i love God

Recently I woke up for work with a minor ear issue and I was so distressed. But I had prayed Fajr on time, so I felt sure that Allah would help me, and He did. I was able to see a doctor on the spot, coincidentally as the first patient in a long line of walk-ins, get my problem resolved, and make it to my morning meeting early. I don’t say this to reduce Allah’s mercy to a transactional give and take, but to point out that the confidence I felt in Him came about because I’m trying to be closer to Him by waking up for Fajr. And writing this is one of the ways I can articulate and feel gratitude. Just remember that the only One who could possibly know how sincere your effort is, is Him.

fun story: when I met frank i was shaking and about to have a panic attack and just really nervous in general and while we were taking the photo he could obviously see this as I was trying to do a peace sign and my hand was shaking so much and he put his hand on my shoulder, rubbed my back to calm me down, leaned in right to my ear and said “you’re doing great” and i think about this a lot he’s the best person to ever exist