i lost 2 pounds

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Jajajajajajaja oh god All your stupid followers made my day saying those things to you about me and supporting you, maybe its because you are aaaall fat whales supporting each other just to continue eating like pigs and dont feeling bad :'( how sad. Just wanted to say that, its your problem of you want to live your life being disgustingly fat forever. Just an advice: it properly or dont eat at all darling ;) bye bye

1. You obviously didn’t look at my blog because I am eating properly.
2. I’ve lost 30 pounds, so I’m not going to be fat forever.
3. Just because a person is fat, doesn’t mean their disgusting. They are still a living, breathing human being just like you.
4. Please go seek some professional help. Being stick thin isn’t healthy, and being a bully means you have some emotional issues of your own that you need to deal with.
5. Spread love, not hate. If you can’t stand people being supportive of each other, get off my blog.



I did not feel like doing one of these today because my mirror selfie game has been strong this week and it felt unnecessary BUT today is actually kind of a big deal. 1: one year ago today I started lizzielosing (though at the time it was lizzieketo) and that is making me feel all kinds of things. 2: On January 1st (my “before” picture day) I was determined that this weight loss challenge was going to end today, after 3 months. I wrote all sorts of essays to myself about how 3 months wasn’t that long, I was going to hermit myself for winter and be all hot and sexy by Spring, yada yada. 3: I haven’t posted a sincere progress side by side in 3 weeks and a month just ended so here we are. I am adding bold text highlights to make this word-explosion appear more interesting.

I gained 2 pounds this week because I’ve been lazy, but since Jan 1st I’ve lost around 8-10 stubborn pounds and am still about 10 pounds away from one of my goal weights. (I fluctuate between 125 pounds and 127.) 2 inches have been lost from the waist and 2 from the hips. I’m actually pretty much halfway to all of my goals after 3 months. Obviously I wish I was 100% there and ready to maintain at 110-115 pounds, but if these months have taught me anything it’s that even with the best intentions I still screw up at least once a week and maybe that’s OK! Things are still changing in the right direction, and that matters. 

I feel like the first few weeks my body really dropped a lot of fat and my progress looks less and less noticeable each week because it’s more muscle toning+bone-revealing, but I feel generally hotter! The increasing frequency of selfies on this site is a testament to that. Those shorts are now baggy and sit below the belly button, which they’re not supposed to do and now do because they’re too big. My tits got smaller but they look better so it’s all good. Hips/saddlebags finally, slowly shrinking. I don’t know. Again, wish I was already there after 3 months but staying positive. I’m going to try and not drink at all this week because it truly is the only thing holding me back at this point. I’m not setting a new date for my goal weight just yet, but it took me 3 months to get here so realistically June-ish I should hit my goal weight…but we’ll see! Thanks for sticking with me, gang. (and today a special, loving shoutout to @alittlebitofketo and @ketokee both of whom I have now been interacting with for ONE YEAR TODAY and both of whom have made fucking outstanding progress in the last year and are a huge inspiration to me.)


 Intermittent Fasting: How I Lost 30 Pounds In 2 Months (Before & After Photos



looking for blogs to follow!

Hi! My name is Nikki and i started my weight loss journey on November 15th 2016. My start weight (also my highest weight) was 312 lbs, I decided it was time for me to be happy so i started a strict keto low carb high fat diet along with daily exercise. As of my last weigh in 2/20/17 i have lost 51 pounds putting me at 261!! I’m hoping to use this blog as a way to track my weight loss, meet a community of people that will keep me motivated and as a source of inspiration so i stay on the right track! I’m gonna try posting recipes and before and after pics sometime soon so if you wanna follow that would be cool but either way ill follow anyone that follows me or reblogs this post since i don’t really know much about this community yet :-) thanks for reading y'all!

today i broke my 2 month plateau and even though i only lost two pounds i’m so happy because it’s a start!!! seriously the joy from seeing 136 on the scale after i’ve been at 138-140 was sooo good

I’m still here! I’m still alive! I’m sorry for being MIA 😒 not really 100% back into working out everyday. But I lost another 2 pounds this week, so that’s a total of 29 pounds 😄 a lot of me clothes are starting to get a little too big 🙌 in a few more months I’ll be shopping for a whole new summer wardrobe cause nothing will fit 🙈 I hope you guys are doing well and sticky too your goals 💕

Weight this morning: 82.8 kg / 182.5lb which means I have lost 7.2 kg/ 15.8 pounds since I started my weight loss 8/3-17

Yesterday I could even fit a pair of shorts I haven’t been able to fit for several years :’) 

I can’t wait to get under 80!!!!


Run and done! Jiggly fuller frame gif!

Got 5.03 miles in, in an hour! Woohoo! I know it is not the fastest time in the world but it felt great, I definitely could have kept going!

I am going to enjoy my oh yeah one bar and a shower, relax a little bit and then head to a family BBQ! 😊

So yesterday I went for my weekly weigh in and was super happy. So I gained 2 pounds however I gained muscle and lost body fat! If I am reading my weigh ins right I have lost around 20lbs of body fat since 1-20-17 but gained over 2lbs of lean muscle! We have 4 weeks left and with yesterday points gained I am almost on the board! 💪😊

Also you get a picture of the puppy standoff last night! It was over a plastic bone…. yes Dakota always sits on someone!

i haven’t written very much about my life lately, so i thought that i would do just that tonight.

i gained weight on my (former) antidepressant. it happened so quickly that i didn’t even realize that it was happening until it was too late. i started counting calories using myfitnesspal and, admittedly, i wanted to give up after two days. it felt like i barely had the room to eat things that i previously took for granted, like a sandwich or cheese - let alone anything sweet.

after that hurdle, i started to pinpoint foods that were voluminous, filling, healthy and low in calories. things like carrots, chicken breast, half an avocado, yogurt, bell peppers, frozen grapes, tilapia, soups, oranges. everything that i eat feels as though it serves a purpose. it feels conscious. my mom has been helping me and if she prepares a meal, she will tell me what she put in it, which i appreciate very much.

i’ve been doing this for 10 days so far (accompanied with the elliptical, exercise bike at the gym and squats) and i’m quite content with this lifestyle now. as of a few days ago, i lost 2 pounds and i was surprised (i’m not sure why, hahaha), but happy!

in a way, i’m almost glad that all of this happened. i wasn’t on top of my health prior to this setback and how i would love to be one of those toned, flat-stomached nymph-girls at the beach. that’s a bit far away from now, but i like to think that slow and steady wins the race.

allow me to rephrase: toned, flat-stomached nymph-girl who is well-read. i really need to settle down and read more. my mind becomes distracted easily, like a cat watching a light flicker across a room. i was going to read my old art history textbooks (those mammoth books that could kill someone - i’m looking at you, janson) but i haven’t yet. i might start making dates with myself again in the park with a tree and the shade and the wind and the earth and a soft, soft blanket.

it is nearly my birthday and i would like to give myself a lust for life.


No postpartum anxiety for a week straight. And this week included several high-anxiety situations. So I think I’m in the clear. Hopefully.

I also started dieting a week ago. I had this whole I’m “eating for two” thing while pregnant. Which carried onto breastfeeding. It’s really hard to revert back to healthy eating habits. I get traveler’s stomach while away so the FL trip helped shrink back my stomach. Also I’ve been forcing myself to drink 12 oz of water every time I feel like snacking which has really helped. I’ve already lost 2 pounds. I don’t think I’ll ever see 130 on the scale again but I’m hoping.

I’m debating on getting a Fitbit. I walk constantly (I hate sitting), so I’m sure I get a lot of steps in. But I still want one.

It’s nice to feel a bit more like myself again. I’m looking forward to getting a period and having my hormones completely back to normal.

I’m starting to get bored. Not because there isn’t stuff to do, but because I’m used to being really busy with things that I consider worthwhile. Also, I have social needs that not many people can meet. Foster care met them, which was a perk I guess.

I wish I liked people more. And that I wasn’t so sensitive. I’m also having a hard time listening to negativity. I don’t mind people venting (I kind of enjoy it), but I’m pretty over people with a “woe is me” attitude. Life is too short. Live like you’re going to die, because you are.

Two for Tuesday

1. I’ve become such a pain in the ass at my kid’s school that every time an administrator sees me they wince like “oh fuck it’s him” and then they remember to smile. I fucking love it.

2. I lost twelve pounds. I now weigh slightly more than Mudge.

Sometimes it’s the little things

When I was taking my two month leave of absence because of my depression, the little things sometimes were the hardest things. Showering, getting dressed, making food & eating.

Those are the things that now, sometimes I stop and think, “two months ago, this was really really hard, and I’m doing this today.” And I congratulate myself. I think that’s really important when you have depression. Congratulating yourself on the small things.

There were plenty of days when I was at home when I didn’t really eat. I couldn’t even bring myself to make a bowl of cereal to eat because of the effort it involved. I have always enjoyed cooking, and normally cook for my boyfriend and myself every night, but in those two months, I didn’t at all. I eventually started getting microwaveable meals so at least I would eat a lunch, but I would skip breakfast, and then eat something small for dinner. I lost 10 pounds in 2 months due to lack of eating.

Tonight, my boyfriend is at the casino (his place), and I made dinner for myself. Not a small dinner, a MEAL, for myself– chicken and two veggies. And I thought back to how I couldn’t even make something easy like a frozen pizza for two of us when I was really struggling two months ago…. and here I am today, doing better, making a meal for just myself.

Things get better. Mental health is important. Celebrate the small things.

I will never forget the day after Super Bowl 2014 is when I had “My Moment”. I had just finished scarfing down down a Pizza Hut big box, a 2L soda and some nachos when I felt absolutely disgusted in myself. I felt so gross that I just wanted all the food to get out of my body so I went to go and try to make self throw up. I’ve never done this but I felt so miserable that i just wanted to get it out and as I was leaning into the toilet, I stopped and yelled “What Am I Doing”. That was moment and that was when I knew I had to change. The average 12 year old weighs between 80-110 pounds and that’s amount of extra weight I had on my body. After having “My Moment” I realized that I at 22 was unhealthier than people twice my age. Ever since that day after the Super Bowl 2 years ago I have not only lost almost 100 pounds but I’ve also regained all aspects of my health both physically and mentally. I am always trying to improve myself and challenge myself to be the best version of myself. I have stuck to a diet that works for me and have used the gym to heal. Whenever someone asks me for weight loss advice I always ask them “have you had your moment” and if they say no I ask them to look into themselves and see why they want to loose weight. Only when you truly examine your motivation you will really succeed. Looking good for someone and trying to fit into an outfit are good but they are temporary. Health both mental and physical is forever and the hardest to achieve. Anyway long post but I do believe people need to understand that weight loss is the biggest and most excruciating experience people can go through. It’s not all roses but on days like today where you can say you’ve been at something for two years and continue to try It feels all worth it ❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️❤️💕