i lost my gloves again though


An Anon requested Reylo Burlesque Drabble (song is You Know What I mean by Cults https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UXeLGCxJwhw)


It’s not enough that Kylo made partner six months ago.

It’s not enough that he can’t remember the last weekend he had off.

Apparently, it’s not even enough that Kylo’s personally logged in over twenty hours this week on this client. No, obviously, none of that commitment matters because he’s been requested to provide the night’s entertainment for Mr. Snoke, to act like a first-year lemming. To sacrifice and serve as a powerful man’s personal concierge in a city that Kylo knows little to nothing about since he’s always laboring while so rarely enjoying any sort of fruiting.

Wedged under anybody else’s thumb was a position that didn’t suit Kylo Ren one bit, and he jerked his earpiece off with a groan.

Cursing under his breath, he yanked his tie loose to alleviate the pressure tightening around his jugular, but it was no good. It wasn’t his neck that he longed to lay his hands on, and so Kylo directed his fingers back through his hair. Messing up the perfectly gelled dark strands until a few hung over his brow, and even that upset him. No matter what he did, there wasn’t enough of him to pick and pull out that would calm the annoyance of being unable to even comfort himself by slamming down a phone after the order he’d received from Snoke’s assistant.

Why are phones too damn expensive to throw around these days?

Aggressively pressing down the intercom button on his desk, Kylo waited. Fingers tapping to time how many seconds it took his assistant Poe to respond as he craved an excuse to yell at anyone, but before he could get to two seconds the buzz came back. “Yes, sir.”

“Damn it,” Kylo growled under his breath.


“Two questions.”

“Shoot,” his capable assistant answered back.

“How much does it cost for an old-fashioned work phone?”

“Are you asking because you’re angry again that you can’t slam your cell?”

“No,” Kylo indifferently disputed, but the half second pause gave him away. Leaning back in his chair, he positively glared at his ocean view outside as he heard a faint snicker on the end of the line.

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Part 47 - Talk it Out

Down the Voltage Rabbit Hole is an ongoing story about our MC, who could easily be anyone in voltage fandom. She woke up in hospital bed only to discover that she’d somehow been transported Voltage universe.

This story is ongoing, so if you missed a part, or are new to the story, please use the link to the masterpost below to catch yourself up:


Part 47 - Talk it Out

The last time I’d been caught in a love triangle in this world, I’d hated every second of it, and my current love square was just as uncomfortable.

As it came to light that they were all romantically involved with me, the tension grew. Like most normal people, I was completely ill equipped to handle the situation, despite having played a slew of these games and having fantasized over what it would be like to have my own harem one day. 

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love made You so many things.

You were an asteroid / a burning rock
all fire and awe and man, i wished i were You
and when You landed
You lost the momentum of Your fiery wings
You looked at me

You were zeus / all thunder and lightning and pure royalty
i’d never found risk like that in my life
You and Your cars and Your boxing gloves / You were the only thing that made me feel real again
those train track nights You took me out and promised
i made a god swear to quit his addiction / only i realize now the addiction was me

You were what they call a pipe dream / here one moment, gone the next
i suppose that was my fault? You left You left You left
You, though, and Your words and Your lies
i guess that’s why You were what you were / i forgot the best of dreams can turn into nightmares

You were the sun / always smiling
i know You had it worse, with Your fights and Your family
were they Your family if they treated you that way?
for the record, even after You went home and came back with bruises
You were still beautiful

You were apollo / god of the sun
You shined so brightly, but i knew / i knew what was going on inside
i remember the first day i met You
i wrapped up Your bleeding fists and chest in expensive wire gauze / You saw through my money and my clothes
and God, i loved you from the start

You were hermes / stealing my damn heart
what with those oil marks on your shoulders
i never told you i messed my car up on purpose so i could see You
You had eyes like his / golden and blue and holding the world
messenger of the gods, huh, with those flying shoes / was that why it was so easy for You to run away?

—  you (part i in iii of the point of view series)
l.j. / 8.5.17
Into the next moment

“We need to bring her over now.  They can do report when they get here.”  the manager of the other unit said a look of taut worry on her face.  We nodded and quickly got our room ready.

You could hear the moans of pain as they pushed the stretcher down the hall.  As they aligned the stretcher to the bed, my stomach clenched.  A tech was holding pressure on the biggest hematoma I had ever seen.  I glanced at the patient and my heart ached for her.

Her eyes were clenched shut as a steady trail of tears slid down her weathered cheeks.  Her lip was quivering and a continuous verbalization of how much pain she was in tripped from her mouth.  She was elderly, her short curly hair was matted down and her glasses askew as she sobbed. We pulled her into our bed and I quickly applied pressure above the hematoma in an attempt to stop the blood from accumulating.  The tech continued to express the hematoma as I crushed my hand into her groin.  Blood coated our gloves.  Her blood pressure was low and her cries of pain heart wrenching.  

The cardiologist walked in and I asked for pain meds. 
“Uh… her blood pressure… I just don’t feel comfortable. She got something earlier.”  He said brushing me off.

“Well, She doesn’t feel comfortable either.  This is torture. We already have her on fluids and pressors- we can turn them up… give her something.” I said firmly, staring him down.  

The patient whimpered under my hand and began a mantra that no nurse ever wants to hear.

“Oh please… PLEASE… just let me die. It hurts too much.  I can’t do this.  Please let me die.”  Her voice silenced us in the room.  I glanced at the other nurses.

“No Ma'am.  I know this is agony.  We are going to get you something for pain…and we are going to try and get you better, OK?” I said softly and looked pointedly at the doctor hovering at the doorway.  He nodded assent and a nurse scurried off to get morphine. 

I continued to speak softly to her.  As the minutes ticked by, the vascular surgeon walked in and out, restlessly awaiting the OR teams arrival.  The groin started softening up, the hematoma stopped spreading and her blood pressure started creeping up.   The morphine calmed her and though she was still hurting, she felt better.

She was in no way stable but between the tech and I, we had her groin under control.  I held pressure until my hand lost all feeling and it was no longer safe for me to hold pressure.  I turned her over to her primary nurse.  I stripped my bloody gloves off and ran my hands under water to restore feeling.   Not long after I relinquished control, her bp slipped again and the hematoma started growing.  I felt a profound frustration and despite my hand still tingling I helped hold pressure again on the growing hematoma.  As the vascular surgeon went to put in an arterial line, our little patient started gasping and couldn’t breath.  Her heart started slowing and I started bagging her as they called a code overhead.  The room was soon flooded with doctors of every genre.  I spoke to the patient and her eyes flickered and she nodded.  I held the ambu mask over her and gave her extra oxygen by blow by.  A doctor started preparing to intubate her and I tried to stop him.  

“She is awake!” I told him as the patient blinked.

“What?” He said as he tried to take the ambu from me.  

“She is awake…Hey… Can you hear me?” I said looking at the patient.

She blinked at me and said in a tiny little voice.

“I am alright.”

I looked at the doctor and he hesitated and then shrugged. 

“I am alright” She said again.

The OR team arrived and in a whirlwind of white coats, green scrubs and anxious faces she was pushed towards the door.

“Thank you… for saving me.” She said weakly as they pushed her down the hall.

The cluster of navy blue clad nurses stood and watched the procession from the doorway of the now eeriely quiet room.  The pause felt heavy and each gathered their thoughts until a voice broke through.

“Hey… I need some help in here.” Said another nurse.

 In unison we moved into the next room, into the next crisis, into the next moment.