an amazing experience. Song after song I gave the audience everything I could.

              “My last song tonight is something that holds a dear place in my heart. As you know I’m a huge supernatural fan and how the show has saved my life more than ounce. So, without further ado, Jensen Jared this is for you.” I went into the song giving it every piece of my soul to tell my story, how I found a family in the best way. It got to the speaking part and couldn’t stop my voice of breaking and cracking from my emotions. The song ended to a deafening roar and chanting, I was flabbergasted at the love coming my way.

              I heard the audience shouting ‘encore’ and I couldn’t deny them what they wanted. The band started again, and I went into another song that described ‘Supernatural’ in a nutshell. It helped that Jensen had performed this song as well. I got the audience into clapping and just gave them more, more pieces of my soul. “So, since Halloween is so close, and I’m completely obsessed with the holiday how about one more song?” The band started again into one of my absolute favorites.

              The audience was having a blast and honestly so was I, I was also dating myself with my song choice but that was ok, I loved it anyway. I finally left the stage for good and headed to my tent to wash off and go enjoy the rest of the festival. Danneel came flying in hugging me tightly like she was trying to put the pieces together. “Honey that was amazing! You had both boys crying and clapping! So clean up and get your cute butt out by us!” I shooed her out of the room and got dressed, happy to be in my comfy clothes finally. I wiped off my stage make up and opted for a coat of mascara and lip gloss.

              I walked out to see Jared and Gen, Danneel and her hubby, then Jensen talking and laughing. As I got closer Danni saw me coming and ran over dragging me over. “Hey guys! Mike good to see you again.” He laughed at me and hugged me tighter. “I just saw you this morning.” I smiled devilishly. “I’m just so awesome that you can’t not be away from me. Just like a magnet!” Danneel bent over laughing shaking her head. “The bull shit overfloweth!”

              “Ok so y/n this is Jared and Gen, and this is Jensen.” Both men hugged me tightly and I couldn’t have been more excited. “I’m starving, is there a food tent somewhere?” Jared and Jensen shared a look. “You know what we were just going to get dinner if you would like to join us?” I nodded my head quickly. “Danni can tell you I haven’t eaten since last night so yes please?” We moved through the crowd and was stopped many times for pictures and signing. I saw this timid young girl watching me so I went to her.

              “Hey sweetie, would you like a picture?” She just smiled then I hugged her. “I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your story. It helped me realize that I needed help so I got help.” I hugged her tightly then kissing her on the cheek. “I’m so proud of you. Remember Always Keep Fighting.” I asked her for a selfie and she immediately said yes. I rejoined the group and they just watched me in shock, I just quirked my eyebrow asking the silent question. Jared just hugged me tightly again. “You are amazing!” I just blushed and felt an arm wrap around my shoulders.

              “Come on moose, your smothering our guest. Does barbecue sound good sweetheart?” “Ugh that sounds amazing!” We walked in silence, Jensen’s arm still around my shoulders. I got stopped a few more times and I could see the boys exchanging glances having a silent conversation. We found the place with no problem and the smell of barbecue made my mouth water. We put in our order and sat down talking and telling stories.

              I noticed Gen watching me and I knew why. “You can ask Gen.” She smiled and laughed. “I’m just amazed at you, everything you’ve been through and you’re still smiling.” I smiled and blushed. “My mom always calls me her warrior. She even had a pen engraved for me, so I could remember it. I always loved to share my story, so they could learn from my mistakes.” Our name was called for the food and dug in, still laughing and sharing stories. Once we were full and happy, we grabbed beers and headed back to the stage for more of the acts.

              It was then that Jay had taken a hold of my hand and interlaced our fingers. The Red Hot Chili Peppers came on next and through the whole set we just swayed to the music, cheering and singing along to the lyrics. A DJ came up next playing the rock songs I loved dearly, especially ‘Pornstar Dancing’ by My Darkest Days. I let my wild side come out then, alcohol and music always work together for me. Jay put his hands on my hips pulling me backwards against his solid chest.

              “I don’t know about you, but I think we are definitely made for each other.” I turned around and looked into his gorgeous green eyes and smiled. Both of us leaned in slowly lips connecting to have fireworks go off. He pulled away afraid that he made a mistake, but I just pulled him back for another kiss. He got his answer then, and for the rest of the night it was magical until we decided to race in the carts and Gen paid off the boys’ driver to go slow and just laughed.

              Of course, after the girls won, it was getting to the point of exhaustion, so I gave Jensen my phone number and a kiss goodnight. I bid goodnight to Jared and Gen, then inviting them over. I had a small farm outside of Austin and knew the kids would love it. We settled for the weekend and said our goodnights. I was exhausted and ready for a hot shower and a nice warm bed. I grabbed a bottle of water and two aspirin for the morning. I was out before my head hit the pillow dreaming of a certain green eyed man.

              Next week was going to be insane but with everyone coming on Saturday I had to go grocery shopping. They were already working on a second album which meant a ride to my favorite place to concentrate and get the creative juices flowing. I walked into the small stable going straight to Impala, my black stallion. He was my inspiration and helped me through a lot of bad stuff. I got everything put together and rode out to my peaceful place.

              I spent most of the time out there, filling my journal with song lyrics and notes. The sun was mostly down when I rode back to the house. I got everything put back and headed into the house, when I saw a gorgeous black truck that I didn’t know the owner. I got closer to see Jensen sitting with a bouquet of flowers. “I hope you were waiting here long, I’m so sorry!” He got up quickly and put his hands in the air. “I’ve been here for about ten minutes, so your good.”

              “Come on in! I was going to make dinner so your right on time.” He handed the flowers to me and kissed me on the cheek. “I was going to offer to make you dinner so guess what, you go do what you gotta do and I’ll make dinner.” I kissed him on the cheek and grabbed the food that I had prepared. After that he shooed me out of the kitchen, so I took the time to get cleaned up and shaved. If something was going to happen tonight I would be prepared. I put on a pair of pajama short with a sports bra and tank top. I rubbed lotion into my skin making sure I smelled good.

              As I came back down stairs I could smell the food filling the house. I walked into the kitchen to see the table set, candles lit, and a bottle of wine. “Where did that come from?” I said with a wide smile on my face. “I was coming over to make you dinner, I was prepared.” I looked down at what I was wearing and frowned. “You look amazing, don’t worry!” I blushed and sat down taking a sip of the wine. “Oh my chuck! that tastes so good.” As he put the pates on the table he smiled and shook his head. “Jared recommended it and he knows wine like no one’s business.”

              I smiled and chuckled. “He does love wine, doesn’t he?” For the rest of the night it was talking and getting to know each other. Through the night we discovered we had a lot in common, I could see he was as amazing as I thought he would be. Over the night we sat closer and closer until we were practically connected. He grasped my chin with his thumb and pointer finger kissing me, giving me what I always wanted. We broke apart catching our breaths and giggling like teenagers, his hands wrapped around my waist. “Is it too soon to say that I’m falling in love with you?”

              I smiled widely wrapping my arms around his neck, my forehead against mine. “I’m feeling the same way, I thought I was going crazy.” I moved to straddle his lap my hands tight around his neck scratching his hairline. “Jay” I sighed against his mouth before kissing him again both of us going deeper and more passionate. “Bedroom?” He said huskily. “Upstairs on the right.” He held me to him while he went up the stairs. I could feel the excitement coursing through my veins and I could feel his excitement against my pajama shorts.

              He shut the door with his foot and placed me gently on the bed. He went around the room lighting the candles making the room glow. He slowly walked over taking off his layers the closer he got, showing tanned skin and freckles like a galaxy. He was down to just his jeans hanging low on his hips showing off his happy trail. He got on the bed and crawled over me until he was looking straight down green meeting e/c. He slowly undressed me, feeling my soft skin under his calloused fingers making goosebumps form on every inch of skin.  

              Once we were fully undressed he fit himself between my legs, kissing me slowly feeling each other. He went down the column of my neck leaving little nips and marks, reaching my chest he slowly licked and sucked. He went lower finding a few spots along the way making me gasp or moan. I never knew a man could worship a woman’s body like he did. The best thing was it wasn’t rushed, it was slow and sensual. Then he slowly pushed into me filling me to the brim, like two puzzle pieces coming together. It was a slow rhythm not wanting to push too fast, too hard.          

              I fell over the edge first leaving deep scratch marks on his back throwing him over the edge as well. We calmed down enough for him to pull out and grab a washcloth cleaning both of us up. He pulled the sheet over us as I snuggled into his side and falling asleep. He held me close as we slept making me feel safe and protected. I woke up to see the bed empty but as soon as I was awake enough I smelled breakfast wafting through the house.

              I slipped his shirt on along with a pair of panties then heading downstairs to see Jay in the kitchen with a pair of blue jeans hanging on his hips. “Man, I could definitely get used to that view.” He laughed and shook his head. “I could get used to seeing you in my clothes.” I wrapped an arm around his waist looking at the pancakes, bacon and hot coffee waiting. He made a plate and handed it to me then making his and sitting next to me. “You’ve seen my house, when do I get a tour of yours?”

              “Right now, I’m in between places.” I felt horrible but then had an idea. “Stay here, it’s a big enough house for the both of us and I have a finished basement ready to be a game room.” He grabbed my hand and kissed my knuckles. “Only if I can share your bed.” I looked into his green eyes sparkling with mischief. “Well duh!” He gave me another hearty laugh and smiled. “Then I accept.” He pulled me in for a real kiss, smiling at the thought of not ever having to go home to an empty house.

              We were almost finished with breakfast when I heard the door unlock and a certain red head name Danneel walk in. “Look what we have here, I’m so good at this!” I slapped my forehead and laughed. “Well you’re going to love this then. We’re moving in together.” Her eyes widened and then she smiled. She started dancing around the kitchen singing ‘I’m so awesome’. After that she sat down with a cup of hot coffee working things out. Since Jensen had to leave on Sunday night heading back to Vancouver. I went up and got a shower while Jensen and Jared went to grab the boxes.

              Danneel had offered help to open up my closet for room, and for most of that time we were talking and laughing. “I don’t want to be negative, but you guys could be moving a little fast.” I smiled at her concern. “I’ve had that thought too, but it just feels right, it connects.” The boys had come back with at least six boxes and I could see they were tired from the busy day. “Jared why don’t you get Gen and the kiddos. Make some food and the boys could meet the horses and maybe go for a ride.” He gave me that dimply smile and asked me to give him an hour.

              “Hey Danni! Go grab Mike and come back!” She kissed my cheek and headed out. While Jensen was putting things away I made a list of what I needed. I had most of the food, so it wouldn’t be a huge list of needs. “Babe! I’m headed to the store, I’ll be back quickly.” I heard the footsteps and turned to see him leaning against the archway. “I could come with you.” “Actually, I need your help here.” I had him follow me into the patio to reveal a gorgeous twenty-seater table and a small kitchenette with a grill. “Damn woman! You are hooked up!” I just shrugged. “I always wanted a home to entertain and when I saw this place I had to buy it.”

              “I’ll be here then, and you hurry back.” I kissed him and headed out to grab what I needed. The supermarket wasn’t busy so that helped me be quicker. I grabbed steaks, ground beef, and chicken for the kids along with corn on the cob, fresh green beans, and sweet potatoes. Once I got the rest of the ingredients I went through the line and paid. I noticed two girls standing by the door talking and I would find out what was so funny. The bags were packed into the cart and I headed in their direction. “Can I help you ladies or you just gonna stand there today like statues?”

              “Just wondering how a man like Jensen got together with a pig like you?” I just smiled then laughed. “That’s so cute! You actually think Jensen would go for toothpicks like you! Honey he needs a woman with real curves! I’m going to go! I have a dinner to make for Jensen and the rest of my family. Peace out bitches!” I walked out to my truck putting everything into the back then getting into the driver side and starting the car. I looked down at my phone to see a tweet from Jensen. I opened the app and saw a picture from this morning curled up next to him completely out.

              ‘The most amazing woman I have ever met. I don’t know what I did right but she’s my angel.’ I smiled and retweeted it saying, ‘I love you and I think you’re my angel love!’ With that I put my sunglasses on and headed back home to start the food. The rock music filling the car as I headed back home. I pulled up to see a pick-up truck filled with the Padalecki clan and I just smiled widely. I pulled up next to them and parked happy to see Jared and Gen along with their cute kids. “Hey moose! I need some help!” He came around the back and grabbed a few of the bags while I grabbed the rest.

              “Jensen! I’m back!” As Jared and I got things out I saw Jensen walk in with a huge smile on his face. He quickly pulled me to him kissing me literally taking my breath away. “What was that for? Not that I mind!” He pulled out his phone and showed me a video of the encounter. “I knew you were amazing!” I opened and closed my mouth unsure of it being ok. He then showed me the comments praising me for standing up to the girls.

              “I think they like me!” I said smiling so wide that my face hurt. “I think so too!” He kissed me again and helped me carry the ingredients to the patio. The grill was hot and ready, so I turned on the radio getting everything put together. I put my own special seasoning and put the meat down first. I then prepared the corn, grabbed a cast iron skillet for the green beans and wrapped the sweet potatoes in foil. As the food began to cook it filled the space with the aroma, feeling happy than I had in a long time. I decided to call Danni and Mike inviting them over as well, then grabbing a few apples I took he boys over to where the horses were.

              They were squealing and laughing, the horses giving kisses and nudges. While Jared stayed with the boys I checked on the food and saw it was done. “Dinner’s ready!” Jensen helped the boys wash their hands and Gen had offered to help which I gladly accepted. Danni and Mike had just made it, then it was dinner time. We said a small grace and dug in, it was small conversations and funny stories. After the dishes were picked up and dessert was ready as I started the fire pit.

              I grabbed the graham cracker, Hershey bars, and marshmallow for toasting. They boys were having fun and I got to hold Odette. She was going to be a little heartbreaker and I was already in love. As the night came to a close I realized how lucky I was to have these amazing people now in my life. I helped get the kids in their seats, hugging Jared then Gen. Gen and I made plans to have a girls day one day next week. I came back inside to see everything picked up and cleaned. I smiled and went upstairs to see Jay had already gotten into the shower, so I decided to join him.

              For a few days it was bliss, but he had to head back to Vancouver for work and I understood. I wasn’t the only one that depended on Supernatural. The days flew by and while Jay was filming I was working on my next album. I had one song called ‘Desire’ that I absolutely love but I had no clue how to do the music video. I knew I had time, so I put it away from now and worked on other songs, making sure everything got my best attention. Jensen and I had hit seven months before I was finally done with the writing and ready to record.

              I went downstairs to the small dance studio I had put in along with a stripper pole. It was good exercise and Jay loved it when I danced just for him. I put on the raw record of the song and I just ground and swung against the pole coming up with different ideas. I was deep in thought that I didn’t hear the door open or hear Jay calling for me. He came down the stairs and I saw him turn the corner, his eyes widening. “I wouldn’t mind coming home to that every time.” I smiled and blushed.

              He stalked over like a lion ready to pounce, and I could feel the excitement already. He pulled me to him by my hips kissing me hard. “Let me show you how much I missed you.” I giggled as he threw me over his shoulder carrying me up to our shared room. He tossed me on the bed as I landed with squeak but that was quickly hushed with him kissing me again. We quickly undressed each other, and he quickly entered me knocking the air out of me.

              This time it was a slow grind, taking our time and savoring the feeling. Both of us fell over the edge quickly shaking in each other’s arms. He collapsed next to me then pulling into his side, helping me get comfortable. “Welcome home.” I sighed then we burst into laughter. For the longest time we laid there linking our fingers together, happy to be reunited. I groaned and felt my stomach rumble, looking over at Jay and noticed he had fallen asleep. I carefully got out of bed and slipped on his shirt with a pair of panties. I went downstairs to find something for dinner, but I noticed that I didn’t have much in the house.

              I looked through the menu’s and found something we hadn’t had in a while, Chinese. I called in the order and went upstairs to see Jay half-awake with a small smile. I crawled into bed next to him practically on top of him. “I ordered Chinese.” He groaned and gave me a wide smile. “You must be a mind reader.” I smiled into his neck giving him little kisses and bite marks. “It’ll be here in about fifteen minutes, so get your cute little butt up.” He gave me a full body laugh then, getting out of bed then getting dressed. The weather was still a little cold, so I started the fireplace and snuggled into couch.

              “Hey babe, here’s your sweatpants.” I smiled as he handed them to me, then I felt warmer. There was a knock on the door, Jensen walking over and answering. He brought the bag over and started putting on the coffee table and again my stomach growled. As we ate we had small talk, filling in on what was going on. I explained the dilemma of my new recording and having an issue with what to do. “Give me a couple minutes and I’ll tell you what’s going to happen?” He stepped out for a few minutes and I wracked my brain at his idea.

              When he finally came back into the room he had a huge smile on his face. “Ok! When we fly back in a couple days, you’re coming up and we are shooting in the bunker set.” I got a huge smile on my face as he explained the idea. “It’ll be Sam and Dean in the bunker but having an unseen force call out to Dean, which would be you, and at the end of video she becomes human in his bed.” Instead of saying anything I just tackled him on the couch kissing him all over his face. “I take it you love the idea?” I kissed him hard then, his hands running up my bare back underneath the shirt.

              “It’s gonna be that way huh?” I asked an eyebrow raised as he pulled me down to him again kissing me harder than before. He quickly sat up with me straddling his lap as I ground my hips against his growing bulge. We quickly undressed then inside me once again feeling connected as one. Both of us hit our end and fell into a fit of giggles. “You would think I’d be pregnant by now.” He kissed me softly, and smiled. “I’m sure it’ll happen one of these days.” He pulled the blanket off the back of the couch falling asleep quickly, happy and sated.

Desire Meg Myers (Readers song for her next single)

              The next few days were hectic, flying up to Vancouver, then figuring out outfits and how things would be filmed. Once everything was ready for filming we started out slow getting shots before the boys would come home from a grueling hunt but this time something followed them home. The beginning notes started as I sang the words walking down one of the many hallways in the bunker. I came into the library to the boys and slowly made my way.

              I went to stand behind Jay, moving my hands down his chest but he had to act like he didn’t know there was another presence there. I sang into his ear and at that point he jumped up feeling something that wasn’t right. He had to act like he couldn’t see me, spinning in circles to see what was causing the temperature to lower. I went over to Jared next, touching him on neck to have him jump up as well. Towards the end of the video, Dean would walk back to his room to see me in his bed alive. He would ask me “Who the hell are you?” and I would simply reply “What you desire the most?” Then fade to black.

              It took six days to get it perfected, but the end product was completely worth it. On the last day of filming I walked onto set and noticed an empty place but as I got closer I saw roses pointing in one direction. I picked up every single one until I reached ‘Deans Room’ and slowly opened the door. Jensen was sitting on the end of the bed with one last rose. He got up and simply walked over to me, kissing me like it was his last day on earth. He got down on one knee and I gasped completely in shock at was happening. “Y/n, my love. The first minute I met you I knew I was in trouble. You had stolen my heart completely. So, I ask you now, will you, y/n y/m/n y/l/n marry me and make me the happiest man on earth?”

              “YES!” I held him close as slipped the ring on my finger, kissing my hand then kissing me. “This is perfect moment to tell you.” I put my forehead to his. “I’m pregnant.” He held me tightly and I could see the emotion fill his beautiful green eyes. “God I love you!” I moved to straddle his lap, holding him close to me. I leaned down kissing him slowly, holding him as close as I could. “I love you so much Jay, I never thought I would find an amazing man like you.” His forehead rested against my shoulder, just holding me close. It must have been a while when Jay’s phone went off to see Jared face.

              “You should answer that.” He shook his head and let it go off, but then there was knocking on the door. “I know you guys are in there!” We groaned and started giggling. I got off of Jay’s lap and opened the door with an innocent smile. “Yes moose?” He just smiled then looked at Jensen with a questioning look. “I said yes dork! And I also told him the other good news.” He kept looking between the two of us. “She’s pregnant.”

              He said it simply with a huge smile on both of our faces, then it finally set in. He hugged me tightly and then running over to Jay hugging him tightly as well. “That’s going to be one hell of an announcement!” We laughed with tears in our eyes just holding each other close. “Ok guys this mama bear is hungry!” The three of us walked out with huge smiles, ready for some amazing food.

Can’t Help Falling

Prompt: ‘Fuck me you’re cute why did we have to meet on the one day I decided to stay in my sweats??’ au with Kaldur? by anon

A/N: How many times is Jo going to use this trope? Find out next week.

“Congrats on a successful first mission. You are dismissed.” Nightwing said as he turned to put the information into the computer.

Y/N was exhausted, but excited. She had honestly been so worried that something would go wrong and she would fail, but she didn’t and it was like a huge weight was off her shoulders.

She smiled the entire time she was in the shower and all the way back to her room. She was still so caught up in her own happiness that she didn’t notice the person in front of her until she had bumped into him.

She would have fallen, had Kaldur not wrapped his arms around her to prevent her from doing so.

For a minute, they just stood there like that. His arms around their waste and staring into each other’s eyes. They seemed to realize at the same moment that they were still holding each other.

They separated quickly and Y/N realized that she was in sweats and a baggy t-shirt. Or just generally the most unattractive outfit possible for chance encounters with a cute boy in the hallway.

Kaldur didn’t mind though. He thought she was beautiful in any situation, but in comfy clothes and her hair slightly damp, she was adorable. “Are you alright, Y/N? You almost fell.” He said, slightly concerned.

“Oh, yes. I am fine. You did catch me after all.” Y/N said, a slight blush covering her face. They both smiled a little.

Kaldur cleared his throat. “I should let you go. I would love to see you later though.”

Y/N’s smile widened. “Sounds good to me. G’Night, Kaldur.” She said as she continued on to her room.

Kaldur watched her go with a soft smile on his face.


• okay so as far as im concerned park chanyeol is 100% boyfriend material
• ((@ me if you want))
• you literally could not hope for more in a boyfriend
• the most loving boy there ever was perhaps
• so so so so much love to give
• and loves to show you however he can just how much he loves you
• whether it’s by doing something extravagant like writing you a song
• ((something he’s done multiple times))
• or something as simple as giving you his jacket when it’s cold out
• and you’ve forgotten to bring your own
• ((something you’ve done multiple times))
• like you’ll never be able to doubt that boy’s love and devotion to you
• is also not afraid at all to show it in front of the other members
• which like
• sometimes they lowkey wish he was
• because it’s all well and good when it’s something like him pulling you to sit on his lap
• when you’re over at the dorm to watch a film or something
• but jongdae is getting sick and tired of the two of you making heart eyes at each other and trading kisses in the morning when everyone’s tryna get their breakfast

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Wearing Jareds Clothes HCs

Request/// “Hc’s for when s/o wears jared’s clothes

I honestly loved writing this so much omg

Also!!!! Feel free to send in more requests!!!! My inbox is always open!!!


• when Jared sees you wearing his clothes he lOsEs HiS sHiT

• he loves when you wear anything of his

• from his graphic tees to his cringe worthy emoji snapback

• one time, you were helping him fold his laundry like the good date mate you are, and decided to get comfy and put on a pair of his clean boxers and his Star Wars tee accompanied by his black and grey beanie

• the boy almost DIED of an heart attack

• you just looked so good

• goddamn

• he especially loves when you wear his stuff out to like the mall or school etc

• it gives him a sense of pride bc everyone knows that’s his clothes so

• it’s like a cute way of him being able to show people that yall are a thing yanno??


• he loves the way you like drown in his shirts like !!!!

• he thinks it’s hella cute when you do that thing where you tie it in the back with a hair tie, yall know what I’m talking about??

• and when you wear one of his button up fancy shirts he has to have for fancy dinners just !!!!!

• and it like goes just over your thighs and you leave the first few buttons undone


• but he also teases you ofc I mean it’s Jared

• “Jesus Y/N, be careful or you’ll get lost in there”

• he’s an asshole

• IF YOU A BIGGER PERSON (bc not everyone is a skinny mini aka myself I get it)

• he loves the way you just fit his clothes so good like !!!!

• he literally can’t keep his hands off you

• fuck yes

• especially if you got boobs and that shit presses tightly against the fabric

• yall know what im getting at

• ;)

• n when you wear one of his overshirts with nothing underneath???

• expect Sexy Time my friend

• he just loves seeing you in his stuff I literally can’t stress this enough

• “You honestly look better in that than I do, and quite frankly I’m offended that you’re trying to upstage me Y/N”

• what a fuckin dork

• just wear his clothes plz

• he loves it man

Sirius x Reader: Mo & Pa (Pt2)

Warnings: None (pregnancy?)

Requested: Yes 

A/N: Ok idk if this is as good as pt1 but i hope everyone still likes it!! Enjoy reading and remember to send me requests because I’m running low x 


“You folded it wrong.” You said from the armchair in the corner of your bedroom.

“You do it then.” Sirius huffed.

“Um, pregnant.” You feigned horror but flicked your wand nonetheless, folding the shirt perfectly.

Sirius rolled his eyes, stood up and kissed you on the forehead before making his way downstairs to get the owl that had just flown into the kitchen.

“It’s from Molly!!” Sirius called up the stairs.

Molly Weasley had invited Harry, you and Sirius to their house to celebrate Christmas as Harry and Ron had quickly become inseparable.

“Ok, coming!” You said before Sirius brought it to you. You were only 4 months pregnant but to Sirius you looked pregnant enough to not have to do much, and you definitely didn’t mind.

You jogged down the stairs and opened the envelope:

Dear Y/N and Sirius,

I am simply overjoyed that you will be celebrating Christmas with us!

Also, a congratulations are in order Y/N- a baby! I have enclosed our address for you as I found it much easier (and felt safer) to travel by floo powder when I was pregnant.

I cannot wait to see you both- would you mind bringing some potatoes with you? Our garden was a bit of a disappointment this year!

Love, Molly and Arthur

You smiled at the letter and quickly scribbled a reply, saying you would bring potatoes and a turkey finishing with a thank you for her consideration. You sent the owl off with the letter and looked at the clock. 1 hour until you had to collect Harry from the train station.

“TIME TO GO!” you shouted up the stairs, you had missed Harry enormously and wanted to see him as soon as possible.

“YOU CAN’T RUSH BEAUTY!” Sirius ran down the stairs, you rolled your eyes when you saw the smirk that had spread over his face, the same one that had made you fall in love all those years ago.

“I can’t see him.” you moaned, trying to look over the crowd in front of you.

“It’s fine, I’m sure he’s on it.” Sirius said coolly, swinging his arm over your shoulder.

You leant into Sirius and wrapped an arm around his waist, resting the other on your growing belly. “Saw him.” You muttered a few minutes later, seeing his crazy mop of black hair that was exactly like the one you’d grown up with.

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anonymous asked:

i love jason's curly hair, omg. does jason ever steal percy's hoodies bc it seems like percy has a lot of them

YES he does. cause 1: he’s such a beach boy, he has a lot of summer clothing, but just a few hoodies. 2: he says he doesn’t need them cause he’s already hot. 3: he only does that to have an excuse to steal jason’s hoodies, cause they are super comfy and smell like jason. 4: jason secretly loves that situation as well, cause when he takes his hoodies back, they smell like percy

Cowboys and Angels Ch 4

Baby Winchester is on the way and everyone is excited about the new arrival and things get better and better each day, as the reader gets closer to her due date she gets antsy to meet this miracle.

Dean and Reader, John and Mary, Bobby and Ellen, Jo and Kevin, Rowena

Warnings: Smut, daddy Dean, child birth, teeth rotting fluff

Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three

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              That night Dean and I just wore our shirts letting everyone figure it out on their own. Chuck and the band had started playing, of course it was one of my favorites. So, Dean and I danced, he held me closely singing in my ear making me smile brightly and just hold him more tightly. They finished the song and Chuck quieted down the party. “So, I’m sure you guys have seen Dean and y/n’s shirts tonight, well if you guys haven’t figured it out there is a little Winchester on the way. So, a loud applause and congrats to the happy couple”

              “Dean Y/n this is for you” I heard the song start and automatically teared up. They started doing faster songs and we were bombarded with hugs and congratulations from everyone. We walked over to were Sam, Jess, Mary and John were, and they looked absolutely over the moon. Mary hugged me first, then John whispering that he was blessed to have such amazing daughter-in-law’s. Ellen, Bobby and Jo came over hugging and celebrating the new life coming.

              The first couple months were good, Dean was working a lot but always made sure to be there for the doctor appointments and even the shopping for vitamins and food good for an expectant mom. I did threaten to castrate him if he didn’t let me get some fatty foods. Then he was happy to let me pick out what I wanted, happy mom happy life. Once the cold had hit, the boys went to help a few farms with their cattle. Things were a little tight but we always helped each other with everything we could.

              I was to the end of my first trimester, and I had done a lot of chores today, leaving me exhausted and tired ready to collapse into bed, fire burning snuggled with Dean. It was six in the evening and it was already dark, so I went to the master bath turning on the faucet in the tub. I put in my lavender bath salt, lit a few candles and undressed sinking down into the hot water moaning at the amazing feeling of relaxation.

              “Y/n? Baby? Where are you?” “Taking a bath!” I heard him come in and smile widely. “Got room for me?” I smiled happily “Of course baby” He quickly undressed and got in behind me. I leaned back on his chest and automatically felt better. His left hand wrapped around my shoulder going across my throat, and his right hand on my womb. He kissed me on the side of my head and just held me, happy to just feel that little one we had created.

              “Is it ok we make frozen pizza? I’ve been so busy today and I’m just too tired to cook” “Ellen already sent some food back for us tonight, said you were busting your butt” I chuckled and thanked the luck stars for having Ellen to lead me in the right direction. Dean grabbed my body wash and started massaging my shoulders and then going down to my breasts. “Relax baby, let me take care of you”

              His hand went past my small bump down to the apex of my thighs, running a finger through my lips hitting my clit every time. He sunk two fingers inside and started off slow, letting the pressure build and build until he stopped suddenly. I whimpered at the loss then felt Dean let the water out carrying me out of the tub and into our bedroom. He put me on the bed gently and crawled over me pulling me to him.

              He presses his forehead to mine just staring at each other, no words said just a silent conversation between us. He pushes in and groaned, “Jesus baby, you feel so good” all I could do was whimper raising my hips so he would start moving. He started thrusting slowly not wanting to rush anything. So that’s what we did, we took our time filling the room with whines and whimpers. “Shit…ah…Dean I’m gonna…” “Me too baby, let go cum for me”

              I gave in to all the sensations and just let go, cumming so hard I saw black spots. We laid there for a while catching our breaths and just being together. Dean went into the bathroom and grabbed a washcloth cleaning us both up. “Get dressed and meet me down stairs ok?” “Ok” he put on a pair of sweatpants and a black Henley. Once I found the energy to get up I put on a pair of sweatpants and a concert tee from long ago. I walked downstairs to smell the most amazing thing I would ever smell, Ellen had the best steaks in the state, the awards on her shelf said so.

              I watched him slice up the steaks, then grabbing the ingredients for tacos. He brought the tray over then put ‘Deadpool’ on. It was a happy night of snuggling, tacos and laughing.

              I was four months now, I was definitely starting to show. Dean and I decided to find out the sex of the baby and then do the reveal on Christmas morning. We made the appointment three days before Christmas knowing we couldn’t hold it in for too long. He held my hand while we were called back, they had me lay back and put the cool jelly on my stomach and moved the wand around. We started to hear the heartbeat and both of us having unshed tears in our eyes. “Well it looks like you are having a boy! Congratulations!”

              She wiped off the gel and let us be for a few minutes, Dean grasped my face kissing me with so much love. “I love you so much” I sobbed out a laugh and pulled him closer “I love you more” We headed back home overjoyed at the news of a boy. Winter was in full swing by now, but the boys still had things that needed to be done. He was going to see Bobby, John and Sam about plans for the spring planting. I decided to get into comfy clothes and snuggle in front of the fire.

              I put on some western movie and grabbed the blanket on the couch, before I knew it my eyes were closing and I had fallen asleep. I felt a hand run through my hair and sighed happily, I opened my eyes to see Dean showered and in his pajamas watching me with a smile on my face. “Hey babe” “Hey yourself, how are you feeling?” “Content” He joined me on the couch and for most of the night just laid there snuggled with each other. “Dean babe, I’m really hungry”

              “What sounds good?” “One of your bacon cheeseburgers please?” “On its way” He kissed me then went into the kitchen and pulled out all the ingredients. Soon the smells filled the kitchen while I sat at the bar my stomach growling at me. We came up some Idea’s how to reveal we were having a boy, so I decided to get on Pinterest and check out some ideas. “How about a black balloon filled with blue glitter?” He set the burger in front of me and put his next to me walking around to sit next to me. “Sounds very cool, I think they would love that”

              We ate in comfortable silence, then I had a thought. “Right now, I’m craving red meat but how weird are things going to get? I am carrying a Winchester after all! Y’all know you’re weird” He gave me a full out laugh and kissed me sweetly. “I wouldn’t have anyone else sweetheart” He kissed me again then we went back to eating.

              Since everyone was coming to our house this year, I had done quite a bit of baking and prep for Christmas day. The balloons were ready to go and the tree was decorated with the everything we had gotten for the family. I had something special made for Dean, and I was hoping he would like it. I had just finished getting dressed when I heard everyone coming in. I walked down the stairs and were greeted by hugs and kisses. Once everyone had gotten their coffee and me my tea, Mary and Ellen were begging to know what we were having.

              Dean brought out two balloons one for each grandma, then giving them each a pin. We stood and watched as they both popped the balloons to have blue glitter fly all over the floor. We got hugged and congratulated, John and Bobby just stood there speechless but we could see the tears of joy that we were adding another boy to the family. Once all the presents were given and opened, Ellen and Mary headed to the kitchen to get the food ready. I went upstairs and grabbed Deans gift and came back down to see laughing and happiness.

              “Dean?” “Hey, where did you go?” “I had something special made for you” “Honey you didn’t have to do that” I handed him the box and sat down on the couch. He opened it to see a white blanket with blue writing that said, ‘Zeppelin Colt Winchester’, he held onto the blanket and saw the tears running down his face. “Dean? Is it ok?” “I love it baby! How did you get it done so fast?” “I have a friend in town who is amazing with a sewing machine”

              He grasped my face and kissed me sweetly, he was silently asking me the question I was thinking in my head. I nodded and then he stood up and got everyone’s attention. “So, my beautiful wife and the mother of my child just gave me the most amazing gift ever!” He held up the blanket up so everyone to see. It caused a lot of laughter, it was the first time I had met Dean and we had argued what Led Zeppelin song was the best. It was just after I had lost my family and he was there for me when I needed him. The rest of the day was eating, drinking and laughing. I was so happy to be here and have all these people love me for me.

              The winter went by fast and my belly got bigger and bigger, and I was so ready for him to be here and be in my arms. It was late April and I was just sick of being pregnant, over the winter Dean and I had gotten the nursery ready and I loved everything about it. I decided to spend the day with Ellen and Jo, she wanted to be here to help me out and introduce us to her new boyfriend Kevin. He was really sweet and really shy.

              I was to the point of being uncomfortable, I stood up and walked outside taking a deep breath. That’s when I felt the pain, taking deep breaths I decided to walk it off hoping it was Braxton hicks. I walked back into the house and felt something wet and knew automatically that my water broke. “Ellen!! It’s time!” She helped me get back home to a room we had gotten ready for when this happened.

              Jo ran to get Dean and Ellen made the phone calls to Mary and the midwife. She helped me into one of Dean’s flannels and helped me into bed. At this point the contractions weren’t too close together but I had to be sure. Once Mary and Rowena had arrived, Rowena checked how far along I was and said I was about three centimeters. Dean came rushing in making sure he wasn’t going to miss anything, he kissed my forehead and got in behind me.

              By midnight I was six centimeters and the contractions were getting very close, Mary and Ellen had left by now but making sure that they were close if I needed help. By three am I was fully dilated and ready to push, Rowena had gotten everything ready to welcome him. “Ok dearie, the next contraction you gotta push” “Ok” The next contraction came and I pushed with Dean behind me giving me the courage to get it done.

              After about thirty minutes of pushing, it was one more then he would be here so I gave it all of my energy, every fiber of my being of bringing my son into the world. Then there it was, the most beautiful sound I had ever heard. She cleaned him off and cut the umbilical cord wrapping him in the blanket and set him on my chest. “Hey darlin’ welcome to the world” “Baby he’s beautiful, I love you so much” He was trying to keep the tears at bay but that wouldn’t do.

              Rowena had cleaned me up and gotten me into a pair of Deans sweatpants and helped me get comfortable. She showed me the proper steps for feeding him, she was happy that he had latched right on and started drinking. Once he was happy and full, I burped him and hugged him closely as everyone came in to see the addition to the family. Mary and Ellen laughed at how much he looked like Dean, with his crystal green eyes and dark blonde hair.

              Dean had come back in after getting a shower, and got in next to me holding Zep close to his chest. “Get some sleep babe, when you wake up I’ll make you something to eat” I mumbled an ‘I love you’ and quickly fell asleep. Life couldn’t get much better than this.

anonymous asked:

With the tips you gave for clothes you said you use your own closet for ideas. And it made me think, arent you a girl? And all the characters you draw (The undertale characters anyways) are boys? So do you put them in girls clothes?

I mean, sure im a girl but the clothes i wear arent necessarily “girl clothes”? I kinda have a lot of different clothes that i buy. Weither its from the women’s section or the mens section.  I just like to dress comfy.  But i can say, who could resist a pretty boy in some pretty clothes? :)

and i guess i see where you are coming from.  Yes i do use my own closet for reference sometimes, heck ive put clothes on to see how it fits on me so i could get a better idea of how to draw it.  But again the clothes i wear arent really considered “Girly”  But damn do the boys look good in skirts and dresses :D