i lov this moment

that chelsea player bleeding today just reminded me 1 time during a game last yr i jumped for a header and the other girls head hit me square on the nose and i was gushing blood from both nostrils and we were in our all whites so the entire front of my jersey was red and i had to come off and i jus sat next to a trash can and let myself bleed and spat into it every couple of seconds i felt so #badass my whole face was caked in blood it was truly a shining moment for me i lov attention

anonymous asked:

hey friend just wanted to say i LOV ur hair and that any way ur feeling rn at this moment, im rootin for u and u should take it all in stride!!!

this is so nice omg i love compliments about my hair thank u for rootin for me ily

it’s weird brogen never knows how I’m feeling but he always pops up with the funniest shit at the most needed moments I lov him so much