i lost fifteen pounds

A Beatles' Song Runs Through My Head and I Hate the Beatles

so no one can hear
I cover my mouth
with my hand,
holding in the whimper
or the scream
begging to be let out

I haven’t learned
how to let myself go quietly
and my chest aches
from holding it back
and then in
as best as I can
when everyone else is sleeping

I do not want to wake them

I lie everyday,
something I’ve never been good at,
and I wonder how many know

I’ve lost fifteen pounds,
congratulate myself,
on a job well done
accomplished poorly

everything sticks
to the roof of my mouth
I use my strength
to push it all down
until the night comes
and I cannot sleep

so I look at the sky,
talk to God,
ask him why he gives so much
only to take it away

He doesn’t answer
I go back to bed
with the lyric
“let it be”
playing in my head

I pretend I will sleep.

anonymous asked:

Not everyone can help how their body is. Most of us were born with big thighs, big butts, shoulders, and small breasts. I happen to be he one who has big thighs which I hate. I hated them when I big. I hate them now when I'm fit. I lost fifteen pounds and my thighs still look big. Not to mention my butt. Ugh. People think I'm still fat. I'm not.

Yeah its something everyone should know tbh! sometimes you just develop big thighs/breasts/etc without it being a consequence of not working out/food etc

and it’s normal, so people should not judge you anyway. people should not judge other people’s bodies in general, but I get you.

I dislike basically my whole body, so i understand you so well