i lost it guys i lost it completely


Hhhh so about a week ago my laptop completely got fried and I lost WIPs of the artwork I was planning on posting for you guys. I’ve been searching for a new replacement but -roblox death sound- they’re really expensive. 

Currently I’m using a family member’s laptop to draw and do my work on, but I’m opening up commissions so I can have that extra money to fund for my new laptop. 

Commission Prices are listed here, even if it’s just a little bit the donations would go a long way…

Be sure to notify me here on tumblr or my email at nilybolt@gmail.com if you’re interested! Thank you so much! ♥


I talk all the time about how badly I want to see a world based off of Atlantis: The Lost Empire in Kingdom Hearts III. I put my money where my mouth is.

I will throw a HISSY FIT a chair if Square Enix denies us the opportunity to see the biggest nerd in all the worlds meet the biggest dork in all the worlds.





in like the past few weeks i’ve rediscovered my love for bollywood .. like sometimes i forget that until i was like 10 (??) the only songs i knew were bollywood songs and the only ~western~ films i used to watch were disney, other than that i just used to watch bollywood. like not 2 be deep but bollywood was my childhood and i have missed it


Wu: Imagine if someone handed you a box full of all the items you have lost throughout your life

Nya: It would be nice to get my sense of purpose back

Lloyd: Oh wow my childhood innocence! Thank you for finding this,

Jay: my will to live! i haven’t seen this in 15 years!

Cole: I knew I lost that potential somewhere!

Kai:  Mental stability, my old friend!

Wu: Guys, could you lighten up a little

Fat shamed on a date

So yesterday I finally got a chance to go on a date with someone I deserved. The guy was thinner than me and had glasses. He was only around 5 inches taller than me. Anyway, I found him on tinder and he seemed to be a good match. So around 6 in the evening, we went to an Italian restaurant.

It was a long drive there so we got to talk a lot. It turns out we both had similar interests in tv shows and advocacy for marginalized groups.

At the restaurant we both got a salmon dish with a side of fettuccini alfredo. It seemed to all be going well.

He then dropped me off at my house. Before I left a tried to lean in for a kiss but he refused. I asked why and he said that he can’t see it going beyond friendship because he wasn’t attracted to me that way. I was feeling bold yesterday so I asked him what exactly he wasn’t attracted to. In a very uncaring manner he said that he just wasn’t turned on enough by my body, but he did mention that he could reconsider dating me again if I lost weight since he mentioned that I was fun to talk to. That was when I completely lost it.

I then told him that I will always be naturally fat, and that there was nothing I could do about it. I told him how this was the size I would always be. I couldn’t believe someone could be that shallow. He liked everything else but my looks, which I cannot control. Afterwards, I said he was being fatphobic for telling me that I had to comply to his standards, so that I could be considered sexually attractive to him.

The guy wasn’t expecting that much rage coming from me, and then told me that what I said in my profile wasn’t what he was expecting in the first place,so he felt deceived but went through with the date anyway,because we had already planned it.

That was when I felt even worse, decided to leave, and refused to let him walk me to the front door. I’ve been rejected many times, but this time I got my hopes up and they were crushed. I’m still mad about it, but have decided to write about this in the morning because I was so tired. I’m so tired of blatant fatphobia when I’m dating, and this was just too much. I still have hope that I will find someone deserving of me, but yesterday that was not the case.

I want to give a shoutout to all my followers, and friends who have helped me feel better about myself, and I hope you don’t ever have to experience as much fatphobia in dating as I have. I love you all, and I hope you enjoy the work I put into what I do!


my favorite past time is forcing my own fashion style on my favorite characters :^) (also we’re getting a new anime!! how exciting is that!!!)

Writing my feels for VIXX 😭😂

I couldn’t shot a decent video while VIXX were on. I promised myself not make a crazy scene and try to get a fancam but I lost it right when Shangrila started to play. I was screaming my lungs out, I lost my voice. The two guys next to me gave me weird looks because I was quiet through out all performances of the other artists then completely lost my sanity when it was their turn. 😂 I met a fellow starlight who was seating next to me who also can’t managed to keep herself together. 😂 And so many non-fans turning into one 🙌🏼 THEY SLAYED IN EXCELSIS!!!

During VIXX Fanmeeting, Ravi & Leo kept ignoring me 😭 coz I keep calling them out (I wasn’t yelling or anything, I just kept saying “Hi Ravi! Hi Leo!”, I’m a little sad) 😅 so I said hi to Hongbin instead during photo-op and he immediately responded and said Hi as well (I almost died, those damn dimples man, they show up and suck your soul) then I just kept making finger hearts to Ken (he smiled at me and it was magical… LIKE UNICORN WERE FLYING EVERYWHERE MAGICAL) Hyogie is a giant OMFG!!! He’s all grown up and so manly and so cute at the same time. How is that possible? HE WAS BEING SO ADORABLE!!! And let me tell you about Hakyeon!!! HIS SKIN COLOR IS SOOOO NICE AND HE WAS GLOWING (ALL OF THEM ACTUALLY AND I THOUGHT I WAS SEEING ANGELS). He seemed a bit tired though. The MC actually said that both him and N represent dark-skinned people in Kpop and everyone cheered and Hakyeon smiled at us.. He was genuinely happy. Anyway back to my main biases, Ravi’s handsomeness can’t be captured in films!!! HE’S WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY BETTER LOOKING IN PERSON. He seemed so shy too.. I wanted to ask about his “butt” but the only word that came out of my mouth was “Hi” repeated. 😭😭😭 Leo on the other hand is so elf life.. Idk how to say it, maybe I’m just being biased 😅 but words fail me. I can’t seem to find a word to describe how good-looking and ethereal he is. It’s like is he even real???? Idk guys, I just felt that I was dreaming the whole entire time, everything happened so fast. I’m just writing this down so I don’t forget any details and during the audience pass for VIXX, N danced to Despacito 🙌🏼


So, this snoozefest of a 2 hour movie where Robert has about 1 minute of screentime total, mostly spent talking about opening boxes, is actually a super big deal in my neighborhood, ISN’T THAT RIGHT @semiautomaticheart

Strange that this whole thing is so the drama around these parts considering HE ISN’T EVEN THE ONE OPENING THE BOXES

…he does look EXCELLENT in that coat, however.

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You guys are awesome. So, I'm hoping you can maybe help find a sterek fic, where Stiles is in college and his roommate (?) is all "that poor kid who doesn't have time to go to parties or date or anything (Stiles is getting his degree in fewer years than he has to) and at the end it's revealed it's bc he and Derek has a kid, and roommate is all "Ah, that makes sense though". Thank you for finding "lost" fics for us :)

loveyprophet thinks they found this for you!  -Emmy

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His by neil4god 

(1,743 I Not Rated I Complete)  *sterek, college au

He was always alone, head stuck in a book or glued to his phone. He never seemed to talk to anyone, was too busy running from class to the library and back again. Kent couldn’t help but feel bad for him, after all he was his room-mate and he could see just how alone the poor guy was. At least, that’s what he assumed, turned out he didn’t know the first thing about Stilinski.


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“We weren’t meant to be. We should have never kissed. I should not have become that weak soul which needs you. We shouldn’t have met, but we did.”

Summary: I call him devil because he makes me want to sin. And every time he knocks… I can’t help but to let him in…

Hoseok was my brother’s best friend. He was nothing but bad news, but the more I spent time around him… the more I couldn’t help but to fall for him…

Temptation is a dangerous thing… especially with a guy like him…

Previous Parts:

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5 // Part 6 // Part 7 //

Part 8 is here~ 

More Parts: 

Part 9 //


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So I just finished Lord of Shadows. And I have no one to talk about it with, and I'm extremely emotional, so I'm gonna let out my feelings (be warned, spoilers ahead!!)

Julian blackthorn, at age 12, stood up and took over the role of being both mum and Dad to all his younger siblings, and also, as head of the institute, because his uncle was in no state to do so. At aged 12. It was said multiple times throughout this novel alone that Julian would do anything to protect his siblings - absolutely anything. And my poor Julian held Livvy Blackthorn as she died in his arms, crying, telling her to open her eyes and that he’d always be there for her. If I write the exact quote I will dissolve into tears again. Julian will blame himself wholly and completely, on that matter I’m 100% certain. And I’m so worried about him right now guys. I’m worried about his fate in the next book, how he will handle Livvy’s death- whether he will break completely and try to get her back using The Book the way Annabel was brought back? Or go completely Dark!Julian. I suppose, both are pretty much the same thing. But anyway, this poor boy, who had lost so much, done so much, gave up so much, to protect his family, had lost one of his younger siblings. It’s 3am, I’m so tired and emotional, my Julian deserves so much better than this!!

Don't go where I can't follow.

AU where Raava and Wan are separated and reborn into a more modern setting (I can only draw hoodies I hate my life) and Raava can’t remember Wan and she doesn’t know she’s the spirit of light and goodness like she just wakes up one day and she has all these crazy powers and shit and she’s just so lost and confused and so she occasionally goes on a rampage (aka the Avatar State only she doesn’t know it’s called that)

Meanwhile Wan remembers Raava and his sole purpose in life is finding her and he finds her in berserker mode and somehow gets her to calm down before she levels the block or something but even then Raava can’t remember who he is.

Idk I had the idea when I was rewatching The Desert. :3

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On the subject of what-ifs... How do you feel about Berica/Derek with a pack? What if Erica and Boyd survived the alpha pack mess (or were revived... We know wolves can be, sometimes, like Peter)... How might things have gone differently if Derek got to keep his pack? Would he still have given up his alpha powers? Would he even have been in that situation? Thoughts feelings opinions? ;)

I have so much love for Boyd and Erica, anon. One of the most infuriating decisions the show ever made, in my opinion, was killing off Boyd, because there was just… there was so much potential for this character to grow and do amazing things. (I miss Erica as well, but her death is less upsetting to me because Gage asked to leave, whereas killing Boyd just feels like… seriously? Without Erica around, there was no point to Boyd’s character? Or did the show just find it necessary for Derek to be completely alone when Scott was upgraded to Alpha? *sigh*)

There was so much they could have done with him, and I always imagine Boyd growing to the role of Derek’s second in command, his advisor and general sounding board… his best friend, honestly. I can just picture them hanging out together, understanding each other’s need for quiet companionship, Boyd tossing out a few choice words when Derek starts letting his tendency toward broody angst take hold…

But ok, but I’m drifting off topic. This is what happens when I try to meta after ten hours at work. ;P I think Derek would have grown to be an amazing Alpha, honestly. He had a steep learning curve in canon, with no role models, no one to offer advice, dual threats of hunters and kanima threatening his fledgling pack and the town at large, and Scott (with the best but, imo, very misguided intentions) trying to undermine him at every turn. It was inevitable that he would screw up here and there, but I also saw shades of an amazing guide and leader, and I think with more time to get solid footing, Derek would have become far and away the best Alpha we’ve seen on the show. To be totally honest, that’s more or less what I picture Derek doing now: forming a new Hale pack (along with a revived Boyd and Erica eventually) and learning how to protect a new territory.

If Boyd and Erica had never died at all, I don’t think that would have necessarily affected Derek having to give up his powers. He gave them up to save Cora who had been cursed by Jennifer, which would have most likely happened whether Derek’s betas were still around or not. Cora would have still been dying, and Derek would have still been compelled to give up his power and status for her. However, if Boyd hadn’t been killed on Derek’s claws (and Erica, earlier in the vault) Derek wouldn’t have felt compelled to scare Isaac away for his own safety. Since Boyd chose to stay with Derek after Derek rescued him from the vault, I can only assume Erica would have as well had she survived (Derek had proven himself a “worthy Alpha” at that point, and Boyd and Erica had been exposed to how much worse is waiting out there, which probably would have made them seriously rethink running off and trying to find new packs or survive on their own.) That in mind, I don’t think his betas would have defected just because he lost his status –– especially when he’d lost it to save a loved one’s life. So what would have essentially happened, then, would be a complete reversal of Derek and Scott’s roles from season two: Derek being the unconventional beta with a pack, and Scott being the new Alpha learning to control his power, looking to form a pack of his own. In my opinion that would have been a much more interesting arc, if the True Alpha arc needed to happen at all (which I have thoughts about, guys.)

And Derek still having a pack would probably mean he wouldn’t have left with Cora at the end of the season –– and Cora might well have stayed with him (ignoring actor obligations) –– because Derek only told her to stay away to keep her safe, and Derek would have felt much more secure with an entire pack of loyal betas behind him. That would also have meant Derek would have been around for the onset of the Nogitsune arc and, as Derek was shown to be able to sense what was going on with Stiles more than the other characters (chemosignals) that might have significantly altered the Nogitsune arc as well. 

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I lost that fic where Josh and Tyler are having sex and somehow Mark and Brendon end up under their bed. I think you guys found it but I can't seem to find the post. Do you know what it is?

That sounds like this one - Christie

Careful What You Wish For by yourpotato (1/1 | 2,233 | Mature)

What’s more awkward than having front row tickets to your friends having sex? 

Out of Mercy //  Something terrible happened…

So, you guys know how I had changed my name from misplacedxheroics to hyperionknight, right? (Right, Syn! Please, do go on…)

I had a few other names that I had reserved, and when I decided on hyperionknight I had plans to release the other names that I had kept on hand.


Thanks to Tumblr’s glitchy interface, even though it showed that I had THE SIDEBLOG SELECTED, my MAIN blog was deleted instead.

So… I suppose in some way, I did do what I had intended, by removing the sideblog. I just didn’t expect tumblr to ASSUME that I wanted my main blog deleted.

So yeah. 56 drafts, completely gone. Saved posts, things in the queue – MY HEADCANONS….

Thankfully most of it was backed up last December. At least I have that, but I lost my followers, and I lost the people I’m following.

Hhgh. This really sucks guys. I sent an email to @staff informing them of what happened, but after doing my own research, the chance for recovery is nil. (Staff, with as many sponsored ads that you push out on us, there needs to be some level of account recovery. Retro is cool and all but it’s time to live in the now…)

So if you can, please give this post a reblog, I have a LOT of mutuals with my followers so please spread the word. 

I’m so sorry guys. Please be patient with me as I try to gather up the pieces of my main blog. 

The Douche who would like an interview.

At a past job I had a long commute. It was 62 miles door to door. To save money I bought an early 80’s Rabbit Diesel from an old man for $2000. 40MPG and it ran like a top.

However, it was gutless, and some of this commute was through the foothills of the Colorado Front Range. Some of the larger hills would slow my top speed to about 50 on this 70MPH Interstate. I can handle this just fine, especially with the money it saved me.

However, even though this is a three lane hiway and I kept to the right 100% of the time (never even tried to pass people on the very rare occasion it was an option) some people would still honk angrily or flip me off when they came up behind me. I was somehow inconveniencing them to force them to pass. Bear in mind my shift did not make me commute in rush hours… there was little to no traffic. One guy lost his everloving mind. Honking and flipping me off, he paced in the next lane becide me for a while- foaming and spitting, screaming and using every rude gesture in the book. Completely lost it. Then he moved on.

A few minutes later I arrive at work, and my boss asks me to sit in on a interview as the tech interviewer. I settle in and wait. The first smiling candidate that walks in, looks at me, and loses his smile. It is Mr Foaming Nutbag!

Without saying a word, he turns and walks back out. I spend the next 5 minutes giggling while I explain to the boss what just happened.

Petty Revenge: Internet`s best petty revenge stories are here. | credit

PROUD {part 3 of SCAMMED}

Hobi rubbed his hands together and stared at a spot in front of him. This wasn’t a story he liked to tell. Hobi was used to hearing everyone else’s stories and he knew just how vulnerable it made people seem, but he needed someone to confide in. You sat there, your eyes piercing at him, but he couldn’t look you in the eye as he began to speak in a shaky, small voice.

When I was younger, I had a pretty normal childhood. I would go out and be with my friends, I would come home for dinner and it would be great. I didn’t think much of it. But then I grew up and had to leave home, and before I knew it, I was mixed up with the wrong people. I found out about an easy way to get money was to lure people in, figure out their information, and then rob them of every penny. And for a while it was easy.

A guy took me under his wing and it just seemed like this was the life. I didn’t have to worry about buying anything, I didn’t have a care in the world. But I also lost complete touch with my family. Hobi breathed. I lost touch with my sister and my parents, I barely even spoke about my hometown and tried to do everything to just fit in with those around me. Then it all caught up to me.

I was given the mission of going after celebrities and making money that way. I would go to events, pose as someone important and then when people confided in me, I would use that information to break passwords and rob them. Well I guess the guy who took me under his wing wanted me to fall into this trap, because the night of MAMA, I was taken into custody and charged with 15 counts of fraud.

And the worst part about it all was that I never should have gotten to that point. I remember going into the courtroom and my dad was sitting there, he took one look at my face and walked out. The look of pain on his face was unbearable and that was never my intention. Hobi felt the tears stream down his face. I wanted so badly to make him proud, but I got so caught up in it that I fell. He will never trust me, he hasn’t reached out, and every time I try to call, my sister picks up and slams the phone down. I am the definition of disgrace to my family. They hate me. Hobi put his head in his hands and sobbed. You went over to him and rubbed his back.

I doubt they hate you. You tried to say, but Hobi just shook his head.

Everything I have done in the past few years has been nothing but hurtful to them. I wrote them out of my life and then when I fell, I assumed they would come back. But they shouldn’t. I mean look at me. I’m just some idiot, I’m a criminal. Hobi sighed and tried to calm his breathing. I just hope one day I can explain myself, one day I can have just a normal job and be able to look at my dad and have him say he’s proud. He wiped the tears from his face. Hobi felt his stomach drop. He didn’t mean to get so emotional, but he had been holding in the tears for too long. Ever since the day of his trial, he vowed that he needed to change. His father never knew how much he impacted Hobi’s desire to change, but now Hobi looked at you. Your eyes soft and caring as you looked at him, he didn’t feel like a bad guy to you, he felt with the way you looked at him, he could be a normal guy again.

Hobi, you have already made so many strides. I don’t think the courts would be against reducing your sentence with the amount of rehabilitation you’ve gone through. You said and Hobi smiled at you. It would be a dream to be able to walk out of this house, but before any of that happened, he wanted to make sure that your smile stayed where it was.

Thank you, Y/N. He stood up and bowed. You laughed and shook your head.

It’s not a big deal, I’m just doing my job. You replied, but Hobi stepped forward and hugged you. You became stiff and looked at him.

Thank you for not making me feel like a criminal. He sighed and he felt you relax. He let go and left the room. You collected your things and left, as Hobi watched you go, he knew what he had to do. Grabbing his phone, he pulled up Lee’s number. Hobi knew this would break your heart, but he was going to be a fraud again, the thing you wouldn’t know is that he was doing this for you.

 Author’s Note: Poor Hobi … Is it sad that I got sad writing this? 

I remember the day Milo showed up at my door more frustrated than he’s ever been and completely lost. All of a sudden his grandma, the only relative he had, passed away from a heart attack, and it obviously hit him hard. He knew she’s already not young and had to deal with heart issues, however this was still too much of a shock for him. He had to live completely alone now - luckily he was already a grown guy and the authorities wouldn’t take away his house. I could imagine how hard it was, because we basically lost our grandma Jena in the same unexpected way. However we had each other as a shoulder to cry on, and he didn’t have anyone except me. Even thinking about his long monotonous days with no one around and lonely nights in the company of destructive thoughts made me upset.