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The Fourth Musketeer

Note: I owe someone out there a Beth/Gideon fic and I was working on it rather diligently until my laptop decided to die and I lost a big chunk of it. It was 5,000 words and I only saved like 3,700 of them so I decided to take a break because I was so angry. During that break, I was talking to @welllpthisishappening​ (as par the course with me) and during a conversation, we somehow created a fourth Jones sibling for the Little Pirates ‘verse, which through a monkey wrench because I had all of their lives mapped out and now I have to redo a huge chunk to make up for this cutie that we came up with. (I’m really not mad, if anything more amused because I get to play around with this universe more.) Anyway, @welllpthisishappening​ is entirely to to blame for this monster right here, which I both love and hate her for.
Anyway, if you’re unfamiliar with the Little Pirates ‘verse and wish to read more, here’s a link to my pseudo-master post: [LINK]. Please note: Anything under Ever After verse is a bit null and void at the moment because it doesn’t take into account Ned’s existence. 
Summary: After her horrendous pregnancy with her daughter, Emma Swan was pretty set on not having anymore kids…or so she thought.
Rated: T+
Word Count: 7,200+

It all started at Granny’s when they had to meet her parents and siblings for dinner. The joint Charming-Jones clan was big enough to warrant a second table being tacked onto their booth and the kids were banished to the secondary table while Emma sat between Killian and Henry. The kids, for once, were getting along and minding their own business. They all seemed to be focused on Emma’s younger sister Ruthie, watching as she began to draw on her placemat with more artistic skill at six years old than Emma had in her entire life. None of them seemed to notice anxious energy surrounding Snow and David, but Emma had picked it up almost as soon as she walked into the dinner. Her parents were looking at them with nervous smiles, their hands interlaced tightly on the table.

“So…we have news…” Snow started somewhat nervously.

“Very exciting but unexpected news,” David clarified giving Snow’s hand a squeeze in support.

“Okay…I will have to be the judge of that, but I can’t necessarily tell you if it’s exciting and unexpected if I don’t know what it is,” Emma replied, giving them both an impatient look that blatantly expressed her desire for them to just come out with it. She had never been very good at guessing games.

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anonymous asked:

hi i just lost my 2 closest friends (its completely my fault.) and i just wanted to ask you if you had meny friends? is it hard for you to make and keep them? if you respond , thank you for your time

In middle school and high school, I had huge groups of friends. In college I had my choice few, and I lost most of them after after me and my boyfriend broke up. Now I have many online friends and no one to hang out with in real life, because my few RL friends all live far away from me.

I moved around a lot during my childhood and got used to the idea of people being temporary, so losing friends doesn’t really affect me. People can go months or years without speaking to me and I won’t hold it against them. Once I’ve made a friend, unless they do something really bad to me, in my mind our friendship never has an end.

It’s a very relaxed way to live! But I realize that I’m a special case, so I hope you and your friends patch things up soon.


PrUK Week Day 6
Word Count:

Have a pirate AU of some sort

They both stared as gold and gems cascaded into the depths of the narrow ravine, followed by the casket that had held the riches. A dull thud telling them the chest had completed its descent through the rockfall. Arthur’s hand gripped tightly over Gilbert’s wrist, his eyes still fixated in horror at where the treasure had fallen.

‘It’s my fault,’ Gilbert said abashedly. ‘If I hadn’t lost my footing, all of that could have been ours.’

‘Don’t be so ridiculous,’ Arthur finally turned away to look at his second in command. ‘You were always the most valuable treasure to me.’

Oh look it’s actually a drabble

Aaron and Zane's Side story. MC Diaries.
  • Aaron: * walking around in the afterlife* .....So this is what it is like to dead?..Hm?.. * hears the sounds of someone struggling* .......* runs towards the noise*
  • Zane: * has shackles around his wrists, struggling to hold something on the other end down* ....Y-You will never hurt anyone again!! I won't let you take control anymore!!
  • Aaron: Zane?
  • Zane: Go away Aaron!! I can't get distracted! I need to keep him from getting back!!
  • Aaron: I am here to help you! I-
  • Zane: No! I don't want your help! You can't help me!....*groans in pain* Y-You should leave..! hurry! I will hold him back!!
  • Aaron: I can help you! You need to let others help! you can't keep fighting your demon by yourself!
  • Zane: ........Y-You just don't understand the pain he put me through.....making me hurt others.....kill others.....betray others I cared about......I.....I just don't want help.....I can handle this.....alone.
  • Aaron: ......What if Aphmau wanted to help you?....
  • Zane: ........I wouldn't let her.....I wouldn't want her to waste her time on something like myself....you shouldn't waste your time neither.....
  • Zane: well she hates me now.....all because of the demon, no one cares about me anymore! I AM DEAD TO THEM! I ALWAYS HAVE BEEN! I LOST EVERYTHING! MY LIFE! MY FAMILY! MY FRIENDS!.......Someone who notcied I was there.....
  • Aaron: ......Zane. Please. let me help you. I know it wasn't your fault. I know what your father did to you. You didn't ask for this to happen and none of this is your fault. It's your father's.
  • Zane: ........*crying* ....Aaron.......Why can't you see you or anyone else cannot save me?....It is too late.......I am dead.....and this is my enternal punishment.......I had no choice.....I was corrupted......Everyone now knows me as a monster!.....and they see you as the hero who slayed the beast.....It's better this way.....so I can never hurt anyone again!!
  • Aaron: ..... * walks toward his friend* .....I don't see you as a beast. I see you as someone who is in alot of pain. someone who wanted to live a normal life. You are not a horrible man Zane. You are good. its this demon who contoled you who is the beast. not you. you are Zane Ro'Meave. Aphmau....she knew you could have changed and stopped this demon and I think she is blaming herself for not helping you when she could-
  • Zane: No.....She is upset because you are dead......Aphmau.....I let her down......I hurt her.....and.....I will never be able to live this down......thats why....I never told her what my father did to me while we had our time together.......I didn't want her to become scared of me and leave my side......and I didn't want this demon to hurt her.....thats why.....I...kept this secret to myself....to protect her from the truth.....
  • Aaron: ......She is your friend, isnt she? You care about her enough to die for her safety? You may even say you love Aphmau?
  • Zane: .........
  • Aaron: Zane, Aphmau did care for you. you were too afraid to let her help you since the monster inside you was getting worse....I understand you are upset and angry with him and yourself. I killed you to save you from your suffering and to save Aphmau from opening the Irene portal....she would have died....
  • Zane: Aaron.....It hurts......I wish I could go back.....and tell her to truth....but it's too late for words now...I was erased from the world......and no one remembers I am dead.....they all think I am bad........
  • Aaron: I know it hurts. You feel like no one understands, but I do. I wanna help you because I don't want you to hurt anymore. and Aphmau wouldn't want you to suffer any longer. We are your friends.
  • Zane: * looks at Aaron, tears coming down his face* ....
  • Aaron: What would you like to have? Me to help you? or suffer by fighting alone? *holds out his hand*
  • Zane: I...* puts his hand in Aaron's* .....I just want to be free.....
  • (this is for @aphmau <3)

(Full transcript)
Hello Heroes!
Who knows the Lord of the Rings? Yeah. Who knows the sword that cut the Ring…?
This is not that sword.

So, the first time anyone picks up an actual real steel sword, the look in their eyes, from small children to old ladies- there’s a certain magic about that moment.

These are the words of my friend Fran Terminiello. She’s a sword fighter in the UK. And like so many of us, she’s passionate about Historical European Martial Arts. Who knows that word? Yeah? A few of you?

Historical European Martial Arts are the martial arts of medieval Europe. Yes, they existed. They were very complicated, very beautiful, just as like the Asian martial arts are. And, unfortunately, they died out, which is why most of us don’t actually know about them these days. But for those of us who are completely crazy about swords, we have been recreating the arts from fighting manuals- books that were left from the people who actually studied in those ancient times.

And they were very good about leaving us lots of information. Not all the information that we needed, but just enough. So using our understanding of martial arts and working with the actual weapons, we’ve been able to recreate these arts. But when I was very young I didn’t know that they existed.

I was crazy about swords, from probably about this big. And I was introduced to swords the way most of us are, through the movies. I was a very small child and I saw Robin Hood, and Peter Pan, and all those squashbuckling kind of movies, which introduced me to heroism. And when I was four years old, my mum actually made me my first sword.

It wasn’t a beautiful steel sword- and I don’t think I would have known what to do with it anyway- it was a wooden sword, and it was small, and it was white, and my mum painted it, she put it out to dry…. and the next day, we came home to find that our home had been burnt to the ground.

I was four years old.

So I lived in Australia, and these things happen. Unfortunately fires- bushfires- are a really big part of that country, because it’s such a dry environment, and people really- you know, to live there, you’ve really got to be aware of your environment. And unfortunately, you know, when we came home and our home was burnt down it wasn’t that unusual.

There was a question that maybe it was bush rats. Now, I love rats, as you know, so I don’t hold it against them if it were.
My mum also loved animals, and the thing is… I didn’t live in a normal house. I lived on a campsite. My mum had actually bought a campsite from the YMCA, and so when I say that, ‘our home burnt down’, it was actually my mum’s apartment and the main barn, and my little cabin was fine. My little cabin with its four-year-old treasures.

But my mum unfortunately lost everything that day. And to anyone who’s experienced losing everything, it’s quite devastating. Especially the animals, so all of my mum’s animals were killed, except for her horse, and I was fine.

So they said it was possibly bush rats, but there was a question maybe, possibly, the electrical heater had been left on, and I might have left my dressing gown on it.

Now I can tell you this, if you have a small child in your life, don’t ever, ever, let them think something like that is their fault. My mum didn’t, but the question was there. So you can imagine growing up with that kind of question mark in your mind, it just- it can create so much guilt. So much responsibility for someone so young.

And my mum was a professional psychologist, which meant that I got really good at 'being fine’. You know? (laughs) I learnt how to get on with things and I also convinced myself that I was fine, for a really long time.

And I was anyway a really strange kid. I was one of those kids that… (whispers knowingly) they’re kind of weird. You don’t really know how to talk to them… (normal voice) …because they’re always doing something weird like… turning… the… rubbish pile into a dragon…. or something, you know, just one of those weird kids that’s always in their own little world.

And that, honestly, was how I dealt with my reality, was by creating fantasy worlds. I was extremely creative; I was very artistic, you know, I had stories that I was building all the time, and that was how I dealt with things. I was really escaping. And that’s such a good coping strategy for a while. And if you are a creative person, it’s a wonderful way to turn trauma into something that you can use to understand your world.

I have to turn my page, excuse me.
Do you also know the TV series, the Dollhouse? Does anyone know it? The director is Joss Whedon, who’s also known for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the Avengers…. That guy.

So he created this great TV series called, 'the Dollhouse’. And there’s this great quote from it that goes, “When you see someone running incredibly fast, you have to ask yourself, are they running from something, or are they running to something?” And the quote continues, “the answer is always both. Achievement is always balanced by fault, by a lack. You see someone that’s a high achiever, and they’re overcompensating.”

Now I don’t completely think that everyone who achieves is overcompensating- I just think it’s the majority of us.

So that quote really rings true for me, because I spent most of my life trying to run basically, from what had happened. Trying to pretend to be okay. But the thing that really cut through my fantasy- you know, the adventure and heroism of my fantasy worlds- was the sword. Because everyone can relate to a sword, right?

I mean, it’s at the centre of all our mythology, it’s this, epic kind of heroic symbol, and it’s something that’s attached to a very real martial arts form.
So when found out that actually European Martial Arts existed, I was still very much a fantasy-loving geek who was into 'Lord of the Rings’, and just wanted to be dressing up all the time, but I also wanted to learn everything I could about this beautiful weapon.

So I did.

And something interesting happened. Because the thing about martial arts, is it forces you to move. It forces you to be present, in your body. So even though the sword was my tool, I realised something really interesting- I was the sword. The sword was me.

And- I think that having a weapons-based martial art is a great way to get people to learn to fight because you can focus outside of your body, but eventually you have to be able to bring it back into yourself. You have to be able to read a situation, you have to be sensing the amount of force that’s in something.

What you don’t usually see in the movies is pressure. When swords bind like this, they’re pushing on each other. The amount of force- if I push too hard, it’s going to leave this one moving. So in movies, you see a lot of this. That kind of thing, right? Looks really familiar.

Rah! I’m going to smash you, I’m going to smash you, I’m going to smash you…!
Actually, you don’t want to do that in a real fight, because the moment you step away- dead. So you want to control the other person in a fight, you want to use the sword to move. You’re moving them, and you’re moving yourself as well.

And the thing about a sword fight, is that when you’re too close to use a sword, you’re going to use your body. You’re going to use the sword in unusual ways. It’s a weapon. You can use any side of it.

You can use the pommel, you can use the hilt. It’s this wonderful versatile thing, and there’s a reason it was so popular for thousands of years.

So learning all this really taught me how to be present. Which was something that a person growing up and surviving trauma has trouble learning. It’s like a disconnect that’s there to keep you safe. You know?

If you’ve lived through trauma, and you’re reliving that trauma every day, it can disable you. So you have to disconnect because that’s your survival.

But you also have to move on because the fear will eat you alive. And the thing that is very real for me is fear. I always am afraid. It’s like the Hulk, you know? (deep voice) “I’m always angry- that’s my secret. I’m Bruce Banner.”
(normal voice) I am always afraid. But you know, being always afraid means you have an opportunity to always be brave. Because if you’re not afraid of something, and you don’t have that fear in place, you never really know what it is you need to overcome.

I’ve learnt that fear is like a guide. If I’m afraid of doing something it means it’s very important. And I can avoid it… (laughs) I’m very good at avoiding things- but I have learnt that if I do that for too long it stunts me. I’m going to be unhappy. So I’ve learnt to embrace challenge.

Now- it doesn’t mean I’ve got it completely right, but I’ve started a conversation with my fear that I find very useful. So instead of thinking of fear as this thing that is like this overwhelming black darkness that’s going to eat you alive and it’s a demon around every corner, no- not at all.

See my fear is actually a very small child. Or at least, this is how I think of it. It’s more than one child, it’s a small me that’s been hurt throughout my life. All that pain, all that fear- it’s become a little person. So it’s like a group of little people who are really scared.

And if I try and ignore my fear … well, it’s like a kid, you know? They’re going to feel hurt, and they’re going to be more and more insistant on wanting to understand the thing that they’re afraid of, or trying to get your attention, like, “Oh no, don’t do that thing! I know it’s going to be bad, I know it’s going to be bad! I know it’s going to be bad!”

And it will get stronger, and stronger, and stronger the more you push it away. So you can’t do that. Or I can’t, anyway.
I’ve had to change my tactics. It’s like dealing with a hydra, you know, you push one away and another head just comes up.

So instead, I have to take the little kids, all those little fears, and I have to look at the thing that they’re afraid of. And I have to go, “Okay. I see that thing. I see what it is. I understand that there’s a risk there. How can we deal with this risk?”

So you have to actually look at the thing you’re afraid of and do it anyway. But you have to do it in a way that acknowledges that you’re afraid.

So since I changed that conversation with myself, the story around my fear, its really helped. Because it means that I can see myself as a hero overcoming things, but instead of making my fear the monster, I see the challenge as the monster. The challenge of the thing.

You know, if you ever go out into the mountains- think of Lord of the Rings, okay, trekking across Middle Earth… so many mountains, so many unknown places…. The fear is going to that place, because you don’t know what’s going to be there. You could get hurt. You could lose everything. And in Lord of the Rings they do have a great deal of loss. But they keep going, even though they’re afraid. And being able to frame your life as a story, having that narrative, it’s a powerful tool for courage.

I need to change my page again, excuse me.

So the thing is, if I’m afraid, and I can overcome it, I know you can too. You have to make a decision, every single day. You have to decide, am I going to follow the thing I love, which gives me strength, gives me confidence, or am I going to hide and let that thing, that thing that I can’t quite look at or deal with, am I going to let that rule my life?

And it’s a decision, guys. It’s a decision to be a hero. And I promise you, once you create a practice of being a hero, one day, you’ll wake up, and you will be that person.
Thank you.

The signs when someone is upset with them
  • aries- if you're important they'll admit they're in the wrong if not they're not even gonna bat an eye when you're all choked up
  • taurus- will accept your amends/or make amends because they're not use to people actually being upset with them for long and don't care for stretched out tension
  • gemini- will be upset right back at you and twist the situation so they're somehow the victim
  • cancer- will apologize wholeheartedly and try to pick up things where you left off and say little compliments so their in your favor once again
  • leo- their apologies are stuck in their throat and they have no idea how to approach the situation without having a little trouble keeping their emotions in check
  • virgo- bruh they totally oblivious do they even know you're upset even though you spelled it out for them tho..?
  • libra- they'll feel kinda bad and might apologize but also might totally ignore the situation and just be lost in their thoughts reflecting
  • scorpio- thinks it's prob your fault youre upset with them so their internal response is like oh well...cry about it..
  • sagittarius- won't know what to do at first eventually start acting as if everything's normal and there is no bad blood at all
  • capricorn-will admit they're in the wrong and handle the situation as it needs to be
  • aquarius- their attitude will read as "not my problem so I don't care"
  • pisces- they'll get a bit upset and feel emotional and internally question everything
The day I lost you (Joshua,BMP)…part 19

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The night of the engagement party - Joshua’s side of the story (narrated)

As he walked into the extravagant hall, Joshua sighed and plastered on his practiced smile. Feeling Genevieve loop her arm through his, he stiffened and couldn’t help but think that the only one allowed to do that…was you.

Entering in a flurry of flashes and smiles, Joshua looked around, waving at the odd person. Though the party was extravagant and grand, it looked painfully bland to him because you weren’t the woman next to him. He knew that you should’ve been the one he was entering with…but his own stupidity pulled the two of you apart.

Making his way to the stage, he spotted you instantly and felt his breath being taken away. You looked beatiful. The curled locks that fell past your shoulders, the subtle flower that hung from your neck…and your dress. It was an amazing outfit that he knew only you could pull off. Only you had kind enough features that could be paired with such dress without losing any of its beauty. Genevieve looked pretty, Of course she did, but none of that compared to you…and though you didn’t notice, he didn’t take his eyes off of you all night. As the King made his announcement, Joshua’s eyes were fixed to your face, the pain that he saw flashing behind your pupils stabbed at him. He subtly stared, zoning out from what was happening around him. It was only until he heard the chanting that he finally blinked back into reality. A kiss? With…HER? It wasn’t that Joshua didn’t like Genevieve, it was just that the thought of kissing another woman disgusted him. However, bracing himself, he nodded, knowing that it was his duty as an engaged Prince. So, forcing himself with all his might, he robotically turned to face Genevieve, pulling her close to him, desperately trying not to grimace.

As he drew near, he saw you out of the corner of his eye. You looked near tears. Pain showing clearly on your face. Wait, he longed to call out. D-Don’t go…please don’t go..I don’t love this woman. I will never love this woman…I will never love anyone as much as I love you… it took all his self control to keep from running through the crowd to stop you…but then you were gone. The heavy doors had been opened and shut. It was already to late…

Well, he thought, I suppose that’s it. She’s gone. It’s…officially…over. He squeezed is eyes shut in dread when…No…this isn’t right….I can’t do this… letting his eyes snap open at the last minute, Joshua planted a small peck on Genevieve’s cheek instead, earning protests from the onlooking audience and a look of confusion from his parents. Taking a deep breath, he turned to the crowd and said in a calm voice, “Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for being here tonight to celebrate this joyous occasion. Please, do enjoy our vast display of food and drink. The dancing will begin soon.” Saying this, he calmly led Genevieve off the stage and, after leaving her to converse with other lady nobles, quietly escaped.

He sprinted down the deserted halls, desperately searching for the one face he yearned to see but, she was nowhere to be found. “Come on…where are you?!? …please…please still be here…”


You ran through the wilderness, thorns and nettles tearing at your skirts, sending rips through the thin material. Tears were blurring your vision but you continued on. You knew this place so well that you could’ve located it even if you were blindfolded. In no time, you reached the clearing and stopped. Here it was. Your portal to the past. To the memories that were engraved into your heart. Here it was. Your house. The grand building was overflowing with flashbacks and you smiled bitterly as you pushed open the door, just as you had done so many times before. You looked around and shivered, seeing the thick layers of dust that covered all surfaces. It was as if it, and all the memories that it contained, had been tucked away, not forgotten, but not remembered either. Like a fond memory that could be turned to and remembered briefly in time. However, as you looked around, some things weren’t quite right. You could see shards of glass and pottery in small groups, dotting the room, as if someone had brought them crashing to the ground out of frustration, or anger. There were less books piled up on the tables, as if, whoever once had a passion for them had forgotten or even lost the motivation to read. There were little messages on post its, pressed against the wall. You circled the room and read things like, “I miss you.” “This is all my fault.” “I love you.” “Please come back.” “Don’t leave me all alone.” “I can’t live without you.” and it broke your heart. You hadn’t realised how much he had suffered…until now. Quietly, you made your way to your ghost of a room and looked around, remeniscing all the memories they held. The designs, the smiles, the jokes…but as your eyes rested on the centre, you were more than shocked to see the opened box. Gingerly, you stepped towards it. The letter and the riceball plushie that you remembered packing, was no longer there…in its place, at the very bottom of the dark pit, was a single note. [I’m sorry. It’s all my fault that your wish can’t come true…but I love you _________, and I always will.]


Title: Let’s Be Alone Together
Characters: Alex Summers, my OC Camille Davidson
Word Count: 1089
Age Suggestion/Rating: T (just to be safe; include light make out)
Summary: based off the anons suggestion a Alex fic where he suggests that you be loners together but a lot more cute and fluffy than they probably wanted// based off and including the song “Alone Together” by Fall Out Boy, so I suggest you listen to it while reading.

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  • Apparently, in the season finale of supernatural, there is a scene between Dean and Castiel in the Impala. I am guessing that this is the final scene between them before Dean becomes "the bomb" and sacrifices himself as we heard in the preview.
  • How Cas and Deans conversation in the Impala should be:
  • Dean: Cas...I'm really glad you're okay. I almost thought I lost you for good when you said yes to Lucifer but here you are all fine and dandy.
  • Cas: You don't have to do this Dean. I'm sure we could find another way.
  • Dean: I'm sure we could. But by the time we would find another solution, the world would already be gone. This is all my fault in the first place. It's time I face my problems head on and stop prolonging the inevitable.
  • Cas: So killing yourself is going to solve everyone's problems? Are you really that naive to think something like that?
  • Dean: What's one human life compared to that of billions?
  • Cas: It's a human life that Sam cares about. That I care about. I almost lost you once. Don't make me lose you again.
  • Dean: Cas...I'm sorry.
  • Cas: You don't mean that. I may have been hiding deep inside my vessel while Lucifer was there, but I was still listening. I know that you say things you don't mean all the time, so don't you dare say that kind of things to me Dean Winchester. You owe me more than that.
  • Dean: Fine! You want me to say how I really feel in all of this? I don't want the world to end because I feel like I didn't get to experience it to the fullest. I don't want to feel any type of attraction towards Amara, but somehow I do. I don't want anyone to be killed because I couldn't be the one to save them. I don't want to die but I'm doing it because I don't want the people I love to have that fate. Not Sam. Not you.
  • Cas: You love me?
  • Dean: Well...I..uh.
  • Dean gets all flustered and Cas leans in to kiss Dean. Not a sloppy make-out kiss that lasts for ages or anything of that matter. Just a small kiss that lasts for a few seconds before they pull away, smiling like idiots. But knowing the no homo scale in supernatural, the scene would probably go like this
  • Dean: Cas..I'm glad to have you back man.
  • Cas: Dean..
  • Dean: Look. I already made my decision a long time ago and you're not going to convince me to change my mind. Just do me a favor and make sure Sam doesn't do anything stupid when I'm gone.
  • Cas: Dean I..
  • Dean: Just promise me, okay?
  • Cas: I promise.
  • Dean pats his shoulder or his back as a farewell and gets out of the car. Cas probably looks really sad.
A Little Magic Called Love (2/4)

Part 1 Part 3 Part 4 

Summary: Arthur Kirkland and Alfred Jones have been friends since first year despite hailing from rival houses. After creating a lie to escape some unwanted romantic attention, Arthur gets more than he bargained for when all of Hogwarts comes to believe he and his best friend are dating! Now, the Slytherin and Gryffindor must fake a relationship just long enough to shake off Arthur’s unwanted suitor, but will it stay fake?

A/N: Part two! I really powered through writing this and it really wore me out. I can gauarntee that the third part will not be coming out as quickly since school is getting busy, but I promise I will try my best! USUK Pottertalia AU based off an RP between me and my best friend, Impossibilitygirl. Slytherin!Arthur and Gryffindor!Alfred. Fluff!

As Transfiguration ended, Alfred barely even bid Arthur goodbye before he dashed off for charms. The Slytherin felt rather ashamed of himself of he made his way to ancient runes and the feeling didn’t improve as he sat down at his desk. Suddenly it seemed as though everyone wanted to talk to him. Several Slytherin girls flocked around his desk, some of them interested in the details of his spontaneous relationship with Alfred while some just wanted to know more about the Gryffindor’s golden boy. Those who weren’t quite as brazen about their curiosity seemed content to simply point and whisper whenever he walked by. Arthur tried his best to dissuade them, but he was assured several times that he didn’t have to be ashamed and that everyone had practically been waiting for this to happen. That kind of talk just made his ears burn redder than the scales of a Chinese Fireball.

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a lot of commonly mixed up spellings i see

breath, noun: “i lost my breath”, “let me catch my breath”
breathe, verb: “i took a moment to breathe”, “watch him breathe”

you’re, contraction for you are: “you’re leaving”, “you’re going to see her?”
your, determiner: “your baseball”, “your car”

stare/staring, verb: “she was staring at me”, “stop staring at them”
star/starring, verb: “he’s starring in that movie”, “she starred in that song”

accept, verb: “i accept your offer”, “she accepted what he said”
except, preposition: “everyone’s going except her”, “i dropped off everything except the book”

it’s, contraction for it is: “it’s all my fault”, “it’s none of your business”
its, determiner: “turn the camera to its other side”, “that kitten’s losing its balance”

loose/loosed, adjective: “a loose tooth”, “they got loose”
lose/lost, verb: “i don’t want to lose you”, “don’t lose your phone”

their, determiner: “he lost their cat”, “she lost their number”
they’re, contraction for they are: “they’re going to a play”, “they’re paying for it”
there, adverb: “look over there”, “i’m going to be there for a few days”

to, preposition: “we’re walking to the mall”, “let’s go to the movies”
too, adverb: “i want to go, too”, “not you too”
two, number: “don’t take two, that’s greedy”, “i have two phones”

than, conjunction & preposition: “she’s much smaller than the others”, “i’d rather eat out than make dinner”
then, adverb: “i was living in another country then”, “she was much nicer then”

anonymous asked:

Im 14yrs old andMy mom calls me a whore all time, it's not really JUST her but she's the only one who will completely come out and say it. My grandma thinks my pants are too tight, my brother thinks my shirts are too short and that I shouldn't wear crop tops at home (seriously???) and my mom just says I dress like a slut in general. I've lost most of my respect because of this, and I hate going places with them & friends because I have bigger boobs so it's always My Fault. How do I deal??

you are not a slut whatsoever - slut/whore is a word used by men (and women) to shame women for their sexuality. if it were an actual thing, why aren’t men called that? in this case, you’re not even expressing your sexuality - youre just wearing what makes you happy & doin you ♡ I feel like your mother is just… very jealous of you? you’re only 14 for fucks sake, ugh I’m so sorry angel. I’m sorry you have to deal with these people’s ignorance & close-mindedness. the next time anyone says anything to you, say this: i am not sexualizing my body. i am a 14 year old girl wearing clothes that make me happy. you are a sexist, close-minded idiot that has been brainwashed that women must dress like a fucking nun in order to be a ‘lady’ in today’s society. you know what makes a woman a lady? someone who is respectful to others, is kind, & does not shame people for daft reasons. I would rather feel comfortable in my own skin than bitch towards other women & make them feel bad for being born with a fucking vagina & needing to cover up every inch of themselves. love yourself & your body, and maybe you wont be so hateful towards mine. ♡

i love you & you keep embracing who you are - i dealt with this shit for a long time & you learn to not give a damn & stay happy while others are stressing out over your cute tummy showing. do you, & your boobies are amazing babylove ♡ dont ever let someone make you feel bad for the skin you were in x

Submit Anon: The Revenge of the Twin Weeb
Hey again! It’s Anon, from the story, “Weeb in the American History Project.“ 

Well, I’m back, and P isn’t are weeb in the story. It’s B, her twin
sister! Yea, I knew expected that either…

Sorry if it’s a little long. 

Well, either way, let me tell you the story. 

It started with me going to the administrative building for an appointment I had with my advisor. I was sitting in the waiting room, when I heard my name called and looked up to see (what I thought) P! I was surprised, and hesitant. But when I walked up to the desk, I saw her name was B. And me being… myself… I asked B if P was her twin. And of course she was! 

Although B had shorter hair than P’s, and was more open about her love of anime, I still set low expectations on her, and I ended up with a whole lot more.

Days after that whole incident, I was sitting in the quad, waiting for my next class, when suddenly B plops down next to me. She said that I looked lonely so she wanted to keep me company. 

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Favorite Characters 53/∞: Gwen Cooper (Torchwood)

Out of all the shit we have seen, all the bloodshed, all the horror, do you know what is worse than all of that? I loved it. I bloody loved it. And I’d tell Rhys I was sorry, and I’d say to little Anwen, “I’m sorry,” but I loved it so much. I knew things no one else knew, and oh, I felt so special. And when we lost people it was so, so big, and I could say it was worth it, because the bigger it was, the more important I was. And the more people we lost, the more that meant I was a survivor and I was better than them. My God, this is all my fault. And now they’ve got my beautiful little girl and I’ve wished this on her.


…I traced my fingers over the scars upon her chest, marking where her breasts had been. She stopped my hand in its journey and looked up into my eyes. Those eyes…ice blue but never cold. Yet in this moment they looked cracked and broken with pain…
I did not know her before this.
I did not know her when her skin was unblemished and the ice of her eyes layered and strong. Instead, i saw every day all the hurt inflicted upon her in the past haunting her in the present. 
I know i cannot heal those hurts.
I know i cannot release her from the cloud of melancholy weighing heavy on her mind…
But i can hold her in my arms and promise to never let go because my promises are never empty. I can wake every morning in this bed we share and smile because this time we have together can never be wasted.
These moments are not lost on me because they are more precious than the times of pain and suffering. In these moments i forget about her scars, inside and out, and whisper to her over and over and over again that i love her. The whisper does not waver in tone like that of a secret. It is strong like the first notes of birdsong heard traveling quietly on the morning breeze.


“My mother told me that one day a handsome man would sweep me off my feet by whispering sweet nothings into my ear. We would get married and i would be a most happy fool…and we would have eight children.”

She laughed,”I’m not a man.”

“And we don’t have any children! What a miracle that is! But i am a happy fool. The happiest fool there is .”

“You’re not a fool."she said.

"I am a dreamer and a fool.”

“Your dreams are not foolish. They come true and you can be happy about that without being foolish.”

I smile, “Yes…my dream was to be with you and that came true. Yet i still feel as if my eyes are closed. Wake me up, darling.”

She shakes her head,” No. Your eyes aren’t closed. You’re awake and looking at me. It’s all real.”

I chuckle, ” I’m a disappointment to my mother. I think she expected her dreams to become mine.”

I sigh…

“God, i suppose i’ve got it all figured out…why did i feel the need to question all this in the first place?”

“It’s the quiet moments that make us question the good things in our lives. Its not a bad thing.”

I smile again and caress her cheek.
“You’ve got all the answers don’t you?”

“As long as you keep asking questions, cherie.”

“I love you.”

“Je t’aime.”


I am sitting on the couch opposite her. I watch her as she quietly weeps into her knees pulled into her chest. She has her arms wrapped around her legs, a piece of paper clutched tight in her right hand. That piece of paper was the cause of all her tears this morning. It was also why i wasn’t holding her in my arms right now. She had told me with her eyes to stay away, to give her space. There was also anger. She was angry at me for sitting there and saying nothing. Some part of her wanted reassurance and empty promises and cruel insensitivity. She was probably sure she could handle it, she’d been treated that way before, but i was not going to do that to her. So i waited…

“Why me?” She asked, bringing her head up from her knees and looking at me. She wanted me to answer but i knew the question was not really for me. All i could do then was sigh and wipe away the tears making their way down my cheeks. I shook my head.

She looked away to focus on a part of the white walls of the living room.
“I can’t…” 

I shook my head again, “Don’t…”

She then looks down to the paper in her hand.
“I feel like a desperate fool.”

“Don’t say that. It happens. Its not your fault.”
Right then i knew i’d said the wrong thing. She was expecting me me to say that. The irrational parts of her wanted me to say all the wrong things.

“How do you know? How can you say that?”

“I don’t know…merde…i just…don’t want you to blame yourself for everything.”

She shakes her head and holds up the paper in her hand.
“Its all right here on this goddamn paper. I can’t have children-” she pauses and puts her left hand over her mouth, trying to stifle whimpers and hold back more tears. I want to do the same but i don’t move. I let the tears run freely.

“I’ve thought about it before. I’ve said it all before…i wanted to know what it felt like…i wanted to know what my mother would say to me if she knew i was going to give her a grandchild. I wanted to know if she’d accept it. Maybe she’d love me more. Maybe she’d love you more. Maybe she’d let go of some of those traditional values she’s held onto all these years. And maybe i’d be happy…finally. Maybe you’d smile and be less afraid…less empty…maybe…”

I close my eyes briefly then open them again. Her eyes are focused on that point on the wall again.


I stand up from the couch and walk over to stand in front of her. I reach out and gently pull the paper out of her grip. She doesn’t move as i tear the paper into tiny pieces and let them fall to the floor. I then bend forward and rest my hands on the arms of her chair.

“Look at me.” She keeps her eyes on the wall. She doesn’t want to hear what i have to say.

“Cherie, please.”

At those words she finally turns her head and looks up at me.

“I know you don’t want me to say it but you need to hear this…i’m not going to say we can adopt or get a cat or whatever bullshit i can think of. You don’t need that. Its only going to hurt you more…i understand. I know you…but i will say that we will be okay. I will be okay. You will be okay. Trust me. Now…tell me what you want me to do.”

She sighs and wipes the last of her tears off her cheeks. There is a moment of silence between us as she begins to rub her hands up and down my arms. Its soothing. Her hands are saying she believes that everything will be okay…with time. I believe her.

“Hold me."
I nod and kiss her forehead as i pick her up and sit down with her in my lap. She clutches onto a fistful of my sweater with her right hand and rests her head on my shoulder. For now, we forget all our troubles and welcome the closeness and the comfort of our bodies. For now we are content to just be, to just exist in the moment. She whispers, “I love you.”

She’s standing in the kitchen with her back turned to me. She is pouring a cup of coffee and talking. I watch as she gestures wildly with her hands while she reaches for the milk sitting on the countertop. I know she doesn’t like coffee much but i never say anything when she decides to have a cup and i never ask why. I’ve gotten used to her strange habits, most days i watch her with a smile on my face, but today i hate them. I want to stop her gesturing hands with my own and throw the coffee cup into the sink. Its not her fault…
I’ve lost track of when the conversation started. I can’t organize my thoughts. Its all a chaotic mess…
My hands are shaking…i want her to stop talking.

I slam my fist down onto the table. Startled, she turns and looks at me.
Concerned she asks, “What’s wrong?”
I shake my head a few times and try to swallow the lump in my throat.
“Désolé…just…no talking…s’il te plait.”
“Okay.” She says as she walks over and sits on the edge of the table. She says nothing as she waits for me to do something…to say something. I want to scoot my chair closer and wrap my arms around her, to feel safe but all my energy is focused on trying not to cry.
“I’m right here, darling. Its okay to cry.” She says as she reaches out and strokes her thumb across my forehead.
I will myself to look up at her. I don’t try to hold back the tears as i bring my chair closer and wrap my arms around her waist, my head buried in her lap.
“I’m sorry…everything is just so loud. I’m losing myself again. I can’t focus.”
“Don’t apologize. It’s alright.”
“I feel like…an idiot.”
“No, you are not an idiot. You are human and i love you.”
“How can you love me? I’m so fucked up in the head. I don’t deserve it…i’m not worthy.”
“I can handle it. I’m never going to leave you. You deserve love…I love you.”
I release a shaky breath into her shirt and tighten my grip around her waist.
“…Je t’aime.”

Everything from the night before was a blur. All i knew was that my wrists ached and i hated the silence between us. I hated myself for staying quiet for so long…
But i wanted to watch her just a little while longer. She was so beautiful and in those moments i felt so unworthy…
Of her love,
Of her company,
Of everything…
She did not know the chaos in my mind. She did not know but was asking me to say something.
I saw it in her eyes as she turned toward me and closed her hands around mine…
“I’m sorry…i am a burden you should not have to bear. My head is just so fucked up and i’m putting all this pressure on you to take some of the weight off my shoulders. You shouldn’t have to deal with someone like me. But i guess we’re all a little fucked up and all we need is someone to be fucked up with. I’m still not sure if thats true…and i don’t think i ever want to be sure of that because i’d like to believe that your mind is beautiful, the most beautiful mind i have ever known. And i’ve never felt certain about anything else…. 
But then i think this is meant to hide my deepest fears because i don’t want to disappoint you.
I don’t want you to be as scared as i am. 
I don’t want you to leave me alone.
I want you to hold me in your arms like you always do on the couch in silence no matter how much i hate it.
At least you’re there to help me forget about the world for a while.
You’ll always be there to stitch up my wounds and marvel at my scars.
You’ll always be there…
Somehow, i know it
But i’m still so afraid that you will leave one day because you just can’t fucking take it anymore. And i am afraid i’ll let you go because i can’t handle this life anymore.
I’ll cut my wrists and you won’t be there to stitch me up again.
I’m afraid of the kind of life you’d live without someone there to keep you from losing yourself.
I am afraid.
This is the chaos in my mind…
Say something, please.”
She smiled
And wiped away her tears
“I love you” she said
And that was all that mattered