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Feisty Little Hobbit

Summary: Imagine being Bilbo’s little sister and you are the exact opposite of him.

Warnings: A fair amount of swearing

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“I’m going to murder these dwarves,” you say, ducking to avoid getting hit from a bowl. 

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Fallen Stars (Thorin x OC)

A/N: Here is the second chapter!! I hope that you will like it!! 

Fandom: The Hobbit

Ship: Thorin x OC 

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Chapter 1 

Chapter 2 –> current chapter 

Chapter 3 

Chapter 2: A king without a crown

Gandalf got up from his chair in the kitchen and walked down the hall to open the door, Bilbo and the other dwarves following after him. Elen followed as well but she decided to stay behind Fili and Kili in the hallway. The half-elf couldn’t lie, she was nervous. She had heard stories about Thorin Oakenshield and she even had the chance to see him from up close once. However, the dwarf prince would never remember her. She was part of the past, of an old alliance the elves of the Lothlórien had with Erebor. Elen watched as Gandalf opened the round door of the hobbit hole, the two brothers before the woman smiling even wider than during the meal. Gandalf smiled and Elen’s gaze fell on him.

Elen’s eyes widen as she studied the dwarf. He was handsome with his long black wavy hair, his short and well-trimmed beard. His posture was strong and confidence radiated around the dwarf but what almost made Elen gasp was his eyes. They were of a kind of deep blue that could pierce through your soul and hold your heart in a glance. His eyes were cold but deep down she could see the immense pain and sorrow that ate him alive. Elen watched in awe as the dwarf king looked at Gandalf with a small smirk on the corner of his lips.  

“Gandalf. I thought you said this place would be easy to find. I lost my way, twice. Wouldn’t have found it at all had it not been for that mark on the door.” Thorin said as he stepped into Bag End. Elen could listen to his deep baritone voice for hours, she could already imagine how good his voice must sound as he sang.

“Mark? There’s no mark on that door. It was painted a week ago!” Bilbo suddenly said as he stepped in front of Thorin as if he wanted to check on his door. Elen smiled softly at the hobbit. He was completely obvious to who was standing before him. Gandalf looked rather uncomfortable at Bilbo’s statement and grumbled under his beard.

“There is a mark; I put it there myself.” Gandalf started with a gentle smile while Thorin removed his cloak and handed it to his youngest nephew with a smile. However, his eyes landed on Elen and the dwarf king frowned while the woman froze. Elen was suddenly feeling embarrassed, she had to admit that Thorin could be intimidating. The dwarf was about to say something when Gandalf spoke up, catching his attention. “Bilbo Baggins, allow me to introduce the leader of our company, Thorin Oakenshield.”

Bilbo looked slightly confused as he turned around to observe Thorin who began to circle the hobbit, judging him as his eyes trailed over the gentle creature.

“So, this is the Hobbit. Tell me, Mr. Baggins, have you done much fighting?” Thorin asked, his voice laced with sarcasm.

“Pardon me?” Bilbo asked in return, confused.

“Axe or sword? What’s your weapon of choice?” The dwarf king stopped in front of the hobbit once again and crossed his arms over his broad chest.

“Well, I have some skills at Conkers, if you must know, but I fail to see why that’s relevant.” Bilbo looked rather proud of his skills but Thorin smirked and the poor hobbit looked baffled.

“Thought as much. He looks more like a grocer than a burglar.” Thorin spoke, earning a loud laugh from the other dwarves. Elen was silent, not finding his comment that funny. Suddenly, the dwarves stopped laughing as Thorin turned around and glared directly at the half-elf. Elen gulped and waited for the storm. If she could hide behind Fili she would.

“And you?” Thorin hissed. “Who are you?” All the dwarves were now looking at her, even Fili and Kili watched the woman with slight fear as they knew how much their uncle hated her kind. Elen suddenly felt silly, she wasn’t going to back down to this dwarf. She stepped forward and held her chin high.

“I’m Elentári of the Lothlórien, at your service.” She said and bowed before the dwarf. Thorin’s eyes widen, his suspicions were true. An elf maiden was standing before him! His eyes lit up in hate for her kind, the wound of the broken alliance and Thranduil’s treason too fresh in his mind.

“An elf?!” He shouted as he turned to glare at the wizard who looked rather uncomfortable. “You let an elf come to our meeting?! How could you?” Gandalf shook his head as he spoke up in defense of his friend.

“Elen is not your enemy, Thorin. She is truly skilled and she will be a great asset to this quest and to the company.” Gandalf said soothingly but Thorin wasn’t buying it.

“She will not come with us! No one can trust an elf and being a woman she will only be a burden! We don’t have the time to look after her and deal with her childishness!” Thorin hissed again, making Elen’s mouth fall open at the rude dwarf. She was burning with anger; this dwarf was a king but it did not give him the right to disrespect her.  

“With all due respect, master dwarf, I am standing right behind you and you have no right to speak of me without respect.” Elen started, her face red with anger. Thorin turned around and glared at woman. “I have seen more battles than you will ever see, I have fought more enemies that you will ever face! I went to war more times that you could during your entire life time. Do not think that you are talking to a gentle fair lady who does not know what it means to fight or to survive. Like it or not but you need my help Oakenshield.” Elen hissed back at the dwarf, her eyes glowing with anger. Gandalf watched as she clenched her fists at her sides and a sudden fear of seeing her lashing out like her mother would on Thorin made him step between them.

“She is right, Thorin. You need her experience. She killed more orcs than any of you, she knows how to fight.” Gandalf tried to convince the king. Thorin’s eyes landed on Elen once again. The woman was beautiful in his eyes and her courage impressed him but she was an elf. It was impossible to trust her even if he could see that she was a gentle soul.

“What is your weapon of choice?” Thorin asked, trying to cool himself down.

“Swords and daggers.” Elen quickly answered, her voice still laced with annoyance. Thorin raised an eyebrow at this and smirked in a teasing way.

“No bow? Weird for one of your kind…” He said, making the others laugh. Elen looked around her, feeling slightly ashamed. Indeed, the fact that she was awful with a bow was one of her greatest shame. Other elves would always make fun of her about it when she was younger.

“I’m only half elf…” She muttered, earning Thorin’s interest as he studied her more precisely.

“A half-breed?” He asked Gandalf who nodded at him reluctantly. Thorin nodded back and glared at Elen once again. “Let me think about it.” He said before turning around and all the dwarves followed him back to the dining table.

As Thorin ate the same soup that Elen was eating a few minutes before, the rest of the dwarves started to talk. Elen and Bilbo followed them but stayed behind, not having a place around the table. Elen glared at Thorin from her spot behind him as she leaned against the doorway of the dining-room. Bilbo watched her and gave her a small understanding smile as he too had been Thorin’s victim just a few seconds before.

“What news from the meeting in Ered Luin? Did they all come?” Balin spoke up suddenly, the company finally silent as their king ate his dinner.

“Aye. Envoys from all seven kingdoms.” Thorin answered but Elen saw that his eyes weren’t as positive as his statement. She observed the side of his face as all the dwarves murmured their joy.

“What do the dwarves of the Iron Hills say? Is Dain with us?” Dwalin asked hopeful. Thorin looked down at his hands before answering his friend.

“They will not come.” His voice was grave and the dwarves murmured in disappointment. “They say this quest is ours, and ours alone.” Thorin spoke up again, Elen frowned at this and shared a look with Gandalf.

“You’re going on a quest?” Bilbo suddenly asked to no one in particular. Elen was about to answer him but Gandalf cut her once again.

“Bilbo, my dear fellow, let us have a little more light.” He said, smiling innocently but Elen was not buying it.

Bilbo came back with a candle and settled it on the table where Gandalf has spread out a map which was in his pocket. Thorin looked at it in awe and Elen walked behind him to have a look at the map. Bilbo did the same. A few dwarves, including Thorin, glared at Elen as she was looking at something that was a dwarven secret map but she ignored them. She was used of being rejected.

“Far to the East, over ranges and rivers, beyond woodlands and wastelands, lies a single solitary peak.” Gandalf said, watching the company.

“The Lonely Mountain.” Bilbo read on the map, looking up at Elen with a questionable look.

“This is where we’re going” Elen answered, her voice just above a whisper but being only a few inches away from Thorin, the dwarf grunted as he heard her comment.

“It is still not certain in your case.” The dwarf king muttered as he glared at the woman who only glared back at him.

“Aye. Oin has read the portents, and the portents say it is time.” Gloin spoke up as everyone tried to have a look at the map.

“Ravens have been seen flying back to the mountain as it was foretold: When the birds of yore return to Erebor, the reign of the beast will end.” Oin said in response to Gloin’s words.

Bilbo, hearing Oin’s words and “the beast,” looked concerned. Elen gazed at Gandalf then at Bilbo. He didn’t know about Smaug, it was obvious.

“Uh, What beast?” Bilbo asked concerned. Bofur smiled, seeing his chance to have some fun.

“Well that would be a reference to Smaug the Terrible, chiefest and greatest calamity of our age. Airborne fire­breather, teeth like razors, claws like meat hooks, extremely fond of precious metals­­”

“Yes, I know what a dragon is.” Bilbo cut Bofur sassily making Elen smirk. Ori suddenly got up from his chair, looking determinate.

“I’m not afraid! I’m up for it. I’ll give him a taste of the Dwarfish iron right up his jacksie.” He shouted and all the dwarves shouted in agreement, except for his brother Dori who grabbed him and pushed him back down on his seat.

“Sit down!” He said at the same time. Elen gently smiled at Ori who looked at her sheepishly.

“The task would be difficult enough with an army behind us. But we number just thirteen, and not thirteen of the best, nor brightest.” Balin added when everyone calmed down. The half-elf chuckled at the old dwarf’s words, Thorin glaring at her once again.

The dwarves started objecting, saying things like, “Hey, who are you calling dim?” “Watch it!”, and “No!”

“What did he say?” Oin asked the others, looking around seemingly lost as all his friends started arguing.

“We may be few in number, but we’re fighters, all of us, to the last dwarf!” Fili spoke up, everyone calming down as they turned around to look at the two brothers. Elen couldn’t help but notice the proud look on Thorin’s face as he smiled at his nephews.

“And you forget, we have a wizard in our company. Gandalf will have killed hundreds of dragons in his time.” Kili added making Elen grin brightly at his words.

“Oh, well, now, uh, I­I­I wouldn’t say that, I­ ­” Gandalf stuttered, looking suddenly very uncomfortable.

“How many, then?” Dori pressed.

“Uh, what?” Gandalf tried to look innocent as he puffed on his pipe.

“Well, how many dragons have you killed? Go on, give us a number!” Dori said now standing up.

“Oh yes, tell us Gandalf!” Elen teased mischievously, earning Gandalf’s glare and a slight unnoticed smirk from Thorin.

“Hm.” Gandalf embarrassedly started coughing on his pipe smoke and the dwarves jumped to their feet, arguing about the number of dragons Gandalf has killed. Thorin jumped up in anger and bellowed, silencing the company in one shout of Khuzdul.

“Shazara! (Silence!)” All the dwarves sat back down and Elen couldn’t help but take a step back out of reflex while Bilbo looked at Thorin surprised. “If we have read these signs, do you not think others will have read them too? Rumours have begun to spread. The dragon Smaug has not been seen for 60 years. Eyes look east to the Mountain, assessing, wondering, weighing the risk. Perhaps the vast wealth of our people now lies unprotected. Do we sit back while others claim what is rightfully ours? Or do we seize this chance to take back Erebor? Du Bekâr! Du Bekâr! (To arms! To arms!)” At his words, all the dwarves cheered. Elen smiled as she could know understand why they followed him. Thorin’s eyes were lit up with a new-found determination that gave courage to the entire company, his strength seemed to transfer into the dwarves’ hearts.  

“You forget: the front gate is sealed. There is no way into the mountain.” Balin spoke up over the hubbub. Thorin looked down once again, agreeing with his old friend.

“That, my dear Balin, is not entirely true.” Gandalf said, twiddling his fingers, he produced a dwarvish key, ornately wrought. Thorin looked at it in wonder and awe as Elen’s eyes widen.

“How came you by this?” Thorin asked still in awe at the key.

“How indeed?” Elen whispered, looking at the key then at Gandalf who quickly winked at her then turned his attention back toward Thorin.

“It was given to me by your father, by Thrain, for safekeeping. It is yours now.” Gandalf explained then handed the key to Thorin as everyone looked on in wonder.

“If there is a key, there must be a door.” Fili said, speaking the obvious. Gandalf pointed at some runes on the map with his pipe.

“These runes speak of a hidden passage to the lower halls.” The wizard looked up at Elen as her eyes landed on the runes. The same runes appeared on her skin if the light of the moon touched her skin. Elen frowned at this and understood that her fate was maybe even more linked to the outcome of this quest than what Gandalf thought.

“There’s another way in!” Kili said with a smile and his voice laced with joy and hope.

“Well, if we can find it, but dwarf doors are invisible when closed. The answer lies hidden somewhere in this map and I do not have the skill to find it. But there are others in Middle­earth who can. The task I have in mind will require a great deal of stealth, and no small amount of courage. But, if we are careful and clever, I believe that it can be done.” Gandalf added.

“That’s why we need a burglar.” Ori said, looking at Gandalf.

“Hm, A good one, too. An expert, I’d imagine.” Bilbo huffed as he looked up from the map, Elen’s eyes looked up from the map as well to see that Thorin was observing her. His deep blue eyes gazing into her silver ones. She blushed as his eyes did not held any anger this time. Though, she couldn’t tell what emotion he felt so she turned her eyes away feeling slightly shy all of a sudden.

“And are you?” Gloin asked Bilbo.

“Am I what?” Bilbo asked back in confusion. Oin beamed and turned to the others.

“He said he’s an expert! Hey hey!” He said and several dwarves laughed. Elen rolled her eyes, feeling slightly sorry for the poor hobbit.

“M­­Me? No, no, no, no, no. I’m not a burglar; I’ve never stolen a thing in my life.” Bilbo tried to defend himself. Elen’s eyes found Gandalf’s who was looking more and more agitated.

“I’m afraid I have to agree with Mr. Baggins. He’s hardly burglar material.” Balin sighed and looked at Thorin as Bilbo nodded in agreement.

“Aye, the wild is no place for gentlefolk who can neither fight nor fend for themselves.” Dwalin added, eyeing Elen as well.

“Excuse me, who are you calling gentlefolk who can neither fight nor fend for themselves?” Elen growled, glaring at Dwalin. Bilbo kept agreeing and the dwarves began arguing. Gandalf, growing angry, rose to his full height and casted darkness over the group as he started speaking in his “powerful” voice. The others stopped in awe and slightly in fear.

“Enough! If I say Bilbo Baggins is a burglar, then a burglar he is.” Gandalf went back to his normal self as he sat back down.

Elen went back to her spot against the doorway and kept her eyes on Dwalin who was challenging her. Thorin saw it and gestured at his friend to stop him. Elen’s eyes glanced at Thorin but she staid quiet.

“Hobbits are remarkably light on their feet. In fact, they can pass unseen by most if they choose. And while the dragon is accustomed to the smell of dwarf, the scent of hobbit is all but unknown to him, which gives us a distinct advantage. And concerning Elentári, she is the best warrior of her race and I thought you needed more warriors on your side. You asked me to find the fourteenth and fifteenth members of this company, and I have chosen Mr. Baggins and Miss Elen. There’s a lot more to him than appearances suggest, and he’s got a great deal more to offer than any of you know, including himself. “Gandalf said and looked at Bilbo before he kept talking. “Elen is also my most loyal friend. You must trust me on this.” Gandalf said, trying to convince Thorin. Finally, the dwarf king seemed to give in and nodded at the wizard.

“Very well. We will do it your way.” Thorin sighed, a new hope filling Elen’s heart.

“No, no, no.” Bilbo tried to complain but the dwarves ignored him.

“Give them the contract.” The dwarf king said to Balin. Dwalin and a few other seemed to disagree but they said nothing, not wanting to go against their leader.

“Please.” Bilbo tried to reason them as the company talked among themselves.

“Alright, we’re off!” Bofur cheered enthusiastically, smiling at his friends. Balin handed Elen and Bilbo a long contract.

“It’s just the usual summary of out­of­pocket expenses, time required, remuneration, funeral arrangements, so forth.” Balin stated professionally.

“Funeral arrangements?” Bilbo asked in astonishment.

Elen took the contract and signed it without even looking at the terms, she gave it back to Balin as Bilbo started to read his contract in details. Balin smiled at the half-elf and verify the contract.

“Well… Miss Elentári, welcome to the company of Thorin Oakenshield.” The kind dwarf said, smiling at her as she nodded and looked at Thorin. He did not even glance at her or a nod in her direction. After all, he did not agree willingly. Gandalf had forced his hand. Elen looked down and went back to lean against the doorway as Bilbo stepped back a few feet to read the contract. Elen didn’t like what she heard as Thorin leaned toward Gandalf and whispered to him.

“I cannot guarantee his safety. If the elf tries to betray us, she’s out.” Thorin whispered to the wizard.

“Understood.” Gandalf nodded.

“Nor will I be responsible for their fate.” Thorin added, making Elen wince.

“Agreed.” Gandalf nodded again. Elen shook her head at the dwarf king before turning her attention to Bilbo who was now reading parts of the contract out loud.

“Terms: Cash on delivery, up to but not exceeding one fourteenth of total profit, if any. Seems fair.” Bilbo said, Elen smiling and chuckling to herself. “Eh, Present company shall not be liable for injuries inflicted by or sustained as a consequence thereof including but not limited to lacerations … evisceration … incineration?” Bilbo read out in astonishment and turned to look at the dwarves with a raised eyebrow.

“Oh, aye, he’ll melt the flesh off your bones in the blink of an eye.” Bofur answered, mischievously. The woman who was now looking carefully at the hobbit turned her gaze to glare at Bofur.

“Huh.” Bilbo looked a little breathless and she knew that the chances were high that he would faint.

“You all right, laddie?” Balin asked and leaned in to look at the poor hobbit who looked rather nauseous and pained as he bended over. Elen’s eyes trailed up to look at Thorin. The dwarf was watching Bilbo closely and with the coldness of his eyes, Elen could say that he was already regretting his choice to let the hobbit come.

“Uh, yeah…Feel a bit faint.” Bilbo answered Balin.

“Think furnace with wings.” Bofur added as he got up from his chair and got a little bit closer. Elen rolled her eyes.

“Bofur…” The half-elf warned, earning a cheeky grin from the dwarf.

“Air, I­­I­­I need air.” Bilbo stuttered, trying to catch his breath.

“Flash of light, searing pain, then Poof! you’re nothing more than a pile of ash.” Bofur said again, making Elen groan in annoyance.

“Bofur!” Elen scowled the dwarf. Thorin looked at her but said nothing.

Bilbo breathed heavily, trying to compose himself as the others stare at him. For a second, the poor hobbit seemed to feel better but suddenly his face fell and Elen’s eyes widen.

“Hmmm. Nope.” The poor hobbit said before falling on the floor in a faint. Elen gasped and rushed at his side. The girl kneeled on the floor before him and gently lifted Bilbo’s head on her lap.

“Ah, very helpful, Bofur.” Elen heard Gandalf say as he got up from his chair to help Elen with Bilbo.

Thorin stared at the woman, he was confused at how the half-elf could already care for the hobbit. She met him a few hours before and she was already caring for his wellbeing. Thorin watched while the wizard and Elen carried Bilbo into his sitting-room and settled him on a cozy armchair next to the fire. A few minutes later, Bilbo woke up and rubbed his temples.

“What happened?” the poor hobbit asked.

“You fainted.” Elen answered gently as she kneeled before the chair. Bilbo sighed and look at her then at Gandalf looking sorry. “Do you want some tea?” Elen asked and Bilbo nodded slowly.

“Thank you.” The hobbit said as Elen walked away toward the kitchen to make some hot tea for the hobbit.

“Don’t worry about it.” She smiled and walked out of the room. Elen entered the kitchen, where some dwarves were talking and started the tea. While she was working Ori and Bofur approached her.

“Miss Elen…” Ori spoke up, looking rather shy. “Is mister Baggins alright? “ The young dwarf asked. Elen turned around with a cup of tea.

“He will be Ori, don’t worry.” She smiled kindly. Bofur glanced down then looked up at the woman.

“I didn’t mean to make him faint, lass.” Bofur looked at Elen with a small smile on his lips and Elen chuckled.

“I know…” Elen simply answered before walking out of the kitchen to give Bilbo his mug og tea.

“Here you go.” She said and asked the hobbit once again he felt all right.

“I’ll be all right, let me just sit quietly for a moment.” The hobbit answered but Gandalf was quick to talk back.

“You’ve been sitting quietly for far too long. Tell me; when did doilies and your mother’s dishes become so important to you? I remember a young Hobbit who always was running off in search of elves and the woods, who’d stay out late, come home after dark, trailing mud and twigs and fireflies. A young Hobbit who would have liked nothing better than to find out what was beyond the borders of the Shire. The world is not in your books and maps; it’s out there.” The wizard said as he walked closer to Bilbo who was now looking even more confused.

“I can’t just go running off into the blue. I am a Baggins, of Bag End.” Bilbo said, his voice breaking in the middle of his sentence.

“You are also a Took.” Gandalf told him, making Bilbo sighed and almost roll his eyes. “Did you know that your great­great­great­great­uncle, Bullroarer Took, was so large he could ride a real horse?”

“Yes.” Bilbo muttered and Elen sat at the table of the sitting-room, looking at some map that Bilbo had left there.

“Well he could. In the Battle of Green Fields, he charged the goblin ranks. He swung his club so hard it knocked the Goblin King’s head clean off, and it sailed a hundred yards through the air and went down a rabbit hole. And thus, the battle was won, and the game of golf invented at the same time.” Gandalf explained and sat on the chair before the hobbit. Elen smiled at his story and thought that the wizard was really trying his best to convince Bilbo.

“I do believe you made that up.” Bilbo answered, not buying Gandalf’s story.

“Well, all good stories deserve embellishment. You’ll have a tale or two to tell of your own when you come back.” The wizard smiled.

“Can you promise that I will come back?” Bilbo asked.

“No. And if you do, you will not be the same.” Gandalf gravely told the hobbit.

“That’s what I thought. Sorry, Gandalf, I can’t sign this. You’ve got the wrong Hobbit.” Bilbo answered and got up to retreat in his room. Elen got up and tried to follow him but she stopped at the corner of the hallway as she heard Balin and Thorin’s voices.

“It appears we have lost our burglar. Probably for the best. The odds were always against us. After all, what are we? Merchants, miners, tinkers, toy­makers; hardly the stuff of legend.” Balin’s voice said.

“There are a few warriors amongst us.” Thorin said gently. This tone in his voice was odd for Elen as she thought that the dwarf was only able to hiss and shout.

“Old warriors.” Balin sighed.

“I will take each and every one of these dwarves over an army from the Iron Hills. For when I called upon them, they came. Loyalty. Honor. A willing heart. I can ask no more than that.” Thorin answered and Elen’s heart swell at his declaration. He held so much proud and trust in his friends… the feeling was unknown for the half-breed.

“You don’t have to do this. You have a choice. You’ve done honorably by our people. You have built a new life for us in the Blue Mountains, a life of peace and plenty. A life that is worth more than all the gold in Erebor.” Elen could tell that Balin was afraid for his friend and leader. He didn’t want to see Thorin fall because of the same reasons of his father and grandfather. Elen listened in silence as Thorin held out the key Gandalf gave him.

“From my grandfather to my father, this has come to me. They dreamt of the day when the dwarves of Erebor would reclaim their homeland. There is no choice, Balin. Not for me.” Thorin said, his voice heavy with deep emotions.

“Then we are with you, laddie. We will see it done.” Balin said and Elen’s mind was set. She swore on her life that she would see Thorin on the throne of Erebor, they would have to succeed.

After a few more minutes, Balin and Thorin joined the company in the sitting-room and Thorin lit up his pipe as he stared into the fire. Elen went back into the kitchen and sat before Gandalf at the table. From her spot, she could see the dwarves and Thorin as they started to hum deeply and soon Thorin began to sing. His voice was beautiful and deep. Elen’s heart stopped as she watched and listened to this sorrowful song.

“Far over the misty mountains cold

To dungeons deep and caverns old

We must away ere break of day

To find our long­forgotten gold

The pines were roaring on the height

The winds were moaning in the night

The fire was red, it flaming spread

The trees like torches blazed with light”

When the song stopped Elen caught herself staring at Thorin and Gandalf chuckled at her star struck look.

“You should catch some sleep, Elen. It’s already late and we have a long journey ahead.” The wizard said in hushed tone. Elen looked at him and nodded her head.

“You should too.” The woman answered, earning a smile from the wizard.

“Yes, indeed.”

“However, I doubt that I will be able to sleep.” Elen muttered as she rubbed her cold hands together.

“Maybe you could ask Thorin to sing something again…” Gandalf started in his usual innocent tone but stopped when Elen glared at him and blushed before she got up and started to look for a spot to sleep. Gandalf chuckled to himself as he puffed on his pipe and watched the flames of the kitchen fire. Elen walked into the sitting-room where the dwarves decided to stay for the night and looked around. Maybe she could find a cozy corner where she could doze off without getting in the way of the company but when as she made her way toward the back of the room Fili and Kili called her name.

“Miss Elen!” Kili called and gestured for her to come closer. The two brothers were lying down on the floor next to Bilbo’s sofa which was empty. Elen smiled and stopped before them.

“Yes?” the half-elf asked with a smile. Fili and Kili patted the sofa at the same time.

“We kept the couch for you.” Fili said and Elen looked at them, surprised.

“For me? No, no, I don’t need it. I will find a spot somewhere to…” Elen tried but Kili shook his head.

“No, take it. Everyone agreed that you should have it.” The young dwarf told Elen, Fili nodding in agreement. Elen blushed and felt a little bit uneasy at first but she finally accepted. Elen grabbed her bag and her thin blanket before settling down on the sofa.

“Thank you, boys.” She whispered, half asleep.

“You’re welcome lass.” Fili answered, Kili already snoring.

Maybe she would be sleeping after all. And with this last thought, Elentári fell asleep to the sound of the dwarves’ sores and the fire’s crackles.

Thorin wasn’t sleeping. He couldn’t help but think about everything. His brain was fuming as he tried to understand what he felt when his eyes landed on the elf woman just a few hours before. His heart had stopped beating suddenly and an unknown kind of warmth had filled his body. He didn’t know what it was but it kept happening. Every time the elf stared into his eyes, he felt his heart sped up and he felt as if he had to protect the young woman. Her soft smile, her cold silver eyes, her creamy skin, her courage, her teasing nature, everything about her was attractive. Thorin shook his head and sighed. That wasn’t something he should be thinking about. He had priorities and obligations toward his people, he had to reclaim their homeland. He was their leader and he could not let himself get distracted by a woman. And moreover, by an elf maiden. 

She couldn’t be trusted and whatever he felt for her could never happen. Thorin walked into the sitting-room, his mind finally set. However, his eyes landed once again on Elentári. She was curled on the sofa among the company with Thorin’s nephews asleep before the sofa. Thorin sighed as he watched the girl shiver and shake because of the cold. Her thin blanket was definitely not enough to keep her warm. Thorin shook his head at the woman but took his fur coat off and walked carefully toward the sofa. He stepped over his nephews, smiling softly at them before he delicately draped his coat over the shivering elf. He carefully covered her with it, lifting the fur so she could snuggle into it and this is when Thorin noticed how small she was for an elf. Elen was Thorin’s height, maybe even one or two inches smaller. The dwarf king observed her for a few more second as Elen sighed out in her sleep and snuggled into Thorin’s coat. The dwarf shook his head once again and turned around to settle for the night. Before closing his eyes, he took one last glance at Elentári and thought that he had never seen something as beautiful as the small elf snuggled peacefully into his coat, her long silver-blond hair falling down her back and her shoulders, framing her face perfectly.


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Uncle - Thorin Oakenshield

Pairing: Thorin Oakenshield x Reader

Characters: Thorin Oakenshield, Fili, Kili, Bilbo Baggins, Dwalin, Balin, Gandalf

Warnings: N/A

Request: N/A

Word Count: 794

Author: Hannah

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Discovering love. Prologue

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Fandom: The Hobbit.
Pairing: Fili x Reader ( ft the Company of Thorin Oakenshield)
Word Count: 1.881

Requested by Anon: Can I request a Fili x Reader one shot? Human reader who is traveling with the company and she is very very shy. Fili is falling in love with her and he flirts with her and touches her a lot which makes her blush and get nervous but eh thinks it’s cute. Ends with them confessing their feelings a kiss?

A/N: Hey Anon! At first I had trouble with writing this. Falling in love isn’t just a process written in a thousand words. Therefore, I am making this a continuation. There will be coming multiple character as I write it. That way the feeling can be better related and everything just falls better in to place. I hope that is okay with you ^~^. I just can’t write this in one piece or it would be way too long for my liking. I hope you look forward to more! 

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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - sentence starters

1. “I think it’s time for you to know what really happened.” 

2. “DRAGON!”

3. “That is private. Keep your sticky paws off.” 

4. “Dreadful wo/man. Make sure you keep an eye on her/him after I… after I’m…” 

5. “You know, some people are starting to wonder about you. They think you’re becoming… odd.” 

6. “What do you mean? Do you mean to wish me a good morning, or do you mean that it is a good morning whether I want it or not? Or perhaps you mean to say that you feel good on this particular morning? Or are you simply stating that this is a morning to be good on?” 

7. “I’m looking for someone to share in an adventure.” 

8. “You’ve changed, and not entirely for the better, ______.” 

9. “You know my name, although you do not remember I belong to it. I am ______, and ______ means… me.”  

10. “I had no idea you were still in business.” 

11. “Well, I’m pleased you remember something about me. Even if it’s only my fireworks.” 

12. “______, at your service.” 

13. “Very good, this. Any more?” 

14. “It’s just, um… I wasn’t expecting company.” 

15. “It’s not that I don’t like visitors. I like visitors as much as the next _____. But I do like to know them before they come visiting.” 

16. “Nope! You can’t come in. You’ve come to the wrong house.” 

17. “Oh, they’re quite a merry gathering… once you get used to them.” 

18. “S/he is here.” 

19. “I thought you said this place would be easy to find. I lost my way, twice.” 

20. “Tell me, _____. Have you done much fighting?” 

21. “They will not come. They say this quest is ours and ours alone.” 

22. “How came you by this?” 

23. “The answer lies hidden somewhere this map, and I do not have the skill to find it. But there are others in _____ who can.”    

24. “I’m not a burglar! I’ve never stolen a thing in my life.” 

25. “I cannot guarantee his/her safety. Nor will I be responsible for his/her fate.”

26. “I’ll be all right. Just let me sit quietly for a moment.” 

27. “The world is not in your books and maps. It’s out there.” 

28. “I do believe you made that up.” 

29. “You’ll have a tale or two of your own to tell when you come back.” 

30. “Can you promise that I will come back?” 

31. “You don’t have to do this. You have a choice. You’ve done honorably by our people.” 

32. “I’m going on an adventure!” 

33. “I signed it.” 

34. “Oh, they took wagers on whether or not you’d turn up. Most of them bet that you wouldn’t.”   

35. “Stop! We have to turn around. I forgot my handkerchief.” 

36. “You’ll have to manage without pocket handkerchiefs, and a great many other things, _____, before we reach your journey’s end.” 

37. “Home is now behind you. The world is ahead.” 

38. “Don’t mind him/her, _____. _____ has more cause than most to hate _____.” 

39. “It is raining, _____, and it will continue to rain until the rain is done. If you wish to change the weather of the world, you should find yourself another wizard.” 

40. “Is s/he a great wizard, or is s/he more like you?” 

41. “Move back! Give him/her some air, for goodness sake!”

42. “Where on this good earth did those foul creatures come from?” 

43. “I told you already. I will not go near that place.”  

44. “Well, that is not good. Not good at all. Shouldn’t we tell _____?” 

45. “I think they’re going to eat them. We have to do something.” 

46. “Drop him/her!” 

47. “Wait! You’re making a terrible mistake.”

48. “What would you have us do then? Let them all go?” 

49. “Where did you go to, if I may ask?”

50. “Seems a shame to leave it lying around. Anyone could take it.” 

51. “Here. This is about your size.” 

52. “I have never used a sword in my life.” 

53. “True courage is knowing, not when to take a life, but when to spare one.”

54. “I was looking for you, _____. Something’s wrong. Something’s terribly wrong.” 

55. “A dark power dwells in there, such as I have never felt before.” 

56. “That is not from the world of the living.” 

57. “Was that a wolf? Are there wolves out there?” 

58. “Who did you tell about your quest, beyond your kin?” 

59. “You are being hunted.” 

60. “I’ll draw them off.” 

61. “Where are you leading us?” 

62. “I cannot see where the pathway leads! Do we follow it or not?” 

63. “This was your plan all along. To seek refuge with our enemy.” 

64. “You have no enemies here, ____. The only ill will to be found in this _____ is that which you bring yourself.” 

65. “If we are to be successful, this needs to be handled with tact, and respect, and no small degree of charm. Which is why you will leave the talking to me.”  

66. “What is s/he saying? Does s/he offer us insult?” 

67. “I don’t like green food.” 

68. “What is your interest in this map?”

69. “Tell me, _____. Did you think these plans and schemes of yours would go unnoticed?” 

70. “There is something at work, beyond the evil of _____. Something far more powerful.” 

71. “This is not possible. A powerful spell lies upon those tombs. They cannot be opened.” 

72. “____ believes that only great power can keep evil in check, but that is not what I’ve found. I’ve found it is the small things, everyday deeds of ordinary folk, that keeps the darkness at bay.”  

73. “Why _____? Perhaps it is because I am afraid, and s/he gives me courage.” 

74. “Do not be afraid, _____. You are not alone.” 

75. “S/he’s been lost ever since s/he left home. S/he should never have come.” 

76. “I wish you all the luck in the world. I really do.” 

77. “What are you doing in these parts? Speak!” 

78. “I know someone who would pay a pretty price for your head. Just a head. Nothing attached.” 

79. “Stay back. I’m warning you. Don’t come any closer.” 

80. “Keep your distance! I’ll use this if I have to.” 

81. “Just show me the way to get out of here, and I’ll be on my way.” 

82. “So why don’t we have a game of riddles? Yes. Just you and me.”

83. “And if I win, you show me the way out of here, yes?” 

84. “What have I got in my pocket?” 

85. “Three guesses. Guess away.”

86. “Take up arms. Fight! FIGHT!” 

87. “You thought you could escape me?” 

88. “Well, that could have been worse.” 

89. “There’s too many. We can’t fight them.” 

90. “Only one thing will save us. Daylight! Come on!” 

91. “We will not be seeing our _____ again. S/he is long gone.” 

92. “Why did you come back?” 

93. “See, that’s where I belong. That’s home. And that’s why I came back, because you don’t have one. A home. It was taken from you. And I will help you take it back if I can.” 

94. “It’s all right. ____ is here. S/he’s quite safe.” 

95. “You. What were you doing? You nearly got yourself killed.” 

96. “Did I not say that you are a burden? That you would not survive in the wild? That you had no place among us? I have never been so wrong in all my life.” 

97. “We’ll take it as a sign. A good omen.” 

98. “You’re right. I do believe the worst is behind us.”  

The Half-Elven Dunedain: Chapter 2

A/N: Here it is!! Chapter 2!! I am working on Chapter 3 at the moment, so hopefully, it will be doe before the end of the day, and maybe I’ll even post it. So, without further ado, Chapter 2.


Chapter 1 

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You had made it into The Shire and found the door when you saw that Thorin had just arrived there as well.

“Hey.” You say.

“Hey. I didn’t think you would actually come and join. I thought I would’ve run you off by now.” He said while laughing lightly. He then knocked on the door after a minute of casual conversation between you two. You both turned your attention to the door once it opened.

“Gandalf. I thought you said this place was easy to find. Lost my way twice. If it weren’t for the mark on the door, I would have missed it.” He said, while entering. You smiled and nodded your head at Gandalf when you walked in, and you heard another voice begin talking.

“There is no mark on that door, it was painted a week ago!” The hobbit said. “There is a mark, as I had put it there myself. Bilbo Baggins, allow me to introduce the leader of the Company, Thorin Oakenshield, and a very good friend of mine and Thorin’s, Y/n Y/l/n.” Gandalf introduced us, and you bowed your head slightly in acknowledgement.

“So, this is the hobbit. Tell me Mister Baggins, have you done much fighting?” Thorin asked.

“Pardon me?” Bilbo faintly replied.

“Axe or sword? What’s your weapon of choice?” Thorin asked again.

You couldn’t hear what he said next, as you had moved over to look around. But you could hear Thorin’s voice.

“Thought as much. He looks more like a grocer than a burglar.” Thorin said, in response to Bilbo’s words, and you saw the look on his face. It was shock and confusion, those you knew well enough. You smiled sympathetically in his direction, before Thorin had walked off into a dining area, and all of us followed after him. You sat off in the corner, leaning back, to listen and watch everyone and their reactions.

You listened to Thorin half-mindedly, while taking in everyone. There were 14 total, including Thorin and Bilbo. You watched their reactions amongst themselves, while also peering at their different auras. You noticed that some were uncomfortable by your presence, as you were unknown to all of them. You saw a younger, smaller, and less experienced dwarf stand up and claim that he wasn’t afraid of Smaug.

“That’s good for you. But that will not help you in fighting. You need to be able to also defend yourself, not just be ‘fearless’ as you say you are. Though, only fools are the ones that are fearless. Real men aren’t afraid to admit when they’re scared.” You mumble, but everyone clearly heard you. Then one of the older and wiser ones said something that started a huge argument between all of them.

After a moment or two, this was completely unplanned, but you and Thorin both had stood up and yelled, “Enough!” Everyone went silent in shock and you glanced at Thorin to see the slight shift in his expression, showing that he found that funny.

“If we have read these signs, what makes you think others haven’t read them as well? Rumors have begun to spread. The dragon Smaug hasn’t been seen in 60 years, and eyes have begun to spread to there. They are weighing the risk and wondering. The last of our people’s wealth lies in a mountain. Now, do we sit back while others claim what is rightfully ours?  Or do we seize this chance to take back Erebor?” He said, and they cheered for a moment before the older one said something that made them think.

“You forget, the front gate is sealed. There is no way into the mountain.” He said.

“That, my dear Balin, is not entirely true.” Gandalf said before holding up a key. You look to Thorin to find an incredulous expression adorning his face. You saw his aura change to a fiery red, and you knew he was angry, so you left the room. You had never cared for being around people when they were mad, and you tried to avoid it as best you could. Auras could mess with your mood and you tried to tone it down as best you could, but sometimes you just couldn’t. And then that would entail you feeling the strongest emotion that you were around.

After a little while, you  could feel the tension decrease immensely, and you decided you could go back to them. Everyone was much calmer than before, and they were somber as they began to sing. You went over and sat by Gandalf and laid back, as their voices lulled you to sleep.

Hope you like it!! Please let me know what you think and if you want to be tagged in this or anything I write!! And I am pretty sure this will be Thorin x Reader

I can now sympathize with Thorin now.

I was playing Lord of the Rings Online a couple of nights ago and I decided to answer Bingo Boffin’s call for aid and I fast-traveled to Michel-Delving. I couldn’t find him, so I tried to travel back to Combe so I could return to the quest I was currently on. But every time I tried to cross country, I would eventually run into a mountain, and whenever I tried to follow a path that went even remotely in the same direction the ring-cursor on my map pointed, I only got as far as Little-Delving before I hit a dead-end.

I finally had to cross this extremely-intimidating bog, and I found a path that lead to a sparse settlement and the East Road. I finally thought to check my map once I found it, so I followed it until I came to a junction and found a signpost. I followed the correct road down to Hobbiton, where I finally found a stable and was able to fast-travel back to Bree-land. From there I was able to make my way back to Combe.

Now I can totally sympathize with Thorin, because it’s nigh impossible to figure your way out of the Shire without a map.

“Gandalf, you said this place would be easy to find. I lost my way. Twice.”


The Skyline Splits In Two by Stiles In The Glade

“Gandalf.” The king said warmly, “I thought you said this place was easy to find. I lost my way. Twice.”

Bella snorted despite herself, trying to quickly cover it with a cough though it turned into a real cough when Thorin’s intense gaze turned to her.

“So,” he said, eyeing her up and down, “this is the hobbit.”

“Bella.” She corrected automatically, drawing herself to her full height (which honestly wasn’t very impressive when she was her real size let alone when she was smaller than a dwarf).

“What is she wearing?” Thorin addressed Gandalf and Bella bristled. She had never changed from the sweatpants and tanktop she had worn to bed- finding that all of her clothes had been replaced by long skirts, flowy tops, and corsets.

“She is standing right here. And she is wearing clothes, Mr. Oakenshield, the same as you. Though I managed to find my way here on time, which is where we differ.” She snapped.

The fact that it was her house and she had woken up there was unimportant.

Thorin’s mouth quirked into a smirk, “She looks more like a school teacher than a burglar.”

“I’ll have you know,” Bella ground out, “that I am a writer.”

“What is your weapon of choice?” Thorin continued like she had never even spoken, “Axe or Sword?”

“I don’t know, which one is better for smacking you upside the head with?”

Where you go, I follow

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Here´s next part of this journey as promised. Enjoy!

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8


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Dwarves were having a good time and you enjoyed their company as well but in your mind you had to admit that you´re missing Thorin. Just then you heard Bilbo complaining to Gandalf again. “I don´t want to get used to them. The state of my kitchen! There´s mud trod into the carpet, they´ve pi-pillaged the pantry. I´m not even going to tell you what they´ve done in the bathroom. They´ve all but destroyed the plumbing. I don´t understand what they´re doing in my house!” You shook your head but didn´t say anything, part of you understood why Bilbo was so agitated. Dwarves were not exactly the cleanest or well-mannered bunch in Middle-Earth but Gandalf was right about one thing: they are quite merry gathering, once you get used to them. Bilbo was nearly hyperventilating when Ori came stand next to him and asked him about his plate. Fili appeared in front of them and you watch them quite curiously. “Here you go Ori, give it to me.” Fili took the plate from Ori and before Bilbo could say anything, he threw it to Kili, who then threw it behind his back to Bifur who was already standing in the kitchen and catches the plate not even looking. 

Now this was going to get interesting as you watched dwarves throwing plates, bowls and utensils to each other and quite the accuracy threw them to the sink so Bifur could wash them. Gandalf was trying to find some place to sit down and managed to duck just in time so the flying plates wouldn´t hit him in the head. Poor Bilbo was having a heart-attack right about now as you saw his pale face when he was looking in horror what was going on. “Excuse me, that´s my mother´s West Farthing crockery, it´s over a hundred years old!” But nobody was listening to him and started to rhythmically drumming the table with utensils and their fists and that caused Bilbo to have another tantrum. “And can-can you not do that? You´ll blunt the knifes!”

Bofur was amused by that statement. “Ooh,did you hear that lads? He says we´ll blunt the knifes.”  As if that was a cue, you  heard Kili starting to sing at this point and catching plates as they were threw at him by Fili.

“Blunt the knifes, bent the forks
Smash the bottles and burn the corks
Chip the glasses and crack the plates
That´ll what Bilbo Baggins hates!”

You were having fun just watching dwarves singing and cleaning the table as they went on. You even started clapping your hands in rhythm and that excited the dwarves even more. It was not long when the whole house was resound with they song.

“Cut the cloth and tread on the fat
Leave the bones on the bedroom mat
Pour the milk on the pantry floor
Splash the wine on every door
Dump the crocks in the boiling bowl
Pound them up with a thumping pole
When you´ve finished, if any are whole
Send them down the hall to roll

That´s what Bilbo Baggins hates!”

As dwarves finished they song Bilbo comes to the kitchen quite angry just to discover that the dishes were all stacked neatly and cleanly and they were laughing merrily along with you. But suddenly a loud knock on the door interruptes your happy time and everyone falls silent. Gandalf looks at you briefly before getting up. “He´s here.”

Gandalf opened the door and everybody gathered around him to greed their leader. As the door is opened, Thorin turned his gaze slightly up and greeted the wizard. “Gandalf.” 

You could recognise that deep, baritone voice anywhere and you could not stop a warm smile rising up to your face. At first you thought about rushing over to him and jump into his arms but you reconsidered that as you watched your companions bowing their heads to Thorin and showing their respect and so, you decided to wait. As Thorin stepped in he started to take his cloak off of him and kept speaking. “I thought you said this place was easy to find. I lost my way, twice. Wouldn´t have found it at all had it not been for that mark on the door.” Bilbo comes forward and is quite stunned by that remark. “Mark? There´s no mark on that door. It was painted a week ago!” Low and quiet chuckle escapes from you. With this little fellow this journey was going to get quite entertaining. Then you heard Gandalf speaking to Bilbo. “There is a mark; I put it there myself. Bilbo Baggins, allow me to introduce the leader of our company, Thorin Oakenshield.”

Thorin crosses his arms into his chest and turned to look at Bilbo closely and quite critically before starting to circle the poor hobbit. “So, this is the hobbit. Tell me, Mr. Baggins, have you done much fighting?” Thorin asked with low tone and stopped in front of him waiting for an answer. “Pardon me?” Bilbo asked feeling suddenly quite nervous when Thorin was circling him. “Axe or sword? What´s your weapon of choice?" 

"Well, I have some skill at Conkers, if you must know, but I fail to see why that´s relevant.” Bilbo then answered little proudly and you can´t stop yourself from snickering. Oh this was going be so entertaining indeed. Thorin´s expression wasn´t that impressed and small smirk was forming into his lips. “Thought as much. He looks more like a grocer than a burglar.” saying that he turnes around and walkes to the dining area but you caught his attention from the corner of his eye and he stopped in his tracks. He smiled at you warmly and bows to you lighty. “Y/N.” You knew that with this many people around him, he can´t show you affection as much as if you were alone, but you could read his emotions in his eyes when he was intently looking at you. He was missing you as much you were missing him. You smiled right back at him and bowed your head in return. “Thorin.” Chuckling lightly to your answer he then turned and walked to the table and sat down. It was time for the meeting.

As Thorin was eating rest of them talked to him and you listened quietly their exchange. “What news from the meeting in Ered Luin? Did they all come?” Balin asked and everyone´s attention shifted to their leader. “Aye. Envoys from all seven kingdoms.” Thorin answered lowly but you could tell, something was wrong and then Dwalin voiced your silent question. “What to the dwarves of the Iron Hills say? Is Dain with us?” To that, Thorin loweres his gaze briefly to the table before scans the entire group and gives them answer they didn´t expect. “They will not come.” Everyone looks disappointed and murmurs quietly how displeased they were. “They say this quest is ours, and ours alone.” Thorin continued and now you could feel the disappointment in the air. As they kept talking back and forward you silently look around and started to wonder, if this was such a good idea anymore now that the seven dwarven families had denied they help in this. Your thoughts are cut off when you heard Bofur telling Bilbo what a dragon was. Oh boy, here we go. Bilbo was looking little concerned at that but kept his cool, at least that what it looked like at the moment. “Yes, I know what a dragon is.”

Suddenly Ori jumped up and tried to sound brave but you could see that he was little shaking. “I´m not afraid! I´m up for it. I´ll give him a taste of the Dwarvish iron right up his jacksie.” How cute, you thought but then Dori grapped his brother by the arm and yanked him back down. “Sit down!”

“The task would be difficult enough with an army behind us. But we number just thirteen and not thirteen of the best, nor brightest.” Balin says and you can´t really argue with that. He had a point. But not everyone agreed to that and a small argument was starting to form before Fili hit his hand to the table. “We may be few in number, but we´re fighters, all of us, to the last dwarf!" 

"And you forget, we have wizard in our side. Gandalf had killed hundreds of dragons in his time.” Kili continued and when you heard that, you turned your amused gaze toward the wizard who was getting little uncomfortable at oncoming subject. Even Thorin was looking at him giving him amused gaze of his own. But when he refused to give them a number just how many dragons he had killed, the fight was on and Bilbo was trying to get his voice to be heard but it had no effect. You were shaking your head swiping your face with your hand and sighed. 

But then you saw that Thorin jumped up in anger and bellowed with a voice even you haven´t heard in a while and that made you jump a little. “Shazara!”
Everyone falls quiet in a heartbeat and turned to look at Thorin who standing at the end of the table. “If we have read the signs, do you not think others will read them too? Rumours have begun to spread. The dragon Smaug has not been seen for 60 years. Eyes look east to the Mountain, assessing, wondering, weighing the risk. Perhaps the vast wealth of our people now lies unprotected. Do we sit back while others claim what is rightfully ours? Or do we seize this chance to take back Erebor?” Everyone cheers after that speech and you smile at their enthusiasm.

There wasn´t much that you could do with this meeting so after a while you decided to get some air, after all it sounded like this was going to take awhile and you trusted that Thorin knew what he was doing, so you slipped away and went to outside and sat down on the bench looking at the night sky. You didn´t understand why Gandalf had chosen that little hobbit to be the burglar quite honestly. He seemed little skittish and that wasn´t a good thing when travelling in the wild just like Dwalin had pointed out. But then again, there was little that you understood what became to the wizard so, you could only hope, they knew what they were doing.

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The dwarf finally looked away as Gandalf walked up to him, nodding at the wizard in greeting. “Gandalf, I thought you said this place would be easy to find. I lost my way, twice.”

The young brother dwarves laughed softly amongst themselves, muttering something about “Uncle Thorin’s sense of direction.” Apparently the regal dwarf got lost quite frequently, though Bilbo would never dare to point that out to him. He’d rather keep all of his limbs.


teaser to my upcoming fic Amrâlumê, Thorin’s sense of direction.

20 excuses for school LotR and TH fans can (but probably shouldn't) use

1. Sorry I’m late, but I had to destroy the one ring first

2. Sorry I’m late, I had to simply walk into Mordor

3. I couldn’t do my homework I had to throw a party for 13 dwarves

4. One does not simply walk into school

5. One does not simply do your

6. Sorry but the Eagles didn’t come to
do my homework

7. Bombur ate my homework

8. Sorry I’m late but Gandalf needed a Hobbit to save Middle Earth

9. A wizard is never late! Nor is he early, he arrives precisely when he means to

10. Sorry I’m late but I had to reclaim Erebor

11. There will be a day when I will do my homework, but it is not this day!

12. Sorry I couldn’t do my homework because I just had to watch TH and Lotr again

13. Gollum stole my homework and only gave it back to me after I won a riddle game

14. Why do I need to do my math homework when I want to become part of Thorin’s company?

15. The homework was evil, I had to throw it into mount Doom

16. What? I wasn’t supposed to write this essay in Elvish/Khuzdul?

17. Sorry I’m late, Gandalf wouldn’t let me pass

18. Sorry I’m late but I had to hunt some Orc

19. Sorry I’m late but I lost my way. Twice.

20. I couldn’t go to school yesterday, I had to celebrate Durins day