i lost my shit so bad when i got to here

evolution of tahu


Fucking badass. The coolest toy you’ll ever own. I remember when me and my mom were on vacation in New York City and mom came back from Chinatown with a Tahu in her hands and gave it to me. I was the happiest fucking seven year old that ever existed. I love you, classic Tahu.


Holy shit. Holy shit is that a fucking surfboard that comes with the toy? He comes with two fire swords that turn in to a surfboard? and he’s got badass new armor? holy fucking shit dude. I am so on board. the mask is a bit weird but otherwise i’m 100% down to clown with this bad motherfucker 


What in god’s name is this shit? Who is this person? This isn’t Tahu! What the hell happened? He doesn’t even have a fire sword? Who is this? More like “Mistake-a.” What a clownshoes effort. Nobody here tried. I hate this. Get lost.


Tahu??? Is that you??? Or is this your son??? What’s going on? I dig the sword and the original mask, but what happened to you??? Why are you so dumpy and short? There’s no meat on you! No meat! Where’d my beautiful strong lavaboy go? 

Master of Fire:

Oh dude, you’re back! You’re all beefed up! You got the lava surfboard and everything! Dude, it’s awesome to see you again! I respect what you’re going for here! 

Uniter of Fire:

Holy shit dude, are you okay? You kinda hulked out there. You look like an angry god now. I’m super down, dude. You look great. Nice pecs. Nice gold. I’m not sure what the fuck those swords are but you do you I guess. 

this one time when i was younger i used to play Morrowind all of the time and my favorite character got turned into a fucking vampire

so i was like awww shit?? how do i cure that and u know i couldnt google it i was like 10 and the internet was in my daily life like it is now

so i was going around trying to figure out how to fix it and all these peeps were like ‘hey!! you look pale’ and im like ‘yeah i knOW HELP ME’ and of course the damn disease got worse right yeah never gets better

so here i am in the middle of no where on my quest to cure my vampirism and i got into this guys home, the guards are after me because everyone knows im a vampire and im like ‘no i dont wanna kill people!! thats bad!’ and so im hiding in this fuckin’ house right even though i prolly lost them forever ago

so in my 10 year old mind im like ‘ok, i cant leave , and i cant rest/sleep in a house that aint mine’ so im like shit

and i try to leave

oh boy!! the sun hurts so im like

oh no!! i cant leave or i die??? so naturally i do what any 10 year old would do

i cried and deleted my character, thinking she would be stuck there for forever. when i could have waited like 10 mins for it to be night time in game again

i was 10, and my favorite character was doomed : (