i lost my shit before the flash because i knew exactly what was going to happen

where adrien flirts
  • so adrien has a little problem: he likes marinette. like he really, honest-to-god likes her, and he doesn’t know what to do about it. his track record with girls isn’t so stellar. after he confessed his feelings to ladybug as chat noir, she calmly turned him down and admitted she liked someone else. so as nino would say, without a lady to tie him down, adrien agreste is single and ready to mingle
  • but he’s always been single?? and what does mingle even mean?? like, nino, what the hell, dude?? help a man out. 
  • so nino sits him down and explains how to get his crush. with his previous crush, nino tells him, adrien obviously didn’t do it right, and that’s why she turned him down (nino doesn’t know it was ladybug, and he just likes to think adrien was crushing on a supermodel who was totally out of even his league). 
  • nino: “you gotta flirt, man. the ladies love a dude who’s chill and cool and confident. you gotta rock it and own it. you got this.”
    adrien: “but how? every time I go to her, she looks at me, and I can’t… make my words work.”
    nino: “….you two are perfect for each other.”
    adrien: “what?”
    nino: “what?”
  • nino gives him an article with a few tips for flirting. this shouldn’t be too bad, and hey, it worked on alya, nino swears by it. so with 10 Flirting Techniques That Are Garunteed to Work on Women on his mind, adrien is determined to woo the ladies.
  • 1. set the stage with the “soft stare”: so all he had to do was stare at marinette as deeply as possible whenever they had a conversation while maintaining a calm and relaxed expression. marinette likes to stutter and stammer her ways through her words, and he couldn’t blame her, because he lost control when he tried to talk to her as well, and usually her antics made him smile and laugh. but according to the tips, he wasn’t allowed to.
  • it’s all good for a week or so, until nino pulls him aside and asks why he looks like he’s plotting how to murder marinette in her sleep like some type of serial killer every time he talks to her. 
  • he stops talking to her after that. alya tracks him down a few days later and whacks him upside the head for making her best friend cry by ignoring her. adrien goes back to talking to marinette as normally as possible after that because it’s better to talk to her as friends than invoke his “killer smile” while trying to flirt.
  • 2. be vague and leave her wanting more: adrien has this in the bag. he knows how to skirt around a topic, but that’s just because he has to make sure he kept his secret identity as a superhero of Paris a… secret. being vague is one of his best talents, it also helps with those stupid paparazzi who always follow him. the article offers some suggests: tell her you know a secret about her, tell her there’s something interesting about her and you can’t put your finger on it, tell her that’s she exactly your type but don’t tell her what you type actually is, etc. he spends most of the night plotting his exact words, and the next day, when he sees marinette, it just comes spilling out…
  • adrien: “i know your secret, marinette.”
    marinette: “…what?”
    well shit, adrien thought, the article didn’t tell him what happened after this.
    adrien: “…i know it. your secret… i knew there was something about you that i couldn’t put my finger on.”
    marinette: “…wait, so you know? ohmygodthiscan’tbehappening,ohmygod, how did you figure it out???”
  • adrien wasn’t sure what to do after this point, so like the article said, he leaves her wanting more and nopes the fuck outta there, cha-cha sliding out of the classroom and bolting down the hallway before she could catch him.
  • 3. the sensual look: once a girl is comfortable around you, give her a mischievous look that makes her think. the article (and nino) never really explain what the girl will think about, but adrien totally supports girl empowerment and helping those smart cookies get the best grades and brilliance recognition they deserve. if a mischievous smile is all it takes, then he’s more than happy to help.
  • he flashes her a quirky smirk in Madame Bustier’s lecture, marinette notices and freezes up. he thinks he did it wrong when nino just leans closer and says, “you broke marinette.”
  • adrien apologizes after class and swears he’ll never break her again. marinette just mumbles, “you can break me anytime.”
  • adrien thinks it’s counterproductive. 
  • 4. the surprise wink: whenever you pass her, just wink after you lock eyes, nino says, she won’t expect it and it’ll surprise her but give her the clear and distinct message that you are flirting with her. adrien wants marinette to know he likes her and wants to flirt with he rand wants to date her and just be with her, so he winks every time he gets. 
  • they see each other in class? wink he catches her eyes while they study for physics? wink they talk about madame bustier’s homework? wink she asks him for his opinion on her designs? wink 
  • at first, she giggles. after two weeks, she presents him with a bottle of over-the-counter artificial tears for his “eye twitch.” he stops winking after that and doesn’t talk to nino for the rest of the day.
  • 5. the playful bump: playful actions, like bumping, will definitely make a girl smile. 
  • adrien: “but nino, i could hurt her.”
    nino: “no, my dude, she knows you’re teasing.”
    adrien: “i don’t care if she knows. what if i knock her over?”
    nino: “no, you don’t do it hard, you just–”
    adrien: “what if she falls over and breaks her nose? i don’t wanna break her nose, nino. she has a cute nose.”
    nino: “adrien, you’re not gonna break her–”
    adrien: “niNO
  • 6. the understatement: understate the compliments you give her, okay, okay, adrien can do this. it’s simple.
  • adrien: “marinette, your eyes are blue… like avatar’s skin. just blue.. all over.. it’s great. not the brightest blue, but not the darkest. just blue. you have blue eyes, marinette.”
    marinette: *is speechless*
    nino: “…you nailed that, adrien.”
    adrien: “oh thanks, nino.”
  • 7. the double negative, “i don’t think you’re not beautiful”: 
    adrien: “but i do think she’s beautiful.”
    nino: “i know, you’re telling her that.”
    adrien: “but you just said i don’t think she’s beautiful?”
    nino: “no, no, you said you don’t think she’s not beautiful, so ergo you think she is beautiful.”
    adrien: “…grammar hurts my head, nino.”
    nino: “i know, my dude, i understand.”
  • 8. the sensual tease, tease her for liking you: okay, but adrien doesn’t know if marinette likes him like that? nino swears she does, and alya says so too, but it still makes him feel bad for teasing her. so he doesn’t tease her and just keeps doing stuff like he normally does, like walking her home from school and helping her study physics and giving her advice for her designs and keeping a stash of food for her on the mornings she runs late and he knows she didn’t have breakfast yet.
  • nino rolls his eyes, but adrien doesn’t care. his momma didn’t raise no hooligan. no, if he was going to flirt with marinette, at least he can be a gentleman about it.
  • 9. the moniker: giving her a cute nickname will let her know how special she is. adrien spends a week thinking about it, and nino gives him a few suggestions, but he doesn’t listen. if he’s giving marinette a nickname, it has to be something he does because it’ll let her know she’s special to him.
  • a few days later, he slips up and calls her “princess” because she’s pretty, sweet, smart, likes pink, and is a natural born leader just like a royal. marinette freezes when he calls her that, but she smiles and laughs eventually. she seems to like it, and he keeps doing it. it’s fitting, he supposes, for someone like her. marinette, his princess.
  • does that mean he gets to be her knight?
  • nino calls him a nerd.
  • 10. tell her how you feel: it’s the last step, and adrien agonizes over it for days. it can’t really be as simple as nino makes it out to be, but then again, his best friend has been dating a pretty sweet gal for months, so it obviously worked for him. adrien broods over it for a while, and alya warns him not to ignore marinette for days again, and he swears he isn’t. he’s just trying to find his courage. why oh why is it so much easier to face an akuma with certain death hanging over his head than tell a girl how he really feels?
  • marinette decides to take matters into her own hands, which he isn’t really surprised by because she usually is a head-strong, independent female. what he is surprised by is when ladybug swings into his bedroom window and transforms into marinette right before his very eyes.
  • marinette: “why are you ignoring me? did i do something wrong?”
    adrien: *adrien.exe has stopped working*
    marinette: “…adrien?”
    adrien: “…you’re… ladybug?!”
    marinette: “yeah, i know. you know. we’ve been over this–”
    adrien: “nononoNO, we most certainly haven’t.”
    marinette: *marinette.exe has stopped working*
    adrien: “…marinette?”
    marinette: “I… but you said you knew my secret.”
    adrien: “I WAS BEING VAGUE.”
    marinette: “WHY?!”
    marinette: “…you have?”
    adrien: “well, i was trying–”
  • plagg: *pops out of adrien’s pocket* “oh, are we trading secrets?”
    tikki: *pops out of marinette’s bag* “I think so?”
    plagg: *holds out paw to marinette* “fine. im plagg, i turn him into chat noir. nice to finally meet you. i’m glad you guys are finally telling each other, it’s been so tiring listening to him mooning over you. do you have any cheese?”
    marinette: “…you’re chat noir?”
    adrien: *dies*

so marinette and adrien are dating now, so in a way he thinks his plan worked? that doesn’t stop marinette from asking him how he thought he’d been flirting, so he tells her nino’s tips. she laughs for a week straight. that’s the last time he ever listens to nino.

an adrien version of this post. some people asked for an adrien version, it’s not directly a sequel, but still another au. just two nerds trying to flirt and failing spectacularly. 


Summary: One argument leads to another. Billy betrays his childhood sweetheart’s trust. 

Authors Note: Written with the song Konstantine by Something Corporate in mind. 


I like song requests like this one, I can just kinda write as it comes to me instead of trying to go off a promt.

FEEDBACK ALWAYS APPRECIATED, ESPECIALLY IF YOU DIDNT LIKE IT. I always strive to make my work better (seriously, you can roast me if you want to )

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Cure (2)

Bucky Barnes x reader

Notes: trigger warnings! Implications of sexual abuse, mentions of torture, swearing, injuries, memory loss, recuperating, fluff, angst and obviously, eventually: smut.

Summary: Bucky comes back from a mission, not remembering who he is or who anyone else is. He doesn’t remember Steve, Natasha or the woman he loves. She does immediately catch his eye, though. He thinks she’s the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen, and he’s not afraid to say it in front of people he doesn’t know anyway. What does he have to lose? As far as he knows, he has nothing. On top of being somewhere he doesn’t remember ever being and being stared at by people who seem to know him, but he doesn’t know in return, he hears a voice in his own head. Because, of course, he must be insane.

A/N: This might hurt a little. Just a little. 

Originally posted by captaincentenarian

It’s weird, waking up not knowing where you are. It took me a while to remember what happened last night, and it took me even longer to realise that I’m not alone in this bed; even when I’m curled around the warm body next to me, my arms around her waist and my face nuzzled into the back of her neck.

She smells familiar. She smells like.. home.

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4 | Save Me

word count: 3,076
not as long as usual woo

warnings: violence, gore probably smut at some point I mean it’s me we’re talking about, dead bodies, non-con etc. this chapter has mentions of not eating idk if i should disclose that but here we are

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“Taehyung. They’ve found the professor.”

“Y/N, are you awake? They want to go over the plan one last time.” Hoseok stood in the doorway to your grey haven, not trying to hide his bright and showy smile, “Namjoon’s waiting.”

“I’ll be there in a sec, just let me get dressed first.”

It had been three days since the whereabouts of your old professor Mr Lee had was discovered. Three days since Jimin had been shot. Three days since you had shot the leader of a rival gang. Three days since Namjoon had almost killed you for being so reckless.
Only nightmares and dread pooled your thoughts, you couldn’t believe that you had actually shot somebody. Much to gang Bangtan’s dismay, you hadn’t eaten or had a good nights sleep since the night the bullet penetrated Jackson’s shoulder, you were still in shock.
If things weren’t already problematic enough, Mr Lee had been spotted too close to HQ for comfort, and he was looking for you. The professor you once trusted had now put a price on your head. Since the elusive man was seen back in town almost 60 people in the ‘industry’ had been killed, everybody suspected he was to blame. The odds of survival weren’t in your favour.

Walking downstairs into the lounge you saw everybody seated. Namjoon was sitting in an old eccentric armchair separate from the others. Jungkook, Jimin and Taehyung sat on the same long luxurious sofa, with Hoseok perched on the arm next to Jungkook. Jin and Yoongi were sat on the edge of the coffee table, their backs facing you. The seven men abruptly stopped their conversation when Taehyung caught a glimpse of you, both he and Jimin immediately stood up so you had somewhere to sit. Yoongi scoffed scornfully at their action, ridiculing them,

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I Like This Game We’re Playing

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4]

Oh Sehun x Reader

Summary: You have been working as a spy your whole life but you never expected to be the one spied on.

Genre: Mafia AU

Word Count: 2,990

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You were driving for good 30 minutes, not daring to slow down, hoping they’re not following you. After circling around you finally reached your destination. You rested your head against the steering wheel and sighed. You did it this time. You got out of the car with your equipment and went to the door. You started knocking on it, louder with every bang until they finally opened.

“Y/N?” Yixing asked in a husky voice, you probably just woke him up. You brushed past him, throwing your stuff on the floor and went to the nightstand, taking his car keys.

“I need to use your garage, can you take your car out?” you asked, giving them to him.

“You come here so early and start ordering me around? Why do you think you are?” he crossed his hands on his chest. “Why are you even here? Shouldn’t you be watching him?”

“I screwed up, okay? He has my phone. I need to block it before he finds out anything but my car can’t be seen in the streets either.”

“Were you followed?”

“I’m not sure…”

“And you still came here?” he spoke louder, clearly getting angrier and annoyed. “If you mess things up for me…”

“I won’t. I promise,” you put your hands together like in a prayer, hoping he will help you out. “I lost contact with the HQ, you’re the only other agent in this area.”

“Ugh, fine,” he took the keys and went outside. “Don’t blame me if I don’t park it the right way.”

“If you as much as scratch her!” you shouted after him but he had already left. Trusting he won’t take it out on your car, you shuffled around and picked up one of the many tablets from the floor filled with tons of tech and electrical devices. If Sehun manages to get into your phone, he can easily track you as well. Somehow turning off that phone is your top priority. It won’t be easy though, seeing how protected they were. You took your laptop out as well and checked the cameras. Off. Of course. What were you expecting? In a company with security like that, it’s strange he didn’t notice them sooner. Or could it be he did it on purpose?

Yixing was supposed to watch over you and was only an emergency contact but since this got slightly out of your hands, you had no other choice. Your phone was connected to his place, so you should be able to at least see where it is from Yixings’ tablets.  You glanced at the screen Great. It’s right there where you thought it would be. Sehun’s workplace. You sighed in frustration and opened up the program that should let you take over. You started typing the codes in when the screen flashed and everything disappeared. ‘No signal’ appeared on the black screen.

“Fuck,” you shouted, smashing the tablet on the floor.

“Hey now! That’s expensive stuff you’re breaking!” Yixing said as soon as he came in.

“He cut me off,” you hissed.

“Shit,” it seemed he was just as surprised to hear this as you were. “Do you think he?..”

“I don’t know,” you spoke before he could finish. He went to the table and pushed piles of papers and documents off. He sat down in his chair and turned his computers on.

“What are you doing?”

“I need to tell this to HQ.”

“But I can fix this! If you tell them I could lose my position! I have nothing besides this,” you slumped down on his bed. “I have been trained for this my whole life… I don’t know how to live a normal one…” you whispered.

Yixing looked at you with a worried expression before he stood up.

“You know what will happen if you don’t report this…”

And at that moment you’re computer beamed up. You got a message. You quickly ran to it and opened it up. It was HQ. It seemed they always knew what you were up to. Like they were watching. You read past the few short sentences over and over before you turned to Yixing.

“What does it say?” he asked.

“They’re giving me ten days.”

“For what?”

“To finish the job,” you answered.

“Are you serious? You have been watching him for more than a month and they expect you to wrap things up in ten days?”

“I have to do this.”

“Or what?” you paused for a while, before speaking again.

“They will kill me. They don’t need a spy who can’t even do it’s job right.”

“They won’t actually do it, will they? You’re the best one out there, they made you this way!” you saw how angry he became with each second you two talked about this.

“Actually…” you started. “They won’t be the ones to kill me. You will have to do it.”

“What?” he pushed you away and took your laptop from your hands, to read the letter. “Because I’m supposed to be the one who watches over you and controls your movements? That’s exactly the reason why I could never do it!”

He looked at you and his eyes narrowed. He picked you up and carried you to the bed. You were about to protest when he took out his med kit from underneath it.

“You’re hurt,” he said ripping, a piece of bloody cloth from your back. You hissed from the touch of his cold fingers and quickly jumped up. You turned your back to the mirror. Your shoulder was bleeding badly. Sehun probably scraped you with the bullets he fired at you before. From all of this adrenaline rush and panic you didn’t even feel the pain, much less noticed it. That asshole. Yixing sat you down on the bed and started patching you up.

“It doesn’t seem too bad,” he said. “At least you won’t need stitches.”

You bit down on your lower lip. Something you used to do whenever you were nervous. Which didn’t happen often because you have never messed up before you met Sehun.

“What are you planning?” Yixing asked.

“I’m going back,” you said and he started laughing.

“To do what exactly?”

“I’m getting that phone back! Besides he already knows my face so now I can approach him for info head on. Use whatever means possible to get this over with.”

You stood up, put your jacket on and started gathering your things again.

“Do you have any spare vehicles?”

“You can take my motorcycle,” he sighed.

You went to the door and turned back for the last time.

“Yixing, promise me one thing. If push comes to shove. Kill me. I would rather it was you than anyone else.”


Sehun’s POV

A few hours earlier

I spun her phone around in my hand. Maybe I shouldn’t have let her go but I know she will come get it sooner or later. Too bad this was not only multiple passwords protected but also needed a fingerprint.

“You wanted to talk?” Jongdae asked, as he walked in. I threw him the phone and he just barely managed to catch it. He looked at it.

“Is this what I think it is?”

I nodded.

“Can you unlock it? She mentioned a code of some sort 7040589. Maybe that will help you out?”

“Is that where you actually were during the board meeting? You actually went after her?”

“I got bored. I thought it would be nice to at least say hi,” I shrugged.

“And how did that turn out for you? Because I remember you saying she stood you up,” he laughed.

“It takes time,” I said coming to the front of my table and leaning on it. “You can’t get a girl to like you in a day.”

“In a day? How long would it take you then, huh?” he lifted his eyebrow and looked at me before he continued.  “Anyway, we should just catch her and finally find out her true motives. Isn’t she from ‘Anexis’? I have no idea why is Junmyeon delaying it for so long…”

“She is and I’m sure he has his reasons but she was watching me only and I must say I got pretty fed up with her being on my tail all the time and that’s one of the reasons I took action.”

“The others have to know.”

“But you won’t tell them, will you?”

We had a silent stare down before he sighed and finally gave in.

“I will help you with this,” he said, lifting the phone up. “But after that you’re on your own until you tell them.”

“That’s all I needed to hear,” I smiled and took a seat in my office chair again. “Oh Jongdae,” I shouted after him before he exited.

“What else?” he asked, annoyed.

“Ten days.”


“I think I could get her in ten days,” I smirked. He looked at me in surprise for a few moments before he chuckled.

“Whatever you say…”

I leaned my head back and looked at the spot she was usually hiding at. Only a few of my men were still searching the roof for any more clues. She was not there. Of course she wouldn’t be there, she’s too smart for this. I like this game we’re playing. We will see who gets who first.


You lied. It was actually a really big disadvantage that now he knew what you looked like. You can’t just waltz into his office like nothing happened. That’s why you hijacked this cleaning company’s van. How convenient that they came to clean the building at this hour. You undressed one of the men quickly and put on his uniform. Taking the tools, you looked around and got out of the van. The guard at the door let you in easily not even looking at the photo on the ID. Lucky you. Now you only need to get to the roof. You noticed from the outside that there was practically no lights on in the building, including his office. It was on the 4th floor from the top. You didn’t want to draw any suspicion going through the doors that will probably be locked anyway and decided that the other easiest way would be through the window. You threw the disguise you wore aside as soon as a strong gust of wind welcomed you to the roof. You took the rope out and secured it to a metal pipe. You slowly went to the edge and breathed out. You have been on higher places. Doesn’t mean this will be any easier. You gripped the rope tightly, checking for the last time if it was fastened enough and began descending, the darkness of the night covering you. Once you reached his floor you saw the ever familiar desk and chair you have been watching through your scope all this time. You thought about doing this quietly and just cutting out a piece of the window but time was not on your side and you decided to just smash it open. You prepped yourself up and bounced of the window, flying back with as much force as possible. After a few kicks you were finally in, you rolled over avoiding the shards and then quickly stood up. You unlocked yourself from the rope and let it dangle outside while you looked around. Nothing out of the ordinary. Yet. You ripped open the locked drawer you remembered he put something in, the last time you watched him. Everything that you needed was inside. A bunch of business plans, weapons, drugs, human imports and exports. Not a simple company after all but they must be real good at this, to hide all of it so well. You should have done this sooner. You spread the papers around, taking ever little detail in, in case something happened and you can’t take them with you. After all, you had a good visual memory, a must for a job like yours. You took out the last folder in the drawer and opened it. It had ‘ANEXIS’ printed on it in bold letters with a confidential stamp on it. What the heck? Why would something like this be here?

“I thought you were looking for this,” you looked up to see the same smug grin from before, approaching the table. He was holding your phone. “Or did you already found what you wanted?” he said, glancing at the papers. In a rush you jumped over the table in an attempt to get your phone back but he evaded you quite easily.

“I knew you would visit. After all I did tell you to come get whatever you want,” he smirked. You clenched your fists and went for his stomach but he caught your hand midway.

“Why so aggressive, dear? I never said I won’t give it back to you,” but you didn’t listen, instead swung your leg at him which he jumped over and took a few steps back, resting against a glass bookcase. You punched the shelf near his face, missing him by a centimetre but breaking the glass in the process. He was better at this then you thought.

“Sehun, what the hell are you doing in here? What’s up with that noise?” another young man walked in through the door and froze in his spot. It was dark but his eyes soon adjusted so he could see the two of you.

“Ah Jongin! Meet-“ Sehun started but you knew if one of them walked in, there are probably more. No use staying here any longer. You ran to opening you made in the window just recently and grabbed onto the rope when Sehun pulled you inside, tugging on it with such force he ripped it off. You watched it fell down to the bottom of the building, as cars alarm’s began ringing, weight like this falling from so high up will do more than just bent your roof. He pushed you to the window but you braced against the glass that was still left with both your legs and your arms. The sharp glass digging into your skin even through your gear.

“Still want to jump? Go ahead,” he mocked. You broke off one of the pieces from the broken window and slashed against his chest but not enough to draw blood. You got yourself in a pretty tricky situation again.

“Dangerous. I like that,” was all he said.

The two men began circling around you. You needed to get rid of the one who just came in first and with all your force you pushed him into the wall, smacking his head against it, hoping he passed out. You turned back to Sehun and switched the glass piece to your other hand. You attacked him straight on, evading his fists the best you could but missing the one directed at your stomach. You fell down to your knees and coughed. It was not everyday someone actually managed to land a blow on you.

“Sorry dear,” he said, coming over. You waited till he was close enough and aimed the shard at his abdomen but he put his hand right in front of it at the last second, saving himself from the deadly blow but the force was so strong it went right through it.

“Ahh fuck,” he shouted, hitting the wall. He gripped the shard and pulled it out from his hand in one go, blood started gushing out from the open wound. You smirked. He won’t be using that hand for a while. You bent down and picked another piece of broken glass, this one was way smaller, but at least there were plenty of them around for you to use. You slowly came up to him. Enjoying the feeling of finally having advantage over him.

“Give it back,” you spoke, aiming the shard to his face. “Or there goes your eye,” you said, now only a step away from him. He chuckled and pretended to pull the phone out from his pocket, when all of a sudden he smacked the sharp piece away and pulled your body to him, your hands on his chest. How he still had so much strength was beyond you. You stirred in his grip trying to get away.

“Now what?” you mocked.

“Now this,” he said, getting a hold of your chin with his healthy hand and roughly clashing his hot lips with yours. You could take in his air as he licked them and nibbled on your bottom one afterwards. You were so shocked you only pushed him away when he grinned against your mouth.

“What the heck are you doing?” you shouted, free from his grasp.

“Distraction,” he smirked and you barely noticed the man, you thought you dealt with before, swing something over your head. You fell to the ground. You could feel the blood dripping down your forehead. Sehun was at your side in seconds. He got your hands behind your back, his knee pressing into you hard and it felt like he will snap your spine in half any minute now. You winced in pain.

“Two against one is not a very fair fight,” you breathed out, a small teasing smile playing on your lips.

“And since when do we play fair? It’s more interesting if you do things dirty from time to time,” he said, tracing the skin on your neck with his fingers. “I’m sorry dear but I never thought you will be the type to like it rough,” he whispered into your ear, his voice dark and low. “And I never wanted for it to end up this way,” he said, now louder. “But you gave me no other choice…”

He pulled you up by the hair and smacked your head against the floor, knocking you out.

“Sleep well, sweetheart,” you heard him coo before you passed out.


A/N: Ahhh I hate when I have to reupload. Anyway, I have decided to turn this one into a series!! And you know what? I even planned out the story from the beginning to the end, something that happens as often as a lunar eclipse 😂 I’m proud of myself 😂 So I guess look forward to the other parts~~

Heat of the Moment - Part 3: In the Light of Day

Characters: Reader (Y/N Padalecki), Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki,

Pairing: Jensen x reader, Jared/sister!Reader

Warnings: Slight violence, language   

Wordcount: 1700ish

A/N: Andi aka @ellen-reincarnated1967 offered to write me another drabble for a series of hers I love, so I told her to pick one of five prompts but my overactive brain made a story of all five prompts. Which turned into the first two parts. Then @arryn-nyxx said something and boom here is the 3rd and last part.

Thanks a billion to brilliant and amazing @mamapeterson betaing this for me and helping me get the ending just right.


Knowing that Jared wasn’t exactly thinking straight at the moment, you hadn’t been able to stay put. After finding your jeans hanging over the couch you had ran from the apartment and down the street. Luckily for you, your brother weren’t exactly quiet, which made your job of finding them all the more easy.

You loved your brother to pieces, but sometimes his overprotective nature made you want to kick his ass. You were 24 years old and you knew how to stand up for yourself. It wasn’t like Jensen was some creep from the bar anyway. You honestly couldn’t see Jared’s problem even if what had happened between you and Jensen had just been a one night thing. You hoped it wasn’t and Jensen had given you every reason to think he wanted more, just the same as you before he bolted from the room.

Your heart fluttered and even running down the street toward the alley where Jared’s loud roars were coming from, you couldn’t help but smile as you thought about the loving look flashing in Jensen’s green eyes before your brother had interrupted you. You hoped that Jared wouldn’t scare him away like he had with a few of your boyfriends in the past. Truth be told you hadn’t lost anything by that, even if you had been pisseed with your brother for his overprotective behavior, but Jensen was different.

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It’s Always Been You //P.P

I can honestly say that almost all my imagines will be about Peter Parker, but I may throw the wild Tom Holland one into the mix to because why tf not? Plus I might open up a request box so you guys can send in stuff. :D 

Anyways here is another Peter one because heeeeey. 


Warnings: Swears, heated make out session (hence the reason they are seniors). 

“How does she even put up with him?” Peter asked Ned while staring at Y/N and Flash. 

“I don’t know.” Ned answered. 

“Why does she even date him?” Peter asked again. “Out of all the guys she could date, why him?” 

“You know how Y/N is, she always sees the good in people, somewhere deep, deep, DEEP inside, there must be some good in Flash.” Ned told him. 

“Ever since she started dating him it’s like we don’t exist. She was our best friend and he took her from us. The worst part is that it doesn’t even seem to bother her that we don’t talk anymore.” Peter said sadly. 

“Dude, it only bothers you because you have been in love with her since like, 4th grade.” Ned pointed out. 

“Shut up.” Peter mumbled. 

“Flash what the hell!” Y/N yelled angrily. She had just walked in on him about to kiss another girl. 

“Y/N I swear it’s not what it looks like…” He started. She held up her hand. 

“Don’t even try to throw around shitty excuses. I gave up almost everything for you!” She stormed away. 

“Y/N stop, I can honestly explain!” Flash pleaded. He went to grab her hand but she flinched away. 

“Don’t bother! Thank you for clearing up my thoughts. I really did waste the past year of my life dating a douche, and also lost my best friends in the process. Thanks for nothing.” She spat. She walked away not really knowing where to go. 

She really wanted to talk to someone, but she didn’t know who. 

It was a chilly day in Queens. Y/N walked around for a while, arms folded across her chest. She walked into a coffee shop for a hot chocolate to warm up a bit. While she was ordering the TV showed news of Spider-Man who recently stopped a huge accident from happening. 

After seeing that Y/N knew exactly where to go, and who to talk to. 

She ordered one more hot chocolate and quickly left the shop. She made one more stop at a corner store to grab some candy.

She was now standing at someone’s door. She knocked quietly with her foot since both her hands were occupied with the drinks. 

When the door opened her heart sped up. 

To say Peter was surprised to see Y/N at his door would be an understatement. He was utterly shocked, and confused. 

Yet he couldn’t stop his heart from racing. She stood there with her wavy hair in one of those messy pony tails, glasses one her face, he assumed she didn’t feel like wearing contacts, a purple knitted sweater, dark jeans, and brown ankle high boots. 

“Hi.” She said softly. 

“Hey.” Peter said still staring at her. She looked sad. 

“Can we um, talk?” Y/N asked. “I brought hot chocolate and your favorite candy..” 

“Sure.” Peter said. She walked into the apartment and went straight to Peter’s room. She sat on the bed and sighed. 

“Everything okay?” Peter asked. 

“Um, well, no.” Y/N said. Peter noticed a tear fall down her cheek. He quickly went to sit by her. 

“Y/N what happened?” Peter asked throwing a comforting arm around her. 

Y/N sobbed uncontrollably. To be honest, she wasn’t even crying because of Flash, she has been wanting to end that for while. She was crying because even after almost a year of not talking, Peter was still willing to be there for her. 

It’s honestly one of the reasons she loved him so much. 

Y/N had always loved Peter, she just never thought she stood a chance. To him she would always be just a friend, even though she lost him as a friend. 

“Y/N? Are you okay?” Peter asked again. She looked up at him. 

“Flash cheated on me.” She told him. Peter’s jaw clenched. How on earth could anyone want to hurt this beautiful girl?

“He what?” Peter said angrily. 

“It’s honestly fine Peter. I was going to break up with him anyways, this was honestly just my easy way out.” Y/N explained. 

“Then why all the tears?” Peter asked while wiping some from her cheeks. 

“Because I wasted a year of my life with a piece of shit, and I lost my best friends.” Y/N told him. “I honestly don’t even deserve to have you comfort me, I ignored you and Ned for so long when I shouldn’t have. Flash wasn’t worth losing you two.” 

“Hey it’s okay. You’re here now, yeah it sucked not talking to you, but we never hated you, you were always still one of our friends Y/N. We just never understood why you were dating Flash in all honesty.” Peter said with a small laugh. 

“I don’t understand why anymore either.” Y/N said with a giggle. She pulled Peter to him and hugged him tightly. 

“Thanks Peter, I miss you so much.” Y/N said softly. 

“I missed you to.” Peter told her with a smile. 

Weeks went by and Y/N had never felt better. She had her two best friends back and everything was back to normal. Whenever Flash would try to talk to her the boys always defended her and told him to get lost. She was thankful for them being there for her.

Y/N and Peter were currently sitting on her couch watching a movie. Ned had left earlier due to him having to go out of town with his parents early in the morning. 

Y/N was cuddled into Peter’s side, while his arm was draped around her waist. 

Their heartbeats were out of control. 

Y/N looked at Peter, admiring his features. 

“Everything okay?” Peter asked taking her out of her trance. 

“Yeah.” She told him. “Everything is perfect.” 

He smiled at her and looked back towards the TV. It didn’t take long for Y/N to put her hand on Peter’s cheek and make him face her again. 

“Y/N? You sure you’re okay?” Peter asked again. 

Y/N looked from his eyes to his lips back and forth before pulling his face down to hers so she could connect their lips. 

Peter was shocked at first but he quickly melted into it. Y/N pulled away to quickly for his liking. 

“Sorry.. I don’t know what came over me..” Y/N said quickly. 

“Don’t be sorry.” Peter told her. “Do you know how long I have wanted to do that?” Peter asked her. 

“What?” Y/N asked shock. 

“Dammit Y/N I have been in love with you since the 4th grade.” Peter confessed. Y/n just looked at him before pulling him back to her. 

Their lips connected again. It was much more heated than the first kiss they had just shared. Peter pulled Y/N onto his lap, her legs on either side of his waist. She gently grinded onto him, causing him and her to moan into the kiss. Her fingers were tangled into his hair, and his hands were hot on her skin. After a good amount of time they pulled away, both out of breath, foreheads resting together. 

“Wow.” Y/N said breathlessly. 

“I know.” Peter said with a smile. “After all this time, I finally got to kiss the girl I’ve been in love with since we were little.” 

“You love me?” Y/N asked. 

“Yeah, I do.” He said softly. “I know you probably don’t feel the same about me, especially after everything that has happened with Flash, and that’s okay, but I feel a lot better now that I’ve told you how I feel.” 

Y/N threw her head back and laughed. 

“Peter your such a moron.” He looked at her confused. “I never cared or loved Flash you idiot. I only dated him because I didn’t think I would ever stand a chance with you.” Y/N told him. 

“Wait.. Really?” Peter asked. 

“Peter… It’s always been you. I’ve never loved anyone like I love you.” Y/n told him with a smile. 

“You really love me back?” Peter asked. 

“I always have, and I always will.” Y/N said softly before pulling him to her again. 

Up All Night

Title: Up All Night

Characters: AU!Negan x You/Reader

Synopsis: You’re not exactly what your officemates think of you.

Warnings: NSFW

Note: Not entirely happy with how this came out but meh whatever. Might take a while for me to update DDHTK so have this one first lol. Hope you guys enjoy!

Italicized paragraphs are flashbacks. ;)

“Good mor— damn, girl! Did you work on your presentation all night?!”

You shook your head as you chuckled at Sherry’s comment when you settled down in your cubicle beside hers. She stared you down with a look of worry and you simply couldn’t blame her for reacting that way. The dark circles under your eyes were well, darker than usual— you did look like you haven’t slept in days. Your hair was still slightly damp and was unruly since your alarm failed to wake you up and cut your preparation time about twenty minutes short.

“You could say that.” You told her with a shrug, taking out your laptop and switching it on.

Sherry let out a sigh, “Such an overachiever. Well, I think you should prepare before the big boss arrives. You’ve got…” she trailed, looking at her watch to check the time. “Exactly fifteen minutes to fix yourself.”

You silently cursed and hurriedly brought out your mirror and make-up bag. Your big pitch was today and you didn’t want to show up in the conference room looking like complete shit. Plus, showing up unprepared would only cause you a lot of negative feedback from your boss, Negan. And being the good employee that you were, that was the last thing you wanted to happen.

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Request: Hey, can I request a Damon oneshot where you’re Damon’s (human) best friend and live at the Salvatore house and accidentally walk in on him masturbating and it goes from there? Thx and I love your blog!! – Anon

Pairings: Damon x Reader

Warnings: swearing, smut 

Word Count: 2173

I had to rethink life.

Caught (Part 2), Caught (Part Three)

(gifs not mine, credits to owners)

You hated being a part of the freaking council. Yeah, you get to not hide the fact that vampires, werewolves, and witches do exist, but did need to hide the fact that you were surrounded by a lot, which is frustrating. Heck, your best friends are vampires. “Just as accept the fact that your family is a part of the founding families.” Stefan said as he sat beside you on the couch. “And that you and Damon are part the first ones? And that my family used to kill your species?” You sarcastically replied and he rolled his eyes.

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They Get Violent


I could tell that he was in a bad mood the minute he walked in. Whenever Chibs was like this an unpleasant tension would always followed him, like a thick fog which choked everyone around him. Chibs threw his keys on the kitchen table with a force shooting me a glare when I turned to greet him.

“Hey babe, bad dad?” I ask moving forward to give him a kiss but he moves out of the way before I can reach him.

“I don’t want to talk about it, I’m fine” he hissed with venom in his voice. I froze at this, whenever he had come home in a bad mood I could always put him in a better one but tonight I felt like an argument was going to present its self.

“You are not fine Fillip. I think by now I should know when you are and when you are not fine!” My voice raises slightly as the fog begins to work its magic. Fillip turned back to me a bitter laugh leaving him as he does.

“What after only being with each other for a few months ye think that ye know me lassie!” He was shouting now but I held my ground not flinching from the harshness of his voice. The one thing that I had been given advice on when I became an old lady is that you can’t let them walk all over you but at the same time you have to be clear on your boundaries. This piece of advice must have somehow slipped my mind as this argument escalated.

“We have known each other for years! And don’t come into our home and start taking out your frustration on me Fillip! I’m not the reason your in a mood oh but you know what I might as well be since you won’t bloody tell me what happen!” Their was fire burning in his eyes at my outburst which was growing in volume. He wasn’t used to me shouting like this and by the looks of it he didn’t like it.

“Awk, ye know what I’m going to go stay at the clubhouse tonight cause a canny be bothered with your shite tonight” Chibs accent grew thicker as his anger rose. He was the type to try and avoid fights with me and try to leave half way threw arguments where as I am in it to the bitter end. He tries to push past me to get to his keys but I quickly stop him.

“Don’t you dare walk away from me when you started this!” I say grabbing hold of his upper arm and without any thought he spins around and pushes my body with the full weight of his sending me flying backwards. My head hits off of the metal handle of the cabinet and then bounces off of the tiled kitchen floor. The pain is immediate and intense as I put my hands up to cradle the back of my head and to my horror when I bring my hand back to my face it is covered in a dark crimson colour. Blood. My face pales and I feel sick. I look up to Fillip and his face has gone whiter than mine as his face shows not other emotion than regret.

“Y/N-” he tries to speak but I cut him off

“Don’t” I whisper moving my body to sit up but begin to feel light headed as I do I hold on to the cabinet handle for support.

“Love, I didn’t mean to - you know I would never -” he can’t seem to find he words as he stands there looking helpless and sorry

“I know” I whisper yet again unable to find my voice, he moves closer to me and I flinch. Hurt is clear on his face.

“Baby I’m not going to hurt you-”

“But you did Fillip” he looks as if he’s about to answer but I cut him off again “just leave”


“GET OUT” I scream my voice breaking and he jumps at the sudden noise. Slowly he moves backwards towards the table and grabs his keys.

“I’m so sorry love” he says making no eye contact with his head down. I take the opportunity to let the tears which have been pooling in my eyes fall and stream down my face. Without another word he moves quickly down the hall and he is out the front door in seconds leaving me to cry alone on the kitchen floor.


I couldn’t get over it. He had done the one thing I always warned him of, the one thing he knew I wouldn’t take lying down. I felt the sting on my skin before I had realised what happened and I could feel the redness forming rapidly. The room grows tense and I am unable to comprehend what has just happened.

“Y/N” he whispers his voice breaking and I know he didn’t mean it, I know that he loves me and didn’t intentionally hurt me but that’s what the club does to pure hearted souls. It chews them up and spits them out.

“I warned you” is all I say as I keep my eyes fixated on the wall to my right where my head had uncontrollably turned on account of the impact from Alex’s hand. “I knew this would happen if you kept being in Clays pocket-”

“I am not in Clays pocket!” Now I turn to look at him my eyes full of sympathy and tears as I watch the man I love unable to come to terms with what he has become.

“Alex baby, you are and you know it. If you weren’t you wouldn’t have let Clay order you to kill a brother and went though with it blindly and as a readily you kill his wife instead” my voice rises with intensity as I become more emotional as I re-live Donna’s death “you killed my best friend and you sat with me night anger night as I cried and never told me what you did! You never told me that you killed her!”

“You would have never forgiven me” he says in a feeble attempt at defending himself. Scoffing I look to him in disbelief.

“You know that’s not true, I would have understood because I know you! Yes I would have been angry but I would have know that it wasn’t your fault and that Clay misused your loyalties with him!” Anger once again rose upon his face at the mention of Clays miss use of Tig’s loyalty which was what had gotten me the slowly forming bruise on my face in the first place.

“I already told you! I’m not in his fucking pocket so keep your god damn mouth shut about shit you don’t know anything about!” your left in shock as Alex screams at you. He had never done anything like this to you before and it left you mute. Realisation quickly flashes across his eyes as he takes in your destroyed expression.


“No Alex” you voice come out stern and strong “Get out before you do something else you regret and don’t come back until you have gotten rid of the poison that is Clay Morrow from your life”

You both stand their knowing that Tig may never be able to do that, knowing that this will stretch your relationship to its limit and that Alex may not choose you over the club - over Clay. The thought crushed you because this might be your last memory of you and Tig, you hated that it had to this one. One that left a bruise on the side of you face ensuring that you will have a constant reminder of this night for weeks to come. Without another word Alex leaves and you feel a relief wash over you from the thought of not fighting with him for the entire night, which had become a retune for you both. However you felt that tonight would be worse as you wouldn’t be making up with the love of your life and cuddeling in bed into the early hours of the morning rather, you will be crying yourself to sleep unable to think of anything else than that of the throbbing pain on your check and who left it there.


You couldn’t believe that he had done it. You had loved him since you where sixteen, followed him wherever he wanted to go and did nothing but support him when he joined the club - you did not deserve what had just happened to you. Juice had came home in a sate, he was muttering to himself and frantically walking around your apartment. Concerned you tried to calm him down but upon mentioning the club he lost it. Pushing you back against the wall making you hit the back of your head then proceeding to choke you. The bruising had started as soon as he had tightened his grip. You managed to somehow get him off of you and when you did you ran as fast as you could to your bedroom and quickly locked the door so no one could get in.

“Y/N…I’m so sorry” came the whimpering voice of Juan from the other side of the door and you closed you eyes knowing that if you listened to him you would end up opening the door, you couldn’t take the chance. You listened to his pleas silently from where you sat on the bed. When you caught sight of your phone , from where it lay on the bed, you quickly took a hold of it knowing exactly who to call as Juice continued his muttering from the other side of the door. Within two rings he had answered.

“Hiya love, everything okay?” The soothing voice of Fillip Telford came from the other end of the line. A voice of comfort that you had recently grown accustomed to.

“Fillip” It comes out shaky and a bit scratchy from how long you had been crying.

“What’s the matter love, what’s happened?” The frantic voice of the man that had been flirting with you for months behind Juices back said though the phone.

“He-e … Juice he los-st it and he em …” Its quiet on the other end the only thing that could be heard was Fillips breathing, ” he came-e ho-ome in a stat-te and he banged my head off-f of the w-wall and - and h-he choked me-e"

“Where are you right now y/n?” Despite how well he tied to hide it you could clearly hear the anger in his voice.

“I locked myself in-n the b-bedroom, he’s o-outside the door” you answer while trying to calm your breathing

Yea “I’m going to be there in 10 minutes, okay? Do not move” and with that he hung up the phone leaving you to make a difficult decision. You knew that if you didn’t tell Juice that Chibs was coming he would get a bad beating from the Scot and if you did tell him he could try and escape this mess he’s made for himself.

“Juicy?” You say softy and you know that he’ll hear.

“Y/N I’m so sorry-”

“Juice listen to me” you say cutting him off “you have to leave”

“Leave? What do you mean leave?” Moving closer to the door you rest your head against it salty tears once agin streaming down your face.

“I phoned Fillip…I told him what you did Juicy and if your here when he gets here - you might not walk out of this house alive baby” and just like that you forgive him. You know that you couldn’t be with him again - that you wouldn’t be able to trust him again but that didn’t change the love you have for him, the love that you knew would never go away.

“But what about you” his voice cracks mid sentence and your heart breaks

“After this Juan it wouldn’t ever work between us and once the guys find out about this - on top of everything else… they’ll kill you. I’ll be fine her the club will look after me I’ll give you whatever money you need but I can’t watch the only family I’ve got kill the man I love” you pause trying to calm down but it doesn’t work “please don’t make me watch you die baby” sobbing you shake your head trying not to picture what they would do to your childhood love.

It goes silent and you can her his ridged breathing from the other side of the door as he decides upon his fate. Finally he speaks. “I love you, and I’ll never stop loving you. Im sorry” and with that he’s gone. Leaving you alone with the club - the people who want the most important person in you life dead. As you waited for Fillip you came to terms with what had happened and what is going to happen. Juan was the man you loved but you would soon learn to love Fillip because in this life you have to adapt because if you don’t you’ll enough just like Juan.


Happy had never hurt you and he had always promised that he never would but as the pressure from the club grew on his shoulders he became more and more distant as time went on. He would usually be extremely affectionate towards you but he hadn’t come close to you in weeks, sleeping on the couch, leaving before you woke up, coming home after you had gone to sleep and staying out all weekend when he knew you where home all day from work. He was avoiding you so you decided to take matters into your own hands.

Driving into the lot you instantly lay your eyes on the man who had been avoiding you for weeks. Your not sure why but he’s the only one there, his bike sat alone and their was no other sign of his brothers. Good, at least you wouldn’t have an audience for this. Making your way towards him you notice Gemma in her office and she throws you a smile before turning back to the paper work she was hunched over. “Happy” it came out emotionless and he didn’t even acknowledge your presence. “Don’t ignore me”

“I’ll do whatever the fuck I want to little girl” it come out as a growl but at least he is talking to you, that’s a start.

“Oh finally he speaks” you usually know not to be snarky to him when your fighting but you just wanted a reaction from him. Anything something because you had gone far too long without looking into those brown eyes of his.

“Watch it girlie” he grumbles as he stands from his bent over position across a cars engine and for a minute your breathless. His dark and dangerous eyes stared straight into your soul and it made your pain even worse. It make you think of how much you had missed him and also how angry you where that he had practically abandoned you.

“Watch it girlie? I’ll do whatever the fuck I want little girl? Really, that’s all you have to say to me right now” your voice bitter and a scowl placed upon your face as you confronted Hap “not I’m sorry I’ve been a prick lately, and I’m sorry that I’ve been avoiding you and acting like I don’t love you anymore”

“What are you taking about?” He has a clear look of annoyance on his face. The way he said those words they make you sound as if your crazy, as if your a stupid fling trying to cling onto him.

“Are you serious right now? You’ve been avoiding me for almost a month now, sleeping on the couch, not coming home at the weekends and you haven’t came near me for even longer than that - what is it about you that is so repulsed by me that you can hardly even stand to look at me!” I am screams at this point and I can tell that he’s at breaking point but I don’t care I keep going because fuck him, I need to let off some steam “what the fuck is wrong with you? Why can you see that your tearing me apart! Why can you stop being a fucking asswhole-”

Then I was on the floor. It took me a few seconds to realise what had happened but the burning pain in my jaw confirmed that I haven’t imagined it. He had punched me. Without any hesitation or a second though he floured me. Blood was pouring out of my mouth and noise. Am scared to look back up at him but I give my self to, if only to let him see the damage he had cause.

“I…I” he is unable to form worlds as his eyes take in what he did. The door cone ring Gemma’s office to the garage opens and out come the queen with a stern face and an ice cold glare aimed at Happy. “I didn’t mean-”

“No but you did” the coldness in Gemma’s voice surprises both me and Happy as she comes to my aid. She kneels down in front of me and examines my face as she does so their is a rumble of bikes pulling into the lot, great the audience has arrived. “I think you’ve fractured your jaw sweetheart, you gotta get to a hospital” Gem helps me up and I let a few tears slip not only from the physical pain but the emotional pain which I had never experienced so intensely in my life.

As Gemma turns me to walk towards her car I am met with a group of worried faces, with one in particular standing out. Tig was in my face examining my entire body for anything other that the visual damage. When he’s satisfied his watering eyes bore into mine.

“Who the hell did this to you doll” and before I could answer my surrogate brother a deep yet shattered voice comes from behind us.

“I did” before I have time to react Tig has flung himself at Hap as I try to scream out as best I can as the while being forced away but not only Gemma but Chibs and Jax too. Then push me back towards the car as I watch Alex scram in Haps face before the punches begin. Happy doesn’t fight back, he takes it at one point dropping to his knees. The tears stream down my blood stained face because despite what he did I can’t help but love him.

(Sorry if there are some spelling mistakes it haven’t been prof read)

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Title: Revelation
Characters: Hanji Zoe x Levi
Genre: Humor / Angst
Rating: T

@levihanweek​ Day 3: Sense  - - - A continuation of my Day 2 piece. The shenanigans with Pastor Nick continue. And the angst too.

Read Day 2 here.

Hanji took a long, slow breath and conceded, “You’re right. I know you’re right. But I keep going over it in my head. Analyzing every moment, considering if there’s something I could have done differently.” She laughed quietly, bitterly, “not that it matters now anyway.”

“You’re still talking like a fucking idiot.”

Nearby, the pastor shook his head, muttering under his breath, “That’s no way to talk to your soon to be wife.”

That snapped her out of her thoughts. Hanji’s head jerked up, “-your soon to be what?

“It’s not – just – fuck,” grabbing her ponytail, he forcefully turned her away from the pastor, “Ignore him.”

The pastor hummed, “You should tell her about my offer. Life is short.”

Levi’s ears flushed red. He hissed, glaring murderously over his shoulder, “Shut the fuck up.”

Hanji looked at the pastor, perplexed. An offer? Could it be - had he agreed to open up about the true nature of the walls?

Levi must have read the excitement on her face. Grimacing he shook his head. “He hasn’t agreed to help us with anything useful – yet,” he ground out the last word, an unsubtle threat.

“My ceremonies were quite sought after in Stohess, actually. I even allow time for individuals to include their own vows,” the pastor said, effortlessly changing the subject.

Levi rose in one fluid motion. “Yeah, you’re gonna wait outside.” Grabbing the pastor by the front of his shirt, he dragged him up. The pastor yelped as Levi sent him stumbling out of the tent.

Hanji watched the exchange, mouth agape. It almost sounded like the pastor was talking about,“…Levi, is he offering to-?”

“He’s an old, senile bastard and I think you rattled a few brain cells loose when you hung him off the wall,” Levi muttered. The tips of his ears were cherry red.


Hanji almost left it at that. Almost. But he looked so damn uncomfortable. She couldn’t help herself.

“Is there any particular reason why our friend Pastor Nick wants to marry us?”

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Mr. Min - Chapter 05 Preview 02

Hoseok returned with two more bottles of beer and managed to keep the conversation away from what was bothering Yoongi until he had nearly finished the first bottle. “Alright,” he said with a sigh and adjusted himself in his seat to get more comfortable, “let’s hear it. What’s going on with you?”
Yoongi rubbed his hand over his face with an annoyed sigh. “That’s just the thing,” he said with a resigned laugh, “I don’t even know what is wrong.”

“Well that’s helpful,” Hoseok said with a bright laugh. Leave it to him to always find the humor in a situation even when Yoongi’s thoughts were all bleak.

“I’m not sleeping much lately,” Yoongi finally answered with a shrug, as if the admission meant nothing. “I thought it was that I have been drinking too much coffee but I haven’t had any in days and still can’t sleep.”

Hoseok’s brows furrowed and the edges of his lips cast downwards as he studied his friend again. “How long has that been going on?”

“Since earlier this week. It started the night of that party the company threw for the anniversary.“

“That’s awfully specific. What happened that night?”

Yoongi’s mind flashed back to your eyes shining in the light with impending tears, smeared mascara across your cheeks, and the way you looked at him as if he wasn’t even human. He cleared his throat and shook his head to try to rid himself of the unwanted image that had haunted him since that night. “Nothing much,” he finally muttered and took another sip of his drink.

“Uh huh,” Hoseok said in a tone that conveyed his disbelief. “You know, if I charged you like a therapist I wouldn’t even have to work. You’re so repressed that you could be my only client and I could charge you for every hour you sit in front of me and say ‘I’m fine’ or ‘nothing is wrong’. I’m in the wrong field clearly.”

"There was a little fight that night,” Yoongi finally admitted with a groan, “but really, honestly, it hasn’t been bothering me.”

"I’m curious, does it ever work?”

Yoongi brought his eyes away from his drink to look at Hoseok and wrinkled his brows in confusion. “Does what work?”

“Lying to yourself like that. ‘It hasn’t been bothering me’ you say as you reek of booze and admit that you can’t sleep. I’ve known you my entire life, Yoongi, and I can’t say that I have ever seen you admit that you had a problem. So if you are content with living your life feeling whatever the hell it is that is going on in your mind right now instead of just facing what is troubling you then by all means continue to ignore your problems,” Hoseok sighed and leaned back in his chair to study the other patrons of the bar. He waited for Yoongi to say something, anything, to refute his observation. When the older man remained quiet and merely left his gaze on Hoseok, who stubbornly refused to meet his stare though he knew his friend well enough to have predicted it, he continued. “So why don’t you start with who the fight was with?”

"I don’t see why it matters.”

"Well, I’m not a doctor but stress usually factors into not being able to sleep. Maybe you can’t relax because of this fight.”

"It was with an employee of mine. It really hasn’t been bothering me,” Yoongi said and finished the rest of his drink. He had lost count of exactly how much he had drank and couldn’t remember the last time he had let himself get to such a state.

Hoseok let out an annoyed sigh and rolled his eyes before he took another swig of his beer. “Well if you aren’t going to tell me about it then just go sleep with that girl you’ve been fucking. That should wear you out enough to go to sleep, right?”

Yoongi bristled and rolled his empty tumbler between his fingers. “I can’t.”

"Why’s that? Did you finally break off your agreement with her?”


"Oh so she did? It’s about time. I can’t believe she agreed to be your sex slave in the first place. What kind of woman doesn’t have a problem with that,” Hoseok said with a laugh.

Yoongi took a sharp breath and tried to ignore the way his chest tightened with the way Hoseok spoke about you. “That isn’t it either. I can’t fuck her because she was who I fought with that night.”

He leaned forward and rested his arms on the table to get as close as he could to Yoongi, a sinister smile on his face. “Now it’s getting interesting. So what was it that caused the fight between you and your fuck doll?”

Yoongi wasn’t sure what happened in that moment but something inside of him burst. He could feel it, first in his chest as a sudden heat, then in his hands as they tightened around his glass tumbler before finally finding release through his throat. “Don’t call her that,” Yoongi growled. Hoseok paused only for a second in surprise before his eyes widened and suddenly his twisted smile had grown and he exposed every tooth in his mouth. Yoongi wanted to punch him and his stupid smile at that moment.

“So that’s what this is about!”

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” Yoongi snapped and looked around towards the bartender only to see a slew of people surrounding the man. “I need another drink. Why the fuck is the bar so busy?”

“You like her,” Hoseok said with an awestruck tone.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” Yoongi said brusquely.

“Holy shit,” Hoseok whispered, completely ignoring his friend.

“Just for that this one is now mine,” Yoongi said with a glare and grabbed the second beer bottle Hoseok had bought. He pulled the top off and took a sip before giving an exaggerated sigh, “so refreshing.”

“Min Yoongi is capable of feelings stemming from somewhere other than his dick,” Hoseok muttered to himself in disbelief.


Pairing: Prinxiety (kind of Logicality too)

Warnings: Panic attack mention, partying, drugs and alcohol mention, swearing, one-sentence car crash mention, verbal fighting and general tension (between step father and son). Let me know if you need anything else tagged!

Word count: 2879 (holy cow I got carried away)

Notes: Bold text represents text messages.  Human AU, Ann and Roman are seniors in high school, you’ll figure out the rest lol.

Ann: I feel like I’m gonna have a panic attack. Can you pick me up?

Dad: I’m so sorry kiddo, I’m out right now :(  Your dad’s home though, try texting him. Go outside and get a breath of fresh air.  Stay calm and think about cute puppies!!  LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!! ❤️❤️❤️


Ann: Pick me up

Logan: On my way

Ann stood in the corner of the room, boxed in by the smell of alcohol and the sound of ear-piercing music shaking the floorboards.  A cloud of smoke hung on the ceiling and the whole room smelled like sweat and drugs.  He squeezed through the mob of people grinding on each other and made his way out the front door.  The fresh air was a delightful change from the stuffy atmosphere inside.  The dark sky was filled with stars that he got lost in for a moment before snapping out of it and realizing he looked like an idiot, standing alone, staring at the sky.  As he pulled out his phone and tapped open Tumblr, he heard a distant voice calling his name.  “Sanders!  What’s goin’ on, man?”

He spun around to see a the host of the party jogging towards him, a blunt in one hand and a red solo cup in the other.  He wore a white t-shirt and a red leather jacket, with black pants and black converse. A smile flashed across his face as he made eye contact with Ann, who immediately looked to the ground.  Roman was always bugging him like this.

They were two completely different people.  Ann was shy and introverted and Roman was the typical extroverted stud that everyone had a crush on.  Including Ann.  But he’d never admit it.  Roman was kind of an asshole, and didn’t really care about anyone but himself.  He always soaked up the attention he was handed and let it go straight to his head.

When Ann looked up again, he was standing in front of him, swallowing a sip of his drink.  “Dude, what’s up?  Why’d you go outside?”

“I just needed some fresh air.  I think I’m gonna head out if that’s okay.”

Roman gasped and responded, “What?  No!  Why?”

“It’s really late and… I’m tired.”  When Roman’s expression didn’t change, he added, “And I have work tomorrow.”  He didn’t have a job, but Roman was too self-absorbed (and probably intoxicated) to realize it.

“Aw man, well thanks for coming!  I’ll see you Monday, alright?”

“Alright,” he mumbled.  Roman wrapped him in a hug which Ann felt strange about.  Roman was really big on physical contact and Ann was not at all.  But he let it happen, because he never really minded when Roman hugged him.  He just didn’t really hug back.

“Peace out,” Roman said, turning and strutting back into the house; Ann watched him walk away and wished he was brave enough to admit his feelings, but knew he never would be.  Just as Roman shut the door behind him, Logan pulled up and gave the horn a light tap, making Ann jolt and turn around quickly.  He sauntered over to the car, eyes now on his phone, purposefully avoiding eye contact with his… whatever.

As Ann opened the passenger door and hopped in, Logan said, “Hello there.  How was it?”

“Not fun,” came the mumbled response.  What did he expect?

“Would you like to… elaborate on that?”  The other asked, putting his foot on the pedal and driving away.

“Not exactly.”

They sat in silence for a moment before Logan sniffed and said “Is that alcohol?  Do I smell alcohol?”  Ann said nothing.  “Were you drinking?”

“No, Logan, I don’t drink.  That shit’s gross.”

“Watch it.”

“Fuck you,” Ann spat back.

Logan turned a sharp corner and nearly crashed the car.  “Ann!  I said watch the language!”

“You’re not my fucking mother!”  Ann yelled.

“No, of course not, but I am your father.  I said watch your language, you watch your language.”  Logan tried to gain composure and control on the situation, but his teenage son was ruthless and never knew when to quit.

“Oh shut the fuck up, you’re not that either.”

Logan gripped his steering wheel harder, making his hands go pale.  They both sat in heavy silence for the rest of the drive, with the echo of those words remaining in the car even after they got out.

Ann slammed the door behind him and stormed inside, eyes still on his phone, which was now open on the chat between him and his dad.  The one that cared.

Ann: When are you getting home

Dad: Should be another few hours.  We’re short staffed so I have to stay overtime.  One of the other nurses had a family emergency.  I’m so so so sorry kiddo.  Is everything okay???

Ann: You have a family emergency too, your son feels like shit and hates that prick you married.

Dad: I know you two don’t get along well but there’s no need to say it like that.  I married Logan because I love him, simple as that.  I have to go now but I love you so much and everything will be okay.  I promise!!! I LOVE YOU!

Ann slammed his bedroom door and flopped onto his bed with an angry grunt.  Everything would not be okay.  Logan was being a garbage human as always, and his dad- the only person that ever seemed to care about him- was gonna be out for “another few hours”.

His phone buzzed next to him three more times, but it was just three pictures of dogs his dad had sent.  He rolled his eyes and turned to his side to hug his knees.

Once more his phone buzzed and he figured it was another dog picture, so he didn’t budge.  Then he got a phone call.

Roman’s name and picture lit up his screen and Ann’s heart stopped.  Roman never called him.  They rarely even texted unless it was about the homework.  He waited a second and then picked up the phone.


“Sanders!  Oh my god, I don’t blame you for leaving honestly, this party blows.”

“Roman, it’s… it’s your party.”

“Yeah and it sucks!  I just walked into the bathroom to see two people making out on the floor.  The floor.  How nasty is that?”

Ann cracked a slight smile, partly because he was glad he’d gotten out of there, and partly because it was so strange hearing that Roman was having a bad time at his own party.

“You know, you’ve been there before.”

“Oh shit really?  I’ve made out with someone on my bathroom floor?”

“You’ve made out with lots of people on lots of floors.”  Ann smiled a bit more at the sound of Roman’s melodic laugh.

“Yeah, sounds like me.”

They were silent for a moment, which Ann hated because it usually meant he’d done something wrong.  At least with Logan it did.  But then Roman spoke again.

“What are you up to right now?  Do you wanna go somewhere?  I know it’s late so it’s fine if-”

“Let’s meet at the park.”

Ann lived right by Nye Park where he often retreated to get some alone time.  It was so easy to sneak out his first floor window and walk down the street a bit whenever he needed some peace and quiet.

When he approached his favorite bench, Roman was already leaned against it, staring at his phone.  At the sound of footsteps he looked up, and Ann could see him smiling in the faint glow of the moonlight.  “Sanders, you made it,” he said, tucking his phone into his back pocket.

“Yeah, I live down the street.  How’d you get here so fast?”

“I drove.”

“But you were… weren’t you drinking?  And smoking?”

Roman chuckled and shook his head.  “That was water, man.  And that wasn’t weed.  Wanna know what was in it?”

“Yeah,” Ann mumbled.

“Oregano,” he responded with a laugh.  “I don’t drink or smoke or anything.  Wouldn’t wanna damage these pipes.”  He pointed to his throat.

“Oh right, I forgot you’re, like, a musical theater kid.  You seem more of a jock than anything else.  But I guess you just do it all, don’t you?”

Roman smiled and plopped down on the bench.  “Maybe not all.  But most.”  Ann fought the urge to roll his eyes at his arrogance and sat down next to him.  “Volleyball and lacrosse started as more of a hobby than an actual passion of mine, but people liked it and I guess I thought it was okay, so I stuck with it.  Theater will always have my heart though.”

Ann nodded, but Roman didn’t see.  He was staring up at the starry sky just like Ann had been earlier.  It made him feel less like a geek seeing someone like Roman getting lost in the stars like he so often did.

“If you don’t drink or smoke,” Ann quietly said, “then why do you pretend to?  It doesn’t make you any cooler, you know.  You just look… It makes you look kinda dumb, honestly.  No offense.”

Roman chuckled softly and thought for a moment.  “You’re right.  I do look dumb.”

“So then, why-”

“It’s an image thing.  Everyone sees me as this cool guy, this jock, this… I don’t even know what people say about me anymore.  But I took that and I went with it.  People seemed to like that version of me, I guess.  Nobody really likes the theater kid.  So I get to be a little bit of both, and then everybody loves me.  You know what I mean?”

He looked to Ann who was staring at the ground listening to him speak.  He knew exactly what he meant.  Ann was sort of, as some people liked to call him, emo.  Sure, he could be a little angsty at times, but he was 17 and that was normal.  It seemed like people saw his black and grey clothes and slapped that label on him without a second thought.  Everyone saw him as the emo kid.  One time he was introduced to a friend of a friend and they said something along the lines of, “Oh, you’re Ann?  I know you, you’re the emo kid!”  He hated it, but there wasn’t much he could (or wanted to) do.  He became the image that everyone insisted on seeing him as, because why try to fight it?  He started smudging black eyeliner and eyeshadow under his eyes every morning, wearing his bangs in front of his face, keeping to himself mostly- but that wasn’t too different from usual.  Nobody really likes the emo kid.

After a long moment of silence Ann responded, “Yeah.  I get that.”  He was going to leave it there, but he felt like he had to make Roman feel better.  He turned to face him and continued, “But you don’t have to be that if you don’t want to.  You don’t have to keep going with volleyball and lacrosse if you’re heart’s not in it, and you don’t have to pretend to drink or smoke and throw all these huge parties if that’s not who you are.  It’s pointless.  You’ll end up unhappy.  I mean, aren’t you unhappy?  I would be.  If I were pretending to be someone I’m not.”

Roman stared into his eyes, which were sparkling due to the light of the moon.  “I don’t know, Sanders.  I guess I’m… Well, I guess I could be happier.  But I still do theater and stuff.  It’s not like I’ve completely stopped.”

“You never talk about it, Roman.  I’ve never once heard you ask your douchey friends to come to a show you’ve been in or even mention that you’re in one at all.  Because you’re ashamed.  They’ve made you feel ashamed.”  Ann found that he was suddenly filled with bravery, and he was shocked at his ability to voice all these opinions so bluntly to Roman’s face.  He was nervous, but something about the darkness and the cool breeze and the bright stars made the whole thing a little bit more bearable.  “I’m not saying this to be mean, Roman.  I think you’re incredibly talented.  I know you know it, too.  But what’s the point in putting up this facade and making people love you for someone that isn’t even you?  People would love you just the same if you were honest.”  It was all coming out like word vomit, feelings he didn’t even know he had, or couldn’t process, and suddenly they were hanging there in the open air and nobody knew exactly what to do with them.  Not even Ann.  He looked to the ground and started fiddling with his hands.  Roman kept his gaze locked on the other.  “You know, I saw you in Cinderella a few months ago.  I didn’t go say hi afterwards because we weren’t really friends then- maybe we’re still not, I don’t know- but you were amazing.  Prince Charming was the perfect part for you.  I just wish your asshole friends could’ve been there to see how talented you are.  You’re on your way to Broadway, Roman.  As long as you don’t keep holding yourself back.”  He forced himself to stop talking, otherwise he would’ve gone on and on for longer than he should’ve.  Suddenly he felt a warm hand on his.  He stopped and looked up.  Roman was gazing at him with wonder in his eyes, and he nearly leaned in and kissed him.  Ann could feel it.  They were cut off abruptly when Ann’s phone buzzed.  He pulled it out of his sweatshirt pocket and gasped when he saw Logan’s name lighting up the screen.

“Oh, shit, Roman.  Shit shit shit shit.”

“Are you okay?”

“Shit shit shit shit shit shit-”

“Okay, whoa, what’s going on?  Is everything okay?”

“It’s Logan.  My step dad.  He probably went up to my room and… Fuck, he’s gonna be so mad at me, I… I have to go, I’m so sorry.”

Ann frantically stood up, turned, and went to answer the call but was stopped by Roman’s hand on his shoulder.  “Sanders, wait, could you just stay one more second?  A second is all I need, I just want to-”

Before he could finish his sentence, Ann spun around and kissed him.  Roman gasped and couldn’t fully process what was happening.  It was brief but sweet; it felt like someone had taken the dust from the stars above them and sprinkled it over Nye Park.  It felt like heaven.  It felt like everything he’d been waiting for.  Ann pulled away after a moment, his heart was fluttering, and in the quiet of the dark night, he could hear Roman’s doing the same.  He wanted to say something.  He wanted to tell him that he’s not the douchebag he thought he was- or everyone thought he was- and that he’s lovely and kind and talented but all the words were stuck in his throat so he swallowed them with a gulp.  Roman was in awe.  This boy- this boy he thought was just a stereotypical angsty teen- had so many different layers to him that he’d never seen before.  Roman never opened up to anyone, but the moment Ann started opening up he returned the favor with ease, as if it’s something they’d done a thousand times before.

Suddenly Roman pulled Ann in and kissed him again.  One hand gently held the back of his head and the other moved to rest on his waist.  Roman smiled into the kiss, which made Ann smile too, and they paused for a moment, lips a hair apart, smiling and sometimes even giggling softly.  It went back and forth like this; they’d kiss until they both found themselves smiling too hard to keep going, and broke for a brief moment.  They broke away a final time and Ann said, “This is… you are… amazing.  But I need to go if I don’t wanna get murdered.  Which I don’t.”

Roman laughed softly.  “Go.  I don’t want that either.  I’d very much prefer it if you stayed alive.”

Ann smiled.  Wordlessly, he turned and walked away.

“Sanders!” Roman called after him.  You could practically hear him beaming from the way he spoke.  Ann turned around and started walking backwards as Roman continued.  “When can I see you again?”

“Whenever you call!” Ann yelled back, his red cheeks masked by the dark night.

Roman laughed.  It sounded just as beautiful as when he sang.  “Then I’ll call!”

Ann smiled harder than he had in months.  “You better!” He turned again and kept walking.  He brought his hand up to his forehead for a moment, laughing because he couldn’t contain his joy.  Suddenly he didn’t care that he’d have to go face Logan, that he was probably gonna be in huge trouble, that his dad wasn’t gonna be home for a few more hours; he didn’t care anymore.

The cold night and the boy he’d kissed left goosebumps on his skin.  His bright smile matched the moon which hung low and greeted him with grace.  The stars danced in the black sky and he tilted his head to stare in awe as they sparkled.

He didn’t feel so strange anymore, staring at the sky.  


“Is everything alright?” Harry breathed at the other end of the line. “Soph, is everything alright? I called you at least a dozen times.”

“We’re fine,” Sophia said, her voice clipped.

“That- that’s good,” Harry said, seemingly surprised by Sophia’s cold attitude. “Did you… did you see the note I left you?”

“I did. The kiss at the end was a nice touch.”

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When Angels Answer

Title: When Angels Answer

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 5,600(ish)

Warnings:Descriptions of spousal abuse, terminal cancer, character death, angsty, fluffy, smutty, tear your heart out stuff

A/N: I would love, love, LOVE, feedback on this!! Angst isn’t usually my thing so let me know how it is!! Enjoy!!

Today you’d been diagnosed with stage one breast cancer. And you were happy. How’s that for a fucked up life view?  This was the happiest drive home you’d had in 15 years.

Home was your own personal prison cell. You did as you were told because why would you further anger an already hate filled man?

This was your way out. You were only allowed one doctor’s appointment a year, apparently his care for you was enough to keep you healthy for ages. In reality, he didn’t want anyone seeing his fists handiwork. The one appointment a year meant you wouldn’t receive treatment. You could let the cancer grow and spread. You had a way out.

Sound extreme? Oh, it definitely is. Do you know what else is extreme though? Being thrown down a flight of stairs to be dragged back up by your hair, to take a steel toed boot to the gut and tumble right back down again. Why? You accidentally spilled his beer while he tried to have sex with you.

Running never worked, his grip on you was too tight. He tracked your cellphone that must be on you at all times. He counted the mileage on the car before and after you drove, only certain pre-approved routes were able to be used, so he would know if you spent any extra time out of the house. The neighbors all thought you were an adulterous slut, thanks to your lovely hubby of course, and whenever they saw you leave the house when he wasn’t home they assumed you were going to cheat and would call him right away.

There was no way out, until now.

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Angel In Disguise (Steve x Reader)

A/N: Hey guys!! To the anon who sent this, I hope you feel better, sweetheart!! This is actually quite long but I had a lot of fun writing the last part. I hope you guys don’t mind though, I just got so carried away writing it and yeah…I didn’t really know if you wanted Steve to end up with the reader so I kinda left it out in the open so yeah. Anyways, enjoy!!😊

Request: Hello doll :) Would you mind doing a Steve Rogers imagine where he’s like your best friend (just like a big brother) and during one Mission you get shot but the Jet is destroyed and the avengers have to take care of you on their own. Steve is Holding your Hand while you’re unconscious and Bruce gets the bullet out. You then get a fever and it Looks back but they can bring you back and Steve keeps taking care of you all the time ? :) I just feel sad and thought I could send in a request like that

“Did you bring your guns?”

You sighed as you looked at Steve. “You can see the guns strapped to the side of my thighs, Cap. They are very visible.”

“I was just making sure,” Cap said.

“And besides I have pyrokineses, I only brought the guns because you insisted.” You gave him a look.

Steve sighed as he stood up. “I just want you to be careful.”

“I know, I know,” you said as Steve gave you a smile before walking to where Clint and Nat were flying the quinjet.

You took a deep breath in before leaning your head back, closing your eyes. The team was sent on a mission as apparently, one of the enhance that HYDRA was working on escaped and was wreaking havoc at some small town. The team had already shut that HYDRA operation before going to find the enhance.

The worst part of going on the mission so far was Steve just nagging at you, making sure that you didn’t forget anything and making sure that you were prepared, all that stuff. You knew he didn’t mean any harm by doing all that but he was like a brother that you never wanted, you still loved him though. The two of you were like two peas in a pot, he was so carefree around you that when you see him interact with other people, it’s weird as he gets so much more serious.

“We’re reaching,” Clint called out but the jet started to shake, the shaking getting worse and worse as time passes.

“What the hell is happening,” Tony asked as you stood up shakily, making your way to the front to look out of the window. You held on to Steve’s shoulder as you saw the grey clouds ahead, before lightning flashed directly in front of the jet.

“That’s not a good sign,” you muttered.

“Thor, can you find a way to stop the storm?” Cap asked as he glanced back at the god who nodded and opened the ramp before swinging his hammer and flying out.

You raised a hand to cover your eyes as the strong wind blew into the jet, Tony trudging forward in his Iron Man suit and shutting the ramp. You let out a breath as he closed the door.

Suddenly everything stopped, the jet stopped shaking and you thought that maybe Thor already solved it but you were wrong. Thunder boomed as lightning strike again, this time hitting one of the jet’s wings.

“Hold on!” Nat shouted as the whole jet tilted to one side. You almost fell and lost your balance but Steve caught you and held onto you as Clint tried to regain stability while Nat checked how damaged the wing was. “Um, you guys aren’t going to be happy about this.”

“What happened?” Bruce asked, looking at Nat.

Nat glanced at Bruce with a stressed look. “The wing isn’t just damaged, the wing was completely ripped off by the lightning.”

“You guys better hold on tight, it’s not going to be a smooth landing,” Clint warned as the whole jet started spinning, the archer trying his best to control it.

You held on tight to Steve as the jet hit the ground, jerking all of you forward. When the quinjet stopped skidding, all of you just stayed there, taking a deep breath it before preparing yourselves and walking out.

Well, now all of you have no way back to the tower. The communicators doesn’t seem to be working as well, it’s probably because of the stupid storm.

As all of you headed out of the jet, Thor landed in front of all of you, worry in his gaze. “The storm is not natural.”

You frowned as you looked at him. “The lightning completely ripped off the wing of the quinjet, so I would say, yes, it’s not natural.”

The god shook his head, Cap walking out beside you. “What’s going on, Thor?”

“The storm doesn’t seem to be created by nature, it seems as if it’s being controlled by something,” Thor said.

“Or someone,” Tony interjected, looking as if he found out something important. “I think I might know what the powers of the enhanced we’re dealing with have.”

“Weather manipulation,” Bruce said, coming to stand beside Tony as he nodded.

“Exactly,” Tony replied.

“Okay, so we have to go find that person, but where? We’re stuck in the middle of some forest,” you said, crossing your arms over your chest.

“I think we might have landed near the edge of the forest, from what I remembered from the map.” Clint looked around before pointing straight ahead.

“Let’s go,” Cap said, his voice commanding as everyone started heading to where Clint pointed to.

Soon enough, a town came into view. Buildings, shops, diners. However, some of the buildings looked destroyed.

“This person really seemed to be having fun,” Nat commented as she surveyed the area.

“Tony, Thor, both of you fly around to see if there’s anybody injured, the rest of you, we’ll look around here,” Cap ordered.

All of you were about to do what he said when lightning strike directly in front of all of you, causing all of you to jump back.

“I’m not going to let all of you ruin my fun.”

You looked to the side to see a man around your age looking at the team, an evil smirk on his face. His hair was pure white, contrasting with his dark colored eyes.

Stepping forward, you glanced back at the rest of the team. “Tony, Thor, go. The rest of you go as well. I think I can handle it.”

“You? Handle me?” The enhanced sneered, you turn back to face him, flicking both of your hands lightly, fire bursting out from your arms.

The enhanced looked surprised before he raised his hands, his eyes turning greyish white, thunder booming again.

“Shit,” you muttered. “Dodge!”

All of you managed to jump out of the way in time, the lightning hitting where you were. You straightened up as you aimed your arm at him, shooting out a fireball, knocking him back.

He flew back, groaning. When the enhanced slowly got up, he looked down to see that you had burned a hold in his shirt, burning a bit of his skin as well. He growled as he glared at you.

You took this chance to throw another fireball at him but the moment your fireball hit him, you felt a sharp pain in your side, making you gasp as you fell on your knees, everything going dark.

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Not okay- 2

So here it is. Sorry for making you guys wait. I really appreciated the feedbacks :). Have fun reading and ask me questions. Hope you guys like it. P.S Harry in that blue velvet suit has got me fucked up.

You ears were thumping with his words. You heart sank deeper and deeper with the passing seconds. And the air you breathed on seemed like ending any moment now. 

Being a strong and independent woman, you didn’t expect your heart to break that easily. But it still did. Maybe because of how much love it carried for a person. The same person who made you feel humiliated. It wasn’t easy. How it could be? The ache made you feel ashamed of yourself, for loving someone with such passion and having your heart broken by them within a few mere minutes.

Even the sun shines after a few days of heavy thunder but it was different with you. You wanted to feel the pain more so that you have the bruise on yourself for loving someone so dearly. 

Sometimes things don’t work out, or a person doesn’t turns out to be like how you imagined they will. Harry seemed just a sweetheart with you. You thought that you both are such good friends that he will always try to keep the bonding up with you. But oh boy, you were wrong. He didn’t feel the same. To him you were just another songwriter that he wanted to use to gain more profit. 

He had no idea how much he hurt you. 

And there, you decided to keep contract with him. But not being the same y/n. You wanted him to feel the pain he gave you. You wanted to take away his friend from him. OR you thought was. But the pain still was pulsing inside your veins. A friend of you was gone. The friend who you thought was gonna be there for you always but no. And you hated him for that.

To quit the job wasn’t a solution. You had loans to pay and for you sake you needed to work on.

The soft pattering of rain woke you up from the deep slumber of sleep. As soon as you opened your eyes, you head was stuck with a deep ache with nausea filling it up. The night before you fell asleep crying. You drove fast as you could from Mitch’s house and ended up crying the night away.

The harsh words of Harry welled your eyes up again. You closed your sensitive eyes trying to soak away the salty water. To some extinct you can stop your cries, but what about the pain? The hurt? The pieces in which your heart was? Pain can’t be soaked, hurt can be rewind and the pieces, they can’t be fixed.

You took a deep breath and got up to get ready for the day. Today you had to go to the studio to help Harry start writing for next album. This wasn’t going to be easy, but you were strong.

Leaning down to tie your shoes, a shiny key ring caught your eyes, it was a gift from Harry. He gave it to you one random night. God knows why.

You shook your head trying to get rid of the haunting memories and drove to the studio.

–At the studio–

As you stepped inside the studio the strong aroma of coffee crawled up your nostrils. You walked inside and was suddenly pulled in a hug by the same talk, lanky man who broke your heart the night before.

Nothing seemed to change. The man was same. The feelings were same. The only difference was, the perspective of seeing that person wasn’t like it used to be.

The words ‘annoying’ ‘she’s not like you’ ‘till then I’ve you kendall’ and all other shit roamed around your brain like it’s all that you have.

You pulled away as soon as you felt yourself dwelling in his arms.

“ where were yeh last nigh’?!” Harry asked, ‘wow like you don’t know’ you thought so self and shrugged.

“I came. Had some work so went back home” you said simply and walked past him. For the first time you didn’t had a long talk with him on the porch like the other days where you guys used to exclaim things and other stuff while standing on the porch.

“Oh cmon y/n. Wha’ kind a friend yeh are. Don’ have time for her bestie?!” Harry said walking behind you. His words again made you weak at knees. Friend? Bullshit!

You decided not to reply and work on what you were there for. You picked the notebook up and started to pen down your thoughts. Fortunately Mitch wasn’t there or else you would’ve been sitting with sweat beads covering your forehead.

“You alrigh’?” Harry asked sitting beside you. He placed his hand upon yours, rubbing the soft flesh of your hand softly. Your hands did fit in his perfectly. Like a puzzle. The sweet gesture reminded you of all the times you guys had your hands interlinked. The memories and flashbacks, weren’t good.

You pulled your hand out from his and tucked a strand of hair behind your ear looking down in your notebook. You didn’t think he was worth the reply so you just nodded your head.

The whole day you spent avoiding him. Giving him little one word answer, avoiding his gaze, preventing any touch from him. Whenever he tried to hold your hand or peck your cheek, you’d move away, paying more attention to your work.

And the day ended. You were packing your stuff when Harry came up from behind and spoke.

“Yeh wanna hang around a bit?” Harry asked hopefully clearly annoyed with the fact that you didn’t payed any kind of attention to him.

You picked your purse up and held the file in your hand.

“No. I’ve some work.” you said. And before he opens his mouth, you left.

Harry deserved that treatment. He made you realise that loving someone more than the should can be harmful and now to lessen the pain, you were doing Vise-versa. You were being in your limits, working how you should.

The next few months you remained the same. Worked till time without any wasted talks. You told Mitch everything that happened and he understood every bit of it. It wasn’t easy for you. Seeing Harry’s face everyday kept reminding of how worthless he made you feel. No doubt he felt annoyed. Annoyed with your sudden behaviour and there came a time where he too took it professionally and cut it out entirely. Everyone in the team was taken back with the sudden nature of you both but no one dared to speak.

And the last day came. You just got paid and was walking back from the management’s room when Harry stood in front of you.

He had his stare on your face and you were struggling to avoid it. His hand made there way up your arms to hold them firmly.

“look a’ meh” Harry said. More like demanded. You peeked up at his face a little and man he looked dead serious. His eyebrow was raised and he did looked not in the mood of joking.

You gathered all the courage you had in yourself and looked at him with the same expression.

It was happening. After months of holding it back, you’re gonna explode.

“What??” You said trying to sound serious.

“Wha’ is it?” Harry asked with the same tone

“what do you mean?”

you asked.

“yeh know wha’ exactly I mean! Who do yeh think yeh are? Huh? How can yeh jus’ back up?!” Harry yelled at you. Everyone in the studio now had their eyes on you. They all knew this was gonna happen.

The blood in your veins boiled up as you pulled him inside the spare room harshly

“ how dare you talk to me like that?!!” You shouted.

“Don’ you fuckin’ dare to shou’ at meh!” Harry said. His breath was heavy and face was red. Seeing him like that made you more angry.

“What the hell do you want?!!” You said running your hands through your hair in frustration. You already had enough and didn’t wanted to have a fight.

“How could yeh?! How can yeh jus’ block me ou’ of yeh life?! How can yeh jus’ walk inside the studio and act like a complete stranger?! And now yeh are jus’ leaving me like tha’?! Didn’t even signed a new contract!!” Harry kinda yelled. He was annoyed so badly. Why’s he so.

This all made you tear up. The flashback of the day of him bitching about you flashed on the back of your eyelids as you tried to control yourself. You never wanted to turn out like this but circumstances made you to transform yourself to the person you are today.

“I’m jut doing my work” your said controlling your emotions trying to sound as calm as you could.

“Don’ you put that shit on meh!” Harry said warning you but who the hell he was to do that.

“So you wanna know the truth huh?! So listen! You talking about my back, bitching how much annoying I am made ma change! You talking how irritation I am made me change! You ditching me, calling yourself my friend then saying you faked it just because you wanted me to believe and stay in my bubble made me Change! And falling for you then having my heart broken made me change!” A shaky cry left your mouth as the words left your mouth. You still couldn’t believe that Harry said something like that. Your eyes were red and the sobs kept escaping your lips.

“I-I didn’ know you heard meh” Harry stuttered. His eyes turned red as a tear left his eye.

“Y-you have no right to cry! Stop! Stop the fuck being fake! I hate you! I hate you forever!” You spat harshly wiping your tears and walked to open the door when his hand held yours.

“Let me go you dick!” You said crying. But he didn’t. He had his grip on yours.

“I dint mean it. Bloody hell I never could! It was jus’ Kendall was there and I was scared t'open up to her. Yeh know how much of a bitch she turns if she sees meh with someone else. And I knew if I agreed with her, then she’d try to get you away from meh and I didn’t wanted tha’. ” Harry said. It was hard to believe. You turned to look at him and the look on his face made it prominent. He was crying. And this was the first time you saw him crying.

“D'yeh really think I’ll mean all tha’ after all the fun we had together? I never, ever faked a smile when I was with yeh. I always loved you.” Harry said and let go of your hand.

This is all seemed so unreal. And for the first time in months, you felt you could breath.

“why didn’t tell me this before? Why when the contract in ended and I’m ready to leave?!” You asked him annoyed.

“Because now yeh are no’ a songwriter t'meh. But the girl whom I fell for. Now I’m no’ talking t'yeh as a co-worker of mine but as a friend whom I lost months ago. An’ here I beg you t'return the lost friend of mine.” Harry cried and his eyes pleaded. Pleaded to have his friend back. It made harder for you to hold back anymore so without any ado you ran and wrapped your arms around his neck holding onto him for your dead life. Harry had his face hidden in your neck as you both cried.

“Oh jeez I-I missed yeh. So much. God I love yeh so much.” Harry said squeezing you. You pulled away so that you could have a better view of his gorgeous face. You unwrapped your arm from his neck to wipe his tears and push his hair back like you used to.

“Don’t you cry round butt. I love you too.”

you said making him giggle. And Harry brought his lips to yours. He kissed you like there was no tomorrow, like he was afraid you’d leave again. Will become cold again but you weren’t this time. You kissed him back with these me love and passion. The love dripped from the kiss.

The old days were back with a slight difference. You weren’t friends any more. But we’re lovers who were more like buddies.

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Can you do prompt 74 in where the reader and Jason get into an argument about the reader being a new superhero and he says something really mean because he's scared he's gonna lose her and she gets upset and ignores him for an x amount of time until he apologizes

Ohoho, I’m excited for this one. I thank your loveliness for the request! I hope you like it!!

Warning: Swearing, mentions of drugs

Prompt 74: “I didn’t mean what I said”


Crossing the Line

Your and Jason’s relationship is anything but normal. He’s the Red Hood and you’re a Metahuman. This concoction equals your not so everyday couple.

Jason is constantly gone late at night, whether it be out on patrol or on a mission. Always out helping people, and you want to do the same. You have powers to control light, or more specifically photons.

You can manipulate light into objects or blasts. You could even fly if you controlled the photons in just the right way, it’s a pretty cool power.

Jason knows of your power and accepts them but he never wants to talk about them. So you talk to his brothers about them.

“I don’t understand why you don’t ever come out with us [F/n], you have such good control over your powers” Dick said as you were letting off some steam in the batcave.

“I know, I want to use them but I don’t have a suit or anything” you formed a light blast in your hands and shot it at a dummy.

“I’ll make you a suit” Tim offered turning away from the computer.

“Really?” asking as you grew giddy.

“Sure, we can never have too many heroes out there. And you have training so why not? I also know Bruce has thought about asking you to join us” He began typing up a list of features for the suit.

You stood over his shoulder and helped with the design. Also asking for some specific add-ons that could help with your powers.

“Are you going to tell Jason?” Dick questioned while watching you and Tim.

“I don’t know, should I surprise him?” you furrowed your brow in contemplation.

“That could be fun, yeah surprise him. You need a name too” Dick pointed a finger at you. The three of you stood silent while thinking.

“How about Radiant?” Tim snapped his fingers, “It has a nice ring to it. Yeah I like it” You approved, as the three of you finished the suit.

You were ecstatic to surprise Jason, he was probably going to freak out. Everyone knew but him.

You’re also ecstatic to make a difference. Born into a wealthier family, a lot of people think your life was flawless but like everyone, your family had their issues. You went through a depression as a teenager after losing a close friend. Your sister was a recovering addict after she fell into the wrong crowd, having recently relapsed. Your mother and father were having marital issues. Some were worse than others. But luckily your family was recovering.

You glided over the roof tops to where Tim had sent you a location they were infiltrating. You were to use your powers to blind the gunmen before they entered. Landing by one of the windows to the warehouse.

When Tim gave you the signal you created light flashes and disoriented the gunmen as they began to take out all of the men. Jumping down you began to fight alongside them.

Easily you all took them down and tied them up. “Alright! That was awesome!” Dick yelled before giving you a high-five.

TT, you did well for your first time.” Did Damian just complement you? What distortion world is this?

“Good job Radiant. Happy you decided to join us” Bruce was next as he patted your shoulder. Tim gave you a high five as well.

But Jason, you didn’t get the expected response. “Home now!” he commanded before grappling out of the building. Confused, you immediately followed.

Meeting him in your shared apartment, crawling through the window you were greeted with a livid Jason.

“Are you insane?!” He yelled as you entered the apartment. “What?” you asked pulling off your mask, a dumbfounded expression on your face.

“What were you thinking? You can’t be a hero! It’s too dangerous out there for you!” he was outraged.

“I was thinking that I have these amazing powers and I wanted to use them for something good! I want to help people like you!” Yelling back as you stormed into the bedroom to change.

“But you’re not me [F/n]! You don’t have the experience or the training, or the stomach for this!” The argument began to get heated. You guys argued but heated arguments were rare.

“I can stomach this life just fine, god knows I stomach you crawling through that fucking window bloodied every night!” Countering and crossing your arms.

“That’s not the same thing!” he claimed but you rolled your eyes, “Well it’s pretty damn close now isn’t it!”

You both drew closer and closer to an invisible line. On the edge of it but refusing to cross it as you both continued.

“I just want to save people like you Jay. People in this world are cruel and I want to save others from that!” Feeling your throat getting raw you turned your back on him and set out toward the kitchen.

“And what do you know about cruelty!? You were born with a silver spoon in your mouth! Everything was handed to you! The almost perfect life, how about instead of saving the world, you save your sister from putting another needle up her arm!” He yelled. After the words registered he immediately regretted all of them. 

That line… he crossed it.

Turning around, you were absolutely livid, “Excuse me? Did I just fucking hear you right?” he didn’t say anything until you let out a disgusted scoff and made your way to the front door.

“[F/n], wait that’s not what I meant. I-It just slipped out” he stuttered trying to keep you from leaving.

“Really Jason? Because it damn well sounded like you meant it” You grit your teeth before pushing by him.

“Where are you going? [F/n] Please” His voice wasn’t laced with anger anymore, it was panic.

“My parents, I hope your happy Jason” you spat before exiting the apartment and slamming the door behind you.

What did he just do? Did he just lose you? Fuck he just lost you.

His legs gave out when he was in front of the couch. Jason never wanted that argument, he was intending to talk you out of it calmly. His mouth just took over before his brain could. He was just scared you’d get hurt and he’d lose you.

His worrying made him loose you anyways. “Fuck” he whimpered resting his head in his hands. There was no way he was getting sleep tonight.

It had been a week since you walked out. You weren’t sure if you were broken up or just taking a break. Having cut off all communication with him and his family, you were beginning to regret walking out.

He had to have had a reasoning right? Maybe you should’ve heard him out?

At that moment your phone buzzed again. Jason had blown up your phone with voicemails and texts. Picking up the device you clicked on the new voicemail.

‘[F/n] I’m begging you. Please let me see y-you. I-I’m so fucking sorry. Let me make it up t-to y-you please.’ he was suppressing his hiccups and sniffles. You’d seen him cry and heard him sob, you knew exactly what was happening on his end. He cleared his voice before saying, ‘I’m begging you [F/n], I love you so much! Please don’t let this be over.’ That’s where the message ended.

You missed him, holy shit you missed him. Rubbing your face you heard the doorbell ring. Standing up, you wiped the unshed tears from your eyes before pulling the door open.

There he stood, the most remorseful look on his face as he held your favorite take-out in his hands. “I uh didn’t think flowers would be enough. Can I come in, please? Can we just talk?” he pleaded, nodding you opened the door wider and let him in.

Leading him into the living room you sat on the couch and he sat facing you. “I didn’t mean what I said. I didn’t mean a single word of it. I was just scared because I could only see what had happened to me and I don’t ever want you to go through that ever. I was just terrified that I might lose you, and I freaked out and overreacted which only lead to me pushing you away. I’m so sorry, please forgive me. Please come home because it’s not home without you.” he had taken your hand in his and was squeezing it gently.

You felt tears pricking at your eyes before pulling him into an embrace. “I’m the one who should be sorry, I should’ve told you before.” you cried into his shoulder as he rubbed circles on your back.

Pulling away you wiped your eyes letting out a breathy laugh. “I’ve missed you so much” you took his hand again.

He smiled before hugging you tight, “I love you, and I can’t wait to be a superhero power couple with you”

“Really?” you chuckled, shifting to look at him.

“Really” he placed a sweet kiss on your lips before pulling away.

You grabbed the bag of food and pulled his hand, “Lets go home”

Choi Seunghyun -  “Can you guys just fuck already?”

@chanyeolspout​ asked: NEVER too early for TOP!!! So I’ll have him with “can you guys just fuck already?” I love you I’m happy you’re back get KakaoTalk so CL and I can fangirl over your beautiful self being back.

Warning: Contains smut, biting and control tendencies. If that is a trigger for you, please don’t read.

The jagged edge of his angled jaw felt sharp under your fingers as they caressed along it, his piercing gaze not leaving your eyes. Bravely, your shyness drowned in one too many shots of whatever expensive Japanese liquor you were being feed, you allow a brazen smirk to play across your lips in response. The flicker of his eyes to your mouth only causes it to grow, one side perking slightly higher than the other.

Your body shifts closer to his, breasts pressing heavily against his muscled bicep as your knee edges it’s way slightly over the expensive suit pants covering his thighs. Silently you thank the choice of restaurant, a traditional Japanese one, for it’s lack of chairs allowing you to move this close to him. His lips grin deeper, and he bows low to whisper something carefully into your ear, humid breath caressing against it’s shell.

‘Another one?’ He questions with a gesture to the bottle on the crowded table, the smoothness of his low tone sending a shiver straight to your core. A hand comes to cup against the one you were using to explore his jaw, which he pulls away quickly before spreading the palm open, drawing it to his lips for a quiet kiss.

Your shoulders shrug, uncommitted as his smile broadens and his pouty mouth rubs against the flesh of your palm again before he licks a strip down your inner wrist. Tiny pinpricks of  pleasure shoot through your skin at the contact, only fueling the fire that was burning wildly inside you.

You don’t know how this had happened. You don’t know how the supposed plan has gone awry, or how Seunghyun had found you so irresistibly attractive that he’d been willing to sabotage it so easily. You don’t even know why he’d barely been able to look anywhere else but at your cleavage the whole night. As far as you were concerned, you were in the swanky private room of the restaurant as part of a ploy to set you up with someone other than Seunghyun. It had been Jiyong who’d been the apparent intended target - a blind date arranged by a friend and casual in theory. When you’d shown up to the address, however, it had been a different story. The two men, both impeccably dressed in suits, had begun vying for your attention. Seunghyun’s chiseled jaw, his stony gaze and fresh dewy skin had you stunned from first glance, making it obvious within the first few minutes who had the upper hand. It was game over for Jiyong before he’d even poured the first shot with his delicately long fingers.

‘Jesus…,’ Jiyong lets out a slow sigh, reminding you of his presence in the room. ‘Why am I even still here? You’ve clearly won.’ His voice is curt, his position from across the table isolating him from the intimacy of Seunghyun’s touches on your body, and yours on his. It was obvious Jiyong’s comment was directed at Seunghyun, but if it wasn’t for the alcohol that Seunghyun had kept pouring making your head spin you’d probably have paid more attention to it. You would have realized that you were part of something bigger between the two. But honestly, even if you weren’t drunk you don’t know if you would have cared. Seunghyun was intoxication enough.

‘You tell me…’ Seunghyun chuckles, his gaze coming to rest on the upset face of Jiyong, the smirk he’d given you hardening and becoming more sinister.

‘Can you guys just fuck already?’ Jiyong spits nastily, his anger at having lost whatever game they were playing evident as he draws himself up already. ‘I’m done with this. It’s fucking stupid.’

‘Have fun with the ratty club hoes at Cake Shop, my friend.’ Seunghyun’s sentence is punctuated with a chuckle, his eyes leaving you again to watch as Jiyong stands, pushing himself up from the low, non-existent seating of the floor. Before you can even spare a goodbye he is out the door, the sting of his defeat too much for him to bare.

‘Was this some weird game both of you had going on?’ You question, unable to ignore the obviousness any longer.

‘A bet.,’ Seunghyun admits without a hint of embarrassment, another kiss feathering across your wrist. ‘Fifty million weon to whoever you chose to stay longer with, two hundred million weon if said person manages to sleep with you.’ His mouth moves slowly, dotting kisses in a smooth line towards the joint of your elbow. Honestly, you should have felt embarrassed. You should have felt shame in being reduced to a silly little gamble between two friends. But the softness of Seunghyun’s touches had your core melting, and you couldn’t deny that the idea you were a valued prize between the two men was only fueling the heat in the pit of your stomach.

‘I’m only worth 200 million?,’ You pout, playing coy as you attempt to tug your wrist away from him. ‘I’m disappointed.’ His hand grips tightly against your skin, fingernails puckering hard red dents into the flesh as a flash of annoyance appears in his eyes. Your heart flicks a beat of panic before he eases off, and you pout down at him with furrowed eyebrows.

‘I’m not submissive. Not in the least. If this is going to happen, you need to know I don’t play like that.,’ His voice has dropped lower than before, an edge of seriousness crisp in his words. ‘If you want his to happen, you have to submit to me. I guarantee it will be worth your while.’

Suddenly, it was all too overwhelming. His cute flirtatiousness had nose dived, and you were unsure of what you had gotten yourself into. Hiding under his lustful exterior was a dominant big bad wolf - one you had no idea how far would take it.

‘So, you’re saying I just have to sit back and take whatever you throw at me?,’ Your arm tugs away from his, snapping from his hold on your wrist with a sharp jerk. ‘And I’m meant to sit here with a smile while you get 200 million weon out of it? Do you know how ridiculous that sounds?’

‘It’s not like that at all. I won’t take it easy on you. I’ll be rough. But if you don’t like something I’m doing, I’ll stop. It has to be consensual.,’ He responds. ‘But trust me, you’ll be smiling through it all. I guarantee.’ His confidence has you believing every word almost immediately.

‘And I’m meant to ignore the fact this is all a game for you? A silly bet with a friend?’ You question, still confused.

‘Would you have said no if you didn’t know about the bet?,’ He counters, an eyebrow raising curiously. ‘The only reason Jiyong mentioned it was because he didn’t want me to win. It’s a tactic. He’s sneaky like that. But I was honest, wasn’t I? I’m not holding anything back, all my cards are on the table.’

He had a point. If you’d never known, you’d still be wowed by his irresistible charm, legs pressing together in a desperate attempt to sate the desire he was making you feel between your legs. Surprisingly, the development of his dangerous edge was not off putting - his honesty in his intentions was refreshing. Most men didn’t make themselves so clear.

‘And we’re doing it here?’ You question again.

‘You’re overthinking it.,’ His silken pink lips turn upwards into a smile. ‘Let’s just play for a little bit. No one will come in. I promise. If you want to stop, tell me.’ He leans forward, palm returning to grip your wrist with a mild force, head tilting towards yours for a full kiss. His mouth opens, free hand reaching to cup your chin and draw you towards him. In a second, his tongue is looping around yours, nails drawing a sharp sting against your face as he drags them towards your mouth. Oddly, the sensation coupled with the delicate emotion of the kiss has a deep groan clawing itself from your throat. It passes on to Seunghyun, and you feel his lips smile against yours.

‘Jesus…’ You say as you pull back, confused at the pleasure such a rough move had offered you.

‘I told you you’d like it.,’ Seunghyun chuckles, fingers gripping around your wrist again in a tight squeeze. ‘I can spot the ones who do a mile away. Even if there was no bet, we’d be exactly where we are right now.’ He releases your hand, a rough shove of your shoulder asking you to lay backwards. You comply immediately, body falling against the cushions on the tatami floor, arranged in a single row along the side of the low table.

Seunghyun is on top of you in seconds, pulling both hands above your head in a sharp twist, and pinning them down as he comes to hover over you. His lips press into you, teeth flashing a sharp bite into the flesh of your mouth. He works carefully to not break the skin, but the sting is still tart and causes your hips to jolt upwards towards him. Pulling away only briefly to relieve himself of the constraints of his suit jacket, the luxe material pulled off his broad shoulders and lost on the floor in a matter of seconds, he sets to work on your neck as one hand still pins your arms above your head.

His kisses are rough, sucking aches against your collarbone that you know will leave bruises in the morning. You don’t have time to think about it, though, because his flurried pace is contagious, and the frantic energy he has is seeping straight into your core. For the first time, his teeth graze against your skin in a deliberate prick and another moan slips from your mouth. Your breathing heavy, chest heaving, you don’t try to hide the pleasure he is giving you - each mark blossoming a sin against your skin you never knew before.

‘Shit…’ Is all you can manage, his heady movement rushing straight to the junction between your thighs. You’d never experienced anything that turned you on so quickly before. Your hip bones press up, and with a smirked laugh Seunghyun’s large hand presses them down towards the floor again.

‘Patience.,’ He coos softly. ‘Let me work on this pretty neck of yours first.’ The palm on your hip bone skips across your torso, the material of your dress hitching ever so slightly as it is dragged upwards. His fingers, long and slender, find their way to your collarbone, caressing gentle circles against the red patches already displaying themselves.

His tongue is on your throat in seconds, teeth soon following to nash against the flesh. A sharp gasp slips from you at a particularly rough bite, Seunghyun lifting his head to check in on you. Your lips form a pout, sadness peeking at the corners of your mouth due to the loss of contact.

‘Hmm?’ You protest wordlessly.

‘Too rough?,’ He questions. ‘I don’t want to put you off on your first time with me.’ You shake your head, cheeks puffing outwards.

‘No. I like it.’ You blink at him behind hooded eyelids, unaware of the effect it would have on him.

‘I told you I could pick it.,’ He chuckles, smile playing softly. ‘I don’t think I’ve ever had a girl respond like this, though. Now, let’s go.’ He pulls himself up, offering an arm to you. You take it, and in one swift tug he has yanked you upwards in a sharp jerk.

‘Where?’ You ask, confusion at the sudden change of plan.

‘Cake Shop. I’m feeling like I want to rub you in Jiyong’s face a little bit before I take you home.,’ Seunghyun’s voice is matter of fact. ‘That little shit was all talk this morning. I want him to see your neck and how you let me play with you, so he knows without a doubt what I am going to do to you tonight. God, he’ll be pissed he missed out on someone so into it.’  

You knew that your hair had fallen out from being rubbed against the tatami mat floor. You knew that your lipstick was half smeared across your face and your eyeliner was smudged due to the heated kisses Seunghyun had offered you. You even knew that the low cut neckline of your dress offered no coverage of the deep bruises he had sucked into your skin. But as he reached for his coat, and as he cast a questioning eye back your way after standing, hand out and offered to you, you knew there was no way you could deny him. 

Because a man like Seunghyun, who exuded such natural control, could get you to follow him anywhere. 

GoT Afterthoughts 7x06 Beyond the Wall (Jonsa Edition) SPOILERS

Hello lovelies … apologies for the delay! As most of you know, my Marine was home briefly. ❤️ 

 We begin our episode with the war room map/table in Dragonstone and a fire crackling in the background -ominous foreshadowing? We then join Jon and the boys hiking through the winter wonderland. Tormund being Tormund pokes Gendry for some fun, before the talk with Jon takes a more serious turn. He asks about the Dragon Queen, and Jon tells him that she’ll only help if he bends the knee. Tormund tells Jon he’s spent too much time with the freefolk and now he doesn’t like kneeling. 

 Now, what Tormund said next admittedly confused me (and I’m paraphrasing): “Mance was a great man, a proud man, but how many of his people died for his pride?” To my knowledge it was Mance himself who died because he refused to kneel -not the freefolk? Were Wildlings slaughtered off-screen unbeknownst to us? I’m not being facetious -if I’m wrong in my confusion, someone please correct me. Otherwise, what we have here is a plot hole -almost like Tormund giving Jon a reason to kneel, to not be like Mance and not put his family and people in peril over his pride. I’m not ready to bag on the writing just yet, but this is a blatant inconsistency -just sayin’…. 

 But moving on … Gendry airs his grievances with the brotherhood and the Hound tells him to suck it up buttercup and that’s that for now. We are then brought to Jon and Jorah speaking not of Dany (which, ya know -would make sense since this whole “epic romance” plot and all) but instead, they are bonding over their fallen fathers. 

 Jon: “my father was the most honorable man I’ve ever met, he was good all the way through, and he died on the executioners block.” (We’ll come back to this). 

Honorable Ned’s son, honorable Jon takes off Longclaw and offers it to Jorah. Jorah insists that Jon keep it, deeming himself unworthy. 

 Jorah: “It’s yours. May it serve you well, and your children after you.”

Cue WINTERFELL music and a pensive looking Jon. Contemplating your future children, Jon? Imagining their red hair and curls? Tully and Stark looking? Okay, I’ll stop now -but come on guys -what an Easter egg! And right from there we jump to Winterfell (SURPRISE) and Jon’s future wife (and mother of his children).

Our lovely Stark sisters are in the traditional Stark spot upon the battlements. Arya tells a heartwarming tale of Ned catching her practicing archery and clapping when she finally hit the bullseye. It was sweet, and lovely, and everything I’d been praying for for weeks, but then the accusations fly and all is lost. Arya has the letter that Cersei made Sansa pen to Robb. Sansa is naturally upset about this and defends herself with the truth: they made her write it (even Robb knew that when he read it, geez Arya come on -It’s not like you did/didn’t do things, too!). Does everyone remember when she was Tywin’s cupbearer? Because I do. 

 I don’t blame either of my precious angels for what they did/didn’t do to survive as scared, isolated and traumatized little girls -and dammit, they shouldn’t either! But more on this later …. 

 Now, I don’t like what they made Sansa say about Arya “should be on her knees thanking her” -it’s not that she isn’t right about the part she played in re-taking Winterfell, but THAT was definitely some shitty writing. 

 We flash back to our boys, and Tormund is attempting to bond with the Hound. Aside from being some of the best comic relief this show has delivered in a long time, I’m becoming sweet on Tormund x Brienne. Stop me! I love Brienne x Jamie too much! I’m trash! Someone just wheel me out to the alley and light my ass on fire! 

We got a nice little callback to Ygritte and naturally Sansa too -because “Gingers are beautiful, they’re kissed by fire”. More on this later, too ….. 

 We switch over to Beric and Jon first discussing how much Jon apparently doesn’t resemble Ned (sure Jan) and then the creepy religion (again, burning children is bad, guys -I’m with Varys on this religion). Jon doesn’t serve the Lord of Light, he serves ONLY the North. They do seem to agree on one thing: they are protectors, and Jon recites some of his Nights Watch vows: “I am the shield that guards the realms of men.” More on this later …. (Are you guys picking up a theme here yet? Let’s see if you figure it out before I get to the end of this post). 😉 

 After the Hound points them towards the mountain he saw in his vision, we go to Dragonstone where Dany decides to compliment Tyrion by insulting him? lol What she likes about him is that he’s not a hero -heroes are stupid with their constant pissing contests (she’s not wrong) -except I’m not sure I’d consider Daario or Drogo heroes? Tyrion points out that all these brave men have fallen for her -including Jon Snow, because apparently unbeknownst to US the actual viewers, he’s been oogling her ….?? Daenerys denies it, but you can tell by her body language that this pleases her. But -“he’s too little for her” ???? What does that even mean? 

Honestly, I can’t figure out my Little Lion this season and it’s kind of pissing me off. Is he cracked out on Dragon love too? Or is he being clever and playing the game? Varys did say he needed to find a way to make her listen. Does Tyrion think Jon can influence her? And where the hell is Varys, by the way? 

Dany brings up the upcoming meeting and her impulsive temper comes up -and the Tarlys (expect them to come up again in the near future too, guys). Tyrion warns her about ruling with fear and then the convo shifts to the subject of Dany’s mortality and her line of succession. Dany jumps into serious angry paranoia mode (Targ trait) and flings accusations of Tyrion’s loyalty at him again. Look -I fully understand that this is a touchy (and rightly so) subject for Dany, but I don’t think he’s in the wrong here -the line of succession is important to any monarch, and especially one that intends to ride into battle. But …not today Tyrion, not today. 

We jump back over the wall, and now the boys are traipsing through blizzard-like conditions. Is it still the same day? Has night fallen, or is it just dark due to the snow storm? Ugh, this episode is leaving me with more questions than answers! They spot, and are spotted by an undead bear, and a few redshirt Wildlings are taken out. Thoros and Beric light the sonofabitch on fire, Tormund whacks it with his battle axe -I mean, this damn thing takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’, and ends up with Thoros in its mouth, before Jorah takes it out with a dagger (assuming it was dragon glass?). A chug of alcohol and a cauterizing of the wound, and he’s miraculously up on his feet and ready to continue. 

On a side note: poor precious hound and his fire PTSD. 😔 Cant wait for Clegane bowl -hope it ends with fire and Sandor conquering his fear while exacting his revenge. 

And now we’re back in Winterfell, and a distressed Sansa is confiding in Little Finger. If ya’ll didn’t pick up that she was sniffing him out, then I just can’t help you. Sansa doesn’t trust him. I strongly suspect she knows that letter turned up because of him. I’m 99% confident she was jugging him for info …. 

Sansa is nervous about the letter, though -rightly so, because if the lords see it, they may withdraw their support -BUT she isn’t worried for herself, she’s worried for Jon and keeping his army (amassed to 20k now -when did that happen? Go Sansa!) -so wake up and suck a fat one, Sansa haters! Don’t you guys get it yet?!?! Sansa is loyal to Jon -shit, even Little Finger gets it. Why do you think he’s so bent on sewing discourse between the sisters, now? Because all his attempts to drive a wedge between Jon and Sansa have failed! 

We return to the winter wonderland, and now it’s Jorah/Thoros bonding time. I’m sorry that I don’t care enough to repeat their exchange -it wasn’t exactly riveting, and I pretty much knew that it was his “death knell”. Anyone else getting whiplash from all this back and forth? 

Upon their climb, they hear the clinking of an undead scouting party. Interesting …. they send scouting parties ahead? The NK and his Generals are pretty smart. Which caused something to pop into my head: are Gilly’s brothers the NK’s Generals? But back to the action … they start a fire to lure them in and ambush them. Jon kills the General and all but one of the wights fall. Aside from the convenience of all but the one they need falling, this is also interesting. If they take out the generals who raised them, the wights will automatically fall -so if the NK is taken out, then his entire army would perish! Hmmm … 

So, my dudes tackle Bones and he lets out an ear piercing screech, which apparently alerts the others (hmmm -they communicate, too?). With an avalanche of the undead rolling down upon them at high speeds, they collectively shit their pants while hogtying Bones, and Jon orders Gendry to run for Eastwatch and get a Raven to Dany, declaring that he’s “the fastest”. Well, this is all well and good, but please explain to me just exactly HOW Jon knows this? Because I didn’t know Gendry was fast …did you? And not only do they send this poor kid who’s never even seen snow before, off into the arctic wilds by his lonesome, entrusting his supposed internal GPS (I guess???), but they take his freaking weapon so he has no means to defend himself, to boot! 

And off he goes, while Jon and the crew race for shelter and find themselves standing over the weak ice of a frozen pond/lake. With no other place to go but forward, they take their chances and make for the rock in the middle, as the dead close in on them and after grabbing a few more redshirt Wildlings, the wights break the weakened ice and begin falling into icy water, creating a barrier and a trap for our boys. Winded, but alive, they freeze their tushes off, as night falls and an exhausted Gendry collapses before the gate of Eastwatch. Daddy Davos comes to cradle on of his fostered sons as Gendry breathlessly pleas to send a Raven. 

It’s morning on the rock, and our dudes have snuggled to keep warm overnight. The Hound rouses from his comfy Jon Snow pillow to kick the grumbling Bones, who’s probably just salty that he didn’t get invited to the slumber party. Sandor gives him a good morning kick in the ribs, and when Bones squeals in displeasure, so do some of the wights surrounding them. Another clue of their links? 

Unfortunately, Thoros hasn’t made it through the night. They burn his body and Beric says the creepy Lord of Light’s prayer. I hope someone had the good sense to take his flaming sword first, but I doubt it, because while I love my boys -they aren’t exactly clever …they did go on a wight hunt, after all. 🙄 

Jorah and Jon discuss the connection and Jorah suggests trying to take out the WW’s as their best chance of survival. Jon says no, they need to take that thing (Bones) back with them and a Raven is on its way to Dany -she’s their only chance. I suppose she has the same magic GPS as Gendry. 😳 Beric joins them and counters that argument with just taking out the NK -he turned them all after all …kill him and they all fall. 

Now, Jon puzzles me here. His reply to Beric’s suggestion is: “You don’t understand." 

What Jon? What don’t we understand, baby?? Tell us!!!! Is Jon suddenly afraid of his own mortality? I don’t think so, but then -what don’t we understand?????? 

*screaming internally* 

Beric counters with how the lord brought them both back and maybe this is why. I’m not sure what Jon’s thinking while his chest heaves and he eye fucks the NK -but …. perhaps he really is afraid? Maybe of failing and being forced to rise and fight on the NK’s side? Suggestions are welcome here …. really. 

We jump back to Winterfell and Sansa has received an invite to KL. So, who sent this invite? Sansa refuses to go -and is certainly justified considering …. She intends to send Brienne in her stead, but Brienne is uncomfortable leaving Sansa unprotected because of Little Finger. She requests to at least leave Podrick behind, but Sansa denies her request, and after trying several times to politely put her off, she finally rudely dismisses her. Now, I have no doubt that Sansa is truly frightened to go to KL because of Cersei, but I also think that she specifically chose Brienne to represent her -not only because she trusts her to represent her interests, but also because of what Little Finger implied earlier -about Brienne intervening with Arya if necessary. I’d like to think that Sansa is not only protecting her little sister, but also Brienne’s honor of having to side with one of the sisters should things get ugly. (They won’t, trust me). 

We flip over to Dragonstone and Tyrion tries to convince Dany not to run off to the rescue, but (thankfully), she doesn’t listen. She mounts Drogon and off to the rescue her and her lizard babies go! 

We’re back at the boulder now, and an apparently bored Sandor is throwing rocks at the "cunt” wights. Not that I blame him, but we all knew where this was going, right? The ice has re-frozen and slowly, the dead advance on them again. This shit was really unbelievable, tbh. With the sheer amount of wights surrounding them, they should have been swarmed, but somehow manage to keep most of them at bay. Jon yells “fall back” (to where????) as Tormund gets grabbed and, oh my heart!!!! I swear I had a mini stroke! But thankfully, Sandor grabs him just in time (he knows he fucking LOVES fire kissed Gingers, okay?)!

And just when it seems that all is lost, Dany and lizard puppies arrive to fuck shit up!! Okay, despite their destruction to actual human life a few weeks ago -this was beautiful and visually very satisfying! This is what the dragons are for! They take out a good chunk of the NK’s army -which is WHY I assume he targets the dragon still flying overhead and raining down hellfire on his army, rather than Drogon who was chilling while they all saddled up. I mean, it’s just a guess, but it’s truly the ONLY logical explanation I could come up with. 😐 

Dany reaches immediately for Jon, but a wight charges, and Jon turns to dispatch it, as well as a few of its comrades while the others climb atop Drogon. You know, Jon being the hero he was accused of earlier in the episode? The NK marches forward and takes aim at Viserion -who is still fucking up his army (as I mentioned above, and why I think he may have targeted him), as Jon continues to blindly fight the wights instead of climbing his dumbass on the fucking dragon! Why? So it can be HIS fault for what happens next, of course! 

I legit cried when Viserion died. I’m a grown-ass woman, and I don’t give a shit! It was heartbreaking, to watch him plummet from the sky and crash into the lake, his eye drifting closed as he slipped below the ice … and personally, I think Dany’s facial expression nailed it: gut wrenching shock. As a mother, my heart broke for her, even though I know that the dragons future demise is necessary. 

An angry Jon charges right towards the NK for a standoff, as if he took Beric’s words to heart and was prepared to sacrifice himself right then and there to kill the NK and save the whole damn world! But the NK doesn’t want to scrap -instead, he reaches for another ice spear, and Jon seeing that he intends to take out another dragon, screams for them to go. 

He turns to sprint for Drogon (I guess? Because Drogon had already begun to take off?) but he’s tackled by wights and dragged into the icy water. The group hauls ass into the air as an ice spear whizzes towards them, but Drogon avoids it and almost sends Jorah to an early grave. Dany glances back for any sight of Jon as Drogon flies them to safety. 

After the dragons fly off, the NK and his army nonchalantly shuffle on as if nothing happened. We get a shot of Longclaw by the ice hole and suddenly Jon lunges out of the water and uses its hilt to drag himself out of the icy lake. Soaked and frozen and probably figuring this is the end, he raises his sword to go out fighting and uncle Benjen drops in to save the day! He hauls a popsicle Jon onto his undead? horse and tells him to ride for the pass, declining Jon’s offer to come with him and telling him “there’s no time”. Now -I’ve seen this part criticized, and I get it, I do -except what is Benjen supposed to do? He can’t pass the wall -he’s dead too. Guess he figured it best to go out fighting then endless undead loneliness. Maybe he figured he had no more dumbass nephews to save from beyond the wall anymore? Whatever the case, it was sad to see yet another Stark perish -even if he was technically already dead. 

We’re back at Eastwatch now, and the Hound is dumping Bones in a dingy, as Beric says farewell and they’ll meet again. The Hound says he fucking hopes not, but I don’t think he means it. 😉 Atop the wall, Dany gazes forlornly at the landscape below, as Jorah tells her it’s time to go (and calls her “Your Grace”, and not Khaleesi? Since when?). As she turns to leave, the horn blows and Benjen’s horse comes into view (and where have I seen this scene before?) only this time, WITH a rider. Hey -how the fuck did he get his horse back, anyway?

The Targ ship unfurls its sails, and we’re in Jon’s cabin as Davos literally peels the frozen furs from his trembling body, and sweet mary mother of God, Kit’s abs! 😍 As Jon freezes to death, I’m just praying that Davos continues with his disrobing of Jon (and the camera follows), but nope … 😔 Dany watches from the doorway with a mixture of worry, awe and since she’s only human, probably lust (I feel you girl, I really do). On a serious note: she’s privy to all those horrid scars that were never stitched and are still literal almost gaping gashes in his chest -and one directly over his heart. I bet Davos’ words are ringing in her ears again. 

After that gratuitous abs scene, we head back to Winterfell, where Sansa is snooping through Arya’s room -probably looking for the letter. Instead, she stumbles onto Arya’s face collection. WTF! Naturally, Arya catches her snooping, and begins to terrify Sansa, and myself collectively, with some creepy dialogue that rings as an ominous threat -except, well … let’s break this down a bit. She is sharing some of her past. She wants to play the Game of Faces, but Sansa is not having any of this shit.

I’m pretty sure that Arya drops a MAJOR foreshadowing bomb here: “We both wanted to be other people when we were younger. You wanted to be a queen, sitting next to a handsome king on the iron throne and I wanted to be a knight riding off to battle." 

Okay, back to the terrifying conversation… Arya: "With the faces, I can become someone else, live in their skin, speak in their voice. I can even become you …”

*she picks up the catspaw dagger and steps closer to Sansa* 

 (With the dagger in her hand): “I wonder what it would feel like, wearing those pretty dresses, to be the Lady of Winterfell. All I’d need to find out is your face.”

 *she flips the dagger and hands it to Sansa HILT first* 

 When Sansa takes the dagger, Arya casually turns and leaves the room.

ARYA WAS PLAYING THE GAME OF FACES. Yes, it’s shitty, and she gave her sister a mini stroke, but here’s the thing: I believe they are BOTH playing Little Finger separately -to protect one another AND Jon, they just don’t realize that the other is doing it yet. I’m fully confident that either Bran is going to sit our Starklings down, or they’re going to figure it out on their own. And speaking of Bran, where the hell is he? Is he off with Varys? WTH?! 

Okay, and we’re finally at the scene that y'all were dreading …. Jon’s eyes drift open to a teary-eyed Dany who’s relieved to see him wake. Immediately, he apologizes for her loss. She shakes her head and lowers it to hide her tears (probably trying not to make him feel worse), and Jon reaches for her hand. He tells her he wishes he could take it back and that they’d never gone. Dany shakes her head again and disengages her hand. She disagrees -she needed to see to understand. 

She tells him that the dragons are her children -the only children she’ll ever have, and asks him if he understands what she’s trying to convey. Jon shakes his head yes, as Dany vehemently professes her support in helping Jon defeat the NK. 

Now, I received an ask earlier last week when this episode leaked, about whether I thought Dany was doing this only for vengeance -and certainly, that does factor into her decision, I’m sure. And I don’t fault her one fucking bit, tbh. I’m a mother -if you hurt my kids, I’m coming straight for you -why do you think the term “mama grizzly” was coined? But, on the other hand -she’s now seen this horrific undead army, and what they are capable of. As someone who freed slaves, it only makes sense that she’d want to help make sure that humanity is not enslaved by the NK and the dead. This is WHY Dany is here, you guys. Not to be queen. Not to be Jon’s wife. But to help save humanity with her fire-made flesh dragons, and die in a very messianic way -as such has been the arc they built her character upon. 

Jon immediately thanks her, and calls her Dany. She’s taken aback -and explains that no one has called her that in a very long time. She brings up Viserys and in a roundabout way, says he was a dick, as to which Jon replies: “alright, not Dany. How about my queen? I’d bend the knee, but …” he nods his head towards his injured state, as Dany asks about the people who’ve sworn allegiance to him (because she suddenly cares about that now?) and Jon says (and like I TOLD YOU ALL LAST WEEK when I watched this leaked scene, how very important and almost foreboding his words are): “They’ll come to see you for what you are.” 

WHAT YOU ARE. Not who you are. Not how caring you are. Not anything other than ambiguously WEIRD: what you are!!! 

Dany is still touched by this seemingly heartfelt declaration, and with more tears welling in her eyes, grasps his hand and proclaims that she hopes she deserves it, and Jon reassures her that she does. After some silent eye contact, she pulls her hand free from his grasp and tells him to get some rest. 

He obliges and closes his eyes, and then when she leaves the room, his eyes reopen and he looks -guilty? As he releases what sounds like an exasperated sigh. 

And finally, we end the night with the dead dragging Viserion from the icy depths with some heavy duty chains, and the NK reanimates him. Okay, I just have to say how fucking stupid that is. Where did these massive chains come from? Why didn’t he just raise his arms and raise Viserion like he did the Wildlings at Hardhome? It would have been a lot cooler if he came lunging out of the water all blue eyed, rather than be dragged up with chains. Ugh whatever! 

Okay, so for a penultimate episode, I’m not majorly impressed, but I didn’t hate it.

So, some things we need to go back and touch on (as noted throughout). Have you all figured out where I was going with it? Yes? No? 


We got Ygritte callbacks with “Gingers are kissed by fire”. We got the Jon/Beric convo which was kind of reminiscent of Half Hand/Jon’s convo when they were with the Wildling’s as prisoners, and Jon even recited a piece of his Nights Watch vows! We’ve got Tormund bringing up Mance, and his refusal to kneel AND we’ve got an almost replicated scene (horn blowing and all) of Uncle Benjen’s horse riding for the gate of the wall, only this time, WITH a rider! 

What does that remind me of? Well, a previously duplicitous undercover Jon infiltrating the Wildlings -using them to achieve his goal of getting back to Castle Black alive, to warn the Watch of the impending attack and to do his duty -hold the Wall against the Wildlings. How did he do that? By deceiving Ygritte -despite his feelings. 

Now, I’m not saying I’m right, and it’s just a theory -but I truly do believe that Jon is playing Dany. BUT, I also truly believe that he does like her, and that he does really believe she has a good heart. She did just lose one of her children to save him and the crew …  Jon’s odd and ambiguous words: “They’ll see you for what you are” is for our benefit -a clue to know where the story is headed. However, I do think that the fact that he actually admires and cares for her (cares, NOT loves) is making him feel pretty shitty for what he is/has to do, on top of the guilt he feels for being at fault for Viserion’s death. 

It’s no coincidence that he couldn’t look in her eyes when he offered to bend the knee. It’s also very telling that he did so when no one was around to hear/witness this. While Dany has been wearing her obvious heart eyes on her sleeve for a few episodes now, Jon has been pretty guarded, he hasn’t shared ANYTHING personal, his expressions have been odd -and blank, mostly (as in this scene, as well) … this developing “romance” has felt “off”. With Dany’s attraction being so blatant, I think that Jon easily picked up on her feelings for him, and he’s using that -playing on those feelings, to secure an alliance. 

So why is this necessary if Dany already agreed to help him? Truth be told, I feel like Jon just doesn’t fully trust her. Good heart or not, she is a stranger, he’s seen her temper and how quickly she turned on Tyrion that day -this is Jon being smarter than Father (also brought up several times in the episode -as well as his honor) and Robb -who ironically was also brought up in this episode by way of Sansa’s letter! 

Addressing the weirdness of Jon calling Dany, “Dany”? I believe this was to assert a familial tie -in the same episode where her brother was brought up, and ironically, the dragon that died, was named for. They are reminding us they’re actually FAMILY (incase we forgot) because of what’s going next episode, y'all. They want us to be kind of squicked out when it happens. 

All the mentions of Dany’s inability to conceive? Well, for two reasons, really- to hit us (and Jon) over the head with the fact that Dany can’t get pregnant, so boatbang can happen, basically -and Mr. “doesn’t want to sire a bastard”, feels confident to hang up his vow of celibacy if there’s no shot of getting Dany pregnant. And also, for all of our tongues to be wagging about “oh no, could their be a magic Targ baby”? like many have been. A red herring for the red herring, anyone? A baby requires a time jump -a time jump cannot happen -the dead are literally KNOCKING on the Wall. If you’ve got a logical explanation for me -let’s have it. And yes, I’ve heard the shadow baby theory, and while I think it’s uber cool, I’m not really onboard with it -who would it kill, as that is their purpose?

Also -the NK and his Generals are impervious to fire -unlike the wights. But -will dragon glass and Valaryian steel kill the NK? I’m starting to doubt that … 

 And before I sign off on this, I wanted to address one more thing (that I specifically looked for in my re-watch) -the mention I saw floating around here, of the Wolf eyes on Longclaws hilt opening as Jon emerged from the frozen lake -it did look like that, but it was just a shadow-a trick of the light, if you go back and watch it. 😉 

 Thanks for tuning in again. See you next week for my final recap of the season. And FYI: my kiddos start school the next day, so I can’t stay up til 2 am recapping -my recap will be posted on Monday, instead. ✌🏻