i lost you

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“Where exactly is ‘here?’ I mean, you said ‘Neverland,’ but… where is that?”

Bokuto’s face scrunches up as he considers. “I don’t know! It’s wherever you want it to be. I hope it’ll be home for you someday.”

That strikes Akaashi, and he swallows. He doesn’t remember ever having a home before. He is, after all, a “Lost boy” now. But, if this place ever does become home, how will he know? What does it feel like?


innumerable thanks to @i-homeostasis for their nano cabin as well as their editing skills, @northofus for doing writing sprints with me all through july, @pretentiouslimericks for the unending moral support, and @shions-heart for writing beautiful things that inspire me to improve my own writing \o/

     My roommate just called my a violent soccer mom. This is so true.

     Need anyone to be fucked over? Come at me

I’ve loved you since the moment we started talking. But the second you were standing in front of me for the first time, I felt like I’d been struck by lightning. And the first time you held my hand. I knew I was headed for a break down. I miss you so bad.
—  1:24 am thoughts-it’s always you