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Glasses (Newt Scamander)

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Pairing: Newt Scamander/Reader
Words: 500+
Warning(s): None
A/N: I tried my best to make it as fluffy as I could.
Request: can you do a newt x reader where newt finds out the reader wears glasses (like they usually wear contacts but desperate times call for desperate measures)

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Musical Fingers (Archie x Reader ) part 2

Part one 

Request; kinda my request are open though

Warnings; smut ,sin , smut , sin and more sin

A/ N : it’s kind of short but oh well . Also gif not mine

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“I wouldn’t miss out on you and your musical fingers for nothing” I say as he pushes me against the door and I kick off my shoes.

He starts kissing me again this time hard and demanding i kiss back as our mouths fight for dominance. He tries to win by slapping my ass but his trick doesn’t work . He pulls his lips aways letting me breathe as he whispers “jump” .I do as he says and he carries me to bed. Throws me in the mattress and starts kissing my neck sucking , biting licking as small moans escape my mouth. He starts taking off my shirt.

One swift movement and my shirt is laying on the floor. He kisses my neck and keep lowering down until he reaches my breasts. He unclaps my bra with one hand. How does he even manage to do that like that must take years of practice.I’m pulled away from my thoughts as he starts nibbling on my left breast and a couple of moans escape my mouth.

He comes back up and kisses me and thats when I flip us over. Who’s in charge now he watches as I take of his shirt and I see a smirk plastered on his face.I start kissing his neck and go down his stomatch and stop just above his jeans. I take them off slowly and seductively as he groans out in frustration. I can see the bulge through his pants and i know he’s anxious. I manage to slip them out and then straddle him as I rock my hips. He groans again. I lower my self and start kissing down his V line but not taking off his boxers yet. I palm him through his boxers and he lets out a moan.

“Stop teasing babe you know I want this as much as you do ” he says panting.I take of his boxers and put my hand on his cock and beginning moving up and down. I can hear him cussing under his breath and this is what I want. Taking him by surprise .I slip his cock in my mouth and start bobbing my head up and down. He’s moaning loudly and that brings pleasure to my ears. I stop the contact and he whines. And I begging to kitty lick it. He looks down at me and I start batting my eyelashes to seem innocent.

He smirks and I know this turns him on. I slip his cock in my mouth again and begin bobbing my head. This time he grabs my hair guiding me.I keep doing it and I feel him quicken the pace and pulling my hair a little harder. I sense the twitch inside of my mouth and he comes undone. “Be a good girl and swallow” I hear him say.I obey and clean him up.

I go back on top of his hips and he flips us over and starts kissing me roughly.He starts kissing my neck and goes down he takes of my pants and throws them to the side. He teases me throught my panties using his finger and I grow desperate and he sees that.He’s enjoying this. He suddenly takes off my panties and unexpectedly he dives in. His Tounge does wonders down there and I feel my self loosing control moaning screaming.Grabbing onto the thin sheets that cover the bed. I feel myself get close but suddenly there’s lost of contact. I whimper at this and open my eyes to a smirking Archie What a jerk.

Suddenly I feel him towering over me. He has a condom in his hand . I don’t know where it came from but I don’t question it. He slides it on and he slams into me and I feel the pleasure once more. Every stroke feeds my hunger and crave for him. He kisses me and we are both a moaning mess. It feels so good and i can’t think of anything else but the pleasure.As he goes in deeper I grab onto his back and I know I’ll leave scratch marks but it doesn’t matter since we are enjoying it and this will mark my territory.

He starts quickening his pace and I know he’s close and so am I. He slams into me a few more times before we both come in unison.
He falls on top of me and I can hear him panting and I am too. He gets off me and lays next to me.

“ So you like my musical fingers ? ” he says with a raised eyebrow and a smirk.

“ now that I know they do more than play the guitar yes I do ” I say laughing.


Hey guys here part two thank you so much for asking for it. Lowkey fun to write I feel really dirty right know but oh well I’ll be al right but I have a Reggie smut coming soon * laughs evilly* I just feel like my baby boy Ross doesn’t get enough recognition so yea idk when that’s coming tho so yah gotta wait but requesttt some imagines people


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“Our first hello and final goodbye.” [a]

Jeon Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Fluff x Angst

Inspired by: Lost Boy - Troye Sivan

Format: Text Post 

[Prologue] [a] [b] [c] [d] [e] [f]

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Y/N’s p.o.v

I remember when I first met him. It was a day during Spring where I was invited to Music Bank’s anniversary to duet with a male idol. Sorry I forgot to introduce myself, I’m Y/N Y/L/N, I’m 21 years old and I act for a living. Anyway, that’s how our story begun, I remember everything. Every moment, every memory, every time I looked into his eyes, I remember them all… So let me take you back to when I first met, Jeon Jungkook. 

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I’m back from the trip that I neglected to post I was going on. :) So, if I’ve been a little scarce, that was why. I’ve caught up with Originals Only turned on, so I’ve seen original posts but pretty much no reblogs. On the off chance you reblogged anything you particularly wanted me to see, drop me a line?

(Trip was really good and now I feel tired.)

Glitch In The Matrix Stories #26

My Dog Was Just As Confused As I Was

I was home alone with my dog. I went into my bedroom and sat on the floor to play fetch for a few minutes. I tossed the tennis ball a few times, and he brought it back as usual. The next time I threw it, it bounced off a wall back towards me and hit the door frame. I never actually heard it hit the second time. I never saw it bounce or roll away.

My dog eagerly went to that spot to retrieve it, but when he got there, he paused and looked around. I went to see if the ball was there because sometimes he will suddenly stop chasing the ball. It was not there. I figured maybe it bounced off so quickly that neither of us saw it, so I went into the living room to see if it stopped on our super fluffy rug. It wasn’t there either. I looked under the couch. Nope. I couldn’t figure out what happened to it.

I went into the kitchen a few minutes later, and there it was, behind the bar. I was extremely puzzled because for this to happen, it would have had to roll across my rug, under my couch, and around the bar. In all, it would have had to roll about 25 feet. The rug is super fluffy (too much friction), and I know for a fact I did not toss it with enough force for it to roll that far over the rug.

Maybe it bounced across the living room after hitting the wall? If so, I would have had to throw it pretty hard.

I still have no idea what happened or how the ball got where it did. I know my dog didn’t find it and bring it to the kitchen because he was next to me the whole time. I’ve been trying to come up with every possible scenario and remain stumped.

Credits to: valyrianqueen

A ‘Glitch’ That Happened To My Dad And My Sister

The other day I was at my parents’ house and we had been talking about the Mandela effect, as my dad and I have become quite obsessed with the topic lately. Well, that conversation eventually turned toward some creepy childhood things that happened to my dad, that he likes to tell me about from time to time. This thing in particular is something that had slipped my mind until he reminded me.

When my dad was a child, he lived on quite a large chunk of land. There was around an acre of just land, and then around back and to the side were acres and acres of woods. This land is still in my family to this day, and I love it there so much. I used to visit there every weekend with my siblings and lots of strange/creepy things happened there. Anyway when my dad was a kid, he used to play in the woods all the time with his brother, until all hours. There was this one area deep in the woods that was void of trees, that they used to visit often to play in. This was one of their favorite areas of the woods to visit.

One night in the summer before the sun was completely gone, they were headed toward their spot to play. But as they got nearer they started hearing crows and people’s voices. When they got to their spot.. It wasn’t empty. There was a huge, old house there with a wrap around porch, and crows hung around in cages. The lights were on in the house, and there was a woman in a rocking chair on the porch, and a man with a gun standing next to her. They were having casual conversation like nothing was amiss, even though just the day before they didn’t even exist.

Naturally, my dad freaked out and shouted “They weren’t here yesterday!!!” The man noticed them, got really angry and started to walk toward them. My dad and his brother ran away and went back home. He told me the next time they found the courage to visit that spot, the house was gone. And this is something that continuously happened to him and his brother from time to time as they were growing up.

Now, this story sounds made up. It sounds like something that he would just tell me to scare me and I wouldn’t have believed him.. Except I know he wasn’t lying. I know he wasn’t lying because my sister and my half sister experienced the same thing.

When I was little, around 6 or 7, when we used to visit my dad’s old house, my older sister and my half sister (Who I thought was my aunt at the time) used to go out and play without me sometimes while I watched Disney movies in the living room. My half sister lived with my grandparents at the time, so naturally we spent a lot of time there. Anyway that day I spent my time at the house because they just wanted some time alone.

That night, around 7 or 8 (I don’t remember that well), my sister and half sister came in through the door in a rush. My sister had tears in her eyes and my half sister was extremely excited. My sister told me that they had been playing in the woods, and come across a house that was never there before. She said it was a big house, with a wrap around porch and crows all around in cages. She was really scared and I know she wasn’t lying, she’s always been a really bad liar.

At that point in time, neither of us had heard that story from our dad. I was too young to hear about things like that, and my sister was easily scared, so our dad didn’t tell us anything like this until a lot later in life. So my dad and my sister both experienced the same exact thing, and neither of them have mental problems so I’m almost certain it was no hallucination.

Credits to: punchtheneko

Sometimes I Feel Like I’m In 2 Places At Once

For example, when I woke up this morning I felt as if I was in a New York apartment several stories up, even though I’m in California. I had visuals too, there was a window in front of my to my right that didn’t have any curtains on it, and I could see the people below walking and hear all the cars passing by.

Another example, sometimes I will be walking down the street or sitting on my porch and feel that I’m in another country, it’s different countries every time. When I say I “feel” somewhere, I mean I feel it in my soul or something, along with feeling a different way, like the vibe and atmosphere changes around me. It’s really cool though, since I do want to travel someday.

Credits to: EvanSt19

Something I Hallucinated Is Real

First let me qualify this by saying that part of this story is influenced by powerful psychoactive substances. But that is not the glitch part - well, it is related. What moved me to write this post occurred totally sober. In fact, I have not taken any drugs in years since this particular experience.

In 2011 I had just started college and met a new crowd. I was inexperienced with drugs, but started smoking weed with some new friends I met. A few months into the semester and my buddy comes over one day and mentions that he is about to be getting a bunch of really strong Salvia. I had never done anything other than weed and drinking, but researched Salvia a bit and decided it seemed like something worth trying. It seemed pretty harmless since it supposedly only lasted a few minutes and was even legal.

I had no fucking clue what I was getting myself into. If you are not familiar with Salvia, it is powerful stuff. Not “make you feel goofy” kind of stuff, but mercilessly run the fabric of your reality through the inter-dimensional wood-chipper kind of stuff. I watched my friends smoke it and do stupid shit: they’d look freaked out and say weird things, go a little bonkers for a few minutes, returning with stories of weird hallucinations of “LegoLand” and strange distortions of their reality.

Being the newb I went last. I went gung-ho and took the fattest hit I possibly could. I held it in until I felt like my lungs were about to burst encouraged by my friends jeering. By the time I exhaled the smoke I was no longer in my body. I remember watching the cloud as it left my lungs and thinking how huge it was. I am not entirely sure what happened next. I felt myself beginning to cough and then I had this intensely strange and unpleasant sensation down the middle of my body, like I was being sawed in half.

The next thing I knew I was standing in line at a movie theater waiting to buy a ticket with my two daughters. They were young, maybe 8 and 12. Both blond. I think we are waiting to see an animated movie. I am a middle-aged man, my name is Jerry. Overall, it is a pretty normal day.

I would figure out most of this later. In the moment I didn’t bother to question it. Nothing was out of place. I was Jerry, and I was just going about my day, treating my daughters to the movie theater. I experienced the totality of being another person. There was no thought in my (Jerry’s) mind of my former self, of the hit of Salvia I just exhaled or anything else. I was just standing in line, waiting at the movie theater.

I can remember what I estimate amounts to about three or five minutes of being there, waiting in that line, looking around the theater. Just as I got up to the counter to buy a ticket, I felt that horrible sensation in the middle of my body again, like a buzz-saw making its way through my sternum. Then I lost contact with Jerry. There were more hallucinations after that, but they aren’t really relevant.

It took me a long time to cope with being Jerry. When my friends asked what happened I just told them about the horrible feeling and the weird colors and shapes I saw on the tail end of the experience. I didn’t say shit about Jerry to anyone for months. I was sure they would all think I was fucking crazy. None of my friends said anything remotely like this when they finished their hits. I still to this day wonder if we all had intense and inexplicable experiences and were just too afraid to talk about them, instead settling on descriptions of “LegoLand” and other garbage. But then I was also pretty afraid I was crazy.

I actually went through a period of depression after this but eventually overcame it, especially after finding some experience reports of Salvia users who had somewhat similar experiences to mine, including an account of a man who smoked a pure extract of Salvinorin A and claims to have experienced living as a tree for seven years. OK - so at least if I’m crazy I have some company.

So far this is all background information, and I know this is getting lengthy. But here is where this turns from a trip report into a glitch.

Last week I ran into Jerry and his two girls in Target. Prior to this, I had never assumed Jerry really existed. I was quite sure that he was entirely confined to my hallucination. But there he was, precisely as I remembered him, and his little girls looking just the same. They have not even aged.

Now, I never seen Jerry’s face. I never heard his name either. But there were two layers to this experience: I was looking around having a normal day, but I also was just totally another person. I can’t explain exactly how I know what Jerry looks like or what his name is, but I have no doubt in my mind what my name is, and a decent mental image of what I look like, and I was Jerry, and I’m not about to forget those things for either one of us.

So when I seen him in Target looking at cheap cheeses, I had no doubt. It wasn’t some dude who looked like Jerry with his two little blond doppelgangers. There was no fucking way. I just stared at them for a long time, trying to confirm it was them. I followed them around for awhile trying to get a good look at all of their faces. Eventually I got too freaked out and decided to leave. I’m not terribly subtle, and I’m pretty sure they knew I was watching them. I thought about talking to him but I had no idea what to say. Or if I’m crazy.

Credits to: streetsaheadlikeshia

you make my knees go weak

Characters: Joe Sugg X Reader

Summary: Joe and Reader are making a yoga video for his channel and Joe makes Reader’s knees go weak. Literally.

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Joe had practically begged me to make a video with him. He told me it was yoga video, like the ones he had made with Oli. 

We went shopping in the morning for matching yoga clothes.

“Ooh Joe, look at those, they’re cute!” I exclaimed while pointing at a multi-colored tank top and black leggings with the same pattern around the waist band.

“OH MY GOD! THAT’S SO FETCH!” shouted my boyfriend, referencing the film we watched the night before.

I laughed loudly at Joe and grabbed 2 sets of the leggings and shirt. Joe snatched 2 pairs of trainers that were similar to the outfit. Joe found a bandanna with the same pattern printed on it and I found a similar patterned scrunchie.

Joe payed for it all, much to my dismay and we walked back to his apartment where we will film the video.

We got changed into out new outfits.

“Oh wow, Joe, you look glamorous!” I exclaimed to the boy in front of me clad in a females yoga outfit and headband.

“Why thank you m’lady,” Joe pronounced in a posh accent, “You look absolutely marvelous!” He finished with a bow.

I giggled and pushed his shoulder, “C’mon you silly idiot.” I joked.

“Right you stay out of shot for a minute, honey.” Joe grabbed my shoulders and dragged me out of shot of the camera. Caspar was behind the camera and gave us a thumbs up to say I wasn’t in shot. 

Joe did his intro, “and with me today, is…. Y/N!!” Joe grabbed my arm and hauled me over to his side. I stumbled over my feet and fell into his chest and we both tumbled to the wooden floor.

We both hysterically snickered as we rolled on the floor.

We got into the video and Caspar showed the final and most difficult pose. The stronger person is on their back with their feet up and the lighter person is sat the stronger persons feet with their legs up and they’re holding onto their own ankles. 

We first tried to Joe as the one on the floor but I couldn’t keep balance on his feet so we ended up trying Joe sat on my feet.

Joe and I shared about the same weight but I was slightly shorter than him, so I didn’t know if I could carry his weight.

“Right, you ready Y/N?” Joe asked cautiously and looked over his shoulder to glance down at me, to which i gave him a thumbs up and a grin.

Joe shuffled onto my feet but with his feet still plastered onto the floor.

His feet slowly raised off the floor and he quickly attempted to grasp his ankles, but miserably failed as he lost balance and plummeted to the ground where I was. Joe landed right on top of me and we both grunted in pain.

“Sorry princess,” Joe apologized.

“It’s okay Joseph,” I softly replied while I ran my hands in his hair. My fingertips grazed his bandanna which was covering part of his hair and part of his forehead. I smiled and reached up to place to fully into his hair. “You literally make my knees go weak.”

The goofy boy smiled down at me and laid his forearms on the floor, beside my head.

“We are so goals right now Y/N,” Joe trailed off as his fingers played with the Y/H/C strands of my hair.

“Agreed,” I muttered quickly as my head raised of the floor and met his lips in a sweet, quick kiss. I pulled away from the kiss and scanned Joe’s face to see him with his eyes closed and eyebrows raised as if in pure surprise and pleasure. His eyes shot open once he realized he lost contact of my lips.

“Oh no, I don’t think so darling,” and in an instant, Joe’s head dipped down to mine and forcefully kissed my lips. The kiss was getting more heated, when suddenly a cough interrupted the moment. Joe reluctantly removed his lips from mine and looked up, his ocean blue eyes meeting Caspar’s baby blue orbs, who left the room before we kissed. 

“Am I intruding?” Caspar dumbly asked, to which I laughed and rolled my eyes.

“No, of course not, Cas.” Joe sarcastically muttered.

“Oh ok, let’s carry on with the video, ladies.” Caspar mussed playfully.

Joe stared at his friend with shock and playful disgust. I turned his head towards me and gave him a quick kiss on the lips, “We’ll carry on later, I promise,” I whispered in his ear. 

Joe gulped and smirked and shot up off me to finish the video faster. He hauled me up with him, whining, 

“Get up jelly legs, come on” 


I am pretty sure some of you guys have already read the article that was written about B.A.P on a French Magazine when they went to Paris for their PARTY BABY Tour. All I have to say that I was quite frustrated on what was written about them even though they were interviewed personally, they still have the very guts to write such demeaning article.

Yes, the lawsuit may have done them wrong but in my opinion, I’m quite happy they did that lawsuit because they need to stand up for what they believe is right especially when you are working for an entertainment agency, you need such agreement that will allow you to work at a schedule that would not cause so much of a harm to you physically and pay you correctly. Yes, the lawsuit made them lose their so called “popularity” but in my opinion, popularity is nothing to them. This is where I’ll go on ahead to talk about the passion of music that B.A.P have that many other groups may seem to lack.

B.A.P has this passion that other groups may not have. Yes, idols have passion towards what they release out in the industry but it seems to me that the music that are released are music that is trying to out-beat other idols music making it becoming a trend of music instead of music that speaks about the idols themselves, meaning a music that speaks to their own heart or life. 
B.A.P has released many passionate songs that speaks truly about their own personal life from their albums to solo songs (SoundCloud, LIVE Performance).

Yongguk has written so many songs about things that are going around the world (society), that at first listen, it is hard to grasp what it is trying to convey but the more you listen and pay attention to the lyrics, it is an emotional song. The members too have helped and composed their own songs by writing whatever is within their heart and aren’t afraid to let us listen to it. I noticed that Zelo’s composition are mostly about himself of being in the industry at a very young age and what he went through in the world (song: “no title” & “blessing”). 

Ever since they debuted, B.A.P has always experimented with different genres which I totally love because it is not your every day usual K-pop trendy songs that are very catchy. The ultimate different genres that you are able to listen is in the album < NOIR >. Different genres are blended in together that you cannot really know unless you pay attention to it. 

In my opinion, no. What’s really important is ones music. Like I said at the top, passion towards music is very important because without passion, how can you continue to create such amazing songs?

Why I say it’s an “honor of stanning B.A.P”? It is an honor because B.A.P is still B.A.P even after the whole lawsuit. They never gave up even though it was evident that there was no returned but they kept trying. They not only supported each other but BABYz also during their hardest day. They tried to communicate to us (especially Daehyun) to tell us that “EVERYTHING IS OKAY” when really they were hurting in and out. 

Their accomplishment may not be recognized by the whole nation or world, but we recognized them. Their angel hearts of donating and how they inspired many of us to do the same to the least fortunate. 

They inspire many people to continue “living” when they were about to give up. They are very humble about the winnings they get saying that their winnings is not about them but for the fans who worked hard. They are loving and caring not to only each other but to their fans. 

They are basically an inspiration to everyone and especially to me.

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IMPORTANT (for me anyways)

okay, so i have a lot of new faces here, maybe one of you have seen/interacted with her before. 

So I accidentally deleted my blog, and many of you know this. Probably all of you. In the accidental deletion, i lost contact with one of my best friends on tumblr. I don’t remember her username apart from that is began with an “a”. 

Her avatar, last i know, was this:

If you know of anyone with this avatar, please sent them this way. And if you dont mind, please reblog. 

FE Lost Heir - Ideas for Chon’sin Parallel Classes

Ideas for Chon'sin parallel classes for the Priest/Cleric, Mage, and Dark Mage classes. Also includes an alternate promotion for the Myrmidon class.

Thank you so much @random-delights for letting me indulge and do this!

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Alec Lightwood x Reader ( Gender NEUTRAL )

Warnings : strong language , insults , self-harm , blood

Request : Can you write an imagine w Alec? Alec and reader have a huuuuuuuge argument they says awful things to each other ( you know. yelling crying…) then they make up. Please make it romantic and fluffy. Luv u 💓

     “ I fucking hate you ! You’re the stupidest person that I ever had the misfortune to meet !” Alec yelled , his words hurting you like daggers .

     “ Fuck you , Alec ! I’m done with all your princess acting ! You came here everyday and think that you’re better than everyone but in reality you’re just a stupid bitch ! All that you can do is to hurt people and to say stupid jokes but your nothing more than this !” Alec flinched but he didn’t let any single emotion outside while you were sure showing all the hurt that his words caused .

     “ So , I’m the stupid bitch ? Let me remind you of the time when we found you into a club with your clothes ripped off and more than two persons touching you ! Or even better let me remind you of the time when you was out all night and you let every single person that wanted it to have their ways on you !” He was supposed to never say those words since they were a strong reminder of the times when all that you ever wanted was to die .

     “ That’s all that you’ve got ?! In those times I was trying to ease my pain, you ass ! My freaking parabatai died ! You don’t even know how this feel ! I fucking hope that one day you’ll find out so I’ll be able to see how you deal with the pain of losing a part of your soul ! You’re nothing but a selfish person , Alexander !” you didn’t really meant all the words that you said , all that you wanted was to hurt Alec as mush as he hurt you but it seemed impossible .

     “ You’re nothing but a whore to me . I don’t even want to see you around me ever again so you should go kill yourself , at the least you’ll do something good to the planet by doing that .” Alec said those thing without even thinking at how much he will hurt you , all that he wanted was for you to give up on this argument and let him win , but when the tears started to run down your face he immediately regretted saying those things . “(Y/N)…” he tried to talk to you , his voice coated in sorry but you already ran away .

     I can’t believe that he just said that . I’m such a fool . He’s fucking ALec Lightwood , he will never fall in love with me . I’m way to ugly and I’m not talented enough for him to like me but just as always I fall for the person whom doesn’t likes me at all . I try to hold on the tears but I just can’t . I let them fall and I feel the darkness starting to consume me . I went to the bathroom and pulled out the little pocket knife that belonged to my parabatai and I slided it over the skin of my wrists , the blood poured out instantly and I laid there looking at the blood while tears were still falling from my eyes and slowly I lost contact with the world .

     I woke up hours later , blood all over my arm . I quickly washed myself and I got dressed as we were going out on a mission just in a few minutes . As I was walking down the hallway Alec came beside me but I didn’t said anything I just rushed off and let him behind me as I wanted to be as far away from him as possible .

     The hunt lasted a lot but I decided not to return to the Institute with the others , instead I followed demons all over the city trying not to get drown on the darkness surrounding me .

     I returned at the dawn and to my surprise I was met by Alec instead of the lonely , silent hallways . In the moment when he saw me he rushed at my side and wrapped his arms around my body , holding me tight in his big , strong arms .

     “ Do never scare me like this again ? I love you ! I’m sorry for everything that I said to you I wasn’t even thinking about what was slipping out my mouth and I know that I was a complete asshole but I’m so so sorry ,(Y/N) and I hope that one day you’ll be able to forgive me .” he said so fast that you barely could understand his words .

     “ It’s okay .” you whispered softly and wrapped your arms around his middle as your head was resting on his chest . “ I love you too , more than anything !” you affirmed and looked up so your gaze was focused on Alec . He put a hand on your cheek and stroked it lightly before his lips touched yours , his kissing covering you in love and care .

     “ I’ll never say those words again and I promise that I’m always going to be here for you no matter what happens .” he mutter and you shake your head in approval as he kissed your forehead .

  • I know I said u was going to leave but this weekend was SHIT. It was my birthday weekend and I got into fights with my parents and now we aren't even talking and it's my birthday. I lost my friends they haven't contacted me ether and my world is just fucking crushed. I haven't been this suicidal or willing to selfharm I'm such a long time I thought I was getting better
uninteresting facts abt the sleepykenq

(if you steal this from me don’t tag me, there’s no need to)

001. Real name → -

002. Nickname → Skrill, Sleepykinq

003. Status → taken

004. Zodiac sign → Virgo

005. Male or female → male

006. Elementary → -

007. Middle School → -

008. High School → dropped out, I might get back soon

009. Smart → I wish

010. Hair color → black n green

011. Long or short → short

012. Loud or Quiet →  quiet

013. Sweats or Jeans → jeans

014. Phone or Camera → camera

015. Health freak → nah

016. Drink or Smoke? → nah

017. Do you have a crush on someone? nah I’m already taken

018. Eat or Drink → eat

019. Piercings → I’m planning on getting one soon

020. Tattoos → I wish, but I prefer to wait a few years first

021. Favorite color → green

022. favorite animal → Catto


023. First piercing → soon maybe

024. First best friend → can’t remember properly

025. First award → uh

026. First crush → can’t remember neither

027. First pet → ^

028. First big vacation → ^

030. First big birthday → my birthdays were always smol

031. First kiss → not yet


049. Eating → I should eat rn but I want to finish this first

050. Drinking → ^

052. I’m about to → screm

053. Listening to → sam’s beautiful voice

054. Plans for today → huh I dunno I might go to sleep early if I can

055. Waiting for → shrugs


058. Want kids? → I don’t think I would be able to stand kids

059. Want to get married? → not sure

060. Careers in mind → no idea


068. Lips or eyes → eyes

070. Shorter or taller → shorter

072. Romantic or spontaneous → don’t care

073. Nice stomach or nice arms → arms I like arms

074. Sensitive or loud → I’m fine with both

075. Hook-up or relationship -> relationship

077. Trouble maker or hesitant → I’m fine with both


080. Lost glasses/contacts → my eyes r fine I never had to use glasses or contacts

081. Ran away from home → no

084. Broken someones heart → you bet

085. Been arrested → no

087. Cried when someone died → no


089. Yourself → not really

090. Miracles → no

091. Love at first sight → it may happen to someone else but I struggle to believe it’ll happen to me

092. Heaven or reincarnation → no

093. Santa Claus ? → no

094. Sex on the first date → it may happen to someone else but I would never do that

095. Kiss on the first date → ^


097. Is there one person you want to be with right now → sam, I’m in a call with him rn but I’d love to be close to him

098. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life → mehhh it’s mediocre

099. Do you believe in God → I don’t have enough facts to prove they exist or not

100. Tagging the following people

shut the heck up