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Solangelo drabbles by InsomniacArrest

Being…whatever Nico was with a medic was harder than he thought it would be. Will Solace was a relaxed guy on the surface, but he was a little too serious about medicine.

Nico would be sitting in the dining hall, minding his own business with Jason at their ‘sibling-less table,’ when Will Solace would come up to him with a plate overflowing with food. He would eye the blonde up and down “…What do you want Solace?” he would say, or some derivative of that.

The boy would grin and put it down in front of him.

“You need to gain some weight. Doctors orders.”

Nico’s doctor, apparently, gave a lot of orders.

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Motionless In White

CM: Chris Motionless, RH: Ricky Horror, AP: Angelo Parente, RS: Ryan Sitkowksi, JB: Josh Balz, VM: Vinny Mauro , DS: Devin Sola

Friends  (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5,  Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15) Epilogue (CM)

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I Can’t Do This Anymore

Chris Motionless? More Like Chris Useless

Kiss the Devil (Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5Part 6​, ​Part 7​ , ​Part 8​, ​Part 9 ​, Part 10)  (RH)

Black Veil Brides

AB: Andy Biersack, CC: CC, AP: Ashley Purdy

Handprints,    Handprint Killers , Hanprints on my Heart (AB)

Drunk (AB)

Playful (AB)

Lost to You (CC)

In the End (AB)

Santa Baby (AP)

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Self-Conscious, Much? (AP)

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Bring It

Oh Captain, My Captain


Okay so right now they’re all basically Dean

Reckless,       Reckless Blood

Forgive Me, (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)

Witch,    Witch? Where?,  Witchy Backlash , Witchy Woo, Witchy Consequences, Witch, Witch, Where Are You?,  Witches, Man, Liar, Liar, Witch on Fire, Hell Hath No Fury Like a Pissed Off Witch, Pound Me the Witch Drums, Life’s a Witch, and Then You Die, All Hail the Wicked Witch, Where’s My Witch?, Your Witch?, Do It, Witch, I Dare You, The Winchester’s Witch, As I Lay My Witch to Rest.      Witch: Overview

Wicked (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)

Help Me Baby,  Kiss Me Baby,  Baby, You’re Bleeding, I’m Here For You Baby

Mommy Winchester   (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Part 16, Part 17, Part 18, Part 19)

I Hear You Calling

Hurtful Words (Castiel)


Human (Castiel)

Falling in Reverse



Back to Life



Dauntless (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, ​Part 8​, Part 9​, ​Part 10​, ​Part 11​, ​​​​​​​Part 12​​, Part 13​​, Part 14​​, ​Part 15,​ ​Part 16,   Part 17​, ​Part 18,​Part 19​, Part 20, Part 21)

Dauntless: Jealous Much?

​Dauntless: Competition​

​Dauntless: Uh oh

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​​Gvnnin’ for my Heart ​​​​​​​​​​(LG)

Star Wars

You Don’t Own Me (Part 1, ​​​Part 2​​​​​​​​​)

Dragon Age (video games)

Bad Luck Hawke


Loaded Questions (Jacksepticeye,)

I know there’re more important things going on in the world right now, and that no one cares about Chile (not even us, most of the time), but still. 

There’re wildfires on the Central and Southern regions. As in, 100+ wildfires. Simultaneously. Half the country is burning down right now. The firefighters are being goddamn heroes and doing everything they can, but there’re not enough people or resources to battle something of this magnitude. Last night Santa Olga burnt down to the ground. Thousands of hectares of forests have disappeared. Families have lost it all. There’re 11 people dead now, mostly firefighters. And the smoke is so awful that even the non-burning parts of the country are having trouble with it. I mean, there’s no fire in Santiago yet, but even I have been having a hard time breathing this last week…

And the worst part is that the government has simply forsaken us. Every little help we have has come from civilians, or from abroad, and the government has actively worked to stop them from doing anything every step of the way. And we know the fires are intentional. People have been caught on film starting some of the fires. Some of them have been apprehended for it too. But the politicians have wasted all their energy on ignoring the whole issue? They’re just now starting some kind of “plan” to control the fires, but thus has been going on for days. And it just keeps getting worse…

At this point, I don’t know what anyone can do about this. I guess I just want this to get out there. Everyone is on edge all the time, wondering if the fire is getting closer to them or if they’ll have to pack everything and run or something. Of course donations would help immensely! But I guess, in the end, we just want to feel less abandoned in the midst of this awful mess… 


OKAY. I was gonna wait a bit to post this set but the anticipation destroyed me. I got a few misc characters in this set too! Now including fetus Megatron and his caution eyebrows. These are all free to use! If I missed your fav or you want one of these without the hat just send me an ask and I’ll get on it.

The Scavengers Set

Part One of the Lost Light Set

The DJD Set

Jaime: Something very strange is going on here.

Brienne: Well, at least now we know what happened to my other sword.

Jaime: It grew to enormous proportions? Then it must be my sword, wench, not yours.

Brienne: *sigh* I don’t think the sword has grown large. I think that we have grown small. We also seem to be made of yarn.

Jaime: So we are. I think your hair looks better this way. Though your eyes aren’t blue anymore. That is a tragedy.

Brienne: We’re made of yarn and your biggest concern is the color of my eyes?

Jaime: Some foul magic must have befallen us, to rob you of your astonishing eyes and render us tiny and yarny.

Brienne: You are kind of adorable. Not fearsome or loathsome at all.

Jaime: The Kingslayer can’t be adorable.

Brienne: Apparently Ser Jaime can.

Jaime: *turns away, investigates beneath his robes* At least one part of me remains generously proportioned.

Brienne: Indeed, your ego hasn’t shrunk any. Let’s get out of here. I feel like we’re being watched.

Jaime wanders off in the vague direction of King’s Landing. Or Santa Fe. They’re actually quite lost.

Patrick Blackstorm - Mission Street Tattoo - Santa Cruz, CA.

This is the start of what will likely be a larger tribute to personal strength and will. I’m Spencer, I’m a 23-year-old queer and transgender male, and last year I was diagnosed with stage 3 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, an aggressive but highly treatable cancer of the lymphatic system. From prediagnosis to diagnosis and all the way through chemotherapy, I lost parts of myself I had never recognized. More than my hair and my eyelashes, I felt like I lost half my consciousness- I was alive but I dragged myself through every day. I was so dissociative and depressed that I couldn’t grasp my identity and relate to myself, my friends, or my family in the same ways. I worked 15-25 hours a week throughout treatment and I only called out sick twice. About ¾ into my 6 month treatment span, I found out that there was no longer evidence of cancer in my body- that I was going to be alright. I finished out chemo on February 17th and I’ve been recovering ever since.

It takes several months for your outward appearance to recover but it can take years for the emotional distress to subside- something I still face every day, every check up, every sneeze or upset stomach. I chose this piece because of its simplicity and what it has come to symbolize to me; that some things in and of themselves are stronger and more resilient than others. Just as a fish will be a fish and a bear will be a bear, tumors are tumors and I am resilient, determined, tough, and patient. 

I will be adding to the flowers but they’re just a reminder of how nature and general beauty lifted me from my darkest days and helped me continue.

Thank you for reading and take care <3

miauuududllllomfg  asked:

patiently waiting for your Analysis of aaood3 part 8 I always come to your blog right after watching the video

Anonymous said:

Sasha this new ep of AAOOD is wild, the villain (aka 1DHQ) saying “i’ll just publish an article online saying you’ve broken up” made my jaw drop i love this, i can’t wait for your analysis xx

Anonymous said:

so part 8, the children are clearly those fans that take official narrative at face value which also equals their belief in santa, can’t wait for your analysis

Anonymous said:

I look forward to your analysis almost more than I look forward to the cartoons! It’s getting more and more obvious!

Anonymous said:

Sasha aaood3 just keeps getting shadier Please do a part 8 <3

Anonymous said:

Your headcanon for an is so great can’t wait for part 8 .

Sorry for the delay, friends. I was bout 1/3 done when I clicked the wrong thing and lost all my work. So I had to star over, grrrr. Then I had a final. Then I had to go to work.  Also, not using the tumblr ‘read more’ since it’s causing the post to disappear for people on mobile. Apologies if you’re not interested in this, scroll past quickly! LOL

Ok, so part 8 opens with Liam still being distracted by the fans on social media.

Liam’s figuring it out. He’s getting his priorities sorted.

The entitled and demanding fans don’t care, though.

Liam is trying to set some boundaries. Go on Daddy Direction, lay down the law.

Right. You may not have noticed, but Liam has a job. And it’s not catering to narcissistic fans 24/7. You also may not have noticed, but Liam is not your friend. Social media gives the illusion of proximity and familiarity, but it’s misleading. I’m very glad AAOOD3 took a moment to make a point about the behavior of this fandom on social media. Because it’s atrocious and embarrassing. And Liam has had a hard time on social media, taking a beating for tweets that we can now be pretty sure he didn’t actually tweet. Liam tries his best to please the fans. His team on the other hand…

So, is any of this getting through to the fandom?

Hahahaha, no.

You tried, baby. Entitled fandom is entitled.

Liam’s finally like fuck this shit I’m out. Having figured it out, he’s now a man on a mission. ;)

Which brings us to Harry. He’s learned to harness his star power and is now ready to put it to use.

Ah, I see he and Liam are on the same mission.

Meanwhile, Niall and Zayn are all tied up by the villain.

But their mission is also the same as Liam and Harry’s. Despite the public separation, 1D remains a team and on the same page: one band, one dream, One Direction. This is important since so much of their media coverage this year has been about them falling apart as a unit. Nope. Not true.

Ziall are still a bit confused as to what is the deal here. And the villain begins filling in the blanks.

Research and Development? You mean 1D thought their mission was fairly straightforward but has been detoured by some kinda wacky marketing plan? You don’t say?

And Ziall comes to the realization that they’re being used and manipulated.

Because the villain (1DHQ personified) has a hidden agenda.

Driven by a huge ego, greed and arrogance, our villain intends to leverage 1D’s success into a major power grab.

And so we begin to get our villain’s backstory. We also get a name, Dr. Lichtenstein. I wondered if this very Teutonic name (along with the accent) was supposed to have any relevance to 1D? Or was is just a nod to the classic post WWII supervillain meme? And then I thought waaiiittt a minute. Classic supervillain? Like a Bond supervillain? Like Ernst Stavro Blofeld aka Number 1, head villain in charge of SPECTRE? Like the Bond supervillain Louis and James Corden referenced on The Late Late Show?

Yes, Number 1 was the Bond villain with the pet cat. And in “Diamonds Are Forever” he uttered this iconic line:

This cannot be a coincidence. I’m convinced they meant to drop this hint. As in 1D approves AAOOD3. #confirmed

As for the name Lichtenstein, I think it may be a reference to legendary “pop” artist, Roy Lichtenstein. He was second only to Andy Warhol in popularity. So I’m sure someone like Mark Parsons would be aware of him since he was very influential in the graphic arts/animation world as well. He’s the guy that did all that comic strip style art. Today, they’re used as memes.

And The Sun (go ahead and start rolling your eyes now) used him to make a gratuitous Haylor reference.

Maybe the villain was named Lichtenstein as a nod to 1DHQ teaming up with the media (in particular their bottom bitch The Sun) to promote fake narratives–no homo narratives at that. Could be.

But back to Dr. L’s backstory.

Someone (or several someones) worked their way up the old fashioned way. Ok, cool.

But then things start to go left.

“Semi-autonomously functioning nutcrackers”?? Sounds like someone (or several someones) built a team of henchmen that bust 1D’s balls under their orders? Sounds about right.

Dr. L’s power grows and so does his ego. He thinks he knows more than his boss now.

I’m getting Sony leak vibes.

Doesn’t this sound like a reference to the back and forth between Sony and Syco regarding Syco’s value and its future operating budget? Ummmhmmm.

Niall’s definitely not trying to hear it.

Same Niall. Same.

Dr. L continues his rant. He’s pretty delusional at this point.

So now Ziall has the big picture. And they do not approve.

And not only do they not approve, they taunt Dr. L. The battle lines are drawn.

Dr. L then recaps his fiendish plot. Basically from the beginning of 1D’s success, the plan has been to exploit them for his own gain–by any means necessary.

He also tells them he’s had to adjust his plan due to 1D’s lack of cooperation. Again, the real life parallels are there.

Dr. L lets them know that he’s pleased with his plot thus far. Clearly controlling 1D has been a challenge. And he’s grateful to have gotten this far.

And here’s something to make you go hmmm…

Why is Zayn in particular the icing on the cake?? Please someone, tell me why Zayn has been singled out here? Why not Niall? I think we know. Zayn’s leaving was a pre-planned stunt. It’s not the result of Zayn being hateful, ungrateful, difficult, a druggie or a cheating fuck-up. It was planned to hurt 1D. Can we please finally put these bullshit narratives to bed? It’s pretty much spelled out for you. Thanks and moving on…

Zayn’s like nah son, this can’t possibly work.

And Dr. L is like , look kid as long as I have your young and clueless fans (literally on board…a train), I’m good.

But Ziall continues to be incredulous and goes on mocking and taunting Dr. L. Damn, they are two sassy handsful. Love it.

Yes Zayn, some people are irreplaceable. :’(

Followed by Dr. L letting them know one of the ways 1DHQ controls of the majority of the fandom.

They plant rumors in the fandom. LMAO at “I’ve seen it”. Sure Jan.

The planted rumors are lies, btw. In case you needed it spelled out for you.

Despite all he’s been through, Zayn remains defiant.

Drag him.

Zayn’s having a go at the merch in the form of Dr. L’s ridiculous hat. Is this not a very Zayn moment? Lemme remind you.

Zayn Malik is my people.

And 1DHQ’s response pretty much sums up their attitude towards all of 1D.

You betta watch your mouth because…

Who are these powerful friends, Zayn? Will a certain “poison dwarf” help take down this evil elf?

Niall questions how Dr. L could possibly drain 1D of their star power to fuel his empire without anyone noticing what he’s done.

Dr. L then reveals how he plans to ultimately wrap up this mega stunt.

You dirty low down lying dog!

Please enjoy this obvious shade.

Meaning that yes, just as many of us have suspected, 1DHQ does control certain media outlets. Surprise, surprise.

Our boys are not giving up. That includes Louis. 1DHQ may have drained Louis of his star power, but he’s still determined af.

Dr. L is feeling himself though, thanks to his evil plot.

Who’s currently juiced up on Louis’ star power?

That’s another easy one.

In fact, Dr. L is so juiced up that he now feels loyal henchmen are dispensable.

Test it out? Like this?


Niall thinks uber-narcissist Dr. L is doomed to fail.


But as of now, Dr. L still has the upper hand. What is 1D gonna do?

Does Zayn have a plan? How about down but not out Louis? When the heck are Liam and Harry gonna arrive and show us what they’ve learned? Stay tuned…

ML Secret Santa Update

Hi guys!

For those of you who didn’t know, the ladybugsevents blog was deleted a few days ago. I’ve talked to the original mod and they’ve told me that a person who they had given account details to so that they could help out ended up deleting the blog.

They’re going to give me the file of santas so I can help them distribute the rest of them, but all the original applications are lost. As soon as I get the list I’ll start contacting the people who I need to get applications from and sending out names! If possible, regardless of whether you got an assignment or not, please just go ahead and send me your application at the submit box! The application questions are on the page.

For those of you who still want to join even if you weren’t apart of the original event, please send in your application with a note that you weren’t part of the original event! There’s enough of you that I can assign those!

Please have all applications sent by 11:59 PST December 4th. I know this is super short notice but the date is drawing near and I have finals on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday that I really need to be studying for.

Please reblog this to signal boost!