i lost patience sorry


Early love fest celebration drawing finished for GaLe (Because i might not get time later), changed pose abit to make Gajeel look more protective, shielding Levy more. But then i started to slap messy as colors together towards the end…sorry i lost patience.. ._.  

P.S i know their outfits don’t fit exactly with the time of this scene (Gajeel vs Bradman), but i want Levy to wear her iconic yellow dress to be “bright”, to contrast against the Iron shadow dragon.

Sam and “the airport drama”...

Ok, now I’ve lost patience! (sorry it’s a bit long)
I’m a great passionate about cinema, I love movies, actors, directors, everything.
And I love the TV series, I love lots of series, not only Outlander. I look forward to the awards season, I look forward to seeing the Golden Globes, I can not wait to find out the nominations at the Oscars. Since I was a child I love all this.

I love fantasy, I love adventure, I love science fiction and even the great love stories. Sure. My book and favorite movie is Lord of the Rings. I see advertisements for Outlander: love, adventure, history, Scotland, time travel. Ok this is for me. I watch it and I fall in love

Outlander unlike the most popular series, here on tumblr, has few fans blog about the show. (Some of the best are Outlander Online, Starz Outlander, Outlander Italy…)

So, in December last year, I decided to open a blog about it. My blog is a blog of information, my blog is intended to inform fans about events, news, behind the scenes, the actors’ careers. I realized that the fandom is not composed of teenagers. So I decide to keep my followers also aware of the cast tweet, on the photos they publish on instagram. I publish even the fan pics. It is a nice way to see the availability of the cast towards the fans.

Yesterday I decided to post 4 photos, absolutely innocents, on Sam at the airport. They are not selfies, but photos taken by fans. No different from those of the paparazzi, or photos of Sam at the airport in Japan last year. Are respectful photos, innocents photos of two people walking. No PDA or invasion of privacy. We have to realize that many fans are shy and not everyone has the courage to approach and ask for autographs or selfies

Today I wake up and find it under my post, the usual acid comments, aggressive, full of hate. Now I ask you, please let !! Do you want to spread your acidity on the world?
You have your blog to do this. Don’t use my post to spread poison, not reblog me, I will not answer you. I don’t know Sam, I don’t know anything about his private life (and not even you). I should decide if Sam is in love based on what? The back of his head? His suitcase? His walk? Or by his smile?

I’m not interested in this endless war between shippers and anti-shippers. I don’t want to read these bad things about Sam and his friends. I’M TIRED!

I want to enjoy my blog. And I want that my followers enjoy my blog too!

I don’t want to be forced to close the blog. Sam doesn’t deserve it, Cait doesn’t deserve it, Outlander cast doesn’t deserve it, I don’t deserve it, and my followers don’t deserve it. Be respectful of my work, thanks

My patience with OUAT is over!

Some people can have patience for this show and Rumbelle and I am sorry but I am all out.
I lost patience when:
Hook was forgiven for orphaning his brother and abandoning him.
Belle forgave Hook and the herocrites and says they changed despite what they did to her but is not forgiving Rumple .
Belle not allowing Rumple to come to the ultrasound. Yes she gave him the pictures but too little…too late for me.
Rumbaby hating on his dad for no reason.
Rumple being hated on by the herocrites.
Belle shacking up on the boat where Rumple’s wife lived with his enemy.
Belle not having a problem with Hook putting her up to annoy Rumple.
Everyone villanizing Rumple for wanting to protect his wife and child.
Belle telling Rumple she and the baby need protection only from him.
Just the unfairness of the show in general.
If anyone blocks me for this fine. That is your decision, go ahead. I am tired of being called a Belle hater and Rumple stan anyway just because I disagree!


All the softwares I tried for editing were too complicated just lost patience.