i lost you

Everyone is like OMG Nalu/Gruvia!!! <3

But the most important part of 507 for me was this

These 3 have grown up and learned lessons together, and their bond is more important to me than any ships in Fairy Tail because they are just like brothers and sister in my eyes, they really are a family, and among all the shipping wars and angst, this may have been forgotten.


Tory Lanez - Look No Further

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          walking along the roads of alderaan, ahsoka ashla was trying to remain inconspicuous, and then she ran into someone. tumbling to the ground, she groaned just a bit and placed a hand to her head. if she hadn’t been moving so fast, she wouldn’t have hit the other person so hard that she fell. ❛ ugh.. sorry.. i didn’t mean to run into you, i.. wasn’t looking where i was going. ❜