i lost the source for this a billion years ago

But we were just passing by John’s house, it seems our real destination, is further west.

So MANY years in the past.

So that makes three of these meteor events so far: The Sburb Beta, the event in the 1990s, and this one that happened millions of years ago.

Nice time lapse

Have I discovered the source of @loreweaver-universe‘s love of frogs?

Oceans don’t just spring up overnight. It must have taken millions, if not billions of years for the frog temple to reach this state of decay. Unless human history is radically different in this universe, this structure was built by something else.

Hang on…

That’s a freaking pterosaur. So either:

A: This time lapse actually ended in the time of the dinosaurs or
B: This island has some kind of Lost World/King Kong thing going on.

I’m inclined to think that it’s the latter since option A would just be needlessly convoluted (even by Hussie standards). 

Which means GG lives in Jurassic Park.