i lost it at this point

Eurus used Molly Hooper to get to Sherlock.

And she succeeded. Eurus got on his nerves. She broke him mentally at that point, which led him to take his anger out of Molly’s so-called-coffin (he smashed it with his bare hands). She also said that “You didn’t win, you lost. Look what you did to her. Look what you did to yourself. All those complicated little emotions, I lost count. Emotional context, Sherlock, it destroys you every time.

This means that Eurus saw Sherlock as an emotional person and that Molly was a weakness to him from Eurus’ POV. Eurus didn’t say anything spesifically about Molly’s emotions. She said “all those complicated little emotions”. She is directly telling Sherlock that he has emotions towards Molly and it complicates things (will also complicate things in the future).

That is absolutely what that scene meant in my opinion and I can say that: THIS SHIP HAS SAILED, THE THING I HAD BEEN WAITING FOR FOR 5-6 YEARS. I can finally find peace. Thank God.

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Saved her? From what? Oh, do be sensible! There were no explosives in her little house. Why would I be so clumsy? You didn’t win. You lost. 

Look what you did to her. Look what you did to yourself. All those complicated little emotions, I lost count. Emotional context, Sherlock. It destroys you. Every time.


That episode was nowhere near as bad as people mad it out to be. Sure, there were some loose ends and some bad CGI but that’s just nitpicking. In my opinion, the episode was intense and I never lost focus. It wasn’t boring or in any way horrible.

Nothing is ever going to please everyone in the audience but I think the creators have done a great job.

(Also what amazing acting! Had me in tears at a couple of points)

So I don’t know if you noticed, but breaking Molly’s heart flat out tortured Sherlock. He freaking lost all remaining chill at that point. I was going to write something long and poetic, and I might still, but forget all that for now, because the point is that Sherlock Holmes tried to tear apart heaven and hell when thought he had hurt his gentle Molly beyond repair.

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i am all on board for the lost special thing and holding on hope i will take anything at this point we die like Conspirators™ but what really worries me (among all the inconsistencies and low quality and ooc bs) they seem to HEAVILY imply sherlock and irene are a thing and that just fucks me up????? were we wrong about that??? against all odds? it just doesn't make sense?? like i can't even get over it because they included That. i have so many questions, what do you make of it?

among other ooc and clearly fake scenes - 

-john’s chained to the well but the chains magically disappear when he sees the rope

-actually the whole well is fucky like no one freaking knew about it??

-sherlock’s dog which turned to be his childhood friend victor ate from a dog bowl

-where are victor’s parents???

-sherlock: *is gonna shoot himself*


-mofftiss “all roads lead back to baker street”

john: *still lives in his flat visits for cases*

-john: *is drowning*

sherlock: oh boy i better hug my psychopath sister who traumatized me and killed my childhood best friend oh yeah john wait a sec ok

and many many more fuckery 101

The way Sherlock said “I love you” the second time sounded as if he realised that it was true in that moment, that he really does love Molly Hooper, that he hadn’t allowed himself to believe it until now because he is finally at a point in his life where he is able to care for others, including close friends and [both of] his siblings.

Even his actions thereafter proved that he hated hurting her like that. After all, he had directed John to behave as a soldier, yet he absolutely lost it after he realised he had been manipulated into hurting the one person that mattered the most.

Sherlock Holmes loves Molly Hooper and I am flying.

if he had merely destroyed the coffin, it would be immensely easy to chalk it up to the fact that he had been overwhelmed and furious over the games his sister is playing with him

(it’s not a game anymore)

but the aftermath was telling. the unraveling of sherlock holmes. he took the time to put the lid on the coffin very gently. he caressed the lid, staring at the words ‘i love you’.

(i’m not an experiment, sherlock)

he exhaled, quite visibly–

(‘no,’ he whispered, all traces of calm gone from his eyes)

he took a step back and proceeded to destroy the everliving shit out of that coffin. he let out an anguished scream. they’re in the bowels of hell, and perhaps at that point he’d never felt so helpless as he did. he lost.

(look at what you did to her, look at what you did to yourself)

i love you, he said. shaking his head and willing himself to mean it.

i love you, he said once more. she can’t see him, and yet, he stopped pretending for her benefit. he realised, truly this time, that he meant it.

(emotional context, sherlock)

I have a very small account and I doubt this will hardly get through to anyone but I might as well try.

I see all the points to where TFP was poorly done episode. I think quite differently though. Just like Euros says, you are missing the emotional context here. This episode whole episode, well actually this whole season was about Sherlock. The future character developements and the new ones could have been done better.

But what we see in this season is Sherlock. But not the emotionless detective supressing all feelings. We see a Sherlock becoming more and more vulnerable, letting his guard down. Choosing emotions over logics. If anythingx Sherlock never lost his complexity of a character. And I have never seen a character that I have adored in the books so well excuted but even more going beyond then what lies in the books.

Their is still a hunch that their will be a fourth episode because it seem they always stop at three.

I know that queer baiting sucks and it’s unfair but this ship was meant for fun anyways. It brings any fandom more to life. They aren’t meant to taken seriously. The fun stops when people become over dramatic that the otp was not cannon.

In no means that I mean disrespect on the LGBTQ and you have every right to be angry over the queer baiting. I’m just reminding that this whole thing started out has child’s play.

I will always love Sherlock. Even if the fandom “dies” I am proud to be apart of it.

Thank you. See, you’re the very first anonymous reader to remind me about the length that my story has been on hiatus. Until this very moment, I had actually forgotten that this story existed. I haven’t been working on the outline, slowly adding to the next chapter, or stressing over the fact that, for some reason, I lost inspiration to write it. But now that you’ve pointed it out, well gosh golly gee, I’m just going to drop everything else in my life to appease you by writing the ending to a free story. Because I wrote it explicitly for you. No one else. Not the people who requested the pairing, the author who inspired the story, or the infinitely patient and wonderful readers who leave kind reviews and understand that sometimes writers block happens. Nope. It’s all you, baby.

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I Was Younger Then....

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Pairing: Kirk x reader

Warnings: angst, a little bit of language 

Words: 3601

A/N: So, I’m back! I’ve been struggling with life, and at some point, I lost all inspiration to write. It’s slowly coming back now, and I’m thrilled to be writing again. As of today, there are 600 of you incredible people who follow me, and I’m so incredibly flattered. Thank you all so much. 

This story was inspired by Ed Sheeran’s new song, Castle On The Hill and I am thinking I will do a second part, if people want one.

One big shoutout to my beta and best friend, @childoftimeandmagic for continually putting up with my self-doubt and intense criticism of my own work. Thanks for always encouraging me to get things out there.

Captain James Tiberius Kirk was the last man off the Enterprise when it docked, a fact he was highly agitated about. For the first time in years, he was going home during his shore leave, and he couldn’t wait to get on the road. Memories of his years there flooded his mind, his best friend and first love prominent in most of them.

He was six years old. His stepfather had been yelling again, so he and his brother snuck out of the house. George and his friends were playing some silly tag game, and he had raced after them, trying to keep up. That was when he tripped over a root in the ground, a loud snap accompanying the sharp pain that shot up his leg when it bent in a funny angle. He had been rushed to the hospital, where his leg was wrapped in a cast, forcing him to spend the rest of the summer watching his friends from the sidelines.

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saturday we had the buns downstairs while i rearranged my room. and we “lost” mochi

i thought he had run out into the backyard until my brother goes “oh. there he is.” and points. at the window

for a second i’m like WHAT YOU CAN SEE HIM OUTSIDE?? but then my eyes adjusted to what was in front of the window and it was his fat ass.

i genuinely still am not sure how he got where he was. and so quietly, too.

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When asked about a secret 4th episode at a Q&A, Moffat responded "for heaven’s sake, what kind of secrets do you think we’re keeping?! Let’s go home and check. Oh look episode four… the lost special…” The Lost Special is a Conan Doyle detective story which is implied to be about Sherlock Holmes. I fully believe this "groundbreaking" secret episode will be released some point this year. Then all of the madness will make sense.

yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes PLEASE

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I want to share something about the "what if your mother had aborted you?" My mom neatly lost me at 4 months. She spent two months after that in the hospital. At one point they told her I might die by the next morning. My mom was already grieving(1)

She spent so long in there suffering with me. If I truly was going to die at some point and she had the chance to abort me then it would have been her heartbreaking choice. If she’d considered it I wouldn’t be mad at her right now.(2)
I hate this argument. A lot of people want their babies. And having to abort them hurts. This isn’t the case for all pregnant people but people all go through things differently. (3)


yeah, that argument is fucking gross, insensitive, and incredibly flawed. I’m really sorry you and your mom had to go through that, and it really sucks that there are shitty antis who don’t understand that pregnancy isn’t always rainbows and cupcakes


Unpopular opinion: I really liked The Final Problem, and here's why

I know a bunch of you are saying it’s fake or want it to be, but I honestly think TFP was more insight we’ve had into these characters than ever before. The Abominable Bride could be an argument, except it only shows Sherlock’s mind. TFP, using a mind that is a blank slate with no values (Eurus), shows us every character we have come to know and love and how they think.
As for those of you who wanted Johnlock: I did too, but it just wouldn’t have fit into series 4 in my opinion. We’ve forgotten that John has just lost his wife and has a child to take care of, and Sherl literally reached the lowest point he’s ever been to in The Lying Detective. Right now, they both need to heal. And they’re helping each other do that. No matter how you look at it the most important relationship they will have, no matter how things progress from here, is as the best friends who balance each other out.
Sherlock has just discovered that his humanity makes him unique to his family, and that’s a good thing. I’m curious to see how that affects any further episodes–and maybe his relationship with John!!!! You never know!!!! But I’m truly satisfied and impressed with the ending to this series. Understand that this development was exactly what every character needed (except maybe Molly, bless her) to continue in a way that wouldn’t harm the story and the direction Mofftiss wants the show to go related to classic Sherlock Holmes. And honestly, I think we were all ready for a conclusion to the whole Moriarty thing. I think The Final Problem was a pretty good way to tie everything together.

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your religious poetry makes me want to want to rediscover my faith for the first time in... honestly i have no idea how long it's been. years. idk there's just something about it that feels heavenly if that makes sense? reading your poetry gives me this feeling of calm and of being loved that i had in church as a child and its a feeling i thought i'd lost and the point is that because of you i want to believe in god again. thank you

i’m so honored! i know the lord is happy to have you back in his life. all my best wishes for the future of your spiritual journey xx

Even though they did this, even though they destroyed this amazing show, let’s not forget what it gave us. It brought us friends and partners and people who have become family and connected people from across the globe.

For myself it found me at my lowest point, jobless and having just lost every single friend I’d had until that point. I was depressed, self harming and floating close to giving in.

So thank you all for the stupid fucking gifs and text posts and meta and fanfictions that I spent literally 12+ hours a day getting lost and forgetting everything in.

No matter what our blogs become from here on out. I hope this community lasts


This hurts, and it might never stop, but you know what this is? Besides gross queerbaiting, which it will still be even if some surprise episode pops up.

This is a whole generation of queer people reacting to something, and last time the masses lost their shit about a thing, it kind of…changed? I’m not expecting us to talk these idiots into re-recording. I’m expecting us to start a movement.

Write your explicit happy-end queer stories, draw your fanart, make your poorly edited shorts, write music and play it with shaky hands, I don’t care what it is. 

Do it.

And sure, at first, this will be relentlessly mocked by outsiders because what’s the point? Haha, clingy fucks, not knowing when to give up. But I can promise you over time this will become its own legit thing. People will start appreciating it, reading into it, assigning subtext and symbols whether or not you put those there, even if I trust that you will, and just generally giving it depth, the way we did to this show on our fucking own apparently. Can you even see how brilliant we are? 

And until then, we have each other to support and look up to and after, and it’s more important than ever to just interact, both with each other and with the art that we create. 

Sure, maybe nobody can properly save this Sherlock Holmes. And so what? Arthur didn’t care about the BBC version, Arthur wanted someone to eventually tell the real story.

Tell the real story.

It might be one of the most important things we will ever do, and it even starts from something we all already are doing.

Just do this. Do it for Oscar Wilde, do it for Arthur Conan Doyle, do it for the millions of stories that, along the way, had to be tragic to make it to the printing press. Do it for yourselves and do it for each other.

Prove Mary wrong. Who you are does matter.


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i don't know if you've noticed or if anyone has pointed this out yet, but the playlist on JB's soundcloud is rearranged! usually the newer songs would just be added to the end of the list, but JB moved them so it could tell a story: Holic, Don't Worry, Sin, Lost, and then Bad habit. Small detail, but i just thought it was interesting that he would do that.

yup, that’s the first thing i noticed!! his songs tell a love story