i lost the actual post

periodic reminder

havent done one of these in awhile So

please leave and do not follow me Ever if you:

  • identify with the label of ‘truscum’ or think they are excusable
  • don’t believe in non-binary genders (im nb so. the hell you doing here)
  • think “neo-pronouns” (bunself et cetera) are somehow destroying the public opinion of trans ppl, as if they gave a shit about us to begin with
  • in general if you’re a shithead who doesn’t “believe” in trans people, e.g. a terf, get out of here, thanks
  • think fatphobia or shaming fat people is acceptable in any way
  • dislike “””social justice warriors””” or think feminists are ruining your precious media with political correctness. i don’t really want you following me. or anywhere near me.
  • have any intention to send anon hate or death threats to somebody who disagrees with me or is rude to me

i was at the mall today replacing these fucking piece of shit headphones and i stopped by the used game store and they had x7 + command mission but they were both like 35$ why are you doing this to me they’re like 10+yrs old,

completely significant update: me, a Certified Dork, kissed my girlfriend’s cheek before leaving for my next class and was so dazed I ended up on the complete opposite side of campus from my desired destination
Stay tuned, folks

Have you ever thought about writing it all down ? Just sitting down one day and starting to write everything. Everything you can remember, everything in your head, all the thoughts you’ve ever had, exploring all the thoughts and then recording them, documenting them in writing on paper. All the trips you took, all the people who made you laugh, all the depressions, as far back as you can remember, and the mistakes and ramifications of those mistakes. The things you said to people that sucked. The embarrassing things that haunt you all the moments. And the good stuff too. But this is all a draft I found of an earlier unposted post. I lost what I was really writing which was actually a post trying to start what this one talks about. It would be best to divide my life into stages defined by fuck ups. They get bigger as I go but maybe that’s just because they are more lasting because I’m older? What was the first big fuck up? That’s the question.

psych courses i took to graduate w/a b.s: research methods and behavioral statistics, child development, intro to cognitive psych, intro to personality psych, intro to forensic psych, intro to cultural psych, independent research, intro to clinical psych etc etc–

ok like  one, literally one, intro class to clinical psychology, literally one, and i hated it so much and it was the nail in the head as 2 why i decided not to pursue psychology in graduate school on top of my Bad Experiences w/psychology and being mentally il and academia and wow i lost the point of this post actually

Surprises are super cool and all.. But if taylor swift skipped ikp at my show…. i’d…..idek.. I’d be a puddle of tears I’d shove my face into a bucket of tears I just I don’t even know.. Like what would even make up for that 10 min atw I don’t even know if that’d work and aTw is my life that is how intensely I love ikp wow rip

I think I actually *lost* followers from my last post (I know, too much words, hurt brain balls, #blessed) so here’s a #tbt to a cute little piece I did last year. That do anything for ya, ya little snots?? Ahh?!? #blessed 😄

physics-cat replied to your post:I actually lost two followers after posting that y…

yikes! Why is jumblr such a judgy environment?

I figured out who one of them was and I can see why that person would unfollow me for being gay and Reform (in fact I was surprised that they followed me; I don’t think they read my about) and idk who the other one is.

I actually wouldn’t say I have a lot of jumblr followers, most of the people who follow me are gerim or prospective gerim and that isn’t a huge demographic on jumblr… To answer your question, though, jumblr is comprised of a lot of people who have one thing in common: Judaism, and what Judaism means to one person is completely different from what it means to another. All of us have different values because Judaism is such a broad term. I have Orthodox followers who wouldn’t feel comfortable in a shul where breaking Shabbat is just another part of services (aka every Reform shul), and I have liberal followers who wouldn’t feel comfortable in a shul with a mechitza (aka every Ortho shul). I think people on jumblr forget that we’re such a broad group and that not all of us think the same way or have the same values.

I feel like I should shitpost here more so you guys don’t think i’m a robot. I do that a lot on my personal blog but yeah

anyways I noticed I actually like…lost followers here. Is it because I posted the gay picture. i just want to let you all know that I’m gay. and i’ll probably post more gay girl things, too, soon, yeah.