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inadvertent connections

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Yuri!!! On Ice
PAIRING: Victor Nikiforov x Katsuki Yuuri
TAGS: uni!AU; pre-relationship

based off an au thread i did about victor discovering someone’s dorm wifi is named 3Lu3Lo and like the giant figure skating nerd he is, he’s got to know who it belongs to

The portable wifi isn’t working, and Victor is going to freak.

He has a lit paper due in two days that he hasn’t exactly read the source material for, let alone started, and he desperately needs an internet connection to quickly Google the Sparknotes or whatever of Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby so he can pull something out of his ass. Restarting the tiny device doesn’t work, and neither does shaking it a few times, or tapping it against the wall. In an act of desperation, he shakes Chris awake from his sacred afternoon nap.

“Chris,” Victor hisses, jostling his roommate’s shoulder. “Chris, the wifi is broken.”

“Mmph?” Chris blinks awake infuriatingly slow, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. Victor knows his friend is coming off maybe six hours of sleep in the last two days but he’s too agitated to be sympathetic.

“The portable wifi isn’t working,” Victor reiterates through gritted teeth. “Help me.”

“Did you–” Chris cuts himself off with a yawn, and Victor maybe wants to strangle him. “Did you reload it?”

Victor opens his mouth, then closes it; tries to remember. He’d had that exam on Monday, a report on Tuesday, and between dance training and reviewing and Tequila Thursday with Stephane–

“Shit.” Victor rubs a hand over his face and thinks. He could use his data as a mobile hotspot, but that would rack his bill up to heights he likely can’t afford. He could run out to reload the wifi, but it’s ten in the evening and freezing out, and he’d have to walk. He could wait until tomorrow, but that would mean starting after training and Victor really doesn’t want to lose any more sleep–

He stands up abruptly (and Chris, who’s already more awake than asleep, is almost upended in bed), making a mad dash back for his laptop. “Oh my god.”


“Someone else in this dorm has got to have wifi.”

“What–” Chris sits up, looking at Victor in disbelief. “Victor, you can’t use someone else’s wifi–”

“Desperate times, Christophe!!” Victor retorts, clicking the wifi icon and checking the available connections. There are three, all locked. One is called Wifi Is Coming, another is just no (“oh we’ll see,” Victor mutters), but the third–

“Oh my god,” Victor says again, but this time in delight. “Chris!”

His roommate grumbles in response.

“Chris, someone’s wifi is named 3Lo3Lu.”

That gets Chris’s attention. “No kidding?” his friend asks, getting up and coming over to look. One of the things Victor likes best about Chris is that he’s just as big a figure skating fanboy; he hadn’t expected anyone else here to be the same. This is interesting.

“Whose do you think this is?” he asks, clicking it excitedly.

“There are fifty students in this dorm, Vitya, it could be any– are you actually trying to connect?”

Victor looks up in the middle of where he’s typing tripleaxel into the password box, nonplussed. “Well yeah, I still need wifi.”

Chris looks at him incredulously for a moment before remembering his roommate is Victor Nikiforov, and then sighs. “Try quadsalchow,” he says, pulling up a chair beside Victor.

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anonymous asked:

Can you pls explain to me in simple terms what the Muslim religion is about. I tried googling it but of course I got a bunch of Christians being trash. I am curious and would appreciate it if you could help me. I mainly want to know basic principles

Hi, ok the fundamentals of Islam are simple. I’ll quote legitimate references from two sources, which we muslims use in our daily lives:

- Qur’an (Which we believer is the final message revealed to the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ) and 

- Sunnah (The teachings, sayings and livelihood of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, which has been compiled into collections, known as hadith)

These two make the primary sources of Islamic Theology, and where Shariah Law is derived from.

Note: If you see ﷺ anywhere, it is just an honorific we give to the Prophet Muhammad, which means [Peace Be Upon Him], we give the same (AlayhiSalam) honour to all the Prophets in Islam; Adam, Abraham, Moses, Jesus [Peace Be Upon Them All] (those are only a few of the Prophets in Islam, who are also mentioned in Christianity and Judaism).

Now, to the fundamentals of Islam

Narrated Ibn ‘Umar رضي الله عنه‎:
Allah’s Messenger ﷺ said: Islam is based on (the following) five (principles):
1. Shahadah: To testify that none has the right to be worshipped but Allah and Muhammad is Allah’s Messenger ﷺ.
2. Salah: To offer the prayers dutifully and perfectly.
3. To pay Zakah (i.e. obligatory charity) .
4. To perform Hajj. (i.e. Pilgrimage to Mecca)
5. To observe Fast during the month of Ramadan.

[Sahih Bukhari: Book 2, Hadith 1]

1. Shahadah; this is the most important principle, it is the declaration of faith. Declaring the Oneness of God. Without believing in Allah and Muhammad ﷺ being his Final Messenger, one cannot be a muslim. Even if one is forced to declare this, it is still not true belief. A person also cannot force another into believing this, because again it does not mean true belief.

2. Salah; This is just as important as the Shahadah. It is the offering of 5 daily prayers: Fajr (During Dawn), Zuhr (Slighty after Midday), Asr (Afternoon), Maghrib (During Sunset), Isha (Evening/Night). These are the 5 compulsory prayers which every muslim must offer. There are also congregations prayers on Friday (Jumm’uah) where the Imam (Leader of the Mosque/Community) will deliver a sermon.

3. Zakah; This is an obligatory charity that muslims must give every year. The Zakah given differs upon every muslim as it is based on income and value of specific possessions/assets. There are other types of charity that a muslim can give. This is not compulsory on every muslim, as those who are poor are exempt.

4. Hajj: This is the pilgrimage millions of muslims perform every year, by visiting the Holy Mosque. Hajj is compulsory on those who are physically and financially able to do so.

5. Fasting during Ramadan; Ramadan is the 9th month of the Islamic calendar, and it is the month where the Prophet ﷺ first received his revelation, through the Angel Jibril. Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset throughout this month, we do not eat anything… and no ‘not even water’.

These are the five basic principles.

A muslim must also believe in the Torah; revealed to Moses (Musa AlayhiSalam), The Book of Psalms; revealed to David (Daud AlayhiSalam), the Gospels; revealed to Jesus (Isa AlayhiSalam) and the Lost Scrolls of Abraham; revealed to Abraham (Ibrahim AlayhiSalam).

The information above is just touching the surface of Islam, there is much more to learn about. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

To anyone else reading this, if I have made a mistake or missed anything out, please correct me :)

Allah knows best.