i lost my contact


Sunrise: M-Mod will be better at explaining all this..

Mod: Alright, so back in the days, around 3-4 years ago, I used to have a deviantart account and I had made quite a good amount of friends there. I had met a really good friend there whom I had seen grow alongside me on dA, so at some point, simply for fun, we had decided to ship our OCs together. His Oc was a blue unicorn, and later on we decided to give them a child. They had gotten married and Sunrise then got pregnant, giving birth to Starry Dew. After that quite a lot of things happened, and I sadly eventually lost contact with my friend, and later on completely just left DeviantArt, and I haven’t talked to him since then, so I didn’t keep the ship going, but kept Starry since he said himself he’d rather I keep her if something were to happen.

Here’s a picture my friend drew back then. My OC was a little different, her cutie mark wasn’t the same and her hair was more simple. 

As for the changeling, well, that was my ex-boyfriend’s OC. His OC was a changeling that was often just staying in pony form, and well, since he WAS my boyfriend, we shipped our OCs together. (I didn’t have a “ponysona” at the time.) I had made this little story where Sunrise met him as he was in pony form, and he hid his true identity from her for a while until he realized he fell in love with her and had to be honest. Since she was deeply in love with him too, she didn’t really care if he was a changeling, she loved him just the way he was. But well, things didn’t turn out too well between my ex and I, so I had to stop this ship too since it wouldn’t have been right and it would only bring back bad memories from me if I had kept it going. 

This is one of the only pictures I have left of them. I drew this a couple of months ago, but not too long after that we sadly broke up.

Hope that answers your questions!

Thanks for asking, @iamyourdoubt !


I shouldn’t draw Lindrel and Bull smooches. >8I

water through a stone

at the moment i supernova’d,
my sister lost her contact lens.

as i blaze through my life
setting everything aflame
some things are too moist to burn.

i own a fire hydrant.
but not in this particular poem.

my energy is equal to
the square root of
do i matter.

im thirsty now and shivering.
it rained last night at last.

  • I know I said u was going to leave but this weekend was SHIT. It was my birthday weekend and I got into fights with my parents and now we aren't even talking and it's my birthday. I lost my friends they haven't contacted me ether and my world is just fucking crushed. I haven't been this suicidal or willing to selfharm I'm such a long time I thought I was getting better

JunJun’s weibo translation


I am not sure how to express my feeling now…

Between 2013 and 2014, I lost my earliest email address password.

Since then, I lost contact with all the members.

Before, we could still contact each other through email…

And the last email was around when Aichan and I met in Beijing…

Later, I got an instagram account , 

through different method, I communicated with Aichan and Koharu for a few times

And one time I contacted Reina Senpai.

But since Instagram was not as convenient as Weico ( in her location) 

I could only get member’s update from MM fans’ comments or news from the internet…

Today my house got a new internet provider , and I signed up for an Ameba account and followed Rabbit Senpai. I could not send direct message to her , so I could only leave a comment. I wonder if she saw it.

At last, due to the inconvenience , I pushed myself to buy a VPN. 

Finally I contacted Koharu through Instagram today ,

and then I got her line account.

And for the whole afternoon, I tried to figure out how to install line app in iphone( Line app is not in the app store in her location ) 

At last , thanks my husband for helping me to settle it. 

And now I am ready !!

I was not sure how to express this, I felt happy, and looking forward to communicate with the other members. 

My husband said that I was so silly that whenever I watched those original video I would cry. I told him, “ I cried because I cannot see them” 

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: steven universe is such a cartoon full of mysteries. what creates gems? how gems were born? are there more than one gem from one type of gem? how does the gems discovered earth? what year is it? how's the earth going? does the humans enslaved by the gems? does the humans write the history about it? why would rose want to protect the earth and against the homeworld gems? how long does the war is going on? how's the humans life during the war? why was lapis trapped in the mirror? why would even rose want to kept amethyst with the crystal gems? how does the remaining crystal gems life after the war? where are they residing during that time? when does the temple constructed? how does the temple constructed? who constructed the temple? does the citizen of beach city of that time know about the temple? does the crystal gems isolated from humans? meanwhile, how's the homeworld condition after the war? how could they invent gem technology? did they steal humans technology? does the gem weapon there is evolving? and back in the earth, after rose giving steven birth, how does the crystal gems feeling about losing rose, especially pearl? how about greg's feeling? do they all feel sad? can the gems taking care of steven? how old is he when the series started? what year is it? how old is onion? what language is yellowtail and onion speaking? how do greg and yellowtail get along? how is the homeworld gems reaction when seeing lapis come back? where is the gem warship ruins moved to? where is peridot residing currently? WHERE IS MALACHITE RIGHT NOW?? do lapis and jasper even know where they is? when will they unfuse? why does malachite have 6 arms? how would peridot and jasper come back to the homeworld? does someone in the homeworld notice that peridot and jasper haven't coming back? if they do, will they go to the earth to check jasper and peridot? WILL THERE BE A HOMEWORLD VS CRYSTAL GEMS WAR IN THE FUTURE? should i ask garnet?
Glasses part two
  • Nick walks into the lobby wearing glasses
  • Clawhauser: Nick what's with the glasses
  • Nick: ugh I've lost my contact lenses
  • Clawhauser: i didn't even know you had contact lenses
  • Nick: yeah I try to keep it a secret but now these chunky things don't help
  • Judy walks into the room notices Nick and blushes
  • Nick: I was thinking of maybe getting laser eye surgery
  • Judy: NOPE
  • Clawhauser: when did you get here Judy?
  • Judy: doesn't matter
  • Nick: why can't I have laser eye surgery? They're my eyes
  • Judy: because I said so
  • Nick: you're not the boss of me. *smirks* I think there is something you're not telling me
  • Judy: what? No!
  • Nick: yes there is come on you can tell me
  • Judy blushes harder
  • Nick: well?
  • Judy: it's just. You look really good
  • Nick: huh?
  • Judy runs off embarrassed
  • Clawhauser: woah
  • Nick: looks like the eye surgery can wait. I've got a bunny to catch

2016 is almost over, and even though i am drowning in revisions, i decided that thanking you all for this amazing year is more than worth it.

so much has happened in the space of 12 months, be it in here or in my life. i graduated, achieved one of my goals by entereing medical school and achieved another by meeting alycia debnam carey (and traveling for the first time on my own!). i made friends, lost some others, contacts intertwining and breaking away as i gradually tried to become a better version of myself everyday. i reached my first milestone on tumblr and met so many amazing people i can now be proud to call friends, no matter how far we live from one another, or how much different we all are.

i can definitely say that 2016 has been a pushing-limits year for me, and i laughed and cried all the same while going through whatever life had in stock for the little bean that i am.

so that’s for you, peeps. tumblr is far from being a safe haven for everyone, but you guys have contributed to make it feel like it is for me. i am not on holidays, but i wish you all a good one. love yourself and those around you, god knows how much love is needed right now.

everything is under the cut :

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Calling of your heart-strings, an August Rush Fitzsimmons AU