i lost a follower and i was close to 700

The Obligatory Followers Post

Hi everyone! For those of you who don’t know, I’m inkstainsonmyhands, now soakedwithink. I write things. More specifically, I write Hidashi things.

Well, here’s my dilemma: I have the memory of a goldfish. When my account was deleted in the purge, (hehe, the purge) I lost a lot of people I had been following. I was following close to 2400 (and I had just reached 2200 followers) blogs and now I’m following about 700 right now. My dash is absolutely dead.

So, here is my mission for you if you choose to accept it: Reblog or like this post if you are a Hidashi shipper, and you will get a new follower. You don’t have to follow me back, but it would be appreciated (I like making new friends I can share things with ^^).

If I reach 1000 followers/follow backs, to show my absolute appreciation, I will actually put forth a giveaway type thing.