i loove them!


20 Years of Virtue/Moir Challenge, Day 1: Favorite Original Dance

↳ Call Me Irresponsible,Puttin’ On The Ritz:What a charming program. Light,fun, and just plain good dancing.
↳ Assassination Tango: I love everything about this OD. Intricate choreo, gorgeous costumes, and fiery interpretation.

anonymous asked:

How do I get a head start for ap psych next year? I've heard it was easy and I'm taking four other ap classes that are supposed to be harder. I wanna be set for psych so I can concentrate on my other classes more. Any websites/resources/tips would be very much appreciated :) Thanks!!!

aight!! i finished the year in AP psych with a 99% average so i can help u!!

ap psychology masterpost

a bunch of web resources ive found a few weeks before the ap exam ~ i found a lot of them helpful for studying

summary foldables

this a method that i personally began using for most of my classes [i explained the note taking method here] and i found it extremely useful as i made a few before each chapter test so for the ap exam i studied all of the foldables i had made throughout the year 10/10 would rec

cause and effect diagrams

i made these for ap world history, ap psychology, and honors biology this year and i loove them tbh [i made an in depth tutorial here] these could be useful in revising psych disorders, therapy, neuroscience, or emotion theories :]

mind maps

i make these before a test as a brain dump ~ i make them without my notes as a test of understanding how concepts link together [here are some tips on making good ones] def useful 4 studying

read ur textbook and take notes from ur book!!!

this is supr super super important ~ my teacher gave my class fill in the bland notes during lecture but looking through the text helped by allowing me to find the important concepts [video on how to take textbook notes]

how i personally stay motivated 

good luck xoxo

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Um anti shaladins are amazing? Like i became such a better person after all the death threats, rape threats, and harassment i got from them? Like i realized that i, a 13-year-old, am a pedophile now. Anti shaladins are amazing?

God so relatable! I love them so much?? They made me realize that I, a 14 year am a pedo too! Theyre soo supportive, now I cant be problematic cause I cant get attracted to other minors my age!!! Ahhh, I loove them soo much :))))))))))))))

I drew MrC, but who’s that little nard next to her? It’s my SwapFell Chara! (or Khara)
So I’ve been thinking, MrC and Khara are kind of alike! They both kill the bad people of the world.
It’s only that MrC kills the bad peeps cause they’re..well..yknow..bad
But Khara is kind of Satanic if their pentagram necklace doesn’t give it away, and kills the bad people because they are “unclean”
I don’t know if MrC and Khara would or would not get along, cause on one hand, they both kill bad people wooo teamwork, on the other hand they might also think of each other as bad people and things would go downhill from there.

- Zoombow

I loove them! Though, MrC might try and murder Khara because she’s a murderer, and MrC would try to make her “Beautiful” aka SUPER DEAD. And I suppose vice versa too, except more in a satanic way… As cool as she is tho, wouldn’t it be frisk who’s the evil one since it’s swapped-fell? I guess that just kinda depends on whether or not you think Khara goes on a pacifist run or a genocide one ;)