i loove this movie


Let me tell you about two students: Student A is a straight-A student who lives in the suburbs of Los Angeles. He plays in a punk band with his best friends, he loves his skateboard and riding his BMX bike. His favorite TV show is the Game Of Thrones and his favorite band is The Thermals. He’s a ‘90s hip-hop geek. Student B goes to an underfunded school, where teachers who’d rather not be there, teach kids who really don’t care. He lives with a single mother and doesn’t know his father has sold dope. Now close your eyes. Picture each of these kids and tell me what you see. Be honest. No one’s gonna judge you. Now open your eyes. - Dope (2015) dir. Rick Famuyiwa

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favorite Ghibli movie?

i think mononoke hime is 
i loove the spirited away and it was the first ghibli movie i saw and it changed my life and my art perception
but mononoke wins with its pale natural beauty and sweet sorrow


Watching this while working, it’s amazing ! I looved that movie.