i loove this movie


Let me tell you about two students: Student A is a straight-A student who lives in the suburbs of Los Angeles. He plays in a punk band with his best friends, he loves his skateboard and riding his BMX bike. His favorite TV show is the Game Of Thrones and his favorite band is The Thermals. He’s a ‘90s hip-hop geek. Student B goes to an underfunded school, where teachers who’d rather not be there, teach kids who really don’t care. He lives with a single mother and doesn’t know his father has sold dope. Now close your eyes. Picture each of these kids and tell me what you see. Be honest. No one’s gonna judge you. Now open your eyes. - Dope (2015) dir. Rick Famuyiwa

anonymous asked:

Could you tell us a bit about you? Alot of us have followed you for awhile and look to your blog as inspiration, so it might be nice to learn a bit about the person who inspires us :)

Hmm. I dont know.. Like 3 random facts?
1) I have 4 siblings: we are 4 girls and one younger brother.
2) I’m a detail person, like I notice the carpet in the background in tv-shows, and pride myself on being good at getting plots. Which means I looove loove shows/movies that surprises/tricks me. 
3) One of my guilty pleasures food wise, is basically spagetti with Béarnaise sauce. Basically just combining two of my fav foods (is sause a food group ? haha ). 


Watching this while working, it’s amazing ! I looved that movie. 

Texts the signs would send

Aries: if she’s there I’m gonna fight her
Taurus: how much pizza is too much
Gemini: omg I loove that movie
Cancer: my otp just hugged and I cried
Leo: she’s so annoying like bitch, I’m the queen stop
Virgo: people are so stupid
Libra: he’s so cute I think I’m in love
Scorpio: its not ease dropping if i can hear you
Sagittarius: this song is so damn catchy
Capricorn: should i play my world domination for monday or tuesday
Aquarius: i would totally survive the apocalypse
Pisces: i want to hug every small child in sight

all in my opinion