i lost a good apple today

Scene: it’s Monday morning. You wake up an hour and a half late with a headache. You had decided the previous night that your Monday would be awesome. This does not bode well. You put on a dress and take the time to do your hair in an effort to reclaim your day, which should not be allowed to go awry this early. (Take THAT, Monday!)

You manage to arrive to work on time. (YES! Suck it, Monday. You can’t ruin my day.) You open the car door to grab your work bag, but before you can grab it, it falls. In slow motion, you watch as the contents spill and roll under the adjacent SUV. You look at your things. You look down at your tights-covered legs. You look down at the wet, icy pavement. Then you look around, because someone MUST see this. No? No one? Sigh.

And then you just have to laugh, because life.

Touché, Monday.

So today Devin came home from work, saying he had a surprise. He comes into the bedroom and pulls two 10-foot long phone cords out from behind his back AND I LOST MY SHIT because we have an Apple cord which is about an inch long and another one that’s like maybe 2 inches and there are only 7 outlets in our entire house, one of which is on the ceiling and doesn’t work (?????), none of which are anywhere near any of our pieces of furniture so if you want to charge your phone and be comfortable, good fuckin luck with that.

So we spent pretty much all of today just moving to different parts of the apartment, plugging our phones into outlets that were seemingly impossible distances away from where we were sitting, and then giggling to ourselves at the level of convenience and functionality of it all. And that, folks, is what married life is all about 😂