i lost my psp

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I'm pretty sure you've already answered this but who or how did you get into the persona series? 🤔

aha it’s a funny story actually… back in 2010 (or 2009?) my older sister made me get p3p for our psp bc she wanted to play it and i was REALLY skeptical about it. i was like “uhhh this looks like it SUCKS” and she’s like “it’s popular so i wanna play it, just get it” so i did. but she nEVER touches any games she asks for, so she never did play it. and one night i was SO bored that i decided to start p3p just so i can make fun of it and…….. well, let’s just say someone stayed up for 3 days just to finish it. (i hate my sister she gets to run off freely unharmed by p3p while i was just a victim.) that was my first playthrough as minato! i was in the p3p fandom for a while but i left after a few months bc i didn’t want to see spoilers of akihiko’s social link BC I LOST MY PSP SHORTLY AFTER FINISHING MINATO ROUTE so i wasn’t able to date akihiko and i wanted to see it for myself. 4 years later, on 2014, i finally played hamuko route and here i am now before you. :D

it’s funny remembering this bc on my first minato playthrough, i didn’t give a single shit abt akihiko until near endgame. i thought he was ugly.