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How do I get a head start for ap psych next year? I've heard it was easy and I'm taking four other ap classes that are supposed to be harder. I wanna be set for psych so I can concentrate on my other classes more. Any websites/resources/tips would be very much appreciated :) Thanks!!!

aight!! i finished the year in AP psych with a 99% average so i can help u!!

ap psychology masterpost

a bunch of web resources ive found a few weeks before the ap exam ~ i found a lot of them helpful for studying

summary foldables

this a method that i personally began using for most of my classes [i explained the note taking method here] and i found it extremely useful as i made a few before each chapter test so for the ap exam i studied all of the foldables i had made throughout the year 10/10 would rec

cause and effect diagrams

i made these for ap world history, ap psychology, and honors biology this year and i loove them tbh [i made an in depth tutorial here] these could be useful in revising psych disorders, therapy, neuroscience, or emotion theories :]

mind maps

i make these before a test as a brain dump ~ i make them without my notes as a test of understanding how concepts link together [here are some tips on making good ones] def useful 4 studying

read ur textbook and take notes from ur book!!!

this is supr super super important ~ my teacher gave my class fill in the bland notes during lecture but looking through the text helped by allowing me to find the important concepts [video on how to take textbook notes]

how i personally stay motivated 

good luck xoxo